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of those seeking legal services start their research via a search engine, and 74% of prospective clients visit a law firm's website to take action.

All law firms, including immigration lawyers, need to invest in professional digital marketing services in order to attract new clients.

Immigration lawyer advertising helps attract new clients and keeps existing clients engaged. While there are several ways to promote your immigration firm, one of the most cost-effective strategies is Google Ads management.

When using the right strategy, Google Ads allows immigration lawyers the unique ability to connect with potential clients seeking immigration law services in real-time.

Digital Logic is a data-driven digital marketing powerhouse with extensive experience handling PPC for immigration attorneys, as well as attorneys in other practice areas. If you are an immigration law firm or an immigration attorney looking to attract more clients with a solid PPC strategy, we’ve got you covered.

Paid Advertising Services for Immigration Law Firms

If you’re looking to grow your immigration law practice with professional Google Ads management services, make sure that you select the right digital marketing agency for the job. Partnering with a reputable Internet marketing agency can help you avoid the common pitfalls many immigration attorneys face with less experienced agencies. Without a solid online advertising strategy, you’ll be left paying for expensive clicks without seeing any real results. If you want to see rapid growth for your law firm, strategic PPC campaigns can help you generate that traffic flow to your immigration law firm website. For example, when the United States immigration laws undergo a major change, immigration law firms that invest in paid online advertising can use a PPC campaign to get a head start on other immigration law firms that strictly rely on only SEO. Google Ads are one of the most popular paid advertising platforms in the industry, meaning it’s a good idea to center your PPC marketing efforts around them. When you work with the immigration lawyer marketing experts at Digital Logic, you can rest assured that you’ll see fast, effective results. Our marketing experts also stay updated on all attorney advertising rules, so your reputation and license to practice are always safe!

What Is Immigration Lawyer PPC?

Immigration lawyer PPC (pay-per-click) is one type of paid Internet marketing. When searchers come across your ad in search engines, you will pay each time someone clicks on that ad.

It’s a very different strategy from SEO (search engine optimization) in that SEO involves playing the long game rather than getting fast results. In a PPC campaign, your immigration law firm will be positioned above the organic results from Google searches. You pay for this drastically increased visibility each time potential clients click on your ad.

If your firm is interested in running Local Service Ads, where your firm is only charged when the lead calls your office, we provide more information here:

Immigration Law Marketing Services

Some of the most effective marketing strategies we use for our clients include the following:

SEO services

Search Engine Optimization Services

Web development services

Web Development Services

Content marketing services

Content Creation and Marketing


Conversion Rate Optimization

Remarketing icon

Remarketing Services

Graphic design

Graphic Design Services

Online video advertising

Online Video Advertising

Social media management services

Social Media Management

How Does Immigration Lawyer PPC Help You Generate Leads?

With a good immigration attorney PPC strategy, you can increase your lead generation with the increased visibility that PPC offers. You appear at the top of Google’s search engine results above the organic search results, which means you’ll be the first thing searchers see.

You can also customize your PPC campaign to reach a specific audience. This can be done by making strategic decisions about geolocation, language, keywords, device types, and even what time of day your ads are displayed.

Our digital marketing specialists will conduct keyword research before starting your PPC campaign, ensuring that we target the right keywords that are the most relevant to your practice. Therefore, when potential clients search for “immigration attorneys,” your firm should appear above the organic search engine results in Google Ads. 

Benefits of PPC for Immigration Lawyers

PPC campaigns can help your business realize the following benefits:

  • Reach more prospective clients
  • Easily reach your target audience by being in the right place at the right time
  • Set up campaigns that are profitable
  • Generate leads for your immigration firm quickly
  • Adjust your PPC ads strategy whenever necessary
  • Track the success rate of your PPC ads with CTR (click-through rate)
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How Is PPC for Immigration Lawyers Different Than Immigration Lawyer SEO Strategy?

As we mentioned before, PPC for immigration firms will produce more immediate results than search engine optimization services. This isn’t to say that one strategy is better than the other, but they both have their strengths, depending on your marketing goals.

Search engine optimization is not a paid advertising strategy but rather an organic marketing strategy. SEO aims to put your law firm at the top of the organic search results, not paid search results. 

Also, PPC has a specific cost-per-click, while SEO does not. A good SEO strategy also involves making many small improvements to your website to make it favorable for both search engines and searchers.

So, which strategy will work best for immigration law firms – SEO or PPC?

Should You Choose Between Immigration Law SEO and PPC Campaigns for Your Immigration Law Firm?

Ideally, you want a digital marketing strategy that includes both law firm SEO and law firm PPC management services.

Both strategies have strengths that the other does not, which means they work very well together.

Using your marketing budget to have your PPC campaign support your SEO campaign, and vice versa, often produces the best results in law firm marketing.

