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Are you a contractor needing more leads, calls, or contracting jobs? Professional contractor marketing services from Digital Logic can help! We’ve worked with general contractors, remodeling companies, construction companies, roofers, HVAC contractors, and others to increase their revenue via online marketing services.

Contractor Marketing Services

Online Marketing Services for Contractors

Because contract work is typically very labor-intensive, many contractors have a difficult time serving clients on the ground while growing their client base. Most contractors prefer to have a systematic digital marketing approach so that they can have a reliable stream of new clients while they do what they do best: contract labor!

In the past, contractors could generate leads by taking out an ad in the local Yellowpages or printing out fliers. Now, most homeowners turn to search engines like Google to schedule their next home improvement project. So, if your contractor marketing strategy doesn’t include search engine optimization, social media marketing, or paid advertising on Google, you’re likely losing most of your traffic to other local businesses.

As a leading contractor marketing agency, we’ve helped numerous contractors build a steady stream of consistent contract leads and conversions.

Whether you want to work with a professional digital marketing company or if you want to learn about DIY contractor marketing techniques, we’re here to help!



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Contractor Marketing Agency

Our contractor marketing company has helped many local businesses just like yours secure a higher ROI and increase revenue!

When you work with Digital Logic as your contractor marketing partner, we handle all of the heavy lifting for you. We can create a social media marketing strategy, set up your Google Ads campaigns, optimize your website to secure more organic traffic, and more! We offer a free SEO audit service if you’d like to see how your website stacks against your competitors.

Call 318-678-5020 to learn more about us.

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Local Contractor Marketing Services

The best digital marketing strategy for contractors or local businesses, in general, is one that incorporates a variety of online marketing techniques that connect with potential customers at different points of their online buyer’s journey. When these digital marketing strategies are used correctly, they work together to increase brand awareness, leads, website traffic, and paying customers.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Contractors

contractor marketing services

Yes. We understand this phrase is used entirely too often, but you’d be shocked at how many contracting business owners blindly attempt digital marketing without stopping to plan first. They’ll sporadically post on their social media accounts or haphazardly update their website. Then they’re mad when their contractor marketing efforts aren’t paying off the way they believed they would.

The best way to reach more potential customers is to start by writing down a cohesive online marketing strategy that aligns with your contracting business goals.

Competitive Analysis for Contractors

Between keeping employees and building prospective customers, those operating in the construction industry can attest that the construction industry is a tough one.

A thorough business analysis should be the first step in your digital marketing strategy. This will identify your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth from an online marketing perspective.

At Digital Logic, we use our extensive contractor marketing expertise to look for holes in your current website content, opportunities for better link building, and how we can improve return on investment from Google Ads before we start creating your digital marketing campaign.

Digital Advertising for Contractors

SEO campaigns for construction marketing can take anywhere from a couple of months to a year to start producing results. For this reason, we always encourage new contractor clients to invest in both SEO and PPC management services.

contractor marketing services
Investing in contractor advertising services is the fastest way to reach prospective clients online. Pay-per-click ads occupy the first several listings on search engines like Google. These ads are a great way to drive qualified leads to your website. Our PPC management experts have helped many contractors and construction companies secure more business leads across a variety of marketing channels. We recommend investing in Google’s Local Service Ads for general contractor marketing leads, as local service ads provide the best return on investment for the construction industry. When you work with Digital Logic, we handle all of the digital marketing for you–from keyword research to landing page development to ad copy to split testing. Our internet marketing experts provide all budget information from our online strategies in a completely transparent format. There are no hidden fees, so you’ll know what to expect from our inbound marketing services. When your construction business has a local listing, a paid listing, and an organic listing on the first page of Google, generating leads becomes a much easier task.

Conversion Rate Optimization for Contracting Services

What happens if you already have a website for your contracting business, but that website doesn’t generate leads? Our conversion rate optimization experts can help you squeeze more conversions out of your existing website traffic. We’ll make sure that you have dedicated landing pages for all of your paid advertising campaigns, A/B test your current digital ads, and track all of the data from Google Analytics to ensure that we have the proper marketing systems in place for your accounts.

Contractor SEO

If you want to get more leads for free, then search engine optimization services are the way to go. As a leading contractor SEO company, we’re pros at boosting local rankings by improving local SEO efforts.

Most of your potential clients will not scroll past the first page of the search results. So, having your website rank well on search engines like Google is imperative to promoting your construction services and maintaining your business. When your contracting company ranks high on the search engine results pages, then you’ll see more leads, more qualified traffic, and an uptick in potential clients.

Search engine optimization is the most effective long-term inbound marketing campaign that a contractor could use to grow organic traffic.

contractor digital marketing

If you want to be the contractor that secures these leads, then your website needs to rank at the top of Google’s search engine. In order to rank well, you will need to establish your contracting business as the local authority via an organic marketing campaign.

