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Internet Advertising Spend Blows Past TV Spend by $40 Billion This Year

Internet advertising is expected to pass T.V. by over $40 Billion dollars in 2018. 2017 was the first year that global internet advertising spend passed TV and amount advertisers are spending on Internet advertising does not seem to be slowing down. 2017 Global Internet advertising spending was $203B while TV Ad spend was $184B. Zenith projects 2018 Internet advertising spending to be $227B vs. $184B for TV advertising spend. Now take a look at the breakdown of where the internet advertising spend is going.   The smart advertising money is shifting away from TV to measurable internet advertising. Search...

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Google My Business Changes: 11 Factors That Every Small Business Needs To Be Aware Of

Google My Business or GMB, earlier known as Google Places for business, offers the best opportunity to local businesses for appearing in the search results. There are several new features brought forth by the search engine-giant to GMB that make it easier for businesses to increase their local search visibility. Simple, easy and cost-effective, here are the latest changes to Google My Business, which are significant for lawyers along with some key takeaways: Removal of Permanently Closed Listings from Local Finder Over the past few months, there has been a visible lack of Permanently Closed listings in Google’s Local Finder due to their redundancy. This lead to an adverse effect on the law practitioners’ business. In essence, this means that while the professionals continue their practice, customers will not be able to locate them.   The problem escalates further, when rival businesses mark the competitors as “permanently closed.” Google provides no notification for this action and hence, when this happens, you’re perpetually going to be in the dark! Actionable tip: Conduct a manual search for practitioners on Google. Use Name + City to ensure that it isn’t listed. Also, make it a habit to visit Google My Business dashboard daily and using a ranking tracker tool. The latter will send you alerts whenever there’s a change in your listing. Source Removal of Access to the Classic Version of Google...

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Google My Business Rolls Out Live Chat Feature in Local Search Results

Just a few months after rolling out customer posts from a Google Business Profile, Google has now introduced a chat feature that allows customers to directly contact businesses without even visiting their website. This feature is free and is available to all businesses with Google business profiles here in the U.S. We at Digital Logic believe this could be a potential game changer for local businesses. With more and more millennials becoming the primary target for businesses in all verticals, this new feature has the likelihood to change the way customers first interact with a business. Implementing this for...

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11 Small Business Online Marketing Challenges and Solutions

Small business online marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Each day, small business owners must make important decisions about how to spend their time and energy improving their business and progressing toward their goals. Many of these efforts are regarding the in’s and out’s of small business online marketing. Every small business owner will face different challenges according to their skills and industry, but all of them are required to wear many hats and make daily decisions, especially with marketing. Some of these problems will be industry-specific and require subject-matter experts to find solutions for the small business owner,...

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How To Create a Post on a Google Business Profile

undefined[/et_pb_section] Learn How To Create a Post on a Google Business Profile Google has now enabled Google Posts for all business owners that have a Google business page, this is part of the Google My Business program, which has been an initiative to get more business owners to claim their listings on Google and a lead in to get more small and medium size businesses to start with the Adwords Express program. So far there is not a way to automate posting and links disappear after 11 days. We still haven’t seen if Google Business Posts will have an...

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