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Digital Marketing Services to Grow Your Family Law Firm


Whether you are a solo divorce attorney or if you’re part of a multi-location family law practice, you need a steady stream of new client leads to maintain and grow your business.

But, as you know all too well, legal services are part of a highly competitive industry, perhaps one of the most competitive industries there are in terms of marketing.

Family law firms will need a different strategy than personal injury marketing  or criminal defense marketing firms because the target audience of every legal niche operates a little differently in their quest to find a law firm to fill their needs.

If you’re a divorce lawyer looking to grow your family law practice, you don’t want to invest in law firm marketing services that are too generic. This guide explains how the marketing experts at Digital Logic tailor your law firm marketing strategy to your law firm, specifically. Our methods help our clients get a greater amount of leads, as well as better quality leads because we market legal services that are specific to that client.

More leads + better quality leads = more clients

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How to Become a High-Earning Family Law Attorney

What does the number $236,460 mean to you? According to Comparably, $236,460 is the average salary for family lawyers.

At Digital Logic, we work with family law attorneys that make less (for now) but most earn a lot more. And, the biggest difference between family law lawyers that make an average income and those who make drastically higher incomes is pretty straightforward: some rely on referrals while the others invest in family law marketing services.

The major difference between average earners and high earners is their digital marketing strategy.

How Family Law Firms Can Get More Divorce Leads

Attempting to market your family law firm without conducting the proper research will always cost you in the end. On the same token, hiring a law firm marketing agency without doing some homework can also prove to be costly.

With how competitive the legal marketing industry is, family law attorneys cannot afford to invest in marketing services that are not highly targeted and guaranteed to work.

We can’t divulge every single step of the process because all of our methods depend on each specific client’s goals. But, here is Digital Logic’s basic process for attorney lead generation:

Demographics for Divorce Clients

First, we help to establish your target audience. We’ll break down your ideal clients by the following basic demographic elements:

Target Audience Needs

Once we’ve established which client leads you prefer to work with, then we’ll hone in on the specifics of what your potential clients will need. We’ll consider the following when creating your personalized internet marketing strategy:

  • Which specific legal services they need: Do they need a divorce lawyer or someone to file an annulment? Are there also custody issues to tackle?
  • Their main challenges with the legal process.
  • What they wish to gain by hiring a divorce lawyer.
  • How much they will pay for your legal services.
  • Specific personal qualities they’re seeking in a divorce lawyer.

While you can certainly take a guess at what the data would look like, it isn’t the best way to get the most out of your marketing budget. It actually isn’t the best way to conduct any sort of business operation. You wouldn’t waltz into a courtroom and assume anything without researching, would you?

Family law firms really must work with a professional digital marketing agency that has extensive experience marketing for this industry. We’d be willing to bet that most, if not all, of your competitors are, especially if you’re practicing in a larger metro.

And, speaking of your competitors, that brings us to our next point.

SEO services

Law Firm Marketing Services

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Competition for Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Regardless of what industry you work in, it always pays to know your competition. The more you understand what all your family law firm is competing against, the more you’ll get out of family law marketing.

At Digital Logic, we spend a decent amount of time analyzing our legal clients’ competitors. We see which family law firm websites are ranking the highest on search engines, like Google. Then, we look at which specific qualified search queries are getting those websites the most traffic. We also look at other family lawyers in geographic regions that tend to have the same search trends.

How to Be Where Prospective Clients are Looking

Google is the go-to for the vast majority of consumers. We all use Google to search for products and services, for answers to our questions, to look at online reviews, and the list can continue forever. So, for family law firms to insist that they can maintain their practice by word-of-mouth advertising or client referrals..it’s a flawed way of thinking.

As a divorce lawyer, in order for your family law practice to grow, you need to be present where your potential clients are looking for your services. And, in this technology era, that place is Google.

Organic search traffic - tall

Maybe you’ve already tried online marketing, and you didn’t get the results you wanted.

We’ve heard this more than we care to count. The key is that your legal marketing strategy needs to be executed correctly for paid search advertising or search engine optimization to work the way it should.

