Digital Logic Pricing & FAQ’s

How much does it cost to work with Digital Logic?

The range of our monthly service fees typically fall between $1,300 a month up to $6,000 per month depending on how many services we are providing. Some examples depend on how much content we are producing, how many social media pages we manage, how much off-site content we are creating, how many links we are generating, and how much online ad spend we are managing. Our monthly services fees do not include your online advertising budget. Online advertising budgets are billed directly with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. with ZERO margin and ZERO markup, we just charge management fees, which vary by spend level from 10% to 30% of the ad budget.

How much does a website cost with Digital Logic?

Websites that we build for clients range anywhere between $1,000 – $10,000 depending on if it is a “transfer”, meaning we are re-building your current website from another provider, or a completely new build. In a lot of ways, website pricing is like buying a car. You can buy a 2008 Honda Accord with 197,000 miles or you can buy a 2018 Lexus RX 350. Other factors that come into play for our websites pricing are the following:

  • Is this a totally new website or a “transfer and clean up”
  • Are there any specific technologies or custom functionality you want to incorporate into this site (big difference between a “one pager” that shows a business’s basic information vs. an e-commerce site with 2,970 products.
  • Do you have existing graphics/icons/buttons, or will we need to create those as well?
  • Do you have existing content or will we have to produce that as well?

The more you as a client can give us, the less we have to produce for you (meaning we can charge you less). Also, we line item and include all the deliverables for a website so you as the business know exactly what you are paying for with a clear delivery timeline.

How much does online advertising cost?

The amount that you’ll need to budget for online advertising will vary depending on who your target audience is and what geographic area you want your business to get customers from. An attorney in Shreveport, LA is going to need a much smaller budget than an attorney in San Diego, CA simply because of the population and the amount of online advertising inventory available in each market. We can always make geographic targeting tighter so we don’t have to cover a huge area to start out (in fact, most people don’t travel more than 17 miles to make “everyday” purchases). Depending on your business goals and what the value of a new customer is to you, we help figure out a good online marketing mix and what an appropriate budget should be for your business. After that, we agree and establish goals and key performance indicators to measure our success and growth. The range of ad budgets our clients typically have are between $1,500 – $25,000.

What do your clients say about you?
How do I know it will work?

All clients have access to our custom reporting dashboard which pulls all your metrics into one place. Regardless if your services focus on organic, paid, or social, we can integrate each platforms important data points into one spot. This way, you will know exactly what is going on with your campaigns at all times. Clients can log in 24/7 and look at how their KPI’s are performing and automated reports can be scheduled based on what you as the customer prefers (every day, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc).

What CMS Platform do you build websites on?

The majority of our client websites are built on WordPress (the largest content management system in the world), but we also work with Shopify and a few others depending on the industry that you are in.

Who will I be working with at Digital Logic?

You will have a central point of contact for daily operations and quarterly planning. With that being said, clients will also have access to all other staff members depending on the services that we provide for you. Meet our team.

Do you offer web hosting?

Yes, we host the majority of our clients using Google Cloud for a monthly fee. Included in our monthly hosting, we manage all the automated & manual updates, security plugins, platform updates, SSL certificates and perform automated backups and restore points of your website multiple times a day. This allows you piece of mind knowing potential customers will always have access to a healthy, clean version of your website when looking for your goods and services.

How do you compare to other providers?

There are a lot of national marketing providers or big box online marketing agencies. With those companies, your business tends to be just a “number in the queue”. At Digital Logic, we pride ourselves on being a direct extension of your business & your full-service marketing team. Your success is, in turn, our success and we want our clients to feel like we are in the trenches with them every day, battling and coming up with ideas and methods to get you more customers and grow your business. We are true practitioners with how we view & run online marketing campaigns, just think about how you found us…..=)