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Storage Facility Marketing

If you own a self storage facility then you already know that you’re operating in a highly competitive industry. Many business owners invest heavily in marketing efforts to maintain their self storage businesses. Since customer turnover is a given with storage facilities, having a clear marketing strategy that provides a steady stream of new business is critical to the success of your company.

Digital Logic is an award-winning digital marketing agency with a reputation for client success. We understand how to implement effective self storage marketing strategies.

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Self Storage Facility Marketing Services

Online Advertising for Storage Facilities

Google Ads are one of the single best investments for self storage facilities. There is a reason why many self storage companies have already jumped on the bandwagon. It works!

When local consumers need to rent a storage unit, most of them will begin their buyer’s journey online. When they conduct their search, the first links they’ll see are the paid ads at the top of Google’s search engine. And, while some searchers consciously choose to skip PPC ads, the Google Ads program (formerly known as the AdWords program) is always working to drive traffic with these ads. After all, the search engine does depend on ad revenue, so it’s in Google’s best interest to do so.

Recently, paid ads have developed from a few short sentences into larger sections of search engine results real estate. PPC ads now have options to include your phone number, address, and a variety of other ad extensions.

An effective pay per click ads campaign is one of the most effective marketing tools that you can invest in, as a self storage business owner.

Your dedicated Google Ads manager can turn your ads campaign on or off depending on the occupancy of your storage space, move budgets between multiple locations, etc. And, with Google’s pay per click ads, your account manager can also track and measure all of your data. This ensures that your budget consistently provides the highest return on investment possible.

However, an ineffective pay per click ads campaign is also one of the fastest ways to eat through your marketing budget. Storage operators often lose money by trying to run their own ads. Google Ads operates on a bidding system. So, you’ll be competing for ad space against professional, Google Certified account managers.

The storage industry is competitive, so it’s best to think of PPC advertising as an investment, instead of an added cost.

Every PPC campaign should focus on attracting qualified leads from customers who are searching for the services you offer in the specific areas that you offer those services. Your self storage marketing budget won’t stretch very far if you’re spending it on clicks from consumers looking for a self-storage unit in another area. So, at Digital Logic, we offer geofencing strategies, as well, to help further stretch your marketing budget.

Investing in professional Google AdWords management services offers an array of benefits for businesses interested in self storage marketing, including the ability to drive more sales and gain a better digital marketing ROI over time.

Benefits Of PPC Advertising for Self Storage Units

This storage marketing tactic only charges you when a searcher clicks on your PPC ad. So, when you hire a professional account manager to manage your Google Ads account, you’ll only pay for an extremely qualified lead who is likely to convert.

Google Ads allows even the smallest storage facility the ability to outrank all of the larger competitors when the ads are set up correctly.

If you want to reach your target audience, you need to have targeted ad groups. Most business owners don’t mind investing in self storage marketing if they’re guaranteed to convert more potential customers. And, with pay per click advertising, this is entirely possible with the right help. The issue lies in the fact that most business owners or operators don’t understand how to accurately utilize the huge amount of data and analytics provided by the Google Ads platform.

As we mentioned, now Google lets you use small snippets, called ad extensions, when advertising on their search engine. Ad extensions can help increase your self storage ad visibility. This helps reach more potential customers, new residents, local businesses and community members than ever before. With ad extensions, you’re able to include your NAP and/or specific messaging for each ad group. This gives you more control over what your ads say as well as to whom the message is sent to.

Remarketing, or retargeting, is the process of actively advertising to consumers who have previously visited or interacted with your website. If you’ve ever seen an online ad that was eerily relevant to you, personally, it’s likely retargeting at work.

Remarketing is one of the few marketing strategies that offers the ability to drive consumers back to your website while continuing to build brand awareness, without the consumer feeling like they’re being bombarded.

Many storage marketing ideas don’t take into account that it’s common for searchers to visit multiple storage services and companies to get quotes and then return at a later date to pay. When you adequately target these potential customers, you’re reinforcing your brand while reminding those interested to take action.


Self Storage SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your website to help it rank higher on the search engine results pages. The goal of self storage SEO is to have search engines, like Google, rank your website above other storage facilities in your local area.

When consumers need a self storage facility, the vast majority search online. Half of all website traffic for the self storage industry goes to the first three organic listings, with the first result having the potential to take up to 95% of that traffic. So, if your business isn’t at least ranking in those top three spots, it might as well not be there at all.

For search engine optimization efforts to be effective, your website needs to rank well, not only for brand specific search terms, but also for all of your self storage services that your company provides. In order to accomplish this, you need to implement a data-driven organic marketing plan.

As a leading self storage marketing agency, we’re able to harness the power of inbound traffic to reach potential customers. Then, guide those prospects through the buying funnel until they eventually pay for your services.

Local SEO Strategy for Self Storage Businesses

Ranking a self storage facility nationally will obviously benefit your brand greatly, but getting there takes time. If you own a new business, if you’re on a fixed budget, or if you’ve just started your marketing journey, we recommend investing in local SEO services. This means that your self storage marketing ideas will revolve around your local community and those looking for storage facility options in your local community.

