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Digital Marketing for Medical Spas

MedSpas, also termed medical spas and medical aesthetic practices, are easily one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. The younger generations want to avoid plastic surgery when they’re older and are choosing to invest in their skin health sooner than later. But, with industry growth comes a rise in competition amongst pre-existing and new-coming medical spas. Using traditional forms of advertising to market your medical spa won’t work anymore. In order to grow your med spa business, you must meet your potential and existing clients where they are-online. MedSpas serve a wide audience. The older patients want to look young again without undergoing a surgical procedure. The younger patients want to proactively stop signs of aging. And, regardless of their age, each potential patient has a specific skin challenge or condition that they’re hoping to address with your medspa services. When a potential patient is looking for the services that your medical spa offers, are you the business that they choose? Can they even find your business online? If you’re looking to grow your medspa practice, you need professional medical spa marketing services from Digital Logic.

Get Help From the Best Med Spa Marketing Agency


Many medical spa owners consider hiring a med spa marketing agency an expense. This isn’t the right way to look at digital marketing services that are offered by a reputable online marketing agency. When you invest in med spa marketing, you’re doing just that-making an investment into your business. If you invest in PPC ads, then you’re making a short-term investment. And, if you invest in website development or search engine optimization, then, you’re making a long-term business investment. Simple as that!

At Digital Logic, our med spa marketing team provides a completely custom digital marketing strategy that is targeted to reach those difficult-to-convert inquirers, turn them into paying customers, and then, turn those customers into lifetime brand representatives.

We’ve helped countless medspa clinics and plastic surgery centers across the United States realize their potential through our digital marketing methodology.

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Working with Digital Logic was the best marketing move I've ever made for my practice. They have helped me continually stay booked with the right kind of patients with their strategic approach to drive more traffic to our website.
Dr Forrest Wall
Dr. Forrest Wall
The Plastic Surgery Center

Why MedSpas Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

Your potential patients are searching for private medical practices, just like yours, online more than they are anywhere else. Therefore, in order for your med spa to grow, you need to ensure that your previous, current, and potential patients are able to see your business online.

You cannot grow your med spa if no one can find you in the search results.

Your med spa marketing strategy may be the deciding factor between your clinic’s success or failure. And, sadly, as a leading healthcare marketing agency, we see many medical practices come to this realization after their business has started to wane.

In years past, medical spas that had professionally designed websites were ahead of the plastic surgery industry trend. Now, if that’s all you have, it certainly isn’t enough to come out even, much less grow your med spa.

Medical practices need to offer consistently positive reviews from existing patients, provide timely med spa content, and include online opportunities for new or existing patients to connect with them.

As a premier med spa marketing agency, we can promise that our online marketing strategies will not only help your med spa rank higher in the search results, they’ll also help your med spa retain patients at a much higher rate than traditional forms of advertising. Also, unlike traditional medspa marketing, digital marketing allows your med spa to have flexibility in terms of your targeting and provides real-time data to track your return on investment.

What Makes Digital Logic's Approach to MedSpa Marketing Different?


At Digital Logic, our med spa marketing experts have an established, proven track record for providing exceptional marketing campaigns using the latest marketing tactics. When local businesses invest in our digital marketing services, we develop a completely custom marketing strategy to help them reach prospective clients and retain existing clients. Regardless of whether you need a better digital presence for one location or for many, the experts at Digital Logic have you covered!

If you need med spa marketing ideas, a new medical spa website, your current med spa’s website redesigned, search engine optimization services, PPC management services, or social media marketing management services, the professionals at Digital Logic will work with you to achieve your digital marketing objectives.

Many other Medspa marketing companies will make their clients sign a super long-term contract before offering a med spa marketing plan or providing services. At Digital Logic, we don’t believe in tying our clients to ultra-long contracts. Instead, we get new leads from current client testimonials and organic marketing, just like we do for our clients.

We provide exceptional services and our clients never want to leave. No lengthy contract is required.

Other medspa marketing companies will take over website ownership, once a med spa owner decides to no longer use their services. This is extremely unfair and bad business practice. Here, we call this the “website hostage situation”. (Sadly, it happens often enough that we’ve termed the action.) We normally see this “marketing tactic” used by big-box medspa marketing companies that really don’t have any intention of providing services that will boost medical practices.

