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In the digital marketing space, it’s common knowledge that personal injury law firm marketing is an incredibly competitive niche. Generally speaking, it’s even more competitive than law firms in other practice areas. This is because personal injury practice firms themselves are fiercely competitive.

To rise above the competition in search engine results, you need a comprehensive and strategic marketing strategy. Working with a digital marketing agency that offers personal injury advertising services is a great place to start.

At Digital Logic, we’ve helped many personal injury law firms find success through their Internet marketing campaigns. If you’re unsure of what marketing efforts are worth your time and money, give us a call!

We’d love to sit down with you, give you a free website audit, and explain how you can reach more personal injury clients than ever before.

Digital marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we offer both custom marketing solutions and custom pricing for personal injury lawyers. That way, you can get everything your personal injury law firm needs without wasting money on ineffective marketing strategies.

To get a better idea of how personal injury law firm advertising can benefit your practice, keep reading.

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Marketing for Personal Injury Law Firms

The online marketing team at Digital Logic utilizes well-rounded PPC and SEO strategies that include more than just one or two digital marketing tactics. We constantly monitor all of Google’s digital marketing best practices, so you can always rest assured you’ll get the best results from our professional marketing efforts.

While an array of online marketing techniques can work for most personal injury lawyers, the following methods are often the most successful, in terms of personal injury lawyer marketing:

SEO services

Search Engine Optimization Services

Web development services

Web Development Services

Content marketing services

Content Creation and Marketing


Conversion Rate Optimization

Remarketing icon

Remarketing Services

Graphic design

Graphic Design Services

Online video advertising

Online Video Advertising

Social media management services

Social Media Management

Many of the most successful personal injury law firms use a combination of the above marketing strategies to cover all their online bases.

So, what makes online injury law firm marketing and advertising such a successful business growth strategy?

SEO services
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Why Do Personal Injury Law Firms Need Online Advertising?

Search engine marketing, along with other forms of Internet marketing, have grown in popularity for many industries, including for personal injury attorneys.

Of all the legal practice areas, personal injury law is widely viewed as the most competitive.

For this reason, it’s important to have as strong an online personal injury lawyer marketing strategy as possible. Otherwise, you’re likely to get lost in the weeds. In the following sections, we explain why your personal injury practice needs a comprehensive law firm marketing and advertising strategy.

To Stand Out In Competitive Markets

As we mentioned before, personal injury law firm marketing is incredibly competitive. Marketing in large markets, such as Houston, Los Angeles, or Chicago, is even more competitive.

To compete with large, established personal injury law firms, your law firm needs to stand out from the crowd.

You can create a powerful first impression by having an attractive, professional law firm website. From here, you can provide helpful and informative content using a professional content marketing strategy. This serves as the hook for potential personal injury clients.

When this is combined with professional paid online marketing strategies, you have the recipe for your law firm’s success.

If you want your personal injury law firm to reach more prospective clients and secure more share of your target market, you’ll need your law firm website to have a substantial presence on search engines, like Google, various social media platforms, and on online review sites.

Both paid search and personal injury SEO services can help you reach more prospective clients. 

Many personal injury firms have found great success by using both paid search and personal injury SEO services from a reputable personal injury lawyer marketing agency, like Digital Logic.

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To Have Better Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is extremely important for personal injury law firms.

Each personal injury practice has a unique identity, as well as a unique brand with unique strengths.

In order to ensure better branding, you’ll want to emphasize the ways in which your personal injury law firm stands out from other personal injury law firms. Include this emphasis in both your content marketing and your social media marketing strategies. Maintaining a consistent and clear brand across all marketing channels is a great way to help prospective clients recognize you.

If prospective clients can remember your law firm website from a previous online search, chances are they’ll trust what you have to say in their current search for a personal injury lawyer.

Responsive web design showcase

To Create Trust and Visibility Online

Competing with established personal injury lawyers online requires not only better search visibility, but also a certain level of credibility and trust.

