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Online Marketing Solutions for Roofers

As a digital marketing agency with roofing industry experience, we understand the seasonality associated with owning a roofing company. Fortunately, roofing marketing services don’t have to break the bank in order to get your business the leads it needs to be successful.

With a strategic roofing company marketing strategy, your roofing business can stand out amongst the competition, securing qualified roofing leads online through your website.

Online Marketing for Roofers and Roofing Contractors

Most roofing companies rely on digital marketing to bring in roofing leads and increase roofing jobs.

The top roofing contractors don’t find their spot at the top because they offer better quality services or more affordable prices. They get to the top by working with professional marketing agencies who can help to catapult their business growth.

Don’t believe us? Go ahead, check out any roofing business website for competitors who are doing well in your area. Scroll down to the bottom, and we’d be willing to bet that there’s a name of a digital marketing agency there.

Your roofing website should be your top salesperson and best asset for your business. When potential customers need to find a local service, 97% of them search online to find local businesses, just like yours.

So, if those potential customers can’t find your roofing business online, you’re only generating leads from the other 3% in your area.

Right now, consumers are searching online for roofing contractors and roofing companies just like you! Will they find your roofing website, or will they find your competitor?

If you’re ready to see how a marketing strategy from Digital Logic can help you start acquiring more qualified roofing leads and gaining new customers, keep reading.

We’ll break down our digital marketing services for the roofing industry below!


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Digital Marketing Strategies for Roofing Companies

How will we help you get more roofing leads and turn those into paying clients? Our roofing marketing plans include a variety of online marketing services so that you can decide which marketing strategies best suit the needs of your roofing company.

When these work in tandem, we’re able to help increase your website traffic, build your online brand authority, and help get your business more roofing leads!

Paid Ads for Roofing Businesses

PPC digital marketing companies with experience marketing for the roofing industry, like Digital logic, can essentially ensure a roofing contractor that he or she will get more roofing leads and booked jobs using Google ads.

If your roofing services aren’t on the first page of the search results when someone in your area searches for those terms, then you’re choosing to send those potential customers to your competition.

Whether your specialty is metal roofs, cedar shake, slate, or shingle roofing, if you want to get more leads and attract local customers, you need to appear on the first page of Google when those roofing service terms are searched for by potential customers.

At Digital Logic, our marketing team will help you create a roofing marketing plan that suits the needs of your contracting business and stays within your budget. Our PPC experts stay up to date on the latest roofing industry trends and know how to attract local businesses for our roofing clients. We’ve seen great success with our contractor marketing services. A few of these benefits include the following:

Benefits of Google Ads for Roofing Companies

  • Cost-efficient with a high ROI: unlike traditional advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, with PPC advertising.

  • Reach your target market: this form of paid advertising only focuses on local searches within your target market. This means that if you’re using traditional advertising, you will probably actually lower your marketing costs if you switch to exploring online marketing opportunities. Google Ads provides access to excellent data and analytics to better understand how your roofing ad campaigns are performing. The problem is that many roofing contractors don’t know how to really understand this information, much less use it to their advantage.

  • Ad extensions: Google Ads also allows you to utilize extensions to help your roofing ads reach more customers. With ad extensions, you are able to insert your roofing company’s phone number, location, as well as add specific messaging for each of your ad campaigns.

Local Service Ads for Roofers

The best marketing strategies include a strong focus on getting your roofing company in front of the most qualified local customers. With Google Local Service Ads, that’s exactly what you’ll do.

This type of advertising campaign is only available for specific industries in specific areas, for now. But, roofing is on that list of available industries, along with HVAC services and plumbing services.

While these are similar to traditional paid ads, the setup and maintenance process for these are a little more difficult than other marketing campaigns. So, we recommend working with a Google partner with experience in the roofing industry.


Search Engine Optimization for Roofers

47% of clicks go to the top 3 positions on search engines. So, if you Google “roofers + city” or “roofing company + service area,” and your website doesn’t show up in one of those positions, then you’re losing business.