However, when our website developers at Digital Logic build or redesign your med spa website, you own your website. After all, you paid for the website. And, if the time ever comes that you wish to part ways, we will do our best to ensure that process runs smoothly, as well. We will give you a couple of options: we can simply host your site at the going market rate, or we can release everything to you and you can host the site elsewhere.

We understand how difficult it is to be a small, local business, and we genuinely love to see small businesses succeed. We’ve helped clients retire early, and we’ve had clients leave, only to return a year later, a month later, and in one case, the next day! So, we understand the importance of applying the golden rule to our business, regardless of what makes the best sense, monetarily.

The medical spa industry is a competitive space, and in order to compete, you need someone with extensive med spa marketing experience. At Digital Logic, we provide every client with an experienced, dedicated account manager. Every account manager on staff here is Google certified and implements Google’s best practices.

Our account managers are expected to help their client’s businesses grow by conducting location-specific keyword research, targeting qualified leads, and creating well crafted content to convert those leads into paying customers.

Nobody wants to feel like a test dummy. You can rest assured that your potential clients are doing their research before they call a medical spa for services. So, ensuring that your online reputation is solid is critical to the long term success of your medical spa.

As potential clients see positive reviews about your medspa, their confidence in your ability increases.

The quality of the online reviews are just as critical as the number of online reviews your business receives. Of course, you’d love it if everyone gave your medical spa a shining, 5 star review, but this won’t always happen. Here’s where Digital Logic can help. If you only have 10 reviews and one of those reviews is negative, this can drastically hurt your business. But, if you have 100 5 star reviews and one of those is negative, well then, that person just looks like a jerk, instead of a patient that the searcher should feel sorry for. Pretty straightforward, there.

At Digital Logic, we’ll monitor your reviews and help you be proactive with getting those necessary positive reviews. We’ll compile all of your reviews across multiple review platforms and ensure that your prospective clients are able to see them all!

MedSpa Marketing Services

MedSpa PPC

If you want to consistently reach new patients online, the fastest way to do so is through paid advertising. At Digital Logic, we recommend integrating paid media with other marketing campaigns to promote your med spa services. Medical spa owners that invest in paid advertising can choose from a few separate options: PPC, or pay per click ads, display ads, native advertising, or social media marketing ads.

MedSpa marketing should include both a short term and long term marketing strategy. Paid advertising provides med spa owners with the opportunity to quickly grow their practice while providing the earned media time to gain organic traffic.

With PPC advertising, you’re able to reap the benefits of your marketing investment quickly. At Digital Logic, we’re able to turn campaigns on and off instantaneously, all while providing our clients with the ability to receive real-time data.

Paid ads provide med spas with online repetition. They help keep your med spa name out and in front. The more often that potential patients see your brand, content, and specific offers, the more memorable your company becomes. Over time, this leads to more new clients, increased services, and more revenue!

When you partner with Digital Logic for healthcare PPC services, you see an increased ROI. We ensure this by creating custom landing pages for each ad group, only targeting the best prospective patients, and creating enticing calls to action.

We work with our clients to determine which med spa services will bring in the most traffic and revenue as well as which services that your med spa business prefers not to offer. This helps your account manager set targeting parameters and paid advertising budget accordingly.


Our Google advertising team works with our search engine optimization experts to create a list of high-impact keywords with a good chance of conversion. These keywords will bring you only the best, most qualified leads to your med spa website. Then, we’ll use this keyword list to create separate ad groups for your specific services.

One of the most valuable aspects of hiring a reputable Google Advertising agency is the experience we bring to the table. Our PPC management experts have extensive experience marketing for medical spas. They’ve all gained the type of knowledge that can’t be learned in a class or on a YouTube video. They all have experience-based knowledge, and trust us, that is priceless.

Since our PPC campaign managers have specific experience marketing for med spa business executives, like yourself, they’ll come equipped with a healthy keyword negative list. These are keywords that you don’t want your ads to show for.

Knowing which keywords to include and exclude from your PPC ads typically saves our med spa clients a small fortune right out of the gates.

