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Social Media Marketing For Business [2018 Guide] – Digital Logic

What you will learn: What is Social Media Marketing? Introduction To Social Media Marketing What Is A Social Media Marketing Strategy? How To Determine Your Target Audience for Social Media Marketing How to Build a Social Media Community How to Get Your Message Out With Social Media Marketing Social Media Measurement & Optimization What Types Of Social Media Content Should You Create and Publish? Planning And Scheduling Social Media Posts How to Schedule a Post on Facebook How Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Business Tips For Creating A Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy How Not to Deal with Negative...

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Google My Business Rolls Out Live Chat Feature in Local Search Results

Just a few months after rolling out customer posts from a Google Business Profile, Google has now introduced a chat feature that allows customers to directly contact businesses without even visiting their website. This feature is free and is available to all businesses with Google business profiles here in the U.S. We at Digital Logic believe this could be a potential game changer for local businesses. With more and more millennials becoming the primary target for businesses in all verticals, this new feature has the likelihood to change the way customers first interact with a business. Implementing this for...

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11 Small Business Online Marketing Challenges and Solutions

Each day, small business owners must make important decisions about how to spend their time and energy improving their business and progressing toward their goals. Many of these efforts are regarding the in’s and out’s of small business online marketing. Every small business owner will face different challenges according to their skills and industry, but all of them are required to wear many hats and make daily decisions, especially with marketing. Some of these problems will be industry-specific and require subject-matter experts to find solutions for the small business owner, while others may involve management of staff to produce...

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How To Create a Post on a Google Business Profile

undefined[/et_pb_section] Learn How To Create a Post on a Google Business Profile Google has now enabled Google Posts for all business owners that have a Google business page, this is part of the Google My Business program, which has been an initiative to get more business owners to claim their listings on Google and a lead in to get more small and medium size businesses to start with the Adwords Express program. So far there is not a way to automate posting and links disappear after 11 days. We still haven’t seen if Google Business Posts will have an...

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Top Questions To Ask When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

This is a short but helpful read on questions to ask digital marketing agencies before you decide to hire them. How will they measure if the campaign is successful? What is the long term goal for your account? Your digital marketing agency needs to determine what the short term and long term goals of your account are. Most clients need to understand that it can take some time to start ramping up a digital marketing campaign to help get a campaign to a saturation point (at least 60-90 days.) It’s important for you to have a conversation with the agency about how you will both determine how successful the campaign is. It’s important to determine what the one time value of a new customer is as well as what the lifetime value of a new customer acquisition is. The arbitrage of how much you spend on marketing and what the value of a new customer acquisition is will help establish how you will gauge if a campaign is successful. Think about how much you’d be willing to spend for a new customer and what the value of a new customer is. Do the digital marketing agencies team members have significant experience in digital marketing? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of digital marketing agencies across the United States. It’s important to check the backgrounds of the people at the...

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