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Being charged with a DUI can lead to a serious and potentially life-altering conviction. As a DUI attorney, you understand why it is crucial that charged individuals get in touch with the right criminal defense lawyer.

You could work for the best DUI law firm in town, but if your prospective clients aren’t able to find you online by searching for the service you offer, then it’s unlikely you’ll convert those prospects into paying clients.

Similarly to how those charged with a DUI need the best DUI attorney, as a criminal defense law firm that practices in such a competitive industry, you also need the best DUI lawyer SEO agency to help increase client acquisition.

At Digital Logic, we’ve helped criminal defense lawyers get a steady stream of DUI cases to grow their DUI law firms.

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To learn more about our law firm marketing services, keep reading or call our digital marketing pros at 318-678-5020. We provide a free consultation and legal SEO audit service!

Why is SEO Important for DUI Lawyers?

Criminal defense attorney SEO marketing improves both the quality and the quantity of your website traffic. SEO for DUI attorneys specifically targets unpaid traffic for DUI-related searches in your area.

But why does this matter?

According to a Google Consumer Survey,

Additionally, 62% of search queries related to legal services are generic, non-branded keywords. This means that your website needs to rank for keywords with high intent, such as “Dallas DUI lawyer” or “DUI attorneys near me.”

DUI Lawyer SEO vs. PPC

As one of the best law firm SEO agencies, we’re often asked by criminal defense attorneys if law firm SEO is better than law firm PPC.

Most of the time, criminal defense lawyers will see the best results when they invest in both PPC and SEO campaigns.

When your paid advertising and SEO campaign goals align with one another, you can reach your legal marketing goals much more quickly and efficiently than if you only invested in PPC services or SEO strategies.

It’s important to understand that DUI attorney PPC is very different from DUI attorney SEO.

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PPC, or pay-per-click, refers to paid ads that appear at the top of Google’s search engine results pages. Paid listings are located above the organic search listings, and they’re influenced by keyword relevance, just like the organic search listings.

Another difference between PPC and SEO campaigns is that the traffic earned from a legal SEO campaign is free, whereas, as the name says in PPC advertising, you’ll pay for each click you receive from paid advertising campaigns.

If you have the budget to run paid ads for your criminal defense law firm and need an immediate boost in legal leads, investing in law firm PPC services or local service ads for attorneys will quickly deliver results. To achieve the best return on investment, your digital marketing agency will need some time to A/B test your legal ads.

However, when you have an effective SEO strategy, you won’t need to pay constantly to get prospective clients to your law firm’s website. With law firm SEO for DUI lawyers, you can continue to drive traffic to your website as long as your site is up and running.

This is because when prospective clients search for keywords related to DUI attorneys in your area, your website will appear higher in the search engine rankings.

The website traffic you receive directly from search engines is more likely to convert than paid traffic. But, a well-executed SEO campaign for any DUI attorney will take at least six months to produce a good return on investment. This is why most DUI attorneys invest in both digital marketing strategies.

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Seth and his team are amazing. They do excellent work and are extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend them!
Criminal Defense Marketing

Using PPC and SEO for DUI Attorneys

Using a combination of PPC and SEO strategies tends to deliver the best outcome for DUI lawyers. At Digital Logic, we ensure our DUI attorney clients get the most out of their marketing budgets by operating under attorney advertising rules and:

  • using our keyword research conducted for your SEO campaign to improve your PPC campaign performance
  • using conversion data from your Google ads to improve your SEO strategy
  • testing keyword research using paid advertising campaigns before implementing them into your long-term SEO strategy

If you want to get more out of your DUI attorney marketing efforts, you’ll work with a digital marketing company that does both. You never want to silo any of your internet marketing services, especially in a niche as competitive as DUI lawyer marketing.

Search Engine Optimization Services

DUI Law Firm SEO Services

DUI lawyers operate in an extremely competitive environment, so by nature, digital marketing for this sector is very competitive, as well.

Criminal defense law firms that want to rank higher on major search engines like Google will need to partner with legal SEO specialists.

After all, your DUI law practice will be competing against top SEO companies to get potential clients, because most personal injury lawyers and criminal defense lawyers hire professional marketers to carry out their digital marketing strategy.

Digital Logic can handle all of your legal marketing needs. From SEO work to PPC campaign management to social media marketing, our professional marketers know how to get your DUI law firm more paying clients.

When it comes to SEO for DUI attorneys, Digital Logic tackles the following and more:

Law firm marketing web design

Set Up Tracking

As a respected legal SEO company, we prefer not to do anything we can’t track. So, when we work with DUI lawyers to improve their search engine rankings, we want to make sure that we’re able to track their SEO success.

We will start by setting up a Google Search Console and Google Analytics account for their law firm website. We’ll also set up and install Google Tag Manager on your website.

If you’ve previously worked with a website design or SEO agency, you may already have Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up.

Side Note: You don’t want to partner with a law firm marketing agency that insists on being the permanent owner of your accounts, regardless of how great you believe their pricing model is.

Many digital marketing agencies will hold your Google accounts hostage if you try to get out of your marketing contract. Reputable marketing agencies don’t need to resort to extortion tactics to keep their clients.

Does your law firm's website appear to be outdated and in desperate need of a cleaner, more professional look?

Our web design team will build your website with with your conversion goals in mind.

