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Digital Marketing for Chiropractors

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As a chiropractor, you know that having a steady stream of new patients is key to growing your business. In order to accomplish this you’ll need a unified digital marketing strategy that consistently aligns with your business goals.

There are over 70,000 chiropractors practicing in the United States, and every year, an additional 2,500 new chiropractors enter the healthcare sector. As the competition grows, you’ll need a way to ensure that your chiropractic care stands out!

Less than a decade ago, chiropractic marketing generally consisted of word-of-mouth advertising and the occasional billboard. Now, the majority of your potential patients are searching for the chiropractic services you offer on search engines, like Google. And, in order to compete, you’ll need to have a strong online presence.

Digital marketing is the best way to accomplish this.

If you’re considering outsourcing your online chiropractic marketing efforts, you should do your homework before selecting an internet marketing agency. At Digital Logic, we work with healthcare providers to build brand awareness, increase their patient volume, and boost ROI by offering better connections between healthcare providers and their potential new patients.

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Chiropractic marketing strategies should focus on creating a genuine connection between potential patients and chiropractors online. When you have a user-friendly chiropractic website, show up for local searches, and maintain a positive online reputation, you’re able to increase awareness. This, in turn, increases your chances that potential patients will visit your chiropractic office when they need chiropractic care.

Why Chiropractors Need Digital Marketing Services

Prospective patients are searching for chiropractor services online more than anywhere else. So, in order to grow your chiropractic practice, you’ll need to meet them where they are.

As a chiropractor, you can’t grow your practice or reach new patients if no one is able to find you in the search results.

At Digital Logic, our chiropractic marketing strategies not only help your clinic show up on the search results, but they also help your practice retain your current patients at a much higher rate than traditional advertising.

Potential patients rely on search engines, like Google, to help them find experienced, professional chiropractors in their area. So, your website needs to appear for these searches as well as answer any questions that those searchers may have. You can accomplish this through search engine optimization, PPC advertising, link building, and content marketing strategies.

In the past, chiropractors who had a professionally designed chiropractic website were ahead of the trend. Now, only having a website isn’t going to do you much, if any, good in terms of growing your chiropractic practice. Chiropractors now need to offer positive patient reviews, provide timely content, and give online opportunities for patients to connect with you. These online connections are critical for building your online reputation, which is key for long term growth and patient satisfaction.

Additionally, unlike traditional forms of advertising, digital marketing allows chiropractors flexibility. You’re able to target the new patients or current patients that your business needs to thrive when necessary. You’re also able to track your return on investment, which was never an option for traditional advertising.

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How is Digital Logic’s Chiropractic Marketing Strategy Different?

At Digital Logic, we have a proven record of providing the best chiropractic marketing strategies designed to help reach potential patients and retain existing patients. We provide digital marketing services for single location chiropractors and multi-location practices.

Whether you need trending chiropractic marketing ideas, a new website, optimizing your website for search engines, or social media management, we will work beside you to achieve your marketing goals.

Many digital marketing agencies (especially those with healthcare specializations) will make clients sign a long term contract before offering online marketing services. At Digital Logic, we don’t believe in tying hardworking customers to super long contracts. Here, our primary focus has always been on providing exceptional chiropractic marketing services, not enforcing our contracts.

If you’ve invested in online marketing before, you likely know that many digital marketing agencies hold their clients’ sites hostage, once the client chooses to forgo their services. This tactic is typically used by big-box marketing firms who have no intention of providing superior digital marketing services.

When Digital Logic builds or redesigns your website, you own that website. If you decide that you no longer want to work with us for whatever reason, you have several options available: we can host your website at the present market rate, or you can choose to host your website elsewhere. Either way, we’ll do our best to help you. We’ve had several clients decide to stop working with us, only to quickly come back. So, we understand the importance of “playing nice” so to speak.

Digital Logic provides an experienced, dedicated account manager for all of our clients. Your account manager is Google certified and will work with you to create and carry out your specific chiropractic marketing strategies.

Happy patients tend to leave less reviews, compared to unhappy patients. It’s just the sad reality of how reviews work. But, when you partner with Digital Logic, in addition to increasing your online rankings and providing you a better return on ad spend, our marketing experts will also help you manage your online reputation. We’ll monitor phone calls for ad relevancy, alert you to negative patient reviews, capitalize on positive patient reviews, and ensure you have a healthy social media presence.

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Chiropractic Marketing Strategies

Pay Per Click Advertising for Chiropractors

At Digital Logic, we’re able to target your PPC ads to your ideal audience. This ensures that you’re only paying for clicks by prospects who are genuinely interested in your chiropractic services. If you want to increase your footprint on the online space while targeting the best patients, then Google ads should be an integral part of your chiropractic marketing strategy.

