Best Law Firm Practice Management Software

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Best Law Firm Practice Management Software

What are the best law practice management software tools? Every law office runs on important schedules, standards, rules, and laws. Keeping everything in order, legal, and on time, is very difficult for most law firms. According to the Survey of Legal Malpractice Claims 2012-2015 by the American Bar Association, 46% of claims arose due to intentional errors, client relations, or administrative errors.
A majority of law offices would do well with law practice management software tools. Law practices are as varied as the lawyers who populate them. How can you know which one to choose as the best management software for your law firm?
We’ve researched and worked with 25 of the best law practice management tools. You want to make the best decision when considering a new law firm practice management software.

AbacusLaw Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software AbacusNext

This tool was the number one law practice management software by Capterra. It’s designed to organize a law firm through its customizable software. Keep case notes, documents, contact information, in one location using case management tools. It’s designed, implemented, and managed by Abacus’ Legal Technical Experts.
AbacusNext Features:
  • Case Management: Keep all case notes and client documents in one customizable location.
  • Time Tracking: Works in the background to track time for all billable activity.
  • Billing: Generate completely configurable invoices.
  • Rules-Based Calendaring: Calendar system which schedules all dates based upon all relevant rules.
  • Form Generation: Pre-populated and customizable forms generate from your database.
  • Mobile App: Emails, phone calls, and more are accessible everywhere via mobile device. Also tracks unexpected billable time on the go.

Actionstep Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software ActionStep

This cloud-based technology gives its users the freedom of leaving their desktop behind. It has been around for 14 years and maintains four global offices. ActionStep was a software for general office solutions, but switched to support law offices. The software is $60 per user, per month, and offers a free trial.
ActionStep Features:
  • Workflow: Creates unique tasks for each type of matter. This automates collecting information, task assignments, and more.
  • Customization: Each matter may have specific workflows, custom data fields, or document templates.
  • Client Management: Assign clients to matters for a full picture of client history.
  • Document Management: Documents can be saved into matter folders, dragged and dropped, and searched.
  • Integration: Microsoft Word integration and more.
  • Microsoft Office Plugin: Connects the software to Microsoft Office. Browsing, searching, file creation, time management, and integration with Outlook email messages.
  • Calendar Sync: Two-direction synchronization from Actionstep to Outlook and back.
  • Billing: Run billing matters from full back and front office functionality.
  • Integrated Trust Accounting: Manage client funds and bank accounts.

Amicus Attorney Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software Amicus Attorney

Amicus Attorney created by lawyers with knowledge of the industry. Claims to add billable hours, extra time, and extra money for law firms each week. Recently purchased by AbacusNext. It integrates with Outlook, QuickBooks, Google Apps, Dropbox, HotDocs, Microsoft Word, and Timeslips. Also includes a mobile app that allows access to your files, clients, time entries, and notes.
Amicus Attorney Features:
  • Calendar: Schedule and manage appointments, deadlines, tasks, court date calculator, and more.
  • Matter Management: Precedent workflows organize similar tasks on matters. Use similar type, manage deadlines, all client files, and more.
  • Document Management: Keep track of pleadings, mortgages, deeds, filings, registrations, and other documents.
  • Time Management: Time entries can help ensure no loss in billable time. Help bill more time in an easy way.
  • Client Portal: Allows clients the ability to share information.
  • Billing Management: Keep track of clients who are on time and overdue. Includes integration with QuickBooks and payment prompting for overdue clients. Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software is a web-based law practice software. It is flexible and customizable for your needs. They also provide a free option and offer training for your staff. Integrates with QuickBooks, Dropbox, Gmail, Office 365, and Outlook. also has an Amazon Alexa app and versatile payment options. The free plan, $35 plan, and $0.99 per active case plan offer the same benefits. They differ on the number of active cases supported. 10 for the free plan, 50 for the next plan, and unlimited for the pay as you go plan. Features:
  • Automated Workflows: Use scenarios and rules for creating repetitive events, task assignments, or notifications.
  • Client Portal: Allows clients 24/7 online access to share files, as well as the ability to pay their bills online.
  • Template Library: Document automation helps create and streamline new document templates.
  • Time Tracking: Track time spent on work and delegating workload; quick bill generation.
  • Secure File Storage: All case files and documents stored in a secure system.
  • Case Updates: Feeds include changes, events, deadlines, parties added, emails sent and received, and documents prepared.
  • Reports: Creates complex reports by tracking billing, productivity, revenue, and workload.
  • Billing and Invoicing: Manages time based on typical case activities. Offers early payment discounts, as well as interest calculation for late payments.
  • Case Participants: Client database built step-by-step, developing a profile for every client.
  • Summary: Ease of access for all case information.