As an example, maybe you have multiple decades of experience, as well as several earned awards. These are great talking points for your website’s content, as they show your expertise to prospective clients. 

Additionally, maybe you have certain legal specialties that make you uniquely qualified to handle those case types.

It’s important to advertise this information on your site and across all other marketing channels. If potential personal injury clients visit your website looking to find an attorney for the cases you specialize in, chances are they’ll be very interested in working with your personal injury law firm.

What Makes Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing Different From Other Tactics?

When developing your personal injury lawyer marketing strategy, you’ll need to use a different marketing game plan than you would for other legal practice areas.

Personal injury lawyers are in a unique position with potential clients. In many cases, they’ll need to appeal to their target audience on a more emotional and personal level than other legal niches would need to.

An injured client is already having a tough time, so it’s important to stress your level of compassion and your skill as a personal injury lawyer.

Reassuring potential personal injury clients with your compassion can help you get more referrals and more clients from online search. These clients want to know that their personal injury lawyer genuinely cares about their situation.

The best thing you can do to ensure that your potential personal injury clients view you as a qualified and caring legal professional is work with a seasoned personal injury law firm marketing agency.

We will ensure that your target audience knows how much you care about their situations, as well as what you’ll do as their personal injury lawyer, to help them.

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Understanding Cost-Per-Case for Personal Injury Firms

One of the first questions we’re asked by personal injury lawyers is, “How much am I paying for each of these new clients?”

This is a great question to ask about any and all marketing efforts or marketing strategies your personal injury law firm is investing in. The easiest way to have a low ROI is to not ask for specific metrics.

Calculating your cost per case, or the cost it takes to secure your personal injury clients, allows you to see the return on your investment in your current marketing efforts.

First, we’ll need to look at some other metrics involved in paid advertising for personal injury lawyers. These metrics are CTR (click-through-rate) and CPC (cost-per-click).

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Click-though-rate describes the rate at which potential clients click on your personal injury ad, out of the total number or potential clients that saw your ad.

To get this percentage, take the number of clicks on the ad and divide it by the number of times your ad was shown on Google search.

For example, if your ad had 500 impressions and 100 clicks, this comes out to a 5% CTR.

Generally speaking, legal industry Google ads average a CTR of around 4.5%.

At Digital Logic, our personal injury lawyers generally see a 5-10% CTR on most of their personal injury advertising campaigns.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

Cost-per-click describes how much personal injury lawyers will pay each time potential clients click on one of their Google ads.

For personal injury law firms, the price range for Google Ads is extremely wide.

Costs-per-click can range from around $5 up to $300 or higher for personal injury firms. One of the reasons why cost-per-click can be so high for personal injury firms is the high level of competition.

For example, the CPC cost for a “dog bite lawyer” keyword might only be $20 in Amarillo, TX, but up to $250 in Houston, TX.

How Quality Score Affects Your Cost-Per-Click Price

Another factor that affects your cost-per-click is the quality score that Google assigns to the content on your landing page. (The landing page is that page that the searcher lands on after he or she clicks on your personal injury ad.

The higher the quality of your content, in theory, the less your cost-per-click should cost.

If Google assigns your landing page a score of 5, this is their benchmark. A score of 5 represents the average CPC for that given keyword. If Google assigns your page a score of 10, your CPC will decrease by 50%. Conversely, a quality score of one would increase your CPC by 400%.

As you can see, Google places significant emphasis on high-quality content in PPC campaigns.

The better your content, the more money you’ll save on paid online marketing campaigns, like pay-per-click ads or Local Services Ads.

How Much Should Personal Injury Attorneys Spend on PPC Advertising?

This question largely depends on a few factors, such as your marketing budget, your location, your practice areas, and your needs as a personal injury law firm.

