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7 Critical Law Firm Marketing Trends Your Law Firm Needs To Know About

1.) Realizing that digital marketing is the key to getting new clients for your Law Firm If you still believe that billboards and newspaper ads are going to do the job, you have been mistaken. Digital marketing is the number one way to reach potential clients. The average adult in the US now spends 5.9 hours a day consuming Digital Media. Consider this: Who is more likely to be in need of your services? A person driving down the road and seeing a billboard, or a person searching for “personal injury attorneys near me”? Your clients are not going...

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20 Law Firm Marketing Ideas [2018 Edition] Digital Logic™

LAW FIRM MARKETING IDEAS INTRODUCTION Law firm marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, attorney marketing results should be predictable with the right strategy. As an attorney, it’s difficult enough to keep up with all of your cases, new clients, organization memberships, and local events while also trying to spend enough time on proper law firm marketing. At Digital Logic, we understand how difficult digital marketing can be for your law firm, big or small, and that’s why we’ve put together a list of 20 Law Firm Marketing Ideas. These ideas are here to help you get an...

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Social Media Marketing For Law Firms [2018 Guide] – Digital Logic

The number of social media marketing platforms a law firm or attorney can join today seems almost endless. There are new social media marketing companies that are created every day, and it seems like there is a new social media website to figure out every few weeks! This post aims to help your law firm navigate which social media marketing platforms to use, as well as guide you through the process so you get set up for success with social media marketing. What you will learn: What is Social Media Marketing for Law Firms? Introduction To Social Media Marketing...

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8 Simple Law Firm Online Marketing Tips

8 Free Law Firm Online Marketing Ideas What should your law practice be doing with online marketing? We’ve created a short list of the 8 things your law firm should be doing with local online marketing. Most of these items are free to do, they just require some research and also the commitment to the amount of time involved each month. Before you start, it’s important you understand how to determine how much to spend and the marketing math for online marketing for lawyers. Here are the 8 Law Firm Online Marketing Ideas: Website: Make sure your website is...

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