Google dominates the search industry, holding over 93% of the market share. And, of that market share, here are the current statistics for the family law and divorce practice areas, specifically.

Average market searches for divorce and family lawyers monthly:

  1. New York City: 23,370
  2. LA: 23,280
  3. Chicago: 13,960
  4. Dallas: 13, 670
  5. Phoenix: 7,630
online reviews

While we realize that not all family law firms practice in larger cities, can you identify how many prospective clients visited your website last month? How large is your piece of the “organic search pie”?

How to Be There When Prospective Clients Need a Divorce Lawyer

The average amount of time it takes for a person to decide they want a divorce is exponentially much shorter than the amount of time it takes for a person to commit a crime, in most cases at least!

Studies suggest that before making the decision to hire a divorce lawyer:

  • men consider a divorce for around a year.
  • women consider a divorce for two years, at least.

A successful divorce lawyer marketing agency will take this into consideration when creating your family law marketing plan.

Most of your potential clients won’t wake up one day and decide they want a divorce. For many of your potential clients, the divorce process, including their search for divorce lawyers, isn’t something they care to share with the world.

We’re sure you’d agree this makes up the vast majority of your current clients’ scenarios.

Both of these scenarios result in your potential clients searching on Google for family law firms.

So, now that we’ve explained how it’s especially important for your family law practice to have an established Google presence, we’ll go into our main law firm marketing services to help you become a high-earning family lawyer and divorce lawyer!

Divorce Attorney Digital Marketing Services

Web development services

Divorce Attorney Website Design

Your website is the online face of your family law firm. All of your digital marketing efforts will lead back to your law firm website design. So, your website needs to look professional and perform well.

Your family law firm website should be your number one marketing tool. It should act as an online salesperson 24/7.

In order for this to happen, your site needs to express to your potential clients that you offer professional family law services and provide exceptional results for your clients. Your website should show that your law firm is relevant, current. So, if your website hasn’t been updated in the past 3 or 4 years, it’s probably time for an entire website overhaul.

The professional website developers at Digital Logic ensure the following for our clients’ family law firm websites:

Law firm marketing web design

Your family law firm website shouldn’t just be aesthetically pleasing. The way that your website is designed and laid out can directly affect how easily a potential client can find your site when they are searching for the services you offer on search engines.

If your family lawyer website isn’t up to date, doesn’t operate with the proper site speed, isn’t using a proper website structure, isn’t optimized for mobile devices, then you’re losing out on divorce attorney leads.

We see a lot of family lawyers hire a big-box website development company to build their website. Then, they’ll continue to pay that marketing agency monthly for overpriced “marketing services” that don’t do much to drive traffic to the website. This isn’t how digital marketing agencies should work, especially when you consider how vague some of the billing statements are. That’s why we’ve positioned ourselves as the best FindLaw alternative.

Basically, if you’re a divorce lawyer who is interested in growing your family law firm long term, then hiring a website development company for monthly marketing services isn’t a good idea.

No matter how many 500 word blog posts they write for you or how many times they post on social media channels on your behalf, this isn’t an effective strategy for divorce or family lawyers. The market is much too competitive for that nonsense.

Additionally, larger “law firm marketing agencies” may tell you that they’re employing link building techniques on your website. What they don’t tell you is that they are linking back to their platform, not your service pages. This literally does not help your website or inbound marketing efforts in the least. Zero percent.

At Digital Logic, we’re a professional family law firm marketing company with a proven track record for successful legal campaigns. We have professional website developers on staff who create sites that are able to house our clients’ long term marketing goals.

Once your website is completed, our web developers hand over the site to our PPC management specialists and search engine optimization experts to adjust your headings and website structure.

We’re a law firm marketing firm that can do it all in-house because we’ve hired the best in every area of digital marketing that we take on.

At Digital Logic, we try to stretch your marketing dollars as far as they can possibly go. So, our web dev team assumes that once we start marketing for family lawyers, their site traffic will expand exponentially, and they build the website with those expectations.