At Digital Logic, we offer the following, as part of our local SEO self storage marketing package, to ensure that your business appears on the top of Google Maps, as well as the search results locally:

Your Google Business listing can drive a good amount of online traffic, when it’s set up correctly. To ensure that your Google Business listing will rank well locally, we’ll update photos with alt texts and professional data markup, select the accurate business categories, add NAP that’s consistent across all of your directory listings, etc.

One of the most important aspects of local SEO is understanding exactly how your audience searches for self storage facility options. At Digital Logic, our SEO experts utilize self storage industry specific keywords that have a higher chance of converting. All of our self storage marketing ideas will hinge on the quality keyword research provided by our team of SEO professionals.

We’ll ensure that the critical parts of your website include the keywords for which you’re trying to rank. This includes but isn’t limited to: optimizing headers, adding proper meta titles and meta descriptions to all blogs and pages, and including the appropriate target keywords in those areas.

When you invest in Digital Logic’s SEO services, we’ll add an alt description to your images. This helps those who are visually impaired understand what the image is about. It also helps search crawlers understand how the images on your site and business listings fit within your overall industry.

When we make major changes to your website, we’ll resubmit your XML sitemap to Google Search Console. Or, when we add a blog or page, we’ll physically request for Google to crawl that page.

This ensures that your content is crawled as quickly as possible so that Google can give you “credit” for the positive changes we’ve made on your behalf.

You want all of your business information to look exactly the same (and, we seriously mean EXACTLY). This means that if your site spells out the word, “Street” for your address, then your directory listings, social media profiles, Google Business listings, etc. all need to also spell out the word “Street”, not “street”, “St.”, etc.

The more consistent your information is, the more local authority Google will give to your storage facility website.

By adding local business schema to your website, Google is able to better understand where your storage facility is geographically. This helps guarantee that you’ll show up for local search requests.

We’ll reach out to other local businesses who are in related industries, such as local moving companies, local high school team representatives, local real estate agents, etc. to offer content specific to their niche, with the agreement that they’ll link back to your website.

This helps reach a more localized audience and potentially gain new customers that weren’t initially searching for a self storage facility.

Website Design for Self Storage Unit Businesses

While your website design won’t necessarily get your business found online, it is a critical part of the overall customer experience. Your website design can even determine whether or not a new customer chooses your self storage facility or your competition’s.

Furthermore, your website is the foundation on which all of your digital marketing efforts are built. Besides positive reviews, it may be the single largest factor for those searching for a self storage unit.

Consumers want the assurance that their beloved possessions are safe in your facility. Having an outdated website gives the impression that you don’t maintain your business. It really isn’t a good look for any industry.

At Digital Logic, all of our storage facility websites are built to rank well on search engines, convert inbound traffic into customers, and provide a higher ROI as time goes on.

Because the industry is so competitive, it’s no longer good enough to simply have a website. Now, consumers expect a seamless experience when they’re visiting a website. Anything less than a professionally designed site will appear spammy.

Digital Logic’s professional website developers ensure the following for our self storage facility websites:

For years now, Google has considered mobile-responsiveness in its list of ranking factors. Since over 75% of local searches come from a mobile device, this consideration isn’t too far fetched. Since this has been in play for quite some time now, websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices are penalized.

But, what exactly does it mean to be “mobile-friendly”? Simple. Your new or current customers shouldn’t have to search for important information or zoom in on items when they view your site from their cell phone or tablet.

They should be able to navigate across your site seamlessly across every device available.

Once a lead lands on your website, your website should make the process of securing online rentals as easy as possible. To ensure this happens, we’ll:

  • include your phone number strategically in your website navigation
  • add your contact information above the fold
  • incorporate a chat bot (if budget allows) for potential customers who want to speak with someone immediately

Even if you’re the obvious choice for self storage options, if your website takes longer than three seconds to load, the searcher will leave your site and visit your competitor’s website.

At Digital Logic, we’ll make sure your site speed is what it should be for both desktop and mobile users.

Google also considers your website security as a ranking factor.

If you don’t know whether or not your site is secure, look at your URL. If it begins with HTTP instead of HTTPS, then your site is not secure. Many potential clients will not open a website link that isn’t secure. There are also several firewall options that prohibit searchers from opening unsecure websites.

Having great reviews is a sign of good marketing. Using those same reviews strategically to help convert more inbound leads is a sign of professional marketing.

By strategically placing your online reviews on your website, matching the search term with the review terms, we’re able to build a higher level of confidence in your brand while supporting your online reputation management efforts.

A professionally designed website from a top storage facility marketing agency, like Digital Logic, will drastically improve your overall storage marketing strategy, help your storage business rank higher on search engines, convert more leads into new customers, and essentially help you rent more units than you ever imagined!


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The Best Online Storage Marketing Services

Digital marketing doesn’t need to be overly complicated. While there’s no shortage of DIY storage marketing tips, the truth is that you’ll be competing against professional marketing agencies, while continuing to run your business. When done correctly, marketing is a full time job.

Let the marketing experts at Digital Logic take this off your plate. Our internet marketing services have helped small businesses and large corporations, alike, expand and grow above and beyond the clients’ expectations.

We offer inclusive service packages, so you can choose from one service, such as monthly SEO services, or we can build a custom package for you.

Once you partner with Digital Logic, you’ll only have one regret: that you would have invested much, much sooner!