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Some law firms feel as though they don’t have the time, energy, or resources to waste on social media. But the reality is that the majority of people looking for a product or service are either looking on Google or social media. Not to mention, well over half of our global population is scrolling through multiple social media apps every single day.

Social media for lawyers is an incredibly important tool to utilize, especially if you’re struggling to bring in more clients.

According to 2022 data from the American Bar Association:89% of the law firms they surveyed have some kind of social media presence, with the majority (87%) using LinkedIn. Many law firms also have other social media accounts, such as Facebook (62%), Twitter (38%), and Instagram (17%).

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But having multiple social media accounts and actually using them the right way (in order to improve brand awareness and attract your target audience) are two different things. That is where social media for law firms can get complicated, leading many lawyers to seek outside help from a law firm marketing agency.

Digital Logic is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Northwest Louisiana. Not only can we help you create the best and most effective social media strategy for your law firm, but we can also deliver exceptional results through SEO, web development, content marketing, and so much more.

No matter if you’re a personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, family law, or estate planning attorney, we can create a unique and effective social media marketing strategy for you. Contact one of our digital marketing specialists to get started.

Why Social Media Marketing Efforts Are Worth The Investment for Law Firms

Did you know that nearly 60% of our planet’s population is on social media? That’s right.

In the last year, we hit a global milestone of having more than 8 billion living people. According to recent data, 4.76 billion of those people are surfing social media platforms on a daily basis.

So, what does this mean for you in the legal industry?

Well, it means that if you want more clients, you need to work on your social media presence. Some lawyers focus on promoting themselves on various social platforms, while others focus on promoting their entire law firm.

You can do either or both at the same time.

What’s important is that you invest in effective social media marketing techniques, so that you can spread the word about you or your law firm’s legal services to prospective clients on a viable marketing channel. Failing to do so will be a huge missed opportunity in terms of lead generation and client acquisition.

A large majority of law firms get new clients through organic and/or paid Google search campaigns. If your law firm has partnered with a reputable agency but has hit a plateau, it may be time to start looking for another marketing agency or start working on your social presence.

Chances are, your target audience is on social media. Therefore, it’s a great place to spread the word about your law firm and what you offer through a series of social media posts. 

Not only is social media advertising great for attracting prospective clients, it’s also a great way to build valuable connections within your local community.

The more local connections you have, the more local consumers will tell their friends about you, and the more prospects will check out your social media channels. Additionally, this should increase engagement on your social media posts and encourage private messages. 

You can also join various Facebook groups of other law firms in order to build a bigger network of colleagues. Some groups allow legal professionals to trade social media tools and tips within these groups to help each other out with law firm marketing.

Overall, having an effective social media presence is a crucial part of reaching your marketing goals.

Search engine optimization (SEO) should be your number one priority when it comes to your online marketing strategy. But once you get your brand new, beautiful site up and running (and you have plenty of optimized, valuable information on your site), it’s time to drive people to your website through social media.

You can do this by creating aesthetically pleasing, informative graphics that link to a specific blog post or practice area page on your website. This can increase organic traffic, but also increase the chances of getting new clients.

If your law firm’s website needs an update or if you’re a new lawyer looking to create your website, our law firm website designers would be happy to help.

In the world of social media, your personal or professional brand is everything. It’s how people recognize and remember you. Law firm branding is also closely related to reputation. So, you want to make sure you’re promoting your brand and your reputation on social media.

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How Our Law Firm Social Media Marketing Services Can Help

Creating content that’s aesthetically pleasing, informative, entertaining, up to date, trendy, and optimized is a massive undertaking for a legal professional with an already-full-plate.

Chances are if you’re running a law firm, you don’t have time or resources to pour into social media efforts. That’s why many law firms turn to professional social media marketers like us at Digital Logic.

Below, we explain just how we can help you with effective social marketing.

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of law firms generate leads through social media traffic.

Social Media Management Services

Not only can our legal marketing team create and post regular content on your social media channels, but we can manage them too, so you don’t have to.

Social media management means responding to your comments and messages on your personal or company page, monitoring your engagement and other metrics, and keeping all of your basic information up to date.

Social Media Marketing Services

Marketing your personal or law firm’s brand on social media can be hard, especially if you’re not tech-savvy.

