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20 Law Firm Marketing Ideas [2018 Edition] Digital Logic™

LAW FIRM MARKETING IDEAS INTRODUCTION Law firm marketing doesn’t have to be problematic, in fact, results should be predictable with the right strategy. As an attorney, it’s difficult enough to keep up with all of your cases, new clients, organization memberships, and local events while also trying to spend enough time on proper law firm marketing. *As a disclaimer, our company Digital Logic specializes in Law Firm marketing; web design, internet marketing, analytics, design, social media, geofencing and a lot more. At Digital Logic, we understand how difficult digital marketing can be for your law firm, big or small,...

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8 Simple Law Firm Online Marketing Tips

8 Free Law Firm Online Marketing Ideas What should your law practice be doing with online marketing? We’ve created a short list of the 8 things your law firm should be doing with local online marketing. Most of these items are free to do, they just require some research and also the commitment to the amount of time involved each month. Before you start, it’s important you understand how to determine how much to spend and the marketing math for online marketing for lawyers. Here are the 8 Law Firm Online Marketing Ideas: Website: Make sure your website is...

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Marketing Math For Lawyers Doing Online Marketing

Most lawyers want to have a better understanding of how much money they should spend on marketing and advertising, considering the large budgets that law firms will want to allocate to new client acquisition. The amount of online advertising spend you should run will vary significantly depending on case type, case value and the practice areas you work in, along with many other variables with the total population target and geography. For lawyers determining marketing budget size, the basic premise is to know what the average new client’s potential value is. Not just the one-time value, but also the...

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