Oftentimes, med spa owners or in-house marketers don’t have the experience necessary to run a successful paid advertising campaign. At Digital Logic, every client is paired with a professional, dedicated account manager for their Google Ads account. All of our PPC management team members are Google Certified with extensive plastic surgery and med spa industry experience.

Cost per click can range drastically for plastic surgery and med spa services. The best way to reduce this cost is by partnering with a medical spa marketing agency who has a proven track record for success generating high quality Google Ads campaigns.

Your medspa website only has a few seconds to entice your website visitors. Because these visitors differ greatly on age, skincare concerns, and their stage in the buying funnel, you really need to have a landing page that truly captures where each potential patient is in their buying journey.

Instead of creating a single page that’s full of everything a potential patient could possibly want (and risking the chance of overwhelming them), at Digital Logic, we create custom landing page designs to correlate with the specific keywords we’re targeting.

We understand the target audience for each specific ad group. Our professional PPC campaign managers understand exactly where each searcher is on their skincare journey and are able to deliver exactly what each visitor needs to see by building out separate landing pages.

This form of content marketing accomplished two things:

  1. It keeps website visitors on the site longer because they’re more likely to find the information relevant.
  2. It delivers exactly what the searcher is looking for. This eliminates the need for pushy sales tactics and provides your medspa with the unique opportunity to position the business as a trustworthy resource.

Landing pages are typically the place where website visitors take the next step. This could be scheduling an appointment or signing up for an email marketing list. Either way, each landing page on your website should serve a specific purpose. The visitor landed on the page because he or she was searching for a specific service offering.

Having a professionally designed landing page for all of your services will make a world of difference in your conversion metrics.

Your dedicated account manager will use A/B, or split, testing to evaluate each ad element individually. We’ll determine which specific ads are outperforming the others. Then, we’ll tweak the wording, placements, colors, etc and test the ads, again. From here, we’ll rinse and repeat until we’re sure that we have the perfect selection.

MedSpa SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a digital marketing strategy that is used to increase both the quantity and the quality of the organic traffic that is sent to your med spa’s website. Prospective clients will usually use search engines, like Google or Bing, to find local med spas, like yours.

Search engines give those searchers direct access to Google Maps, Google reviews, and answers to essentially any question on earth they may have. Search engines aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they get more powerful day by day, so you truly need professional SEO services from a professional med spa marketing agency.

At Digital Logic, we provide complete search engine optimization services for med spas across the United States. Our SEO experts know how to create professional and personalized organic search strategies to fit almost any set of needs and marketing budget.

Our marketing agency has some of the best MedSpa SEO services in the business.

If you already have a med spa business website, then our SEO professionals will conduct an in-depth marketing audit, absolutely free. We’ll look at what is performing well, if anything, and we’ll identify holes in your content marketing strategy. Then, we’ll use Google analytics and other organic marketing tools to select valuable keywords that have high conversion rates and build out your search engine marketing strategy.

One of the biggest mistakes a med spa can make is listing out their aesthetic medical services with a correlating price on a single page. You aren’t operating a fast food restaurant here. You’re responsible for the appearance of people’s bodies, their faces! Now, granted, certain services should receive more real-estate on your website than others, but each individual service should have its own service page.

After all, the vast majority of searchers won’t be searching for your personal brand, specifically. They’ll search for a specific med spa service, instead. And, the only way to rank for that specific service, especially for new services, is to dedicate an entire service page to promote that specific service. This helps grow organic traffic as well as ensures that you’re getting a better CPC, or cost per click, price. And, that’s what professional content marketing is all about!

The more you’re able to understand the needs of both prospective patients and existing customers, the more you’re able to market to them through a solid content marketing strategy. And, the more informative your content is, the better the chances that your website visitors will be ready to schedule an appointment quickly.

So, investing in a professional content marketing agency will save your medspa time and money, in the long run.

With a successful content marketing strategy, you’re able to provide niche content to satisfy all of your target audiences. Some website visitors may want to read about ways to reduce acne scarring while other visitors may want to learn about lip injections. Investing in a content marketing strategy allows you to have a digital footprint on each service area.

Local SEO is just like traditional SEO, except it focuses on the physical location of your spa business. Potential new leads will use location-based platforms, like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and will search using local search queries to find local businesses online.