CaseFleet Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software CaseFleet

This law practice management tool can review evidence, organize facts, and identify trends. Created to give lawyers and edge in litigation and offers unique tools to help your practice.
CaseFleet Features:
  • Fact Chronologies: Link facts, witnesses, relevant issues, or evidence with documentation proof.
  • Full Text Document Search: Allows for flexible searches of uploaded documents via keywords.
  • Document Review: Order facts in chronology by highlighting text for extensive review. Reduces the necessity of re-reading and re-searching.
  • Reporting: Case chronology transports into factual statements, deposition outlines, opening statements, and more. Create litigation-ready reports.
  • Filtering: Answer any question by searching case files with detailed and simple filtering.
  • Task Management: Delegate work to your team. Track responsible parties for all portions of each case. Creates personal emails and popup reminders.
  • Security: Two-factor authentication provides extra security for your firm. Protect your documents with constant encryption.

CASEpeer Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software CASEpeer

Advertised as an ethical, customer-focused law firm management software tool. The creators of CASEpeer refer to it as a blueprint for a successful law practice. Offers automatic updates every month, free training, and a 30-day money back guarantee. The straightforward pricing model has three tiers. $55 per user per month for one to three users, $70 per user per month for four to nine users, and $85 per month for ten or more users.
CASEpeer Features:
  • Cases: Create virtual case files with dynamic organization. Track important matters such as client medical treatment and lien tracking.
  • Intake: Keep track of all leads and share information on linked cases.
  • Client Communication: Track emails from clients, text clients, and provide a client portal.
  • Tasks: Assign tasks and complete them with case plans and notifications.
  • Calendar: Provides case and user calendars. Syncs with Google, Outlook, Office 365, or Exchange. Track meetings, events, tasks, and deadlines.
  • Documents: Document organization, as well as automated letter generation and custom document shortcuts.
  • Negotiations: Track demands, offers, and track lien negotiations. Also provides firm wide settlement reports.
  • Litigation: Track important litigation files and documents wherever you go.
  • Search: Provides extensive search features with advanced search options, categories, and filtering.
  • Costs: Keep track of costs throughout every case. Export reports and streamline cost requests.
  • Timeline: Shows the big picture of every case with a view of all recorded events.
  • Permissions: Manage who sees or edits each file.
  • Reports: Create and analyze reports on costs, statutes, productivity, and more.
  • Security: Works with Amazon Web Services to help guarantee a secure environment.

Clio Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software Clio

A cloud-based and mobile friendly law practice management software platform. Clio integrates with over 90 apps, including Microsoft Office 365 and QuickBooks Online. They offer a free trial and three payment tiers. $39 per user per month, $59 per user per month, $99 per user per month with more features added to each tier. Includes case management, billing, custom invoices, time tracking, secure client portal, task management, and mobile apps.
Clio Features:
  • Matter Management: Manage all case details from the Clio dashboard.
  • Time Tracking: Keep all billable activities in order and logged for easy billing.
  • Trust Accounting: Manage client funds in trust accounts.
  • Legal Billing: Create and approve bills. Provides the option to send an e-bill through the client portal.
  • Client Payments: Clio Payments allows for processing of credit card payments from clients.
  • Legal Accounting: Manage trust workflows and billing. Integration between Clio and QuickBooks Online keeps all accounting data up to date.
  • Document Management: Store all legal documents in an editable, searchable database. Accessible from anywhere.
  • Legal Research: Integrates with Fastcase, placing a law library within your reach.
  • Calendar: Provides deadline alerts. Allows you to organize activity in a calendar that is accessible from mobile devices.
  • Lead Tracking: Track client leads and advertising efforts.
  • Mobile Apps: Allows secure access from mobile devices.