Digital Logic can help. We offer affordable SEO solutions. Our SEO experts and content writers have extensive experience helping roofing businesses and contractors get more leads and quality organic traffic using data-driven marketing strategies. Our digital marketing company is one of the best in the business, in terms of SEO.

Local SEO for Roofers

While ranking high for national-level roofing terms will benefit your roofing company immensely, most local businesses don’t need to show up for searches across the United States. So, our SEO strategists will compile local roofing marketing ideas to help your brand visibility, locally.

Investing in local SEO services means that your roofing marketing budget will go towards focusing on your service area, specifically. Lead generation tactics will hone in on homeowners and property managers that are in your area and have a high potential to convert.

SEO Services

At Digital Logic, we offer the following, as part of our SEO package to ensure that your roofing company appears at the top of Google’s local listings:

  • Optimize Google My Business Page or Pages: Your Google business listing should power a good chunk of your local traffic. We ensure that your business listing generates higher local search rankings by monitoring online reviews, updating photos with alt texts and professional schema markup, adding NAP that’s consistent across all of your directory listings, and ensuring that all applicable online traffic goes to your website, as part of your reputation management strategy.

  • Conduct extensive keyword research: We research and target roofing industry-specific keywords that have a higher chance of converting more leads in your sales funnel as part of your overall content marketing strategy.

  • Create roofing service landing pages: Our SEO team works with our PPC team to create separate landing pages for each of your roofing services. We answer popular questions and hone in on issues that surround each service locally. This helpful information provides more potential for shares across social media platforms and thus, more earned media. This also ensures that your ads will have the best possible quality score so that you can get more out of your advertising budget.

  • Optimize roofing site structure: We’ll ensure that the critical parts of your website include keywords that we’re trying to rank for. This includes optimizing headers, adding meta titles and descriptions, adding alt texts, and monitoring our roofing marketing ideas to ensure quality lead generation.

Roofing Web Design

Your website is the online hub for your roofing company and your digital marketing efforts. Besides word-of-mouth marketing, it may be the single largest factor for those searching for a roofing company to hire. As with any service industry site, having an outdated website in this digital age can be detrimental to your business.

At Digital Logic, all of our roofing websites are built to rank well on search engines and convert more website visitors into loyal customers via phone calls or online form submissions.

Website Development for Roofing Companies

It’s not enough to simply have a website anymore. In order to ensure satisfied customers on the front end, your website visitors need to have a seamless experience when going through your site.

At Digital Logic, we’ll design websites for roofers that are:

  • Mobile responsive: 75% of local searches come from mobile devices. Furthermore, Google gives preference to websites that are optimized for mobile.

  • Ready for contact: Once potential or existing customers land on your website, they should have no problem locating a way to contact your business. It’s not a terrible idea to have a chatbox with customer service representatives available to answer questions if the budget allows for the program.

  • Fast: Your website’s speed impacts your Google rankings, which will affect your ability to gain quality leads.

  • Secure: Having a secure website is also a ranking factor on Google’s search engine results. If you’re unsure whether or not your current website is secure, just look at your URL. If it begins with HTTP instead of HTTPS, then your site isn’t currently secure.

  • Showcasing your online reviews: By showcasing a great review from a happy customer or reviews from repeat customers, you’re able to help build confidence for potential customers.

  • Optimized for user experience: your website visitors must intuitively understand how to navigate your website. This makes for a much better user experience and increases the chances of gaining new roofing customers.


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Roofing Marketing FAQs

Roofing marketing is the process of using strategic marketing and advertising techniques to boost online visibility and increase customer engagement. This can be done through both national and local SEO strategies, PPC advertising campaigns, social media marketing, adding your roofing business to online directories, and a host of other online marketing techniques.

Since your roofing website is the foundation on which all of your digital marketing efforts are built, we suggest having a professionally built website. SEO services are also helpful for driving organic traffic, over time. If your roofing business needs to generate sales immediately, then we recommend investing in paid ads or PPC advertising.

It depends on which customized package you select. Our marketing plans start at $2,500, which is standard for most credible online marketing campaigns.