When you partner with Digital Logic for healthcare PPC management services, we can ensure an increased return on your Google ads investment by creating a customized landing page for each ad group, crafting an enticing call to action, and targeting the best local audience to increase your visibility to those who are ready to book appointments and those who are guaranteed to generate more revenue for your practice.

As far as a Google ads return on investment, for every $1 you spend on PPC ads, you should receive at least a $2 return, if your Google ads are set up correctly. At Digital Logic, we have some of the best chiropractic PPC managers in the United States.

Our PPC management team will work with our SEO experts to create a list of high-impact, high-value keywords that will bring the most qualified, best patients to your chiropractic website. Then, we’ll use this keyword list to create separate ad groups for each specific service offering.

One of the most valuable aspects of hiring an experienced PPC management agency is the actual industry experience your business will gain-the experience that can’t be taught in videos or classes. Since our account managers have extensive healthcare industry experience, right off the bat, we’ll be able to include a rather lengthy list of keyword negatives. These are words that you don’t want to show ads for. This saves our healthcare clients money right from the beginning when using Google ads.

As a Google Premier Partner, every account manager at Digital Logic will bring Google’s best practices to your chiropractic marketing strategies. Our Google-certified experts are skilled at optimizing the online presence for our chiropractor clients. We’re confident that every account manager at Digital Logic is able to help you turn exponentially more website visitors into new patients than you’ve seen from other marketing agencies using our specific Google ads strategy.

When a potential patient clicks on your PPC ad, visits your website, realizes that they didn’t find what they were looking for and then leaves, this is called “bouncing”. And, Google pays attention to your bounce rate. In fact, Google uses your bounce rate to help determine how much your CPC, or cost per click, will be.

For this reason, at Digital Logic, we create unique landing pages for all of our ad groups. We want the landing page experience to “wow” your potential patients. By creating landing pages that correlate directly with what your specific ad groups are promoting, we’re able to ensure that the searcher has the best possible experience when they visit your site.

We’ll make sure that each and every landing page provides a good value proposition, has enticing CTAs, or call to actions, and is easy for your visitors to navigate. The good PPC marketing companies provide creative ads. The best PPC marketers provide conversion rate optimization on top of creative, data-driven ads.

After your PPC ads have run for a set amount of time, your dedicated account manager will begin split testing, or A/B testing your pay per click ads. We’ll determine which Google ads are outperforming the others. We’ll get rid of the underperforming ads and then, pair a new set of ads against the best performing ads from the previous group.

This ensures that your return on investment will continue to improve, until we’ve reached the best you can get.


Search Engine Optimization for Chiropractors

SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the marketing strategies used to increase both the quantity and the quality of the organic traffic that’s sent to your website.

Potential patients will typically use a search engine to research healthcare providers in their area. So, for this reason, you really should include SEO services as a big part of your online marketing budget.

Digital Logic provides complete chiropractic SEO services. We know how to create a personalized organic Google search strategy to fit almost any budget and need. SEO evens the playing field for small businesses online, and our SEO experts use this to our advantage when we create content for our small business clients.

If you already have a chiro website, our team of SEO experts will run an in-depth audit. We’ll see what’s performing well, and what is draining your site. Then, we’ll use the latest marketing tools to select high value keywords with a high probability of conversion. We use these keywords to build out your organic marketing plan.

Your site is only as beneficial as the content that exists on it. At Digital Logic, we don’t believe in guest blogging for our clients. So, all of our blog articles, services pages, even social media posts will be written by an in-house, professional writer. This helps us to ensure accuracy and extreme professionalism in each and every blog post and page we provide for our clients.

Our professional content team uses intensive keyword research to build high-quality landing pages and educational posts, such as wellness tips and spine health content, based on the search terms specified in the research.

We also include important technical aspects to those blog posts and pages. This includes but isn’t limited to meta information, optimized headings, schema, alt text on images, SEO-friendly anchor texts, etc. And, while most can’t visually see the importance of these tasks, this is part of what sets us apart from our competition-attention to detail.

By consistently posting on your behalf, we’re able to provide more educated patients while helping your chiropractic practice rank higher on the search results.

Local SEO is an extremely important consideration when it comes to chiropractic marketing strategies.

Local SEO is similar to regular SEO, only it focuses on those inside your service parameters. Having a local SEO strategy is important for chiropractors especially, since you really only need to target the audience that’s within driving distance to your chiropractic practice.

At Digital Logic, our local SEO experts will optimize your Google Business profile, build out local citations, and include targeting for location-specific keywords associated with your industry.

When a searcher takes an immediate action directly from the search results page, this is called zero click attribution. Recently, studies have shown that over half of all Google searches result in this attribution for a singular, simple reason: it is easier.

Zero click attribution can occur when a prospective patient finds your Google Business profile and calls directly from your listing. It can also happen when your website appears via Google’s featured snippet.