CosmoLex Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software CosmoLex

This software platform endorsed by over 20 state bar associations. Has its own built in accounting, instead of having to work with QuickBooks. They have no long-term contracts, offer a free trial, as well as simple pricing. All users get access to all features for $59 per month, paid annually or $69 per month, paid monthly.
CosmoLex Features:
  • Practice Management: Tag all records, emails, tasks, and billing items to client matters. Includes firm-level dashboard. Calendar and task management, email management, document management, and simplified communication.
  • Legal Time and Billing: Billing and timekeeping software. Provides integrated billing for processing all invoices, past due notices, and more. Captures all billable activities when they happen and sends bills out on time. Provides customizable invoices, one-click billing, built-in LawPay with no fee, and built-in collection.
  • Secure Client Portal: Allows client communication, messaging, and information sharing.
  • Legal Business Accounting: Integrates legal-specific accounting features. Automatic bank data feed, data entry, customizable charts and accounts, and income statements. Includes free login for external bookkeeper.
  • Trust Accounting: Audit-ready trust accounts. Set up with zero tolerance for errors to help avoid ethics violations. Also provides free account for external accountant or bookkeeper access.

Filevine Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software Filevine

Created by a team with cutting-edge online knowledge. The team has years of experience with their own successful law practices. The cloud-based design provides both desktop and mobile access to the software. Pricing varies, and is available upon request.
Filevine Features:
  • Project Management and Collaboration: Manage your team and all case files in one tool. Provides storage, automatic deadline generation, automatic reports, and real-time collaboration between team members.
  • Workflow: Dynamic Taskflow system provides client connection, autotasks, simple records collection, team-specific autotasks. Real-time case monitoring.
  • Text-to-Case-File: All members of a client’s legal team can text and receive texts through the case file. Keep clients connected and preserve privacy.
  • Deadlines: Provides customizable deadlines and a simple litigation calendar tool with built-in reminders.
  • Reports: Show costs, settlement amounts, team performance, case lengths, and bottlenecks.
  • Records: Keep all case records in a secure and organized system. Allows ease of retrieval through versatile searching and document hashtags.
  • Settlement Calculator: Provides real-time disbursal sheet changes. Allows clients the chance to plan for the future with calculated settlements.
  • Bill and Expense Tracking: Helps track where money gets spent. Adds up bills and expenses, provides hyperlinked bills. Allows instant access to all relative documents.
  • Super-Easy Interface: Lessens distractions and quickens work rate through simple software.
  • Edit in Place: Change any case or client documents you need to change. No need to download it and re-upload it.
  • Audit Report: Know all your cases and your team with reports. Provides clear detail on all practice activity.
  • Filevine Periscope: Provides a summary of your entire practice. Helps you make profitable decisions on all cases, clients, and team members.
  • Auto-Hashtags: New twist on hashtags. Creates automatic hashtags on cases that meet specific and custom criteria.

Firm Central Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software Firm Central

Created by Thomson Reuters. Centralize everything important to your law firm in one software. Accessible from anywhere. This cloud-based law office management tool is available to desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Three payment plans range from: $40 to $65 to $105, per user, per month. The second tier includes time and billing help. Top tier adds that and deadline assistant.
Firm Central Features:
  • Matter Management: Provides a configurable dashboard. Easy access to all the files, documents, and contacts you need.
  • Legal Time and Billing: Track billable time, operate trust accounts, deliver reports, and issue invoices.
  • Westlaw Compatibility: Leverages Westlaw technology. Firm Central works with legal research platforms and conducts integrated global searches.
  • Legal Calendaring: Provides management over rules-based legal deadlines. Track all appointments. Two-way compatibility with Outlook.
  • Mobile Access: Access all case and client files and matters. Input billable time from anywhere.
  • Security: Keep your firm’s files safe and secure with cloud security standards.

HoudiniEsq Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software HoudiniEsq