We understand the importance of creating a unique family law website that can house multi-location firms, additional CRM systems, and offer the support that a family law attorney needs to reach as many potential clients as possible.

Potential clients should feel welcomed and calm when they visit your family law website.

Ensuring that your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate helps us keep your website visitors engaged and interacting with your site.

While that inbound traffic may not convert overnight, offering a professional, easy-to-use experience ensures that your site will be the one they prefer when they have divorce law questions in the future.

The more comfortable they are with your website, the better the chances are that you’ll be the one they call when they need a divorce attorney, child custody lawyer, family law attorney, etc.

Your family law clients and prospective clients are more likely to view your website on a mobile device than a desktop or laptop. And, if your current website doesn’t seamlessly transition for mobile devices, trust us when we say that your website visitors are not going to hang around, trying to navigate through your website.

Again, the legal industry is way too competitive for that.

Furthermore, Google gives preference to family law firms who’s websites are mobile responsive. The search engine understands that responsive sites generate more traffic, which leads to more sales. And, since Google relies on paid advertisements, they incentivize businesses to create more mobile responsive sites by giving those websites preference in the search results.

Nothing will destroy a user’s experience faster than a slow website.

One of the top complaints from clients is that their family law lawyer doesn’t respond to them quickly or in some cases, at all. When a potential client is searching for a divorce or family lawyer, you can trust that they’re looking at every detail. Many prospective clients will relate a slow website to a slow lawyer, and you don’t want that.

Additionally, if your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds, the vast majority of your website traffic will bounce, or leave your website. Google takes your bounce rate into account when determining rankings on their search engine results pages.

Does your law firm’s website appear to be outdated and in desperate need of a cleaner, more professional look?

Our web design team will build your website with with your conversion goals in mind.

SEO services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Divorce Attorneys

SEO, or search engine optimization, includes all of the techniques used to rank a website higher on the search engine results pages. This digital strategy is used to increase both the quantity and the quality of your inbound leads.

As we’ve already established, your potential clients are searching for family law services on search engines, like Google. Google provides these searchers with direct access to Google Reviews, Google Maps, and answers to essentially any question they may have. So, in order for your law firm’s website to rank well on these search engines, you need to partner with professionals who understand how to leverage these massive platforms when creating your legal marketing campaigns.

At Digital Logic, we provide complete SEO services for divorce attorneys and family attorneys across the United States, including link building services and attorney content marketing services. Our legal SEO account managers have the experience and expertise to create and implement personalized organic search strategies to grow almost any site in the family law space.

When it comes to law firm SEO, we’re some of the best in the business.

When our law firm clients invest in SEO services, at minimum, they receive the following:

Keyword Research

If you already have a family law website, then our SEO professionals will conduct an in-depth marketing audit for free! We look at what's performing well (if anything), and then identify what areas could be improved upon. We'll use AhRefs, Google Analytics, and other organic marketing tools to identify the most valuable keywords that have high conversion rates for your area. Then, we'll work with you to develop a strategy that accomplishes your personal goals.

Local SEO

Local SEO is just like traditional SEO, only it focuses on the geographic location of your family law practice. Potential clients will use location-based platforms, such as Apple Maps or Google Maps, and they'll search using local identifiers to find family law and divorce attorneys in their area. So, until your law firm is nationally recognized, we'll start by helping your website rank well on the search results for local queries. At Digital Logic, our SEO experts will optimize your Google Business listing, Avvo profile, and any other directory listing. We'll do this by including location-specific keywords or phrases in your information, in headings, and in alt texts, where applicable.

Content Marketing

When the vast majority of legal professionals hear "family law marketing ideas", they immediately think of the top-level service pages. They think of the money phrases. While ranking high on the search results for terms like "Dallas divorce lawyers" is certainly the goal, there are a few steps we have to take before we jump there. Fortunately for divorce lawyers, there aren't nearly the amount of individual service areas as there are with personal injury or criminal defense law firms. With that being said, the few niche-specific pages that you have should be as competitive as possible. At Digital Logic, our strategy for ranking those "money pages" is by creating supportive content. We answer those entry-level questions that may not convert overnight, but that will provide your family law firm with a constant stream of attorney leads, once our content is established.