And, since our SEO professionals are always tuned into the newest online trends for chiropractic marketing, our clients gain a major advantage over other chiropractors by using this new, zero click attribution technique.

Learn more about marketing multi-channel attribution.

Your chiropractic practice (with updated information) should appear on as many directories and websites as possible. In order to increase website traffic, Digital Logic will include and/or update your practice’s name, address, phone number, website URL, online reviews, business hours, and photos of your practice.

By utilizing online directories, potential new patients are able to see what your current patients are saying about your chiropractic practice.

Chiropractic Website Development

Your healthcare website is the hub for all of your online marketing efforts. It is where prospective patients go to educate themselves about your chiropractic services and where they’ll go when it’s time to book an appointment. In order for any chiropractic marketing strategy to be successful, there must first be a well-designed, Google search optimized, and mobile friendly site to serve as the foundation for those marketing ideas.

At Digital Logic, we create chiropractic websites that are professionally designed, easy to use, secure, and mobile friendly.

Website design is only one part of what you’ll need your website to do. You also need for your website to have a solid structure, an organized URL hierarchy, and the right site architecture to support your SEO marketing ideas. You’ll need to have a scalable framework so that your website can grow as your practice grows. Having this framework will help get your content crawled, discovered, indexed, and essentially, ranked much faster.

Oftentimes, healthcare professionals will hire a web development agency to build their site, and then, they’ll pay a monthly fee for their marketing services. The problem here is that web dev companies are only experienced in a single aspect of the much, much larger picture, here.

Instead, you should work with an experienced healthcare SEO agency to build your site, and then use them for the monthly marketing initiatives. This is a much better use of your long term marketing budget.

At Digital Logic, we’re able to create beautiful websites. We do have web development professionals on staff, but we are not a web dev company. Our strengths are Google ads management and SEO services. We believe it’s better to first build out a custom marketing strategy for our clients, and then build the website to house the marketing ideas we have.

It does take a lot more prep-work, but we’re efficient, and we know it provides more success to our clients.

At Digital Logic, our website development team builds a site that is able to grow as your chiropractic practice grows. We’ve seen way too many of our clients experience crazy growth shortly after partnering with us not to. Regardless of whether you’re expanding from 1 to 2 locations or from 1 to 20, the marketing experts at Digital Logic have you covered.

Ensuring that your site is easy to use will enhance the user experience. This also helps to keep your visitors on your website longer, making it easier for those searchers to convert and also, ensuring that you keep your bounce rate down. If you’re running ads, then ensuring a great user experience is critical to keeping your cost per click down.

Well over half of the searches for local businesses are done from a mobile device. So, if your current website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re isolating yourself from prospective new patients. Furthermore, Google gives preference to websites that adjust for mobile users.

When a potential new patient goes to your website, your website should automatically adjust to fit whatever mobile device he or she is using.

In order to ensure that mobile users can easily navigate your website, we’ll:

  • improve your website speed for mobile phones
  • avoid flash
  • eliminate all pop up text and graphics
  • use buttons and fonts that are easy to view
  • create easy to use menus and navigation
  • perform mobile testing after updates

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Chiropractic Marketing FAQs

Traditionally, chiropractors were able to use word-of-mouth-advertising to promote their practices. Now, your potential patients are looking for chiropractic services on search engines, like Google.

In order to keep a steady stream of new patients, we recommend that you invest in SEO and paid advertising services.

A lot goes into creating target audiences for chiropractic services. These audiences will vary depending on region and your specialties. In general, you’ll want to target individuals that are between 20-65 with an emphasis on those who are 45-65, as this is the age group that begins to allocate their funds to alleviate health issues.

At Digital Logic, we offer SEO-friendly website development, search engine optimization, social media, reputation management, Google Business profile optimization, Google ads management, and more chiropractic marketing services to help your chiropractic clinic stand out among the competition and generate more patient leads. We offer customizable packages in order to meet the individual needs of our clients.

As a general rule, established chiropractors should allocate anywhere between 5-10% of their practice’s gross income for their marketing budget.

At Digital Logic, we know that every chiropractor has different needs for their practice. We offer several chiropractic marketing tools to help you succeed, regardless of how big or small your practice is. Our digital marketing experts will work with you to determine exactly which marketing strategy is best for you.

The most effective chiropractic marketing ideas include a combination of SEO services and PPC advertising services.

This depends on which chiropractic marketing strategy or chiropractic marketing strategies you choose to invest in. If you invest in paid advertising services, you will start getting more patient leads the day your ads are live. If you invest in SEO content services, this will take a little more time, generally around 6 months, before you’ll start reaping the benefits of our marketing efforts. However, with SEO, you’ll own all of that traffic, as it is organic.