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Grow Your Estate Planning Law Firm With Law Firm Marketing Services From Digital Logic

Estate planning services are seeing an increase in demand for several reasons:

Despite this increase, estate planning is a competitive, challenging, niche practice area. To find success as an estate planning firm, your brand needs to be in front of as many potential clients as possible. For this to happen, your estate planning marketing strategy must be tactical, comprehensive, and airtight.

This is much easier when lawyers work with a top digital marketing agency.

Digital Logic is a law firm marketing company that offers smart solutions to help grow your estate planning law firm through SEO, PPC ads, Google ads, social media management, content marketing, and more.

If your law firm needs to secure more traffic, more leads, and more happy clients, our legal marketing team has the skills required to grow your organic search traffic and reach more potential clients in your local area.

To find out more about what your online marketing efforts should look like and to claim a free personalized marketing plan, let’s talk.

Still not convinced? Take a look at some of our case studies from past client successes.

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What is Estate Planning Marketing?

Estate planning marketing involves developing and utilizing targeted strategies to create and promote awareness and education surrounding estate planning services. Estate planning marketing strategies may include a combination of digital marketing tactics.

The goal of marketing for probate or estate planning is to connect lawyers with their target audience, communicate the benefits of their services, and establish the firm as a trusted authority in the legal field, which helps to drive leads and convert more prospects.

How Can Digital Marketing Help Estate Planning Law Firms?

While traditional methods and referral sources may have worked in the past, the most effective ways to market estate planning law firms now revolve around online marketing techniques. 

Probate and estate planning professionals play very important roles in their clients’ lives, as they provide important information and support through the most difficult of circumstances: death. This gives estate planning attorneys the opportunity to develop strong, lasting relationships with their estate planning clients.

Digital marketing takes advantage of the most useful channel: the internet.

And at Digital Logic, our extremely effective tactics help build website authority, provide relevant content for searchers, optimize that content for Google to process easier, and create highly effective paid ads campaigns to keep your firm top of mind with your target market.

Here are just a few benefits that can come from a solid legal marketing plan for your probate or estate planning business:

Outrank Other Estate Planning Lawyers on Search Engines

Legal clients and businesses that are interested in probate are turning to search engines, like Google and Bing, to find attorneys for their cases. 

Search engine rankings are incredibly important for estate lawyers, as ranking in the top three can boost their business’ value by ten times or more.

By utilizing search engine optimization, law firm advertising, social media management, or other digital marketing techniques, your firm can easily compete with other professionals in local search results.

If your website ranks lower than the first page of Google, the chances of earning a searcher’s phone call plummets. The only way to effectively compete with and outrank your competitors is to implement a strong Internet marketing strategy.

Secure a Position as an Industry Leader in the ever-changing Financial Industry

In larger cities, a higher level of competition exists between estate planners. Whether you are a new business or an established firm, competing with other professionals requires a considerable amount of time and energy.

Not only will a professional marketing strategy help increase your firm’s visibility, but it will also generate helpful content, share information, and answer FAQs regarding specific legal issues. This will help prospects remember your brand and improve the overall conversion rate long-term.

Estate planning and probate cover a wide variety of topics, including family assets, estate taxes, estate planning documents, etc. Publishing content that easily answers a searcher’s question is just one of many ways to build brand awareness.

Digital marketing provides firms with the perfect opportunity to do this.

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Having tried every marketing tool in the past, I can honestly tell you that the services provided by the Digital Logic are the real deal. You will see an immediate increase in business. It is quite literally like turning on a faucet, the phone doesn’t stop ringing. Total Game Changer!!!
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Digital Logic is doing exactly what they said they would do. They cleaned up our website and increased traffic. Quality personal service with people who still care about their customers. We have used the big name national website content providers. Digital Logic is better and more cost effective.
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Scott Newton
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Julie Lopez
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Digital Marketing Services For Estate Planning Attorneys

Although many attorneys acquire new clients through local events, email campaigns, or a referral network, there are better resources in which your business can invest to accomplish this goal.

If we think of gaining new clients as a sales process, there are far better tactics to connect with the ideal client, nurture leads, and secure essential relationships with local families.

Digital marketing is an effective way to increase the ROI of your estate planning law firm’s “sales process.”

It gives your legal team exposure online, establishes expertise, builds those critical relationships with prospective clients, generates more qualified leads, and can even boost your firm’s revenue.

To achieve this level of success, your marketing strategy needs to be comprehensive.

For example, although lawyers can get more clients from social media sites, in order to differentiate the firm from other organizations, social media management shouldn’t be the only focus of their marketing strategy.

A strategy that includes multiple platforms, tactics, and networking opportunities is the best way to go, as this provides more opportunities to get referrals and reach the target audience.

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Estate Planning Lawyer Website Design Services

The appearance and functionality of your website play an important role in securing new clients and marketing legal services.

The design of your web pages shouldn’t be too busy, and every feature, down to each individual link, should function properly. Otherwise, all web traffic generated will be harder to convert into phone calls and existing clients.

When searchers click on a paid search result, they’ll be taken to a dedicated landing page. Landing pages can include blog articles and practice area pages. These should look professional, function seamlessly, and answer common questions about your firm. 

Due to the landscape of the specific niche, an estate planning law firm needs a website that exudes professionalism and compassion. Families want to know that the estate planners they invest in will be competent and supportive throughout the estate planning process.