Personal Injury Ads Budget Based on Growth

You also need to consider the stage of growth your personal injury law firm is currently in. If you’re a new personal injury lawyer or part of a young firm, it’s worth it to allocate 10-15% of your gross revenue to PPC advertising or general online personal injury marketing efforts.

However, the average spend generally ranges from 5-12% of gross revenue.

If your firm is more well-established and you have a solid brand awareness within your target audience, you can afford to spend a little less on PPC (generally, around 5%).

Personal Injury Ads Budget Based on Competition

Like other niches of legal marketing, personal injury lawyer marketing becomes increasingly more difficult when your key subset practice areas are also more competitive.

The most common personal injury cases of 2023 include the following:

  1. Car accidents or auto accidents
  2. Medical malpractice
  3. Product liability
  4. Workplace injuries
  5. Premises liability or slip-and-fall accidents

At the end of the day, though, it all depends on your individual needs as a personal injury law firm.

When you choose to partner with an experienced personal injury law firm marketing agency, if the agency truly understands personal injury lawyer marketing, they can help you pinpoint the specific needs of your law firm, as well as tailor a marketing plan to help your personal injury law firm meet those needs.

When you schedule a call with our personal injury marketing team, we do a full audit of your website to show you what you’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement in your legal marketing strategy.

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Which Is Better for Personal Injury Attorneys: SEO or PPC Advertising?

Online marketing for personal injury lawyers isn’t an option. We’re sure that if you’re researching advertising or marketing for personal injury lawyers, you’ve come to that realization already.

However, again, the answer to these questions largely depends on what your law firm’s needs and goals are.

If your budget allows for it, combining both paid search and search engine optimization is the way to go.

You’ll have more leads and will secure more clients when your website ranks well on the search engine results pages, shows up on Google search ads or Local Services Ads, and is active on major social media platforms.

However, if you’re on a tighter budget, you may want to choose one or the other. While we personally recommend a combination of the two, each personal injury marketing strategy has its advantages.

Analyzing which one–personal injury lawyer SEO or personal injury lawyer PPC–would benefit you the most is a good place to start.

local service ads

Want to see more marketing techniques?

Search Engine Optimization Icon for Digital Logic

Personal Injury SEO

Personal injury SEO (search engine optimization) is the bread and butter of organic search marketing for personal injury lawyers.

Leads from search engines, like Google, have a 14.6% close rate, which outbound leads have a 1.7% close rate.

Furthermore, a staggering 90% of all clicks for any particular keyword come from the first page of Google.

To get on the first page of Google organically, especially as a personal injury lawyer or personal injury law firm, you’ll need to invest in professional SEO strategies specifically for personal injury lawyers.

Unfortunately, search engine optimization requires you to play the long game, so you won’t be able to see overnight results from your online marketing efforts.

However, search engine optimization strategies are an invaluable way for personal injury lawyers to steadily get new clients through organic searches without paying for each click.

If your legal firm doesn’t have the budget or overhead to invest in search engine optimization services right now, we suggest building up your clientele with PPC advertising campaigns from a reputable digital marketing agency for law firms. Then, as soon as you have the extra budget, we seriously suggest investing in SEO services for personal injury lawyers.

PPC Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers

PPC ads and organic search listings will always be separated from each other, and potential clients will always be able to tell them apart.

Paid ads always appear at the top (and the bottom) of search engine results pages (SERPs), and they typically include a “Sponsored” label. Right away, we can see how having such a prominent position in SERPs can increase your number of personal injury leads. While you will have to pay for this position, you will only pay for each click, not for each impression.

With PPC marketing for personal injury lawyers, you can even set daily limits on how much you want to spend on PPC.

At Digital Logic, we help our personal injury clients perform keyword research to target the best keywords based on their practice areas and the legal representation they provide.

Throughout the entire process, we maintain consistent and transparent communication about your personal injury SEO campaigns and PPC ads. We also monitor your campaigns along the way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing efforts and budget.

