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Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

At Digital Logic, we take a proactive approach when it comes to cosmetic patient acquisition. With our plastic surgery marketing services, we’ll help you get more patients and grow your plastic surgery practice.

We understand that marketing your plastic surgery clinic comes with a unique set of challenges. Getting a potential patient to book a consultation is only half of the battle, and many searchers who inquire about your services may not be paying clients any time soon.

Our plastic surgery marketing experts take into account the naturally inconsistent sales process and combat this factor with a unique style of lead generation techniques designed to capture high-intent prospects.

As an experienced plastic surgeon marketing agency, we know what works. Our digital marketing strategies will not only get new patients through the door, they will deliver a higher percentage of prospects that convert into paying clients.

How Digital Logic Can Help Grow Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Most plastic surgeons and business owners, alike, consider hiring a plastic surgery marketing agency an expense. This is the wrong way to look at any digital marketing services offered by a reputable agency. Online marketing for your cosmetic surgery clinic is an investment-for PPC, it’s a short-term investment, and for SEO-it’s long-term.

Our cosmetic surgery marketing company provides completely custom digital marketing strategies targeted specifically to guide those difficult-to-convert-inquirers into patients and patients into brand representatives.

We’ve helped numerous clinics and businesses across an array of industries, improving brand awareness and building clientele bases.

When you choose Digital Logic to be your cosmetic surgery digital marketing company, you can expect:

A Full Service Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency

It’s no secret. We’re an award-winning plastic surgery digital marketing agency, and we worked hard for that title. Digital Logic provides our clients with professional web design, social media marketing, the ability to rank organically and convert more patients via PPC advertising. Our advanced marketing strategies allow your clinic to target your ideal patients across a variety of platforms at every touchpoint available.

Premier Google-Certified Professionals

Digital Logic is a certified Google Partner. Our team of digital marketing experts have years of healthcare marketing experience. Some things you can learn through extensive training, while others, you really need experience in order to create the most successful marketing strategy. Our team seriously has both!

Measurable Results and Transparent Reporting

As a leading plastic surgery marketing company, we’re obligated to invest in advanced marketing tools that provide our cosmetic surgeon clients with the ability to see and easily read their results. We use state of the art data tracking software to ensure that all of your data points and online activity is accurately tracked.

Because we’re an honest medical marketing agency, we have no problem providing our clients with their metrics on a monthly basis or anytime they ask.

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Plastic Surgery Marketing

Working with Digital Logic was the best marketing move I've ever made for my practice. They have helped me continually stay booked with the right kind of patients with their strategic approach to drive more traffic to our website.
Dr Forrest Wall
Dr. Forrest Wall
The Plastic Surgery Center
Digital Logic increased our inbound leads tremendously. Great team to work with without a doubt.
Silhouette plastic surgery
Hootan Daneshmand, MD
Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute

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Plastic Surgery Marketing Services

Our cosmetic surgery marketing services at Digital Logic are created, tested, and proven to make it easier for plastic surgeons to grow and scale their digital marketing efforts, while increasing patient leads. We’ve crafted a unique onboarding process that allows us to hit the ground running on your plastic surgery marketing strategy, so that you can focus on what you do best-taking care of patients.

Plastic Surgery PPC

The plastic and cosmetic surgery industry has grown exponentially, thanks to the advancements in digital marketing services. PPC for plastic surgeons is a targeted and effective way to reach new, local patients for specific services that your plastic surgery practice offers.

Pay Per Click advertising can propel cosmetic surgery practices to the top of the search engine results page almost immediately. For plastic or cosmetic surgeons who are looking to immediately drive traffic to their website, plastic surgery PPC management services can be extremely helpful.

Plastic Surgeon PPC Services

At Digital Logic, we:

  • optimize your ad campaigns for plastic surgery specific keywords with the highest relevance and potential to convert. Our digital advertising campaigns are designed to help plastic surgeons get a steady stream of qualified traffic, immediately.
  • include location data on all of your ad groups, so that you’re sure to target the most qualified audience, unless, of course, you’re a nationally recognized brand.
  • work with plastic surgeons to determine a fair monthly budget.
  • organize your cosmetic surgery practice’s ads by keyword groups and direct those Google ads to the most relevant landing pages. 
  • consistently run A/B testing on all of our ad groups so that your marketing ROI will continue to increase.

Our goal for cosmetic surgery clients is to see consistent improvement in their Google ad budget ROI, so that they can trust us with larger marketing budgets.

That’s how we grow. That’s how you grow.


Plastic Surgery SEO

Think that ranking on the second page of Google is “good enough”? How about the bottom of the first page?