There’s a specific “formula for success” on social platforms that changes constantly depending on viral trends and app algorithms.

So, if you don’t have the time to invest into learning and staying relevant on social media best practices, frankly, your social media efforts aren’t going to get you anywhere.

Our digital marketing experts are well-versed in social media platform trends and algorithms. We know how to effectively promote your brand and your professional services based on what your target audience is looking for.

We will listen to your marketing goals, check out what you already have on your social accounts, and develop an individualized content calendar and social media strategy to help you get the results you want.

Social Media Brand Management

As previously explained, building and promoting a strong brand for your law firm is extremely important for overall digital marketing success.

You want local prospects to recognize and remember you based on your logo, colors, fonts, slogans, website, type of website content, type of social media posts, etc.

Effectively promoting your brand is a crucial part of a successful social media strategy and a crucial part of bringing in new clients.

At Digital Logic, we have the artistic and marketing talent necessary to ensure that your law firm’s branding is executed to perfection.

Social Media Paid Advertising

You have probably heard about the benefits of investing in Google ads, but investing in social media ad campaigns is also extremely important for getting the attention of your target audience.

Our top-notch social media marketing team can help you promote your law firm brand and reputation to prospective clients through carefully crafted and optimized advertisements.

We have the data analysis and tracking assets to ensure that your campaigns provide a reasonable return on investment.

If you’re looking for law firm ads management services or Local Service Ads for attorneys, Digital Logic has some serious talent in that area!

Content Marketing Strategy

Not only do you want to promote yourself, your law firm, your reputation, and your brand on your social media accounts, but you also want to promote the content on your website.

Your website is where your potential clients will find the most information about you and how you could possibly solve their legal problems. So, you want to make sure that all of your practice area pages and blogs are fully optimized.

That is exactly what law firm content marketing services include. Our team of content writers and account managers create an individualized content strategy for each client, write dozens of content pieces that rank well on Google, and promote this legal content on social media channels.

All of this helps to drive more organic traffic to your website, raise your Google rankings, and appeal more to your target audience.

Top Social Media Platforms for Lawyers

There are several social media platforms on which you could promote your services. But the question is – which of these platforms will help you reap the benefits of your social media efforts?

In general, it’s a good idea for most law firms to have multiple social accounts in order to reach the most people. Why?

Because different platforms appeal to different demographics:

Below, we break down the specifics of social media for lawyers:

social media for divorce lawyers

Want to see more marketing techniques?

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Facebook for Lawyers

As of the fourth quarter of 2022, Facebook had approximately 2.96 billion monthly active users. This makes Facebook a great place to connect with a range of demographics – young and old alike.

Facebook is widely known for friends and family posts, but many types of businesses can successfully promote themselves on the platform, as well. In fact, many law firms (62% as of 2022) already are taking advantage of the power of Facebook. 

On your professional Facebook page, you can create legal posts, create polls, engage with your community and potential clients, host livestreams, post ads, and so much more. 

LinkedIn for Lawyers

LinkedIn is essentially the social media app for professional and career-oriented discussions. That means that this social network is possibly your best opportunity for client acquisition and building a strong relationship with colleagues. 

With over 90% of surveyed lawyers using the platform in 2023, LinkedIn is the favorite social media platform amongst lawyers.

All legal professionals should have an attractive and informative Linkedin profile before they actually start creating content.

When creating your profile, make sure you have a professional image, basic contact information, education specifics, and relevant law firm information. From here, you’ll begin connecting with colleagues and friends. Lastly, create social media posts related to your brand and practice areas. Be sure to include a hyperlink to your law firm’s website.

YouTube for Lawyers

Creating video content for platforms like Youtube or TikTok generally requires more effort and skill, which is why many lawyers steer away from these platforms. But creating Youtube videos (and even TikTok videos) can be a great way to bring in more clients.

Unlike other social media apps, Youtube allows you to really showcase your personality.

If you’re warm, inviting, informative, and maybe even a little funny in your videos, prospective clients are naturally going to be more drawn to you (especially clients in younger generations).

Plus, legal topics are often very complex and confusing, so it may be helpful for a potential client to actually hear you explain how you can solve their problem via video.  

Many thought leaders have positioned themselves and found great success using video-intensive social platforms.

If you decide to create content on Youtube as a lawyer, you must ensure that you have the time and resources to accomplish this professionally.