A powerful law firm practice management tool. Allows for both In-Cloud or On-Premise deployment. The software been available since 2008, and intended for easy use by any size law firm. HoudiniEsq offers three different payment plans. Free for one user, with local data stored. Cloud option for $65 per user per month, with all data stored in the cloud. On-Premise ‘practice’ option for $240 per user per month. There is a 30-day free trial of HoudiniEsq Elite for 30 or more users, large firms, State, and Federal agencies.
HoudiniEsq Features:
  • Complete Case Management: Manage billing, exposure, staff compensation, case budgets, staff calendars, notes, emails, documents, certified mail, workflow, all matter related contracts, and more. Includes built-in triggers and automation features.
  • Comprehensive Billing and Invoicing: Provides clear and defensible billing. Bill for edits before invoicing. Central invoicing dashboard with filters, and Outlook integration.
  • Record Access Management: Easy management of record access by staff or entire group.
  • Workflow: Use a series of todos and steps to manage workflow and edit. Offer automatic triggers, email and message support, and more.
  • Calendaring and Alerts: Rules-based calendaring and scheduling for your full practice. Also accessible through desktop or mobile.
  • Client Portal: Share notes, documents, invoices, and more. Provides security for clients. Get paid through LawPay account where clients can view and pay invoices. Allows for creation of an intake form. Can be accessible by organizational clients for easier initiation of new matters.
  • Easy Multi-Tasking: Provides ability to use the HoudiniEsq desktop for reference. Copy data, jumping between files, and cases.
  • Client Communication: Send passed-due invoices, trust balance reminders, client statements, invoices, birthday cards.
  • Customizable Forms: Edit and add unlimited custom fields. Works with any matter, event, todo, or contact forms.
  • Ad-hoc Custom Reports: Offers business and client insight through custom charts, and tables.
  • Integration: Connects with Excel, QuickBooks, Office 365, Outlook, LawPay, Word, WordPerfect, Google Docs, Evernote, and BIRT Business Intelligence Reports.
  • Search: Provides Houdini Elasticsearch. Supports varied styles of searches of your entire system.

Lawcus Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software Lawcus

Lawcus is a cloud-based law firm management software. Aims to give firms more for less effort. They offer free mobile apps on IOS and Android devices and have two main pricing plans. The $34 per user per month option includes most of the Lawcus features for $39, if billed monthly. The $44 per user per month option adds custom fields, email integration, calendar integration, Zapier integration, API access, and premium support, and is $49 if billed monthly. Enterprise plan includes all other features, plus over 50 timekeepers, and premium support.
Lawcus Features:
  • Workflow Automation: Automates all tasks and processes.
  • Trust and Account Billing: Manage accounts, client money, and billing.
  • Time and Expense Tracking: Track time and expenses.
  • Document Assembly: Create documents from pre-saved templates.
  • Email Integration: Associate all emails with matters by dragging and dropping.
  • Client Portal: Delegate tasks, share documents, and communicate with clients. Streamlined and simple usage.
  • Integration: Provides API and Zapier integration, which includes 700 apps to automate tasks.
  • Bank Grade Security: Built upon Amazon Cloud with rest and transition encryption. Also provides the ability to set up 2-Factor Authentication for improved security.
  • Custom Fields: Customize workflow with custom fields and groups.
  • Workspaces & Teams: Provides creation of workspaces for all teams. Allows collaboration with outside and in-house counsels.
  • Contact Management: Eases management of contacts and related matters.
  • Internationalization: Support for Spanish, Italian, French, Danish, German, and Chinese languages.

LEAP Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software LEAP

Completely focused on assisting solo and small law firms. LEAP provides legal software for firms in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. They offer matter types designed for the needs of firms in their specific area. Their services are $149 per user per month. Although a Windows software, they also offer an iOS and Android app.
LEAP Features:
  • Matter Management: Organize all case and client files in one place and protect them. Ease of collaboration and sharing with team members.
  • Document Management: Transfer to a paperless office. Ability to search the software for matter files, as well as track changes to cases or client files. They also provide unlimited storage for all legal documents.
  • Automated Legal Forms: Eliminates double data entry. Extensive library of legal forms, templates, and document automation.
  • Legal Forms Library: Access to New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts legal forms.
  • Legal Client Portal: Offers secure client correspondence to cut the need for encryption.
  • Email Management: A secure email system created for law firms.
  • Trust Accounting: Simple trust accounting which meets the demands of real estate law. Allows for easy creation of bills and reports.
  • Time Recording: Track all billable time whether in the office or on mobile apps.
  • Legal Billing Software: Manage all client and trust accounts, disbursements, and billing.
  • Document Creation: Create accurate legal forms and documents with document automation.
  • Online Payments: LEAP and RapidPay integrate with LawPay. Provide a payment facility online with wide integration.
  • Reporting: Measure team performance, get an overview of your firm, and view reports. Grouped in Matters and Clients, Trust, Office, and Management.
  • Cloud Software: Provides cloud-based access for the ability to work anywhere.
  • Legal Software Integrations: Integrates with LawConnect, InfoTrack, QuickBooks, Office 365, and more.

