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Digital Marketing for Physical Therapists

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Whether you’re opening the doors of a new physical therapy practice or have been in business for years, you understand that marketing is critical to the financial success of your practice. Less than a decade ago, physical therapy marketing consisted of word-of-mouth advertising, billboards, and physician referral sources. Now, the vast majority of your potential clients are searching for the PT services you offer on search engines, like Google. And, in order to compete with the growing healthcare industry, you’ll need to have a strong online presence. Digital marketing is the best way to accomplish this.

But, in the healthcare industry, it’s no secret that digital marketing efforts are the bane of every practitioner’s existence.

While there’s certainly no shortage of physical therapy marketing ideas, you understand that ultimately you are responsible for compliance concerns. So, marketing tasks become some of the most dreaded tasks in the office. And, you understand that digital marketing is certainly not a “one-off” task-in order to increase patient volume, you must consistently produce new content and interact with potential patients online.

The good news is that it’s never been easier to grow your clinic through physical therapy marketing services from Digital Logic.

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At Digital Logic, we focus on creating a PT marketing plan that creates as many chances as possible for your physical therapy clinic to get found online by those looking for physical therapy services.
Physical therapy marketing efforts should focus on creating a real connection between potential clients and physical therapists online. When your PT practice has a user-friendly website, shows up on searches for local physicians, and is able to maintain a positive online reputation, you’re able to increase your brand awareness and increase patient leads. This, in turn, will increase the odds of potential patients visiting your PT clinic when they need your services.

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Working with Digital Logic was the best marketing move I've ever made for my practice. They have helped me continually stay booked with the right kind of patients with their strategic approach to drive more traffic to our website.
Dr Forrest Wall
Dr. Forrest Wall
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What is a Physical Therapy Marketing Plan?

A physical therapy marketing plan is simply an organized compilation of physical therapy marketing strategies that work in tandem to grow your practice. These marketing strategies all work together to reach your target audience while staying within your marketing budget.

And, of course, the physical therapy marketing strategies will differ depending on the location, practice size, and whether we’re marketing for a physical therapy clinic or a single physical therapist:

  • A physical therapy practice marketing plan approaches digital marketing for the purposes of marketing an entity. It highlights the shared values and highlights the experience of the physical therapists and staff collectively.
  • A physical therapist marketing plan simply focuses on the individual physical therapist and marketing his or her services.

At Digital Logic, we have extensive experience marketing both physical therapists, as well as multi-location physical

Why Physical Therapists Need Digital Marketing Services

Your potential patients are searching for private practices, just like yours, online more than anywhere else. So, in order for practice owners to grow their business, they need to make sure previous, potential, and existing patients can find their business online.

You cannot grow your practice if no one can find you in the search results.

Your PT marketing strategy can ultimately be the deciding factor between your clinic’s success or failure. Unfortunately, we see many physical therapists come to this realization after their business has started to wane.

In the past, physical therapists who had a professionally designed website were ahead of the industry trend. Now, simply having a pretty website isn’t going to do much, if any good, if you’re wanting to reach more patients. Physical therapists need to offer positive reviews from past patients, provide timely PT content, and include online opportunities for patients to connect with them.

At Digital Logic, our marketing experts provide a completely custom physical therapy marketing strategy that will convert website traffic into paying patients and your current patients into brand representatives. Our marketing strategies will not only help your practice rank higher in the search results, they’ll also help your practice retain your previous patients at a much higher rate than traditional advertising.

Furthermore, unlike traditional advertising, digital advertising allows your private practice to have flexibility in terms of targeting and tracking your return on investment.

Over the past few years, physical therapists across the United States have come to rely on our advanced digital marketing services. If you need a steady stream of new patient leads, a physical therapy marketing campaign from Digital Logic may be just the ticket!

What Makes Digital Logic's Approach to Physical Therapy Marketing Different?

At Digital Logic, our marketing experts have a proven track record for providing exceptional healthcare marketing campaigns. When you invest in our services, we’ll develop a custom physical therapy marketing strategy to help you reach prospective patients and retain current patients. We provide professional online marketing services to single physical therapist locations and multi-location practices.

Regardless of whether you need PT marketing ideas, a new website, search engine optimization services, PPC management services, or social media marketing management, we will work alongside you to achieve your marketing campaign goals.

no long contracts

No Long Term Marketing Contracts

Many healthcare digital advertising agencies will make their clients sign a long term contract before offering a digital marketing plan or providing services. At Digital Logic, we don’t believe in tying our hardworking clients to super long contracts. Instead, our primary focus is on providing the best physical therapy marketing services we can!

you own your website

You Own Your Website

Many of our current clients have previously fallen victim to the “website hostage” situation. There are too many online marketing companies that will hold their clients’ websites hostage after the client decides to no longer renew their contract. We normally see these “marketing tactics” used by big-box agencies who don’t have any intention of providing services that will help their clients.

