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Digital Marketing for Urgent Care Centers

When patients need same-day care, urgent care centers are often preferred over emergency room visits. And, because patients need to visit an urgent care clinic right away, many will search online for the closest clinic.

In order for urgent care providers to be successful, their urgent care practice needs a strong online presence. The best way to accomplish this is by partnering with a reputable urgent care marketing agency.

If your urgent care facility is considering outsourcing its online marketing efforts, you’ve got plenty of options. At Digital Logic, we work with medical practices, surgery centers, physicians, and hospitals all over the United States. We’ve helped many healthcare providers increase patient volume, build brand awareness, and boost return on investment by offering more meaningful connections between prospective patients and providers.

By using advanced patient targeting techniques and providing searchers with the information they need, we’re able to enhance the online patient experience, while ensuring that your target market sees you as the best urgent care clinic in the area.

Our process will improve the overall quality of new patient leads that are making contact. This leads to not only more patient volume, but also increased revenue from higher value services!

Experienced Urgent Care Clinic Marketing Company

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Urgent care marketing strategies should focus on creating an authentic connection between prospective patients and healthcare providers online. By creating a user-friendly healthcare website, showing up when local patients search for your services, and maintaining a positive online reputation, you’re increasing the odds that prospective patients will visit your urgent care center when they need emergency services.

Why Digital Marketing is Necessary for Urgent Care Facilities

Your prospective patients are searching for emergency room and urgent care services online. So, in order to attract new patients, your urgent care center must show up when this happens.

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Working with Digital Logic was the best marketing move I've ever made for my practice. They have helped me continually stay booked with the right kind of patients with their strategic approach to drive more traffic to our website.
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Our digital marketing strategies not only allow urgent care clinics to appear when searched for, but they also allow urgent care practices to retain their patient base at much higher levels than traditional means of marketing.

If a person is searching for emergency services, you can bet that they aren’t looking past the first couple of listings. So, it is essential that your urgent care center shows up first.

Potential patients rely on search engines to help them find experienced providers that can address their emergency healthcare needs. Your urgent care website needs to appear for these searches and answer any questions a potential patient may have. This is done through paid advertising, search engine optimization, content marketing strategies, and link building.

The healthcare industry has become increasingly more competitive the past few years, so your urgent care marketing strategies should go way beyond a good looking website, if you’re wanting to attract a steady stream of new patients. Urgent care centers need to offer positive patient reviews, timely content, and online opportunities to connect patients who need help quickly. These critical connections are key for building your facility’s online reputation, which is necessary for patient satisfaction and long term growth.

Furthermore, unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows urgent care centers to be flexible with their marketing strategies. This gives you the ability to target the patients that your urgent care company needs at that time. Digital marketing also allows urgent care providers the opportunity to track their return on investment, whereas traditional marketing strategies do not.

What Makes Digital Logic's Approach to Urgent Care Marketing Different?

no long contracts

No Long Term Marketing Contracts

Unlike many other businesses in the marketing industry, we don’t believe in tying our clients to ultra long term contracts. Our primary focus is on providing exceptional urgent care marketing services, not enforcing contracts.

Just as your clinic does its best to ensure satisfied patients, we do our best to ensure you, as the client, are at very minimum, satisfied with the digital marketing services we provide.

you own your website

You Own Your Website

Many digital marketing companies will hold their clients’ sites hostage. This is a dirty tactic used by marketing agencies that aren’t really qualified to fill the expectations of their role. It puts a bad light on all of us, but if this has previously happened to you, please know that not every digital marketing agency operates this way.

When Digital Logic builds an urgent care site for you, rest assured that you own it. If you decide to no longer use our services, we will host the website for you at the going market rate, or you can host the site elsewhere. In either case, we do not take down your website.

dedicated account manager

Experienced, Dedicated Account Manager

When you partner with Digital Logic for urgent care marketing, you’ll be assigned an experienced account manager who will work right beside you to create and execute your customized marketing plan.

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Online Reputation Management

In addition to increasing your search engine ranking and providing a higher ROI on ad spend, our urgent care marketing team will also help to manage your online reputation via online reviews, phone calls, and across social media channels.

We’ll monitor your web presence and do our best to help your clinic get the most positive reviews online possible!

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Online Marketing Services for Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent Care PPC

Urgent care centers have quickly become a large segment of the healthcare industry. Due to the recent shortage of general care physicians, paired with the ungodly costs and wait times associated with hospital visits, the urgent care market has expanded rapidly.

With increased expansion comes competition, and urgent care facilities across the United States are scrambling for a way to compete with other urgent care clinics in their respective areas. Additionally, urgent care clinics also face a unique set of challenges in terms of language restrictions and remarketing or retargeting limits.

At Digital Logic, we have some of the best urgent care PPC managers in the US to help your practice combat this.

Working with our SEO team, our healthcare PPC experts use keyword research and consumer analysis to determine high volume search terms that bring in high revenue. Our PPC team uses this data to build and optimize your paid search ads. This allows us to generate the most qualified patient leads and boost your return on investment.

When you partner with Digital Logic, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who performs ongoing patient and paid advertising analysis to ensure you’re receiving the best ROI possible. Once the PPC ads for your walk-in clinic are live, your PPC account manager will A/B test your campaigns throughout the entirety of your partnership with us. By A/B testing, we’re able to continuously determine which ads outperform the others and tweak the better performing ads until your paid search advertising campaign is as close to perfect as possible.