Legal Files Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software Legal Files

This is an on-premise software. Designed and created in a real legal working environment. Legal Files provides law firm practice management tools to cover your entire practice. From legal billing to data management, and much more. They provide mobile apps for both iOS and Android, for anywhere and anytime access. Pricing varies and is available upon request.
Legal Files Features:
  • Matter Management: A central location for all case information and client details.
  • Contact Management: Provides office-wide management including conflict check wizard and duplicate checker.
  • Document Management: Helps manage case documents and allows for text searching.
  • Integration: Integrates with Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Drag and Drop: Manage all matters and documents. Ability to drag and drop from place to place within the software.
  • Reports: Provides pleadings index reports and client update reports.
  • File Management: Manage all client and case files within the software.
  • Notes: Make and file notes and alerts.
  • Built-in Tools: Assist with standardized processes for specific types of cases.
  • Firm Management: Provides location management, custom menus, task delegation, team management, email management with integrations, phone messages and mail tracking with notification, automatic time capturing, expense tracking, activity summary, workflow management, outcome tracking, time tracking, and security features.
  • Calendars, Event and Task Management: Allows firm-wide, group, and individual calendars. Provides comprehensive inbox, to-dos with reminders, group and recurring scheduler, legal dates and deadlines calculator, time keeping and activity log, scheduling and docketing, court docketing, automated task scheduling, and outlook calendar sync.

MerusCase Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software MerusCase

Designed for law firms of all sizes and in all sectors. MerusCase seeks to streamline all your day-to-day tasks. Bring cutting-edge technology to your law practice. This cloud-based software lists specialties in eight types of law. For criminal, employment, family law, personal injury, workers compensation, and more. Pricing is set at $39 per user, per month, when billed per year.
MerusCase Features:
  • One-Stop-Shop: Provides all the tools to run your entire practice in one place. Includes document automation, batch document scanning, email, and more.
  • Fool-Proof Organization: Spend less time searching for misplaced files. All documents, items, and correspondence stay organized.
  • Fully-Integrated Email: Send and keep track of case emails without leaving the software.
  • Customizable Billing: Provides customization on billing rates. Segment for specific users, user roles, client, and more.
  • Scalable: Allows branch office options, administrative permission settings, and firm-wide, or individual calendaring. Your software scales to what you need.

MyCase Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software MyCase

MyCase is cloud-based law firm practice management software. It organizes your law practice with thorough, intuitive case management tools. They provide both iOS and Android apps for constant connectivity. Offers two pay options, along with a free trial. The first pay option is $39 per lawyer, per month, and the second is $29 per staff member, per month.
MyCase Features:
  • Law Practice Management: Organize contacts, calendars, billing, client communication, cases, and documents.
  • Legal Document Management: There are no storage limitations. You can upload all your firm’s legal documents. Extensive and easy-to-use document system with foldering features.
  • Document Assembly: Skip manual tasks and merge client and matter data. Produce more documents daily tailored to your need.
  • Legal Calendaring: Calendars, reminders, and events provided for you and your entire staff. Calendaring system integrates with third party calendars like Google and Outlook. Offers two-way syncing features.
  • Workflow: The workflow automation feature helps avoid creating the same set of tasks. Allows you to create automated workflows based on what type of case you are working. General templates or automated templates for each case depending on the law firm’s needs.
  • Metrics and Reports: Get real-time insight into firm-wide and individual billing. Track firm’s progress, payment history, trust ledgers, and more with one-click reporting.
  • Law Firm Security: Provides bank-grade security for your law firm’s documents.
  • Law Firm Websites: Have MyCase set up a professional website. One-time fee of $995, and $50 per month afterward.