Benefits of Using Paid and Organic Marketing Strategies

In fact, using both strategies generates many benefits, including the following.

  • Data from PPC can be used to support your SEO campaign
  • Overall increased online presence
  • Increase your overall traffic volume
  • Target searchers at various stages of their customer journey
  • Moving high-cost or low-conversion keywords from PPC to your SEO campaign
  • Remarketing to keep your firm in front of potential clients after an initial interaction
  • Data from SEO strategy can improve the landing page experience for Google Ads

At Digital Logic, we encourage clients to invest in both PPC campaign management services, as well as organic marketing services because we’ve seen the most success using a combination of the two.

We believe that taking advantage of the strengths of both SEO and PPC is the best approach for immigration lawyers looking for significant growth and lead generation.

Digital Logic’s Approach to Immigration Lawyer PPC Campaigns

In order to craft a successful PPC campaign for an immigration law firm, it’s best to start with the smallest details first. Trying to tackle everything all at once is too overwhelming, but breaking the planning stage up into manageable steps is the best approach.

Below, we explain our process for developing an immigration attorney PPC campaign.

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of web visitors seeking legal services originate from paid search.

Target the Right Keywords By Using Professional Keyword Research Tools

We like to begin by conducting keyword research for a new Google ads campaign using various keyword research tools, as well as data from other immigration law firm campaigns.

Which keywords are most relevant to the legal services you provide?

Since you work in immigration law, your two base phrases will be “immigration attorney” and “immigration lawyer.” Then, you can expand your keyword set to include variations of your core keywords.

As an example, a keyword set for an immigration law firm in Chicago might look like this:

  • Chicago immigration lawyer
  • Chicago immigration attorney
  • Illinois immigration lawyer
  • Illinois immigration attorney
  • Immigration lawyers Chicago
  • Immigration lawyers free consultation
  • Chicago immigration law firms

Once you have your keyword list, you can monitor the performance of each keyword in your PPC campaign.

At Digital Logic, we remove any poorly performing keywords, so that your digital marketing budget can be used towards more powerful advertising campaigns.

So, what do good keywords look like, and how can you determine which will produce the best results for your campaign?

One way to categorize your keywords is by the length of the keyword. The three main categories of keywords are broad keywords, mid-tail keywords, and long-tail keywords. We outline the differences between each below.

Broad Keywords

Broad keywords, also known as short-tail keywords, are those that consist of only one word. In general, these keywords generate the highest amount of search volume. However, they are often difficult to rank for without considerable time, effort, and budget.

Mid-Tail Keywords

Mid-tail keywords are those that consist of a few words or terms. They generate less search volume than broad keywords, but they are also easier to rank for.

For example, “Philadelphia immigration lawyer” would be considered a mid-tail keyword.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are those that consist of four or more words or terms. They generate the least amount of search volume compared to the other types, but they are also the easiest to rank for. They also tend to have a better search intent, since long-tail keywords are more specific.

One example of an immigration-related long-tail keyword could be “how to check immigration status.”

Many key phrases have an underlying “intent” behind them.

This is another reason why working with an established digital marketing agency for immigration law firms is so important. Our marketing experts have seen enough search queries that they don’t need to guess at search intent. This saves our paying clients tons of money, over the long run.

Another way to categorize keywords is by the user’s intent when they search for that keyword. The three main categories of keywords based on intent are navigational, informational, and transactional.

We outline the differences between each below.

Navigational Keywords

If a searcher knows where they want to go, they’ll input a navigational keyword.

For example, if they want to get to the Best Buy website, they will probably type in “Best Buy” as their keyword. This can also work for law firms. If a searcher wants to find the website for Alpha Law Firm, which they heard about from a friend, they might search “Alpha Law Firm.”

Informational Keywords

Informational keywords are those that searchers use when they want to find something out.

For example, maybe they want to research client satisfaction with the Alpha Law Firm. They might type in something like “Alpha Law Firm reviews.” 

Transactional Keywords

Transactional keywords are those that searchers use when they intend to make a purchase or complete a task online.

For example, maybe a searcher has decided they want to buy a new vacuum cleaner. They might search for something like “where to buy a vacuum” or something similar.

Only Get Clicks for Relevant Keywords By Setting Up a Negative Keywords List

Many lawyers don’t like the idea of wasting valuable marketing dollars to promote keywords that don’t convert into paying clients. At Digital Logic, we minimize this risk by creating and actively maintaining a negative keywords list for all of our clients.

By using research tools, such as AhRefs and Google keyword planner, our advertising specialists set up a negative keyword list for all of the keywords that your law firm does not wish to run advertisements for. This list lets you define the keywords or phrases that should not appear in SERPs when your ads are on screen.

