Are you frustrated with FindLaw?

You are not alone!

Zero leads generated
FindLaw review
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Just absolutely horrible experience. Zero leads generated but still think I am to pay them over $2600 a month. From the first month I told them to cancel the services but they try to lock you in to long term contracts because clearly they know their product sucks.
This company is a fraud!
FindLaw review
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This company is a fraud! They are the most useless company that I have ever seen! They do not provide any assistance for ~2000 USD per month! It is completely worthless, irresponsive company! They just charge you for nothing and get benefit of the Thomson Reuters name! Again, this company is fraud!
Stay away if you have a small firm
FindLaw review
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I signed up with Findlaw in January of 2019 with a 12 month contract. Sometime in April of 2019 I decided to use their web services. Apparently every time you sign a contract with them it comes with a 12 month term. Let me just say this: terrible support. Things with Findlaw work very slowly. You are just a cog in the machine. So far I spent over 12k with findlaw only to sign up one case. I had a bad feeling with their 12 month contract. I got clobbered with this campaign. It took a bite out of my firm and I'll have to grind away just to get back in the green.
Complete scam
FindLaw review
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Negative -500 score - misrepresentation, fraud, do not deliver what is promised. Total scam. Just trying to make money and they lie about the service. There should be a class action against them

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Growing Your Practice is Our Obsession

  1. We are passionate about making law firms successful.
  2. We are guided by the empirical evidence of what gets law firms new cases.
  3. We track and measure everything to quantify marketing investments.
  4. We deliver a clear competitive advantage to our clients in their local service areas.
  5. Attorneys are tired of the status quo using “expert” law firm marketing providers like FindLaw and who sell pre-packaged task monkey work and expensive directory listings that don’t yield a meaningful or even measurable return on investment.
  6. If you’re like most of our clients, you don’t have time to deal with a junior level people that just came out of two weeks of training, you want real professionals who have the experience to accelerate marketing performance and prove it.
  7. We don’t sell products, we are trusted advisors and educated digital marketing practitioners.
  8. Once we determine your goals and which practice areas you’d like us to focus on, we will build a comprehensive plan, then execute that plan with 100% transparency and new client metrics down to the phone call or form submission.
Law Firm Marketing

These guys are the real deal. Lots of companies will promise results and usually fail to deliver. It’s amazing how many folks are looking for my type of business (legal services) online instead of word-of-mouth and other types of media. Now, because of Digital Logic, these clients are finding me. Great work!

Law Firm Marketing

Seth and his team are amazing. They do excellent work and are extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend them!

Law firm marketing reviews

Having tried every marketing tool in the past, I can honestly tell you that the services provided by the Digital Logic are the real deal. You will see an immediate increase in business. It is quite literally like turning on a faucet, the phone doesn’t stop ringing. Total Game Changer!!!

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Our team has over 15 years of online marketing experience and has worked with thousands of businesses. Internet marketing runs in our veins. Our team is passionate about driving our client’s success. We are dedicated to earning your business month after month.

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Our law firm online marketing solutions

With our understanding that your law firm needs a constant influx of leads that convert into clients, we create strategies around these exact goals. We believe in giving our attorneys access to our team members, streamlining the process and getting quick, direct answers which ultimately leads to better campaigns and results. Incorporating what your brand is into your marketing strategy is the number one key to customer relationship growth.

SEO services


In order to have continual growth from SEO services, a clear plan needs to be built and executed correctly. We have proven methods to get you ranking.

PPC services

PPC Management

Unlike most PPC management agencies, we don’t set campaigns on autopilot. We make campaign adjustments every week and often times on a daily basis.

Web development services

Web Development

Your website is a tool that should be used in order to draw traffic, convert traffic into customers, and maintain the relationship you have with your customers.

Social media management services

Social Media

If you’re not tapping into the potential of social media marketing services, you’re losing customers to your competitors who are.

Content marketing services

Content Writing

We tailor the content to your potential customer’s needs and interests while conveying your brand’s personality and offerings, without trying to force them to buy.

Online advertising

Online Advertising

Having a fully optimized website, a solid social media presence, and profitable digital marketing campaigns allows your business to thrive online.

Graphic design

Graphic Design

We work with your company to make sure your brand is positioned as a central signature with a consistent identity displayed across multiple media channels and applications.

Online video advertising

Video Advertising

Leveraging online display advertisements that incorporate videos can dramatically change the way your business is viewed by your customers.

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The most cost-effective methods of digital marketing available today. Selling to someone that you already know is interested makes online advertising a breeze.


Conversion Rate Optimization

This process helps to squeeze more “juice” out of your marketing abilities and further your business growth on the budget you’ve already allocated towards digital marketing.