With any personal injury lawyer marketing campaign we produce, our goals are your goals–to help your law firm secure more clients and better personal injury clients, in general.

Types of PPC Advertising Campaigns for Personal Injury Lawyers

“Pay-per-click” is an umbrella term that encompasses several paid marketing methods. Depending on the needs of your personal injury practice, some of these may be effective for you, while others may not. Many personal injury firms that take advantage of online marketing will use more than one of the following for their campaigns.

While all of these don’t technically fall under the pay-per-click advertising umbrella, most of those interested in legal marketing efforts tend to categorize these together, for the sake of understanding and readability.

Display Advertising for Personal Injury Lawyers

If your personal injury law firm needs to build brand awareness within your target market, then display ads may be a good option for your paid marketing strategy.

Display ads can appear as text, images, or banners on certain websites. These ads can and should be tailored to your target audience.

Additionally, if potential clients click on one of your display ads, they will be taken straight to your website. (This is why content marketing strategies are a critical aspect of personal injury lawyer marketing.)

Search Advertising for Personal Injury Lawyers

Paid search ads are one of the most common types of pay-per-click advertising for personal injury lawyers.

Through search engines like Google and Bing, you can set up paid advertisements to show when searchers in your target market type in certain, preselected keywords.

When you set up your personal injury attorney ads, it is extremely important to refine your ad copy, choose relevant keywords, and have a solid landing page for the best marketing performance.

For example, let’s say you set up a paid search campaign on Google for the keyword “Chicago personal injury lawyer.” When someone searches that term, Google will show your paid ad to the potential clients. If they click on the ad, the link will take them to a landing page of your choosing.

Social Media Advertising for Personal Injury Lawyers

Social media marketing is another form of PPC advertising that personal injury lawyers can benefit from.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms can all be utilized as opportunities to put your brand in front of potential new clients. Millions of potential clients use various social media platforms every single day, and each day gives you another opportunity to catch their eye.

With a good social media marketing strategy, you can advertise the specific legal services you offer, as well as your practice areas. These campaigns can be tailored to reach certain demographics, which means you have more control over who sees your ads.

However, social media platforms do not offer the same level of customization and data monitoring that Google search ads provide. So, if you’re using social media ads to reach new clients, your personal injury law practice may not be able to measure success the way that it needs to.

That isn’t to say that advertising on social media doesn’t have its place in personal injury lawyer marketing. For example, social media ads are a great way to secure class action lawsuit leads. Just understand that when you choose the social media route for your personal injury marketing strategy, you won’t have as many options to accurately measure success of your marketing performance.

Retargeting for Personal Injury Lawyers

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, involves the use of cookies on a searcher’s browser.

Cookies are small pieces of information about your digital buyer’s journey that various websites you visit send to your browser.

These vital pieces of information help previously-visited websites remember information about what you previously did on the site.

Retargeting uses these cookies to show ads to searchers, based on their previous online history. You can even use cookies in other paid marketing campaigns, such as display ads, paid search, and social media ads.

Local Service Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers

Attorney local service ads

LSAs (Local Service Ads) are essential if you want to reach more potential clients in your immediate area.

Along with a good local SEO strategy, Local Service Ads are extremely effective for professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and other local professionals.

If potential clients in your area search for a personal injury attorney in a location that’s close to your law firm or office, you can target those searches with Local Service Ads.

In fact, you can fully define the locations you serve, which means Google won’t waste your spend by showing your ads to searchers outside your service areas. This is a very cost-effective way to generate more leads for your personal injury law practice.

Another factor to consider with Local Service Ads is that Google actually allows advertisers to dispute certain charges. So, if a searcher clicks on your LSA ad, calls your law firm and asks for a service that your firm doesn’t provide (or doesn’t advertise for, for that matter), then your dedicated account manager at Digital Logic will call Google and dispute these charges on your behalf. Then, once Google determines that your firm was unfairly charged, they will compensate your account within 30 days.

