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Digital Logic is a data-driven, experienced dental marketing agency that delivers superior marketing results for dental offices and multi-location dental clinics looking to bring in more patients while maintaining a fair ROI.

Unlike other marketing companies, we don’t set our dental marketing campaigns on autopilot. We’re a hands-on marketing agency that provides transparent billing so that our clients can see the benefits of investing in our quality dental services.

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Dental Marketing Services That Target Higher Value Patients

As an experienced dental marketing agency, we understand the unique challenges that solo dentists and multi-location dental offices face when it comes to digital marketing.

Everything we do focuses on growing your brand and getting more quality patients.

We start by getting to know our clients, listening to their expectations and goals. From here, we craft your personalized dental marketing strategy, focusing on both long and short-term goals.

Healthcare industry marketing agencies must be extremely agile, as the trends and audience expectations are constantly changing. Part of the reason why Digital Logic has been so successful with our dental and orthodontic marketing services is our ability to redirect and refocus our marketing efforts to adapt to these changes quickly. We constantly analyze the data from our dental marketing campaigns and make adjustments so that your practice can continue to grow.

Dental Marketing Services

Dental PPC Management

Dental Pay-Per-Click advertising allows your dental practice to appear before the organic listings for preselected keywords. Most prospective patients have a radius that they’re willing to travel to receive dental care. So, we target your dental PPC campaigns towards the best locations to help you reach new patients.

When you work with us as your digital dental marketing agency, you can rest assured that your ad campaigns are constantly tested, tracked, and adjusted by our amazing Google-Certified Ads experts. This ongoing campaign optimization will help to save you money, over time. 

Plus, if you’d like, you can receive monthly updates and quarterly calls to make sure that we’re aligning your digital strategy with your current marketing goals.

Dental PPC services and orthodontic PPC services can be the best way to get new patients quickly.

At Digital Logic, we:

We aren’t a traditional, big-box dental marketing company that sets up your dental campaign and then, forgets about it.

Our goal is for our dental marketing clients see consistent improvement in their ad budget ROI, so that they can trust us with larger marketing budgets.

After all, that is how you grow.

Dental SEO Services


The most technical aspect of digital marketing is search engine optimization. The order in which dental websites appear isn’t by chance. When Google decides which sites to rank for a certain search query, SEO helps the platform see exactly what your dental website is all about.

Because Google’s algorithms are constantly changing to better help its users, SEO services and techniques must also rapidly change.

Our search engine optimization experts at Digital Logic:

Dental Web Development

While thousands of dental website designs exist, at Digital Logic, our website development team is able to create a personalized web design to meet the specific needs of your dental practice or multi-location dental clinic. And, because we’re a dental SEO company, we feel it’s necessary to ensure that the dental website design is optimized for SEO out of the box.

At Digital Logic, we:

Benefits of Investing in Top Dental Marketing Services

If you feel like you could use more patients but still rely on word of mouth or traditional advertising methods, you should consider investing in dental marketing strategies.

Here are a few of the benefits of hiring one of the best dental marketing companies:

Dental Marketing Companies Bring Faster Results

Dental marketing is a multi-channel and multi-faceted approach. You want to be able to reach prospective patients on as many channels as possible. And, while traditional marketing methods can help increase awareness, internet marketing for dentists provides a much more targeted approach.

With traditional advertising, you’re paying to build brand awareness. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, this isn’t the best way to target qualified leads.

When you hire an experienced digital marketing company, you’re able to target the searchers who are more likely to become patients. This means that your ROI will always be better with online marketing.

Online Marketing Targets Patients When It Matters Most

With traditional advertising, like billboards or direct mail marketing, you’re only able to use a blanket approach to find new patients. You can’t customize your message for preferred customers or services. So, as a result, you’re spending money reaching those who aren’t patients and have no interest in converting them into patients.

However, with digital marketing, you’re able to target potential patients, current patients, and even former patients. By using the right message on the right channels, you’re able to see increased dental revenue without spending more of those marketing dollars.

17 Dental Marketing Ideas - Download the Guide

Digital Marketing for Dentists Provides Measurable Results

With offline marketing, there is really no way to measure results. So, it’s difficult to determine whether or not your marketing plan is working. This isn’t an issue when you work with digital dental marketing companies.