So, local SEO is extremely important for med spas, or any spa business, for that matter.

At Digital Logic, our local SEO professionals will optimize your Google Business listing, include location-specific keywords in our headings, and ensure that your local business directory listings are correctly built out.

When someone uses a search engine and finds what he or she is looking for without having to visit a website, this is called zero-click attribution. Studies show that over half of all searches result in this, zero-click attribution.

Patient appointments or new clients calling directly from a Google Business profile are both examples of zero click attribution. When Google highlights an excerpt from one of your website pages, called a featured snippet, is also zero click attribution.

And, since our SEO professionals are always up to date with the latest industry news, especially in terms of local SEO, our clients gain a huge advantage with zero click attribution since we’ve been familiar with and have implemented this marketing initiative long before it was a “thing.”

Learn more about multi-channel attribution.

Med spas should appear on as many local directories and online platforms that appeal to those interested in medical spas and plastic surgery centers as possible. This form of local SEO is one of the easiest ways to gain leads online. At Digital Logic, our organic marketing team will add or update your med spa’s name, address, phone number, website URL, business hours, online reviews, and photos of your medical spa. If applicable we’ll include a link to book patient appointments directly from your Google Business listing.

MedSpa Website Design

Some things age well. Websites, especially medspa and plastic surgery websites, do not. Think about it for a second: your potential patients want to maintain a new, youthful appearance. If your medspa website looks like it hasn’t been updated since the early 2000’s, what does that say about your practice techniques, your attention to detail, your professionalism?

Your medspa website should be your number one marketing tool. In the medical spa setting, your customers can’t waltz into your facility and browse through your products, necessarily. Instead, they search online to determine which services your medical spa offers.

Your website should serve as an online storefront. It should entice website visitors to either make a skincare purchase online or better yet, make a bigger “purchase” by scheduling an appointment.

In order for this to happen, your medspa website needs to express to your website visitors that you offer professional services that provide great results, that your facility is clean and up-to-date on the latest industry standards, and that you genuinely care about your patients.

If your website hasn’t been updated in the past 3-4 years, then it’s beyond the point of “covering it with makeup”. It more than likely needs a complete makeover.


Medspa websites aren’t only a matter of aesthetics. The way that your site is designed and laid out can and will directly affect how easily a searcher can find your site when searching for the services you offer.

If your website isn’t up to date, isn’t using the correct site structure, doesn’t have the site speed that searchers demand, isn’t responsive, etc. then you are 100% losing search visibility. In layman’s terms, you’re losing business by the hour. Having a good website foundation will help your content get crawled, indexed by Google, and ranked faster.

We often see med spa owners hire a website development company to build their site. Then, they’ll continue to pay monthly for overpriced marketing services that don’t do anything to drive traffic to that website. This is like expecting your receptionist to perform laser therapies, botox injections, or any other med spa services that require training. After the initial encounter, the front desk worker has completed his or her task. They’re the friendly face that puts new clients at ease, and that’s what they’re good at.

While this situation can work under certain circumstances, I think we can agree that it isn’t ideal, and it won’t work long term for most med spas.

So, if you’re a medspa owner who is interested in growing your business long term, then hiring a website development company for marketing services is never a good idea. Regardless of how many 5 star reviews they have for their beautifully designed websites or how much they create social media posts for your business, this isn’t a reputable marketing strategy. The simple fact is that website design experience does not equal marketing experience.

Instead, you should partner with a reputable med spa marketing agency. Hire this marketing company to design and build your website and then, intrust that same marketing company for your monthly marketing services. This is a much better use of your budget allocation and will provide exponentially better long term results.

At Digital Logic, we’re a professional med spa marketing agency with a proven track record for success. We have professional website developers on staff who create professional websites that are able to house our client’s specific long term marketing strategy. Once your website is completed, our web dev team hands the site over to our PPC management team and SEO team to start building out content and ranking your site.

We’re a marketing agency who can do it all because we hire the best for each section of marketing we take on.

Our website developers can build out a website that is able to grow as your medical spa business grows. Sometimes, our clients experience more growth than they were prepared for. Some of our new clients have opened a second or third location within a year of partnering with us. So, trust us when we say that we understand the importance of creating websites that are able to house multi-location medical spas, additional CRM systems, and offer the support, in general, that a growing business needs to thrive.

