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Category: Lawyer Marketing

Marketing for Legal Services

Marketing for Legal Services

Marketing for Legal Services: an Introductory Guide on Marketing Your Law Firm. How to Grow Your Legal Firm Using Digital Marketing Tactics.

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How Much Do Lawyers Make

How Much Do Lawyers Make and How to Become One of the Highest Paid Lawyers

How Much Do Lawyers Make and How to Become One of the Highest Paid Lawyers: an In-Depth Review on How the Most Successful Lawyers Got There!

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MARKETING for small law firms

Marketing for Small Law Firms

Remember the days when you could just practice the law without having to worry about devising a marketing plan or carrying out a marketing strategy? …

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missed opportunity cost of law firm marketing

The Cost of Missed Opportunity: Is Your Law Firm Losing Money?

How Much Money is Your Law Firm Losing By Using Big Box Marketing Companies. Find Out Your Cost of Missed Opportunity Here.

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how much should a law firm spend on marketing

How Much Should a Law Firm Spend on Marketing?

At Digital Logic, we specialize in law firm marketing and are here to help guide you through the legal marketing landscape as well as gain a better understanding of how you can effectively market your firm.

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10 ways to know if you're being ripped off by your marketing company

10 Ways To Know If You’re Being Ripped Off By Your Marketing Company

How do you know if your current marketing agency is ripping your business or firm off?

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legal referral service marketing

Legal Referral Service: How to Market with Lawyer Directories

As a lawyer, your marketing efforts will focus more on generating a strong pipeline of referrals. This process, however, may not be as easy as …

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13 Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies: Online Marketing for Law Firms

Marketing your law firm can be a complicated and lengthy process. It’s easy to get bogged down in spreadsheet columns that never seem to lead …

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attorney directories

How Attorneys Can Generate More Referrals

Getting Started with Attorney Referral Marketing Besides doing your law firm internet marketing extremely well, it’s important to focus on referral marketing for your law practice. …

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Best Attorney Lead Generation Guide for 2023

Lead generation can be a great way for lawyers to market themselves and acquire new clients. This guide gives helpful tips on the best practices …

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Critical Law Firm Marketing Trends Your Law Firm Needs To Know About

It’s irrelevant what your job title is, we give the same advice to everyone looking to expand their business via digital marketing: in order to …

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Law Firm Marketing Guide for 2023 To Grow Your Practice | Digital Logic™

We’ve put together 23 proven law firm marketing ideas for you and your law firm to implement. It’s challenging enough to be a full-time attorney, …

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