Local Business Listings and Legal Directories

After we’ve set up your tracking accounts and all your reporting tools, we’ll then claim and optimize your local business directories and Google Business listing. Optimizing local business listings are one of the most important pieces of off-page SEO marketing.

Most DUI lawyers only serve one or two communities, so a local SEO campaign is extremely important to their marketing strategy. Local SEO strategies are one of the fastest and easiest ways to capture leads from local searches. And local SEO pricing, even for lawyers, is relatively cheaper than traditional SEO campaigns.

Optimizing local directory listings and your Google Business profile will quickly help Google’s search engine crawlers recognize what your law firm’s website is all about.

Online directories, by nature, already have organic traffic since they’re based on a basic search function. When you optimize your directory listings, you’re increasing your chances of capturing that existing audience. This, in turn, will help send more of your target audience to your law firm’s website.

Additionally, when your Google Business or Google My Business profile is set up and optimized correctly, this will also increase your chances of landing on Google’s Map Pack or local-3 pack.

Google My Business profiles show up when potential clients search for local attorneys in Google Maps, local services in Google search, or if someone is using a voice-text search for “near me.”

Claiming and optimizing your Google Business profile will help your law firm show up more frequently for local searches.

Don't just take it from us...

Content Marketing for DUI Attorneys

Many DUI lawyers don’t completely understand the premise behind content marketing for attorneys. Put simply, if you want to reach your target audience, you’ll want to provide creative and educational information based on high-intent keywords.

Regardless of how great your legal skills are unless your criminal defense firm is getting a steady stream of new clients from client referrals, you’ll need to invest in content marketing services to capture organic search leads.

At Digital Logic, we get most of our clients from referrals. We do our best to keep our law firm clients happy, but we still heavily rely on content marketing to reach more potential clients.

If you’ve read this far, you can see that there’s some method to the madness.

Well-written legal content on a law firm’s website is one of the largest drivers of organic traffic. Google connects searchers to the most relevant content. That’s why it’s important that you’re ranking for relevant keywords!

Furthermore, you want to make sure that your legal content is engaging and easy to understand.

For this reason, law firms that write their own website content rarely ever see success. This is because the content is too complex or advanced for their target audience to read.

At Digital Logic, we also include technical marketing tactics for on-page SEO within your legal content. We will ensure that your title tags are correct and have the correct keyphrase, update your meta descriptions to include the target keyword, and include location-specific keywords to improve your local SEO efforts.

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Technical SEO for DUI Attorneys

As a criminal defense attorney, your website needs to rank well on Google’s search results pages in order to get new clients.

Additionally, your criminal defense firm’s website needs to provide a great user experience (UX) to keep prospective clients on your website and improve your chances of conversion.

User Experience

Some of the most important aspects of user experience include:


Your legal content should be easy to read. DUI laws can be confusing in many states, and if your goal is to convert more potential leads into clients on search engines like Google, then you must ensure that your content is easily digestible by your target audience.

Your website visitors should understand how to navigate your legal website without having to think too much about it. An organized, easy-to-use navigate will convert more leads than a beautiful website that is difficult to navigate.

The purpose of your website is to gently guide prospective clients through the buyer’s journey until they’ve converted into new clients.

If someone is searching online for a DUI lawyer or criminal defense lawyer, there’s a high likelihood that they’re already under a fair amount of stress. If your law firm’s site is organized well and easy to understand, this will be a breath of fresh air, for many potential clients. The most intelligent answer isn’t always the most helpful.

The same concept applies to your website. You don’t need a ton of catchy graphics, popups, etc. to convert potential clients.

Technical Aspects

How your website is optimized and structured is part of ensuring that your visitors have a great user experience. When you work with Digital Logic, we’ll ensure that your firm’s website is fast, optimized for mobile, and secure. We’ll also ensure that all off-page SEO is explained and completed on your behalf.

Fast Website

If your legal content doesn’t load quickly (within 3 seconds), your website visitors will leave your site and visit another website that loads quickly. You can audit your page speed in Search Console.

Most of your prospects will view your website on a mobile device, not a desktop. So, your legal website needs to work just as well on a cell phone or tablet. Furthermore, your website should automatically adjust for every screen size, so that each website visitor has the best possible experience.

Your website needs to have an up-to-date security certificate. Your audience wants to know that their information is secure before inputting any of their information.

Your website probably won’t rank well in the search results if you don’t have quality backlinks pointing to your website.

One way to get backlinks to your website is to use a legal directory for your specific area. Additionally, we optimize and consistently publish new images and content to your Google Business listing.

The best way to accumulate backlinks is to consistently produce and publish high-quality DUI content that encourages your audience to share on their own website or on various social media platforms. Our content writers are hyper-aware of this fact when we produce your legal content, so we avoid being overly ‘salesy’ when writing on your behalf.

Ready to Grow Your Criminal Defense Law Firm? Our DUI Lawyer SEO Services Can Help!

If you’re a criminal defense attorney that’s looking to grow your DUI practice, there are many ways that Digital Logic can help! As a top law firm marketing agency, we know what it takes to help your site rank organically on the search results as well as how to help you achieve maximum ROI for your Google Ads.

When you partner with Digital Logic, we do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll create a completely custom criminal defense attorney marketing strategy based on your specific needs and budget. Call us today at 318-678-5020 for your free website audit and consultation.

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