This means that you’ll never pay for any ad clicks that weren’t legitimate leads for new clients.

Other Personal Injury Digital Marketing Services

Because personal injury law firm marketing is so competitive, it’s important to implement a marketing strategy that targets prospective clients from multiple angles.

Focusing all of your marketing budget on one technique may produce some results, but it more than likely won’t produce the long-term marketing performance you want.

Along with the marketing strategies we’ve already discussed, personal injury law firms can also benefit from the following online marketing strategies:

Personal Injury Lawyer SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a popular tactic that top digital marketing agencies use to achieve steady organic growth. However, it’s important to remember that SEO is not a one-size-fits-all method.

Depending on the industry you’re optimizing for, your SEO plan needs to be tailored to fit that industry. SEO for dentists or other professions would require a different approach from a SEO marketing strategy for personal injury lawyers.

Good personal injury lawyer SEO requires extreme attention to detail and a well-rounded approach. There are many personal injury lawyer marketing agencies that promise great results but refuse to provide their clients with a personalized content marketing strategy or personalized approach, in general.

In order to compete in the personal injury attorney space, your SEO and content marketing campaigns need to be completely customized.

Demanding custom SEO campaigns, along with custom content will ensure that your personal injury law practice isn’t receiving duplicate or leftover content from another client. (This happens so much more often that you’d like to think with other major law firm marketing agencies.)

By conducting a detailed analysis of your competitors and your market, we can identify what works for your top-ranking competitors.

With this information, we will tailor our approach to market your firm to the right audience in the right locations. Our professionals are highly trained in marketing for personal injury law. We understand how to develop the right strategy for your business from the very beginning, so you won’t need to worry about wasting your budget.

Personal Injury Lawyer Web Design

One crucial piece of the personal injury lawyer marketing puzzle is web design and website optimization.

Without a professional website that looks great, functions well, and draws in potential clients, the other parts of your personal injury marketing campaign will suffer. Whether you’re utilizing paid ads or SEO, your website should be optimized both for potential clients and for search engines.

Prospective clients should be able to find your website on the search engine results pages, read helpful content about their specific search query, and easily contact your law firm for legal representation.

Strategic web design is the key to guiding potential clients toward contacting you, so you should always have a well-maintained website. It’s also important to perform on-page and off-page SEO as well as technical SEO to appeal to both searchers, as well as to appeal to search engines. (For most personal injury lawyers, website design is a one-time marketing strategy, but optimizing the website is a longterm process.)

A good law firm website is like a sneak peek into what your firm has to offer new clients.

If potential clients see that your website is old and outdated, they’re likely to continue their search elsewhere. If you want to turn these potential clients into paying customers, find out what makes your firm stand out from the competition.

Examples of how you can highlight the success of your personal injury firm include badges, awards, accolades, client testimonials, legal specializations, and even listing your years of experience. You can even put together educational videos on the steps of a personal injury case to further help them down the buyer’s funnel.

Work With the Best Personal Injury Attorney Advertising Agency

When it comes to advertising for personal injury lawyers, the proof is in the pudding. Before you commit to any law firm marketing plan or agency, ask to see marketing results from other personal injury lawyers they’ve secured as clients.
Ask what their client retention rate is–ours is 97.5%.

Qualified and trustworthy digital marketing agencies won’t make claims that sound too good to be true. Instead, we will work directly with you to develop the perfect marketing strategy to meet your needs and help your personal injury firm reach its goals for growth.

The experienced professionals at Digital Logic base our marketing strategies on data rather than guesswork. We don’t throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. Our approach is strategic, consistent, and effective, especially when implemented for personal injury lawyers.

No matter the size or location of your law firm, we have the skills your business needs to stand out from the crowd. To learn more about how a good digital marketing strategy can boost your business’s traffic and lead generation, schedule a call with one of our team members.