But, when Digital Logic redesigns or builds your website, you own that website. And, if later down the road, you decide that you no longer want to work with us, we will provide you with a couple of options: we can host your site for you at the going market rate, or you can host your site elsewhere.

Regardless of how long you’ve been with us as a client, we genuinely want the best for you! We love seeing small businesses succeed. Plus, we’ve had several clients decide to try another medical marketing agency, only to quickly return. So, we truly understand the importance of The Golden Rule and how it relates to business opportunities.

dedicated account manager

Experienced, Dedicated Account Manager

At Digital Logic, we provide an experienced, dedicated account manager for every one of our clients. Every account manager on staff is Google certified and experienced enough to provide the specific PT marketing strategy you need to succeed.

brand awareness

Online Reputation Management

In many cases, physical therapy is elective. So, many times, patients have the luxury of choosing the local therapist with whom he or she is the most comfortable with.

Many prospective patients value online reviews just as much, if not more than doctor recommendations. Because of this, you need to have a proper process in place to monitor how your patients truly feel about your physical therapy services in their online reviews. A few negative remarks can really stunt the growth of your physical therapy practice.

In order to tackle negative reviews, we focus on generating as many positive reviews for your physical therapy clinic as possible. When a potential patient sees that the vast majority of your patients are happy with your services, this takes the attention away from the negative online reviews.

When you partner with Digital Logic, in addition to providing a better ROAS, or return on ad spend, and increasing your online visibility, our healthcare marketing experts will also help you manage your online reputation. We will monitor your phone calls for ad relevance via call tracking software, alert you to negative patient testimonials, capitalize on positive patient reviews, and make sure that you have a thriving social media presence.

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Physical Therapy Marketing Services

Physical Therapy PPC

The goal of paid advertising or investing in paid search campaigns is to drive more qualified potential patients to your website and to convert those potential clients into paying patients. At Digital Logic, we personalize all of our PPC campaigns to target those who are actively searching for the physical therapy services that your clinic offers.

Here, we’re able to target your PPC, or pay per click, ads to your ideal audience. This ensures that you only have to pay for the clicks selected by those who are truly interested in your specific PT services. If you need to increase your brand visibility while targeting the best new patients, then Google ads should be a part of your monthly PT marketing budget.

When you partner with us for healthcare PPC services, you’ll see an increased return on your Google advertising investment. We ensure this by creating a custom landing page for each ad group, targeting the best local physicians and prospective clients, and crafting an enticing call to action consistently.

We’ll work with you to determine which PT services bring in the most revenue and which services you prefer not to offer. This helps us to set our targeting parameters and budget accordingly.

Lastly, in terms of a Google ads return on investment, for every dollar you spend on PPC ads with Digital Logic, you should receive at least a two dollar return. We have some of the best PPC campaign managers in the business!

Our paid advertising experts work with our organic search team to create a list of high-impact, high-value keywords that will bring the best, most qualified patients to your site. From here, we’ll use the keyword list to create a separate ad group for each specific service offering you provide.

While many private practice owners try to DIY Google ads, they miss one of the most valuable aspects of hiring an experienced PPC agency. Our account managers have extensive industry experience. They’ve gained the type of knowledge you cannot learn, except through experience. And, since our account managers have specific experience marketing for physical therapists, they’ll have a healthy list of keyword negatives to add to your campaigns, right from the start!

These are keywords that you don’t want to show your ads for. And, knowing which words to exclude and include usually saves our healthcare clients a FORTUNE on their ad budget, right from the beginning.

Digital Logic is a Google Premier Partner. So, every account manager here will bring Google’s best practice to your physical therapy marketing strategy. We’re confident that all account managers at Digital Logic will be able to help you turn exponentially more website visitors into new patients than you’ve seen with other marketing agencies.

When a searcher clicks on your PPC ad, visits your site, realizes they didn’t find what they need and then leaves, this is called “bouncing”. Google not only uses your web traffic to determine your position on the search results page, it also uses your bounce rate to help determine your CPC, or cost per click, price.

Because of this, our marketing experts create a unique landing page for each of your ad groups. You need your landing page to provide a great patient experience. By creating professionally designed landing pages that correlate with your specific ad groups, we’re able to make sure that the searcher has the best experience possible when they visit your site.

At Digital Logic, we make sure that every landing page provides a unique selling proposition, has an enticing call to action, and is easy for your website visitors to navigate. This is just one example of how Digital Logic’s services are superior. Our built-in conversion rate optimization services ensure that your marketing dollars go further than ever before!

