Month: May 2017

Top Questions To Ask When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

This is a short but helpful read on questions to ask digital marketing agencies before you decide to hire them. How will they measure if the campaign is successful? What is the long term goal for your account? Your digital marketing agency needs to determine what the short term and long term goals of your account are. Most clients need to understand that it can take some time to start ramping up a digital marketing campaign to help get a campaign to a saturation point (at least 60-90 days.) It’s important for you to have a conversation with the agency about how you will both determine how successful the campaign is. It’s important to determine what the one time value of a new customer is as well as what the lifetime value of a new customer acquisition is. The arbitrage of how much you spend on marketing and what the value of a new customer acquisition is will help establish how you will gauge if a campaign is successful. Think about how much you’d be willing to spend for a new customer and what the value of a new customer is. Do the digital marketing agencies team members have significant experience in digital marketing? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of digital marketing agencies across the United States. It’s important to check the backgrounds of the people at the...

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Why YouTube Advertising is Better Than TV Advertising

Guess what? Advertising on Youtube is better for local businesses than advertising on TV. Digital Logic Shreveport SEO Before I get into the specifics as to why let’s take a look at the evolution of content discovery, things have changed significantly over the past 40 years and the past 15 years, digital has changed the game altogether. 1.) The audience on Youtube is HUGE and it’s growing on a daily basis. When you think about TV, how many households have Tivo or DVR? 81% according to a recent study. It’s probably even larger. How often do you record your TV shows? Many households are actually pulling the plug with having cable or satellite. According to Pew Research “The number of “smartphone-only” homes, in which smartphones are the sole source of online access, has climbed to 13% in 2015, up from 8% in 2013.” These cord cutters are growing rapidly because of the amount of content available via smart TV’s and over the internet. So Why is YouTube advertising better than TV Advertising?  Let’s look at how you can target on YouTube Advertising that you can’t do with TV. 2.) Specific age group targeting With youtube ads, you can decide to target and bid on very specific age groups. If your audience is males between 25-35 and you only want to serve ads to that age group, then no problem. Targeting...

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