For example, maybe your law firm handles “adjustment of status” cases, but you don’t want to take “immigration asylum” cases. You can include “asylum” as a negative keyword to ensure that your ads won’t show for searches containing that word.

Reach More Immigration Clients Using Local Keywords to Target

It’s also important to include keywords that reference where your immigration law firm is located. This is a local SEO technique that we carry over into our Google Ads accounts because it increases the web presence for local searches without costing any extra.

If your PPC and SEO strategies are carried out correctly, you can pull in new clients through online advertising and optimizing for local keywords within a fairly short amount of time.

For example, a Denver law firm’s local keywords, you might list “Denver immigration lawyer” or “immigration attorney in Denver.”

Improve Your Google Quality Score By Optimizing Your Immigration Law Firm's Website

Successful legal marketing campaigns work best when both PPC management and SEO management services are used in a synchronic way.

Unlike social media advertising, with PPC ads, you’re only charged when a searcher clicks on your ad. Once the searcher clicks on the ad, he or she is directed to the landing page that our marketing specialists input for that specific ad group.

If your landing page helps the searcher, they will stay on the landing page to digest the information. But if the landing page isn’t helpful, the searcher will leave your website and visit another site to find the information they need.

Legal marketing is highly competitive, especially in the immigration law industry, so if your landing page is old, outdated, or slow, searchers are likely to look for another law firm online. 

The more times that a searcher leaves a landing page quickly, the more Google’s algorithm assumes that your landing pages are not helpful for the search query input. This eventually drops your Quality Score and increases your cost-per-click price. So, having fully-optimized and helpful landing pages is crucial to the success of not only your SEO campaigns but also your PPC marketing efforts, as well.

Google assigns quality scores to the Google ad campaigns that you run. This score is based on several factors, including keyword relevancy, CTR, and landing page quality. Optimizing not only your search ads, but also your website can help improve your Google quality score.

google quality score

Your landing page, as the first thing that prospective clients see, should be pristine. Your law firm’s name, contact information, and practice areas should be easily identifiable and accessible. If it takes too long for potential clients to find out how to contact you, they’ll likely leave your site and continue their search.

While optimization does include optimizing for certain keywords, it also means matching your content to the user’s intent. To get a better idea of how well-optimized your site is, you should look at three key metrics in Google Analytics: bounce rate, time spent on site, and CTR (click-through rate). 

Split Test Your Google Ad Campaigns for the Best Possible Pay-Per-Click Advertising Metrics

At Digital Logic, we believe in split testing all of our ad campaigns.

Split testing, also known as A/B testing is a simple, yet adaptable way to test and compare results from two versions of the same ad campaign. Version A would be demonstrated to one group of your target audience, while Version B would be demonstrated to another group of your target audience. 

When the Google Ads campaigns end, our paid marketing experts are able to identify which version of the campaign drove more traffic to your law firm’s website. We then compare the differences between the two versions and use this information to improve your immigration marketing plan.

In many cases, one ad will represent your current campaign, while the other will represent the changes that we’re looking to make to your Google Ads campaign. Depending on the success of each campaign, we can then determine whether or not those changes could improve upon your existing marketing strategy.

Why Should You Work With an Immigration Law Firm Marketing Agency?

As a busy immigration lawyer, you might not have the time to set up, run, and analyze your Google ads. You also want to be sure that your marketing investment isn’t going to waste.

Working with a professional agency can save you both time and money when it comes to running successful Google ads, reaching more potential immigration clients, and even increasing your social media presence. 

Our digital marketing agency has extensive experience when it comes to immigration attorney marketing, and the many law firms we work with have seen amazing results.

We are a full-service digital marketing firm that focuses on data-driven results, long-term relationships with our legal clients, and full transparency. Our team doesn’t just focus on getting you to the top of the search engine results pages. We ensure that your marketing plan is customized to meet your needs, which means each marketing strategy we provide is well-rounded and comprehensive.

In short, working with an accrediting marketing team takes all the guesswork out of your Google ads, social media marketing, local SEO, and all other aspects of your Internet marketing strategy.

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Want to see more marketing techniques?

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We Provide Digital Advertising Services for All Legal Niches

While it’s true that many law firms have found success with more traditional marketing methods, it’s a much better idea to invest your time and money into a more up-to-date, effective strategy.

With digital marketing, you can reach your target audience no matter where they are, not just when they drive past a billboard, listen to your radio ad, or watch your television commercials. The digital age is now, and to ensure steady growth for your firm, embracing digital marketing is the way to go.

At Digital Logic, we offer a free competitive analysis during your first interaction with us. This allows you to see what you’re already doing right and where we can help your law firm improve.

We have worked with many different law firms in many different practice areas, all with great success. Our team excels in handling marketing strategies not only for immigration firms but also for firms in the following fields of practice.

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