Half of all website traffic for plastic surgery search queries go to the first three organic listings. And, the first result can take up to 95% of that traffic. So, while we can tell you that it’s important for your plastic surgery website to rank well on Google and other search engines, we feel like that statistic should speak for itself.

You need to be number one, not only for brand related search terms, but also for the specific services you offer and conditions that your practice treats. In order to do that, you will need to implement a data-driven plastic surgeon SEO strategy.

As a leading plastic surgery marketing agency, we’re able to drive interested internet users to your site and convert them into paying patients through an array of search engine optimization techniques that are specific to the plastic surgery industry.

Our marketing experts also specialize in Med Spa SEO services, as well. 

Plastic Surgeon SEO Services

At Digital Logic, our SEO experts:

  • conduct keyword research, utilizing plastic surgery industry specific keywords that have a higher chance of converting for your content marketing strategy
  • work with our PPC team to create separate pages for each of your services or treatments, from popular cosmetic procedures, like breast augmentation or laser hair removal, down to facials
  • ensure that each page has the perfect amount of quality content to out rank other plastic surgery practices within your area
  • optimize headers to include the keywords we’re targeting
  • add meta titles and descriptions to your blogs and pages, so that Google can more easily understand what each page is about
  • include alt descriptions on all images (which can be quite the task for plastic surgery websites) to help Google or those using screen readers understand your images
  • resubmit your plastic surgery practice’s XML sitemap to Google Search Console whenever we make major changes, so that your site is crawled and re-indexed more quickly

Plastic Surgery Web Design

A plastic surgery website is the foundation on which all of your digital marketing efforts are built. Besides online reviews and reputation management, it may be the single biggest influential factor for searchers who are deciding which plastic surgeon they want to hire (if any). As with any healthcare website, an outdated, non-responsive or poorly designed cosmetic surgery practice website can be detrimental to even the best of marketing efforts.

Our web developers create stunning websites for our clients with plastic surgery practices.

Plastic Surgeon Website Development Services

At Digital Logic, we:

  • ensure that sites for plastic surgeons are fully integrated for healthcare marketing SEO, creating content to help attract new patients and put cosmetic surgery practices in the best position for increased traffic on Google and other search engines.
  • make sure that the web design is responsive for all devices.
  • create call to action structures and contact forms with accurate form labels-giving your plastic surgery clinic the boost it needs to increase patient revenue.
  • include patient reviews and testimonials to support your reputation management efforts.
  • optimize the website’s user interface, so that your potential patients will intuitively understand how to navigate your plastic surgery clinic’s website.
  • include descriptions of the services that your clinic offers for optimal SEO results.

A professionally designed website from a leading plastic surgery marketing agency, like Digital Logic, will improve your digital marketing strategy, rank better and convert more leads into new patients.


Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgery Practices: The FAQs

Plastic surgery marketing refers to the traditional and digital marketing strategies used by cosmetic and plastic surgeons to attract new patients and build relationships with existing patients. This can include anything from professional website design, to billboards, to featuring patient testimonials on social media platforms.

The best way for a plastic surgery practice to attract new patients is to invest in digital marketing services- more specifically, invest in a plastic surgery marketing agency, as the industry comes with its own unique set of challenges.

A professional digital marketing agency will help your cosmetic surgery practice get more reviews, which will drive more quality leads to your site.

Targeting the best possible audience is critical to the success of your digital marketing strategy. The plastic surgery industry is unique in that there are multiple niche audiences for the services that your clinic provides.

At Digital Logic, we focus on both the macro and micro audiences for healthcare marketing, starting with defining your larger target market, then honing in on your micro audiences.

Trying to find the best plastic surgeon advertising agency can seem like an uphill battle, with every online marketing company saying, “Pick me! Pick me!” (How hypocritical of us!)

We understand that as a plastic surgeon, you aren’t really after the fancy marketing reports. You just want to see the results that you’re paying for. Any online advertising agency can provide you with a list of numbers paired with intricate marketing jargon that won’t mean squat to you…or anyone else for that matter. Find an agency that provides data that’s easy to digest.

Agencies that are willing to track your calls and compare them against the number they see on Google Analytics are most likely going to be the agencies that actually try to get you the best ROI. Trust us, we’ve seen plenty that don’t.

Also, look for agencies that don’t lock you in on long-term contracts for PPC. There is absolutely no reason to be in a contract for pay per click advertising, regardless of the industry.

Lastly, hire an agency that will provide you with other plastic surgery specific client references. If they’re doing a good job, their other plastic surgeon clients won’t mind speaking on their behalf.

We had one plastic surgery client fly in another plastic surgeon to meet with us. We didn’t offer him a discount or twist his arm. He just genuinely wanted to help a colleague, like we helped him. In the spirit of full disclosure-we did buy them both lunch! So, don’t let any agency give you the runaround when it comes to providing references.