Needles Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software Needles

This on-premise Windows software provides big-picture monitoring. Law firm management software to review matters, decrease delays, increase accountability and productivity. The cost is $1000 per user as a one-time sale. Needles sells the licenses to run the software instead of charging a monthly or annual fee. Web hosting is also available.
Needles Features:
  • Today Screen: This helps keep track of daily tasks. Brings everything you need to know at the beginning of every day. Follow assigned tasks, emails, and calendar events.
  • Intake Process: Allows you to capture all the data you need on intake, and is customizable. Import and export, track referral tasks, and scheduling.
  • Checklist: Preset checklist to organize tasks by which team member they’re assigned to. This is customizable as well.
  • Notes: Track all firm calls and messages in your system, while cataloging them by case or client.
  • Merge Docs: Allows your firm to group all related files together by case and client. The software also merges client information into relevant new documents.
  • Value Screen: Keeps all financial records in one place. Ease of reporting, tracking time, and figuring of costs.
  • Providers: Protect all provider information such as contact details, specialties, and supporting documents. For ease of use and tracking.
  • Status Tab: Keep clients up to date when they contact you. Click one tab to pull up all relevant information and updates.
  • Custom Fields and Tabs: Many case types for completing checklists, fields, or documents. Presets for each type of case. These are all customizable to your exact needs.
  • Mail Lists: Full integration with Microsoft Outlook. Allows emails sent or received to post on the clients file. Automated attachment to their document folder.
  • Mass Update: Update many cases at the same time.
  • Time Track: Keep a record of time spent by anyone or on any one case. It also integrates with QuickBooks and Timeslips for generation of bills.

PCLaw Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software PCLaw

PCLaw by LexisNexis is On-Premise windows based law firm practice management software. They strive to get you up and running quick. Streamline your finances, and get a better picture of your practice. Pricing starts at $39 per user, per month. Contact PCLaw for more pay options and product details.
PCLaw Features:
  • Matter Management: Manage your law firm’s matters with simplified tools. Provides complex functionality.
  • Time Tracking: Automated time tracking for attorneys and non-attorney staff.
  • Billing and Accounting: Integrate with most common accounting platforms. Reduce billing time and expenses.
  • Client Contact Management: Access client data in a secure environment.
  • Calendar: Integrate with most common calendar tools for ease of access.
  • Secure Portal: Enable security features to protect important law firm data sources.
  • Document Management: Endless document management features to save time and law firm resources.
  • Document Assembly: Use algorithms to create complex documentation quick and easy.
  • Trust Accounting: Accounting tools built-in to the software save time and expenses.

PracticeMaster Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software PracticeMaster

Windows-based law firm practice management tool. PracticeMaster is a product of Tabs3. They’ve been creating law firm technology since way back in 1979. Provides law firms with reliable software for their practice, with customer service. They charge a one-time cost of $600 per user for the PracticeMaster software tool. A free online demo of the software is available upon request.
PracticeMaster Features:
  • Matter Manager: Organizes all matter information. Includes emails, documents, fees, phone records, research notes, costs, and appointments.
  • Calendar: Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook with Exchange. View appointments for all in your practice, for select members, or for you alone. Provides color-coding for ease of finding certain appointments and activity. Check for conflicts. Set your own holidays. Features customizable security settings.
  • Conflict of Interest Searches: Find any conflict of interest with a potential client and anyone in your firm.
  • Email Management: Adds documents from email. Manages all emails. Allows searches with help from the program if needed. Integrates with Outlook.
  • Time Tracking: Includes certain triggers to track all time spent working on a case. It could be on the phone, researching, emailing, or anything else. Allows you to set small time increments as well for different entry types.
  • Document Management: Provides built-in document history tracking. Stay aware of changes made to any document. It also allows you to link any document to any client or matter. Use integrations to save documents from Adobe Acrobat, Excel, or Word.
  • Workflows: Automate task setting and reminders for you and your staff. Generate thank-you letters or up to 10 other actions in any workflow. Automated control of starting emails, assembling documents, running reports, displaying messages and more.
  • Reports: Reports assist with details of your clients, appointments, assignments, and to-do lists. Generate many custom reports.
  • Security: Delegate who can see what information, to keep everything safe and secure.
  • Document Assembly: Uses entered information to help assemble documents fast and easy. It also integrates with HotDocs.
  • Templates: Calendar Plan Templates for scheduling of a series of events for one or more dates. They are usable over and over again. Templates help you customize which types of matter get what kind of information. Lets you change entry pages based on the type of matter.
  • HotBackup: Backup data while working.
  • Auto-Recovery: Protection of data from unforeseen damage or loss.
  • Accelerators: Get all reports, sorting, and filtering done up to 30 times faster.
  • eNote: Use instead of email for quick notes back and forth. They’ll pop up on the screen for quick and convenient viewing.