Online Directories and Google Business Profile

Law firms should appear on as many local directories as possible. This is one of the easiest ways to get local leads online. At Digital Logic, our SEO team will add or update your law firm's name, address, phone number, business hours, online reviews, website URL, and photos of your office across a hefty list of directories. We'll ensure that your information is the same across all of those directories, as well as your Google Business profile.

There are many other necessary components of SEO that require specific expertise. Once we get into specifics, we tend to see eyes glaze over, so we’ll spare the nerdy details here.

We recommend that you consult with a divorce law marketing agency, like Digital Logic to ensure that your website is optimized correctly.


Belen Law Firm

$27K in Monthly Organic Traffic Value from SEO

Weeden Law

400% Increase in Organic Traffic

Manassas Law Group, PC

761 Calls from Google Ads
PPC services

Google Ads for Divorce Attorneys

While SEO strategies certainly do help family attorneys get more clients, the process isn’t immediate. Cultivating large amounts of organic traffic takes time, when it’s done correctly.

If you want your law firm’s target audience to see your website on the first page of Google, the only immediate way to accomplish this is through pay-per-click advertising, or PPC.

Google Ads, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, and other PPC advertising platforms allow anyone to create and manage their own PPC marketing campaigns. But, it’s important to remember how competitive the legal marketing industry is as well as the learning curve associated with creating professional-quality divorce attorney PPC ads.

Learning from your mistakes can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, quickly.

Plus, you’d have to compete against family attorney PPC management experts who work with Google ads full time.

Partnering with Digital Logic for your paid search advertising campaigns ensures the following. That your:

  • ad campaigns have the best keyword selections
  • budget and campaigns are set for the best return on investment
  • ads comply with the latest algorithm updates and rules for lawyer advertising, as well as those established by Google Ads
  • ad groups have a well-designed, SEO-friendly landing page that correlates to them
  • display ads are professionally designed
  • ad relevance is top-notch
  • law firm is able to track all results, at any time

The help of a knowledgeable PPC firm is priceless.

At Digital Logic, we’ve helped our clients get more business than they ever thought before. Most law firms that we’ve worked with have abandoned their initial practice areas and are now able to focus solely on the large cases that they prefer to take.

And, with the help of our PPC expertise, we’re able to shift their budgets to suit their preferences literally overnight in many cases.

social media for divorce lawyers

Local Service Ads for Divorce Attorneys

Now that individual attorneys have access to local service ads, they’re taking the market by storm. But, like any paid digital advertising method, there is a learning curve.

As local service ads expand across more markets, searchers will learn to rely on these ad types as a trustworthy source. We believe that in the near future, local service ads will be the top resource for identifying local businesses.

As a Google Premier Partner, Digital Logic has seen the benefits of local services ads for divorce attorneys and family law firms long before law firms had access to them.

Thanks to our early experience with LSAs, our Google Ads campaign managers are well-versed in the LSA process and are confident in their ability to attract more paying clients for our clients. We’ve been doing so for some time now.

As a matter of fact, one of our clients was recognized by Google itself on Google’s Economic Impact Report for their success with the Local Service Ads platform. We helped this business gain a $1.6 million increase in sales through our hard work with the LSA platform.

Partner With the Best Divorce Attorney Marketing Agency

Divorce and family law marketing takes hard work, extensive experience, the right marketing tools, and a deep understanding of how search engines operate.

At Digital Logic, we’re passionate about digital marketing for lawyers. We enjoy the experience and find the process rewarding, especially when we’re able to help our clients go from not getting enough leads to having so many leads that they need to hire additional staff. We’ve even had a client that was able to retire much earlier than expected, thanks to our divorce lawyer marketing efforts.

When you choose a boutique-style law firm marketing company, like Digital Logic, you don’t need to have a deep understanding of PPC, social media platforms, link building, or search engine optimization. You just need to stay up to date on child support, domestic violence, property division, and child custody laws. We’ll handle all of the digital marketing footwork for you.