Creating unique, targeted Google ads is only the beginning, at Digital Logic. When you invest in our PPC services, your dedicated account manager will begin A/B, or split, testing your PPC ads. We’ll first determine which Google ads are outperforming the rest. Then, we’ll scrap the underperforming ads and pair a new set of ads against the best performing ads from the previous run.

In short, this ensures that your ROI will continue to increase, until we’ve reached your maximum return on investment!


Physical Therapy SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an online marketing strategy used to increase the quantity and quality of organic traffic sent to your site. Your potential new patients will typically use a search engine, like Google, to find reputable, local healthcare providers.

Search engines give those searchers direct access to Google maps locations, Google reviews, and answers to any questions they may have. The trend isn’t going anywhere, so you really need professional SEO services as a major part of your online marketing budget

At Digital Logic, we provide complete physical therapy search engine optimization services. Our experts know how to create a professional, personalized organic Google search strategy to fit almost any marketing budget and set of needs.

If you already have a physical therapist website, our SEO team will conduct an in-depth audit, free of charge. We will determine what is performing well and what is underperforming. From here, we’ll use the most sophisticated marketing tools to select valuable keywords that have a high conversion rate, and we’ll use these specific keywords to devise your organic marketing plan.

Content marketing is a strategic approach to online marketing that focuses on creating content that is valuable to current patients as well as potential clients. Content marketing costs less than traditional marketing techniques, but it increases your conversion rates by up to 6 times and increases leads by 3 times the amount of traditional forms of advertising. When executed correctly, it can be one of the most valuable physical therapy marketing ideas your business uses.

Your website is only as beneficial as the content it contains.

Physical therapists are ultimately responsible for how he or she is portrayed online. So, at Digital Logic, we don’t outsource our content creation. Instead, all of our content is created by a professional, in-house writer. This helps us make sure that every blog post and service page contains accurate and relevant information.

At Digital Logic, our content creation team has extensive physical therapy industry experience and are pros at growing physical therapy practices by creating creative and educational content.

We use extensive keyword research to build high-quality landing pages and educational blog posts, based on the search terms that are specified in our research.

We also include the important technical aspects that many other marketing agencies fail to complete. This can include but isn’t limited to optimized headings, meta titles and descriptions, FAQ and local business schema, alt texts, SEO-friendly anchor texts, etc. While you can’t visually see how important these small tasks are, our attention to detail can be seen in our results. This is just another example of how our internet marketing services are superior.

By consistently creating useful content, we’re able to educate your patients. This provides a better patient experience for them while helping your PT clinic rank higher on the search engines.

Local SEO is just like regular SEO, only it’s more focused on the physical location of a local business, such as your physical therapy clinic. Potential patients all use Google Maps, Apple Maps, and local search queries to find local businesses online.

This is extremely important for local physical therapists.

At Digital Logic, our local SEO experts optimize your Google Business profile, include location-specific keywords in our headings, and build out your local business directory listings.

When a searcher finds what he or she needs without having to visit a website, this is called zero-click attribution. Recently, studies have shown that more than half of all searches result in zero click attribution. And, why wouldn’t they? It’s certainly easier.

Zero click attribution happens when a potential new patient finds your Google business listing and calls directly from that listing. It can also happen when Google highlights a text from your website using a “featured snippet”.

Since our SEO team is always tuned into the newest internet marketing trends for healthcare marketing, our healthcare clients gain a huge advantage over their competition by our team using this newer attribution technique.

Learn more about multichannel attribution for digital marketing

Local businesses should appear on as many directories and online platforms as possible. In order to increase site traffic, our team at Digital Logic will add or update your clinic’s name, address, phone number, hours of operation, website URL, online reviews, and up to date photos of your clinic.

Physical Therapy Website Development

Your physical therapy website is the hub of all your digital marketing efforts. A well-thought out website design can increase your Google rankings, making it easier for you to be found in local searches, and in some cases, even improve your paid physical therapy advertising results.

Furthermore, your website is the first point of interaction with potential patients, so your design is critical when you’re marketing your physical therapy services to those who may be interested. Your website should make your physical therapy clinic or clinics look credible, compassionate, and able to provide results.

At Digital Logic, we create physical therapy websites that are beautifully designed, secure, easy to navigate, fast, and responsive

Website design is only half of what physical therapy clinics need. In order to reach more patients online, a PT website should also have a well thought out structure, an organized URL hierarchy, and an efficient site architecture to support your SEO efforts. Your site will also need a scalable framework to support content as your practice grows. Having the correct foundation will help your SEO content get discovered, crawled, indexed, and ranked faster.