PracticePanther Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software PracticePanther

This cloud-based law firm management software offers their product on free trial. Reserve the right to cancel at any time. They have iOS and Android mobile apps available for anywhere connection. Pricing offered in three tiers. Solo for $39 per user per month, Essential for $59 per user per month, and Business for $79 per user per month. Internal chat, real-time notifications, daily agenda emails, document templates, tasks, and event workflows. Includes Quickbooks or PantherPayments. Essential and Business plans add more features.
PracticePanther Features:
  • Contacts and Matters: Keep all contact and matter information. Keep addresses, emails, notes, tasks, events, names, numbers, and payments secure and organized.
  • Tasks, Events, and Workflows: Create tasks and workflows to delegate to team members.
  • Document Management: Create and manage important client and case documents. Then view them at any time from any device.
  • Intake Forms: Provides unlimited intake forms you can create with a drag and drop editor. The forms can then populate with relevant client and case information.
  • Client Portal: Share and manage client interactions through the secure client portal.
  • Notifications and Chat: Keep updated on everything from client payments to team activity. Everywhere access and notifications.
  • Trust Accounting and Reports: Track trust account balances. Request and accept retainer payments for every client and matter.
  • Invoicing: Generate legal invoices and sent them out.
  • Time Tracking: Track every billable expense and all billable time. Access from anywhere, at any time.
  • Credit Card Processing: Receive payments to PantherPayments. Powered by LawPay, and meets IOLTA guidelines.
  • Calendar and Emails: Merge legal calendars and emails into one place. Integrates with and syncs with Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, iCal, or your phone.
  • Integrations: Provides integrations with Zapier, QuickBooks, Dropbox, MailChimp, box, PayPal, and

ProLaw Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software ProLaw

ProLaw is a cloud-based or On-Premise Windows software by Thomson Reuters. Offers a management solution for everyone from mid-sized firms to corporate organizations. Their pricing is available upon request. They also offer iOS and Android mobile apps for ease of access.
ProLaw Features:
  • Case and Matter Management: Combined management of all case and matters in your firm.
  • Time Entry: Keep track of all billable time.
  • Billing and Accounting: Provides a combined integrated solution.
  • Staff Portal: Bring all staff online and manage the firm from anywhere.
  • Firm-Wide Reporting: Access key metrics on any part of your firm.
  • Application Integration: Connects to apps you already use.
  • ProLaw Integration: Solutions for electronic billing, credit card processing, legal calendaring, and research.
  • ProLaw Education: Offers training to help meet the educational needs of ProLaw clients.

Rocket Matter Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software Rocket Matter

This is a cloud-based law firm practice management tool. It aims to help you manage your law firm and boost revenues by more than 20%. The pricing begins at $55 per user, per month, and they also offer a free trial. There are iOS and Android apps available for anywhere access.
Rocket Matter Features:
  • Time and Billing: Track all billable time and invoices. Offer clients the option of instant credit card payments and more.
  • Workflow: Streamline workflows with customizable matter templates. Easy viewing of case matter, wireless document importing, task and milestone setting. Calculate calendar rules with LawToolBox integration.
  • Matter Management: Organize matters with a customizable dashboard. Calendar management, easy content creation like events and contacts, with powerful reporting.
  • Billing: Create automated payment plans, use recurring billing, calculate interest and discounts. Cover convenience fees or incidentals.
  • Integrations: Integrates with Office 365, QuickBooks Online, Outlook, and more.