Twitter for Lawyers

Twitter can be a great way for lawyers to share quick thoughts about legal concepts as well as inspiration or important updates about their law firm. It’s also a great app for connecting with other lawyers in your community.

Instagram for Lawyers

Instagram tends to be a place for posting inspirational or “aesthetically pleasing” life updates via photo. In recent years, Instagram has also added Stories, Reels, and even a shopping tab to appeal to more consumer brands. So the app can be used by anyone or any business, including lawyers. 

Instagram can be a great place for lawyers to post about lifestyle, community events, hiring information, and even “behind the scenes” of their work. The more personable and relatable you are, the more likely you are to attract potential clients (especially among the younger generation). The key is to maintain an interesting and active content calendar.

Why Choose Digital Logic to Be Your Law Firm Social Media Marketing Company

Having a strong presence on any given social network may not seem like a full-time job, but it is. And the truth is, most lawyers don’t have the time to invest in social media strategies. That’s why so many lawyers hire marketing agencies to handle their individual social media campaigns.

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So – why should you choose us to create a social media strategy for you?

We Meet Deadlines
Our content team is driven by monthly output and deadlines.
Every month, we send our clients a full list of all content topics, social graphics, and backlinks that we’re planning to deliver. By the time the month is over, everything on the to-do list is complete, and you will begin seeing pieces of content and social graphics in your inbox that are ready for your approval.
This means you will always have a steady stream of content and social posts on your platforms.
We Make Data-Driven Decisions
Lastly and most importantly, the law firm marketing experts at Digital Logic only make marketing decisions that are supported by data. If we see data suggesting that your target audience is Googling specific keywords or questions, we create a specific content strategy revolving around those keywords and questions.
If data suggests that your PPC ad placement isn’t attracting the number of leads that we originally intended, we’ll adjust the placement, ad copy, and other metrics to attract more prospects.
We Deliver Great Results
Digital Logic is a top SEO agency for a reason – we deliver great results across the board.
Our team of PPC and SEO experts can seriously do it all: increase organic traffic to your website, boost your Google rankings, create optimized blogs and pages that beat your competition, create a strong social media presence for your law firm – and most importantly – turn leads into sales.
We Use Transparent Billing
Some SEO agencies don’t tell you where your marketing budget is going every single month. That means they could be charging you way more than what they’re giving you on a monthly basis.
Dishonest tactics will certainly tank your overall return on investment (ROI).
At Digital Logic, we’re honest and transparent with our clients about exactly where their marketing budget is going every single month. This has helped us become one of the best law firm SEO agencies around.
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Social Media for Lawyers FAQ

The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Every single lawyer has different preferences on social media. However, recent data from the American Bar Association claims that lawyers are most active on LinkedIn (90%) and Facebook (62%). 

While these apps may provide the easiest method of sharing valuable information for you, you need to remember your specific goals, your target audience, and how you would like to promote yourself.

Do you like posting video content the most? Youtube and TikTok may be your best options.

Do you like posting more personable, aesthetic, or behind the scenes of law firm life content? Instagram may be the platform for you.

If your target audience is people within the older generations, check out Facebook. Meanwhile, if you’re trying to target younger clients, check out Instagram, Twitter, or even TikTok.

The team at Digital Logic can help you determine which social media apps are best for you and your client development goals.

Yes, lawyers can advertise on social media just like they can advertise on Google. Common types of social media ads include image ads, video ads, stories ads, or message ads.

Social media engagement is a marketing term that describes how often your target audience interacts with your page and posts. Engagement could be likes, comments, shares, and reposts.

The best way to increase social media engagement is to post regularly, ask colleagues or loved ones to share your posts, and engage with other people on the app. In most cases, social media engagement gradually increases over time as you continue working on your presence on the platform.

Law firms have a wide variety of posting options, depending on the apps they choose.

You can create posts, polls, livestream events, videos, stories, and so much more. In general, law firms should stick to creating posts, videos, polls, stories, etc. relating to their legal services, firm history, and staff members.

The goal of social media posts is to appeal to both the emotions and logic of potential clients. You want them to feel drawn to your team because of their personalities and passion for helping people. You also want clients to feel informed about their current legal issue as well as possible legal solutions. 

You can do all of this with the help of social media marketing efforts from Digital Logic.

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