At Digital Logic, our contractor SEO services include on and off-page SEO, a professional content marketing strategy, link building, and total integration of your contractor marketing plan.

Technical SEO for General Contractor Marketing

If you want a search engine to find and recognize your website, then you’ll need to ensure that it’s coded to do so. At Digital Logic, our construction marketing experts understand how to code your website so that search engine crawlers can better understand your website’s goal.

Content Marketing for Contractors

As a local business owner, you need to attract and engage with your target audience locally. By publishing valuable content including service pages, blogs, newsletters, e-books, email marketing, etc. you’re proving to Google that you are an expert in your field. This also helps to build trust between your business and your potential customers.

Google ranks web pages individually. It doesn’t rank a website as a whole. So, this means that your organic content needs to paint the picture of what your business offers.

At Digital Logic, we use data-driven internet marketing strategies for our contractor clients. We produce unique, high-quality content that allows our clients to get more leads, more online traffic, and ultimately, more sales.

Local SEO for Contractors

When potential clients search for a local business on search engines, then the algorithm will automatically display results based on local proximity to the business. So, it’s extremely important that local contracting companies have at least invested in local SEO or local digital marketing tactics. Local marketing strategies will help your business show up when a potential client is searching for local contracting services.

As a local contractor, you need your business to show up under Google’s local pack listings. These three listings typically appear before the organic listings, and they include a Google map listing, along with other relevant business information.

Being a part of Google’s map pack leads to much better click-through rates and sales.

Contractor Company Website

How do contractors secure new customers when they’re always busy working their normal schedules? Chances are that they have a lead-generating website. Your website should be a vital part of your contractor marketing strategy. Why?

Optimized websites act as built-in, 24/7 sales associates. Websites that are professionally designed and optimized for search engines are capable of generating many leads for your business without the cost of traditional advertising.

Your website shouldn’t be an afterthought to your contractor digital marketing strategy.

contractor online marketing

If your website needs some TLC, a web developer at Digital Logic can help design and create a completely custom contractor website that has a proper SEO framework built in. Our web development team also ensures that your local business has a mobile-friendly website so that you can capture audiences searching from a desktop or a mobile device.

A professionally designed website that’s optimized for search engines will become a lead generation machine with time!

Contractor Website Necessities

If you want potential or existing customers to find and stay on your contractor website, then it needs to be:

  • Optimized for mobile: Google ranks websites higher that are mobile-responsive or optimized for mobile. Additionally, most consumers expect businesses to have a mobile-friendly site
  • Visible on search results: What good are digital marketing campaigns if your target audience can’t find your website on the search engine results pages? Organic marketing for contractors is the best way to ensure that your site is accessible.
  • Secure: Google also gives preference to secure websites. Not sure if your site is secure? Typically, website URLs that begin with “HTTPS” are secure.
  • Easy to use: Your target audience needs to be able to quickly and easily navigate your website. This means that your headings and menus need to be in optimal positions. You also need to ensure that you have pronounced calls to action on your site, as well.
  • Fast: Google recommends that your page speed is under 3 seconds. For every second that a visitor has to wait on your website to load, the likelihood of them leaving increases exponentially.

Contractor Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way for contractors to improve brand awareness and increase organic traffic to their websites. Whether you’re investing in paid social media marketing campaigns or if you prefer to strictly have an organic social media presence, posting on social media platforms consistently will help grow your local audience!

At Digital Logic, we can manage all of your social media pages, ensuring that your social media posts link back to your website so that you can get the most organic traffic from your social media marketing strategy.

We’ve run successful social media marketing campaigns from the following social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Business

Analytics and Tracking Data

You can have the best contractor marketing ideas, but if you aren’t able to adequately track your resources, you may be wasting more money than you think.


Unlike many inexperienced digital marketing agencies, all of our digital marketing strategies hinge on our ability to collect data. At Digital Logic, we measure and track all of our digital marketing campaigns from PPC to SEO to even your email marketing campaign.

We determine which digital marketing strategy is working and which isn’t.

We include:

  • ad tracking via Google Analytics
  • phone call tracking and recording via CallRail
  • conversion rate optimization
  • website analytics and tracking

Why Choose Digital Logic for Contractor Marketing Services?

At Digital Logic, we’re a premier Google partner for contractor advertising. We’re highly experienced in contractor search engine optimization strategy and know how to take all of your internet marketing efforts and combine them to create an effective digital marketing strategy to grow your contractor business.

When it comes to marketing for contractors, we know our stuff. Whether you’re a construction company that prefers to be in constant contact with your account manager or if you’d rather us just handle your digital marketing campaigns, we can do both!

We offer free SEO audit services so you can see how your website stacks up. For more information, fill out one of our online forms or call 318-678-5020 today!

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