Sadly, we often see physical therapists hire a website development company to build their website and then, they’ll continue to pay the same company for monthly advertising services. This is like expecting the front desk worker at your clinic to provide patient intake services and then provide monthly physical therapy services. Your patient experience would be terrible. This would influence your patient retention, as well as your patient referrals. While your patients would be happy to work with that same, familiar face, the front desk worker is only skilled at working the front desk. He or she would not be able to help your patients much after the initial encounter with one another.

This scenario probably seems ludicrous to you…possibly insulting. But, this is something that we see regularly from prospects who reach out to us for help. (YIKES)

If you’re a practice owner who is interested in growing your practice long term, hiring a web dev agency for marketing services is never a good choice. It doesn’t matter how many shining Google reviews the company has for their professionally designed websites. The fact is that website design experience does not equal digital marketing experience, especially in terms of online healthcare marketing.

Instead, you should partner with a reputable healthcare SEO agency-hire that agency to design and build your website and then, use their monthly marketing services. This is a better use of your marketing budget allocation and will provide much better long term results.

At Digital Logic, we have professional website designers on staff. We’re able to create beautiful websites, but we are not a website design or development business. This isn’t how we make our profit. Our strengths are Google ads management services and search engine optimization services.

Our website design team can build out a website that is able to grow as your PT practice grows. Our clients often experience more growth than they were prepared for, after the first 6 months. Some have quickly opened second or third locations, after partnering with us. So, we’ve learned (the hard way) that we must create websites that can house multi-location practices, offer extra customer relationship management plugins, and offer the support your business needs both now and in the future.

User and patient satisfaction is critical for website success. Ensuring that your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate will help keep website visitors engaged longer. This makes it easier for them to convert and easier for us to pull data from their visit, all while showing Google that your website is the authority for local physical therapy services.

When searchers use a search engine to find local businesses, more than half of the time, they search from a mobile device. And, many of the physical therapists we speak to don’t know whether or not their website is responsive. This is important.

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, or isn’t mobile responsive, then you are isolating yourself from over half of the potential new patients that are searching for local physical therapists, like yourself. Additionally, Google gives preference to responsive websites. If you’re running ads with Google without having a responsive website, we can almost promise you that you’re paying too much for those ads.

When potential new patients visit your site, the site should automatically adjust to fit whatever mobile device or tablet they are using.

At Digital Logic, we design every website to be responsive. We also ensure that your mobile users can easily navigate your site by:

  • avoiding flash
  • improving your site speed for mobile devices
  • creating easy to use navigation and menu options
  • eliminating pop-ups
  • using color schemes, buttons, and fonts that are easy to view
  • performing mobile testing after all updates

Let's work together

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Physical Therapy Marketing FAQs

In today’s competitive healthcare industry, you’ll need a digital marketing strategy that can reach your target audience and provide real-time data. Different physical therapy clinics will need different strategies based on needs. But, for a healthy, well-rounded online marketing strategy, you’ll need to partner with a digital marketing agency that provides exceptional website development services, professional SEO services, and Google Ads management services.

If you’re in the market for a physical therapy marketing agency, give Digital Logic a call at 318-678-5020. We offer free consultations and website audits.

The rule of thumb is that physical therapy clinics should invest 7-15% of gross income on marketing to support growth. Practice owners who spend 5% or less tend to experience declining patient volume and/or stagnant growth.

At Digital Logic, we can work with almost every budget. As your practice grows, you’ll be able to invest more into more intensive marketing efforts. Everyone wins.

There are several target audiences for physical therapists. Your PT clinic can target those who are in pain and looking for relief via physical therapy, athletes who wish to improve their performance in a sport or activity, those who need rehabilitation after a surgery or injury, those with mobility-limiting ailments, those who want to prevent injuries, those looking to manage a chronic physical condition, etc.

In general, you’ll want to target age groups who have the means to pay for your physical therapy services more heavily than those who may not. This typically includes those over the age of 30 to 65.

The most effective marketing strategies include a mixture of professional website design, search engine optimization, and PPC management services.

At Digital Logic, we understand that every physical therapist or practice owner has different needs for their practice. So, we offer several physical therapy marketing strategies to help you succeed. Our internet marketing experts will work with you to determine which marketing strategy is best for your business based on your monthly marketing budget.

The amount of time it takes to start seeing results depends on which marketing services you choose to invest in. If you invest in PPC advertising services, then you will start getting more patient leads the day that your Google ads go live. If you invest in SEO or content marketing services, then it will take a little more time to see results. We generally start to see an upward trend at around 6 months. This will vary by location and local competition. But, when you invest in our SEO services, all of the traffic that your website gets is organic, and the traffic tends to multiply exponentially, as Google starts recognizing your website as an authority in your industry.