Regardless of whether your urgent care practice needs to target local patients or medical professionals, we make sure that your PPC budget is utilized in the most efficient way we can.

When a person clicks on your ad, goes to your website, and then, realizes that your urgent care clinic isn’t what they need, this is called “bouncing”. Google includes your bounce rate in its formula to determine your CPC, or cost per click, price.

So, your urgent care site needs relevant landing pages if you want to cut down your ad expense.

Our SEO experts create compelling, easy to read content, and include strong calls-to action, or CTAs. This way, we provide a better patient experience and are in a better position for patient acquisition.


Urgent Care SEO

Digital Logic provides complete urgent care SEO, or search engine optimization, services. Our team of SEO experts know how to create a personalized digital marketing strategy to fit almost any budget and need. Our SEO team has helped countless healthcare providers maximize their patient leads by implementing advanced SEO campaigns.

If you currently have a website, we’ll run an in-depth audit. From here, our SEO experts use the latest marketing tools to select high-performing keywords. While the urgent care sector has many similarities, keyword data does differ for different regions and does have some seasonality. We use these keywords to build a conversion-driven marketing plan for your urgent care practice.

Your urgent care site is only as good as the content that’s on it. At Digital Logic, we have a team of professional in-house writers. This ensures accuracy and professionalism in each and every page, blog post, social media post, etc.

We use our intensive keyword research to build the highest-quality pages possible, making sure that we address all of the popular questions surrounding the topic at hand.

We also include important technical aspects on our clients’ content, as well. This includes meta titles and descriptions, proper SEO-friendly headings, FAQ schema (when applicable), local business schema, alt text, hyperlinks, etc. While these aren’t visible to the eye, they certainly are visible in our client’s results.

This is just one example of how our attention to detail sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies.

By posting consistent blog posts and educational content, we’re able to provide our urgent care clients with more educated patients while helping their facility rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Our SEO staff are experts in local SEO strategy. Because it’s imperative for local businesses to show up for local searches, we completely optimize your urgent care practice on all major online listing sites, including your Google Business listing. We also create content centered around local searches to help improve your brand recognition and credibility until you’re able to compete on a national level!

Zero click attribution occurs when a searcher takes immediate action directly from the search results page, no hyperlink to a website involved. Over half of all Google searches result in zero-click searches for one simple reason: it’s easier. So, when a prospective patient is looking for an emergency healthcare provider, zero click attribution is preferred.

Zero click attribution occurs when a searcher finds your Google Business listing and calls directly from that listing, when your “featured snippet” answers their question, etc.

Because our SEO experts are always tuned into the latest online trends for urgent care marketing, our clients have a huge advantage over other urgent care clinics for gaining patients through zero click attribution.

Urgent Care Website Design

Your healthcare website is often the first impression that potential patients have of your urgent care practice. Your website should always have relevant content that highlights your services, as well as your experience in diagnostics and treatments. You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression. Having an aesthetically pleasing website that’s hard to operate quickly is just as bad as having an outdated website.

Design is only one piece of the puzzle. In terms of building an urgent care center website, you also need to be able to ensure that your site structure, URL hierarchy, and site architecture support your SEO strategy. Having a scalable framework will help get your content crawled, indexed, discovered, and ranked much faster.

We often see urgent care centers hire a website development agency to build their site and then pay that agency a monthly marketing fee to maintain the site and provide marketing services. In our experience, this isn’t the best practice. Instead, we recommend hiring a healthcare SEO agency to both build your site and provide monthly services. This is a much better use of your marketing budget.

At Digital Logic, we’ve created and will continue to create beautiful websites, but we are not a website development company. We first develop a personalized online marketing strategy and then create a beautiful website to fit those needs. We do this for each and every one of our clients.

We build urgent care websites that are able to grow with you! We’ve seen a trend of clients partnering with us and then needing to expand to account for rapid growth. Whether you’re expanding from 1 to 2 locations or 2 to 20, at Digital Logic, we provide the flexibility that makes it easy to manage your online growth.

Patients who search for urgent care centers don’t have time to hunt for what they need or wait for pretty graphics to load. They need a fast, easy to use website. When your urgent care site provides relevant information in a user-friendly way, this leads to more conversions and patient bookings.

At Digital Logic, we’re also able to integrate your urgent care site with online appointment scheduling programs. This helps reduce the amount of steps that potential patients need to book an appointment with your providers.

Patient experience includes having a mobile website or having a responsive website that loads on any size device. Also, Google gives preference to websites that are optimized for mobile.

At Digital Logic, all of our urgent care sites are responsive, meaning that they will seamlessly adapt for different screen sizes.


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Providing More Patient Leads for Urgent Care Practices

Marketing for urgent care facilities has changed so much over the past few years. Local patients actually have options now for selecting a local urgent care provider, so patient satisfaction has never been more important.

At Digital Logic, we provide urgent care practices the opportunity to inform and educate patients, which in turn, helps the staff.

Since COVID-19, the patient journey has changed drastically. If you don’t have an urgent care marketing team that’s aligned your marketing plan to account for this, give the marketing experts at Digital Logic a call.