That’s why part of your digital efforts should focus on designing a website that defines your estate planning law firm’s voice, provides helpful information to potential clients, and functions as intended.

Our law firm web design services are provided by an in-house web design team that not only has the skills required to deliver a personalized website, but also an eye for style.

Did you know that past clients can contribute to the success of your estate planning law firm?

80% of consumers read reviews before hiring an attorney.

While designing an estate planning law firm’s website, it’s important to include positive reviews from your Google My Business profile, online directories, and other sources. These reviews act as social proof for potential clients that your estate planning practice delivers great results.

If your firm’s website has plenty of glowing reviews, this reassures prospective clients that your legal advice is valid. It builds trust and credibility, which is very important for estate planning attorneys.

More people are using mobile devices to conduct searches than ever before. A responsive website design ensures that your estate planning law firm can meet the needs of potential clients, whether they’re searching from a mobile device or personal laptop.

Did you know that the longer a web page takes to load, the more that page’s bounce rate skyrockets?

Bounce rate measures the percentage of website visitors who quickly leave the website. When potential clients search for legal assistance online, fast websites are crucial.

Law firms with websites that load slowly are less likely to have prospective clients that navigate through and explore everything your firm has to offer.

Not only should your website be optimized for potential clients, but it should also appeal to search engines, like Google and Bing.

A comprehensive marketing strategy will ensure that both the front and back ends of your website are optimized according to what search platforms like to see. 

Law firms with outdated websites are less likely to rank well on the search engine results pages, even with the advantage of online seniority.

SEO For Estate Planning Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving one’s website to increase its visibility in search engines like Bing and Google.

In order for an estate planning law firm to grow its organic traffic and improve performance on search results, it should invest in a comprehensive organic marketing strategy as part of its overall marketing efforts.

Take a look at the services our law firm SEO agency offers:

One of the most important aspects of legal marketing is keyword research, as this determines the best phrases to target for your estate planning law firm’s growth.

This helps our professionals discover what your target audience is searching for and develop the message around this knowledge. This practice has many benefits, including increases in traffic growth, insights into trends, and the ability to generate leads.

Keyword research is the crucial preparation that lays the foundation for content marketing.

Our strategic plans are created based around the keywords that an attorney wants to rank for.

When blogging for legal practices, it's important to publish helpful content and answer questions while positioning your firm as a resource to your target audience. 

Probate topics are often emotional for clients and their family members. Therefore, the tone in which you discuss these matters on your blogs and web pages should reflect compassion and professionalism.

Additionally, some law firms promote each individual blog post in their email marketing strategies.

If current or prospective clients sign up for a newsletter, the blog content in the emails they receive is key. It should position your estate planning law firm as a probate and estate planning expert that can manage their expectations with ease.

This will encourage potential clients on your email marketing list to schedule their consultation.

Therefore, content marketing not only attracts new clients, but also helps retain clients.

If your goal is to attract more clients from the local community, local SEO is an essential tactic.

This strategy focuses on making your firm more noticeable to your target audience in local organic search results. Virtually any business that has a physical location or that serves a specific area can benefit from local SEO.

Local SEO is the key to ranking your firm higher in Google Maps and search results.

This strategy focuses on optimizing the back end of your website, or aspects that aren't visible to searchers.

It involves coding, audits, increases in page speed, schema additions, and other “technical” strategies that make the website easier for Google bots to crawl.

The local and technical strategies of SEO can also be split up into on and off-site SEO.

On-site SEO is, as the name suggests, a way to help both searchers and search engine crawlers understand the message and relevancy of a web page. 

In contrast, off-site SEO aims to improve your firm's relevancy, popularity, and overall trustworthiness on Google and other platforms, which all impact search rankings.

Two main marketing strategies exist–organic and paid marketing. While organic techniques can help scale website traffic and lead generation over time, paid advertising gives estate planners immediate results.

If you’re operating out of a new law office, paid ads provide a fast, effective way to increase your online presence, and for the first several months of marketing your firm, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) will be more cost-effective than organic alternatives.

Whether you want to advertise on Google, Bing, or social media platforms, Digital Logic has an exceptionally skilled team of PPC specialists to help reach the ideal client base in your market.

Investing in PPC management services makes sense for estate planning attorneys. It’s able to address the need for referrals while allowing the lawyer to participate in the day-to-day dealings for which he or she is responsible.

Google’s Local Service Ads for attorneys (LSAs) are another effective paid advertising option for getting more clients.

They’re relatively new compared to other PPC ads, but they’re even more cost-effective. Rather than paying for every click, you pay for legitimate leads.

For example, prospective clients who call estate planning law firms looking for personal injury lawyers are obviously not qualified leads. When this happens, we can dispute the lead and get that money back. 

Furthermore, a new business can use LSAs to compete with bigger, more established attorneys. This means you don’t have to worry about getting clients as a new estate planning attorney. 

How Much Do Estate Planning Marketing Services Cost?

This depends on the needs of your specific practice.

At Digital Logic, we offer custom pricing plans that aim to provide legal practices with quality services at a reasonable price.

One factor that will affect your budget is geographical location. Certain areas are more competitive than others, which may mean more budget is necessary to move the needle. 

However, with a top SEO agency on your side, you can craft a winning strategy in even the most competitive markets.

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