Smokeball Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software Smokeball

A cloud-based law practice management tool. Smokeball also provides iOS and Android apps, Windows access, and a cloud-based Web app. Their aim is to assist with small law firms’ productivity and organization. Pricing begins at $139 per user, per month.
Smokeball Features:
  • Automatic Time Tracking: Track time and understanding profitability per matter. No matter if it recorded time, fee based, or contingency based.
  • Email Management: Track emails by matter they relate to, for easier client management.
  • Firm Insights: Provides insights which consider all staff time and activities. Provides accurate viewpoints on your firm.
  • Legal Document Automation: Comes pre-loaded with over 14,000 automated legal forms. They help fill in relevant details.
  • Matter Management: Keeps client and case-related documents and information in one place. Organized by the matter for you.
  • Time and Billing: Automatic time tracking feature integrates with LawPay and QuickBooks. Easier managing of billing and client payments.
  • Law Firm Websites: Website for your firm for no extra cost with a software subscription.
  • Integrations: Integrate with Outlook, Word, LawPay, QuickBooks Online, InfoTrack, RingCentral, Essential Forms, Fujitsu Scan Snap, and Campaign Monitor.
  • Electronic Signatures: Quick and secure electronic signing of documents and letters with DocuSign.
  • Tasks and Workflows: Track all tasks every day. Organization of workflows and task reminders, as well as automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Legal Calendaring: See the entire law firm’s calendar. Make appointments with calendar viewable by week, work week, month or by timeline. You can also bill from the calendar.
  • Document Assembly: Automated document assembly tool which standardizes letters and agreements. Provides integration with Microsoft Word.

Time Matters Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software Time Matters

Time Matters is a product of LexisNexis Business of Law. Provides On-Premise law firm practice management software. They service more than 15,000 firms nationwide. Pricing begins at $39 per user per month. Contact Time Matters for more feature information.
Time Matters Features:
  • Matter Management: Manage important law firm matters with ease.
  • Client Management: Keep important client data secure and available across many platforms.
  • Calendar: Calendar integration with most major providers.
  • Task Management: Task management tools for both attorneys and non-attorney staff.
  • Document Management: Secure storage of documents, both in-cloud or on-premise.
  • Document Assembly: Use automated tools to arrange relevant client data in many formats.
  • Time Tracking: Time tracking tools available to assist with automated billing.
  • Billing and Invoicing: Time Matters features allow automated law firm billing management. Reduce time spent and increasing revenues.
  • Basic Bookkeeping: Bookkeeping either in-app or integrated with popular software.

Zola Suite Reviews Law Firm Practice Management Software ZolaSuite

This cloud-based tool rates high for legal practice management software on G2Crowd. They have versatile pricing options. The solo plan is $49 per month for a solo account. The Team plan is for firms with 2 or more users and is $58 per month, per attorney, or $48 per month for non-attorney staff. For the highest payment plan, Enterprise — for firms with 5 or more users — you must contact the company for pricing. This software provides anywhere access with an iOS and Android app.
ZolaSuite Features:
  • Billing and Accounting: Provides ten ways to create time entries and custom invoices. Also get real-time reports on the firm’s practice without needing to rely on integrations. It offers built-in accounting as well as QuickBooks integration.
  • Task Management: Manage tasks and workflows with easier delegation to team members.
  • Built-in Email: Manage all case-related emails. Use automatic email filing and automatic billing while messaging. Find case-related contacts with the SmartSuggest system.
  • Built-in E-Signature: Provides email encryption, e-signing options, and court-admissible proof of delivery.
  • Document Management: Keep documents organized and sorted. Get e-signatures. Know where to find all case-related documents at all times.
  • Document Automation: Make use of a library of standard forms no matter what form of law you practice. There are also customizable forms. Automatic population of names, addresses, and other related information.
  • Client Portal: Use Caseway client portal to secure shared information with clients. Allow them to share documents with you. Edit or add shared documents to the related matter in an easy way.
  • Calendar: A case-centered calendaring system usable and viewable on the go. Provides color-coded custom categories based on type of event as well. Allows a firm-wide calendar and also integrates with Google, Outlook, and Office 365.
  • Matter Management: Manage all case and client related information based on matter. Allows access restrictions, custom fields, document automation, audit trail logging, and more.
  • Contact Management: Track clients, prospects, witnesses, opposing counsel, referrals, and more. Offers a filterable and searchable contact management system.
  • Notes Organizer: Make notes based on matter with custom formatting. This includes bullets, anchors, and links. Notes are searchable through a folder system for easy organization.
  • Reports and Analytics: Get reports on referrals, general ledger, account statements, originating attorneys, profit and loss, billable hours vs actual hours, unpaid invoices, and more.
  • Integrations: Integrates with Office 365, Exchange, Gmail, IMAP, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Word.
Law practices are moving from the paper age to digital law firms. Software continues to develop which can make law practice management easier. This makes law firms more profitable, for both small and large enterprise. Our extensive list includes the best law firm practice management software. Our aim is to help you decide which direction to take your firm as the digital age marches onward.