The success or failure of your digital marketing agency is easy to measure. And, if it isn’t, consider hiring an agency that provides transparent billing and shows your results.

With tracking tools, you can view your statistics on dental lead generation either on our review platform or directly on Google Analytics. At Digital Logic, we also track phone calls and form submissions, comparing them with any online scheduling platforms or information that your dental clinic wants to provide us with!

As a boutique agency, we’re also able to update you or your in-house marketing team with your current keyword rankings on a monthly basis, or whenever you’d like to know. We aren’t shy about our work! When you’re the best dental marketing company around, you don’t need to be.

Digital Marketing Builds Relationships

Your dental team alone can’t ensure that your patients are always satisfied with your services. However digital marketing can help to form lasting relationships between your website visitors and your dental office.

One of the best digital advertising strategies a clinic can use is content marketing. When you put out high-quality content, you’re able to start building lasting relationships, turning searchers into quality leads and those leads into paying patients. You’re offering value by answering questions.

If you don’t have a large website following yet, you can use social media channels to help get your message across. With social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, you’ll have a channel to engage potential patients and build better relationships with your current patients as part of your dental social media strategy


Dental Marketing FAQ

Dental marketing includes every interaction between a dental office, patient or potential patient. Today’s dental world requires a multi-faceted approach, when it comes to dental advertising or marketing, in general. From online content, brand recognition, web design, how you sit on review sites to social media marketing, dental marketing is a never-ending task.

For this reason, many dental clinics opt to outsource to a proven dental marketing agency, like Digital Logic.

In order to attract new patients and ultimately grow your dental practice, you need for new and existing patients to be able to find you online. This holds true regardless if you’re a new dental practice or if your an established multi-location clinic. The way that the public searches for dentists online changes constantly. It’s impossible to focus on providing excellent patient care and digital marketing at the same time. These are two full time jobs. And, in order to compete with other dental practices in your area, you really need to invest in outsourcing your dental marketing efforts to a professional dental marketing company, in order to see the best results.

In short, absolutely. Having a dental website that’s full of well-organized, relevant content is critical to the success of any dental business. Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy-the foundation that determines whether or not potential patients can find you online.

We’ve seen many, many outdated dental websites that aren’t responsive or optimized, whatsoever. Over time, sites can become messy, and we understand that sometimes, you just need someone to come in and clean up!

At Digital Logic, we can run a comprehensive audit on your site and provide dental marketing feedback.

Like almost every answer in healthcare marketing-it depends. Because every aspect of digital marketing that we craft is custom made to fit the needs of your dental clinic, there is no “one price fits all”, unfortunately.

However, in the digital marketing world, we can assure you that skimping on dental marketing or opting not to hire a dental marketing company, specifically won’t end well. At Digital Logic, we listen to your needs, respect your marketing budget, and provide and honest and accurate solution for your digital marketing services.

Your cost per conversion measures how effective dental marketing agencies are at running your dental marketing ads. It shows how expensive it is for you to generate inbound leads via internet marketing efforts.

The cost per conversion includes any cost that went into securing that conversion. Optimizing cost per conversion for dental practices will provide great efficiency gains and increase your ROI. The best dental marketing agencies understand the long term value associated with getting clients the most bang for their buck, when it comes to Google ads.

Whenever we speak with a potential new dental marketing client, they want to make sure they’re hiring the best marketing agency for dental implants, specifically. And, we understand that this service, on average, brings in the most money and should be a highlight of your marketing plan!

Marketing for dental implants, specifically, is really not that much different than marketing for any other dental service. First, the agency must understand the target market for dental implants. At Digital Logic, we understand that there is a large segment of adults that may be eligible for implants. However, not everyone can afford it.

So, we’ll target our ads to those who make above a certain amount and target geographic locations that show the most promise for dental implant patient conversions.

We’ll also optimize a dental implant landing page to send those PPC ads to. This will ensure that your quality score is high and also will help you get organic traffic that will grow over time.

We can write and optimize content to help those who are considering dental implants, based on keyword research.

From here, we’ll share the content to relevant social media channels to help get the message across that this is a service that you offer to your following.

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