Regardless of which marketing materials you choose to promote, website visitors should feel welcomed and calm when visiting your medspa website. Making sure that your site is user-friendly and easy to navigate will help keep site visitors engaged longer. This makes those same visitors more likely to convert, while proving to Google that your site should be the authority for local medical spa services.

Prospective clients are more likely to look up med spa services on a mobile device than a computer. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you can trust us when we say that they will not hang around on your website and attempt to navigate through your content.

With responsive website design, your website will recognize the type of device that each website visitor is searching from and display the site in the appropriate dimensions. This makes it easier for searchers to interact with your medical spa website. The easier the navigation process, the better the chances that they’ll stay on your site longer.

Furthermore, Google gives preference to websites that are optimized for mobile devices. They understand that responsive websites generate more traffic and sales. Since Google is obviously a for-profit platform, they incentivize businesses to create responsive website designs by giving those sites priority on the search results pages.

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MedSpa Marketing FAQs

Digital marketing is the best investment for marketing a medspa. At Digital Logic, we recommend investing in a professional website development service, and then, investing in monthly PPC management and search engine optimization services. Additionally, medical spas can use a variety of marketing techniques to help increase the efficacy of digital marketing efforts. In-house medspa marketers can craft promotional emails for email marketing campaigns, distribute direct mail for direct mail marketing campaigns, post videos on social media, if the social media platform allows, or on the medspa website, respond to online reviews for increased reputation management, set up outside events, etc.

While anyone can certainly receive medspa services, for the purposes of medspa marketing, we need to hone in on the specifics that determine whether or not a searcher will convert into a paying customer. Since medical spas provide services such as Botox injections, chemical face peels, and other anti-aging procedures, the target market for most locations is men and women who are over the age of 35 and want to look more youthful. Additionally, target markets can include recently divorced individuals who are working professionals or individuals who lead outdoor lifestyles that may have taken an early toll on their outward appearance.

It takes money to make money. We all understand that. However, when you’re faced with coming up with a medspa marketing budget, determining the correct figure can be difficult.

You need to spend enough for your marketing strategy to be effective, but with the growing competition, you aren’t confident in spending too terribly much.

We advise med spa owners to treat a marketing budget as an investment. In order to get a bigger reward over time, you’ll need to invest more now. But, there is obviously a HUGE difference between spending lots of money and investing wisely. For this reason, we recommend really researching several medical spa marketing companies before investing in any of them. Once you’ve found a great medical spa marketing agency, a good rule of thumb is to invest anywhere from 7-15% of your gross revenue in digital marketing efforts.

Keep in mind that there is a significant amount of front-loading that is necessary to establish a solid digital marketing foundation. Some marketing agencies charge anywhere from $10,000-$30,000 for initial branding, website, etc. Other marketing agencies drop this price significantly, but tie you to super long-term contracts. Agencies that do neither are few and far between. Typically when an agency doesn’t hold a med spa owner accountable for these costs, they’re either extremely new and don’t know any better, OR they’re extremely confident in their ability to provide exponentially better medspa marketing results. It’s up to you or your in-house marketing representative to determine.

Choose Digital Logic For All of Your Medical Spa Marketing Services

It’s truly a great time to be in the medspa business. There are plenty of great opportunities for growth, but the space is consistently growing in terms of competition. Your medical spa must stand out as a trusted resource in the medical aesthetics industry. So, a well executed digital medspa marketing strategy has never been more critical to the success of your business.

In order to remain successful in the medspa industry, you’ll need to take a holistic approach to digital marketing-ensuring that your medical spa is producing both timely and relevant content and presenting it to those at the correct time. All of your online marketing efforts should work in harmony with external events and other marketing initiatives.

With med spa marketing services from Digital Logic, you’re able to increase your brand awareness, generate more patient leads and better quality patient leads, convert those leads into paying customers, and secure patient loyalty. Our digital marketing services work because they are all patient-centered. We take our medspa industry knowledge and help your prospective clients make the easy choice for medical spa treatments: YOU!

You’ll be surprised to see just how great the results are!

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