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How Much Do Lawyers Make? and How much do lawyers earn?

How Much Do Lawyers Make? This Chart Breaks it down by State.

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We’ve put together an interactive chart that shows how much lawyers make by each state in the United States. The data source was compiled from the US Department of Labor.


The following is 2017 Data on Annual mean wage for Lawyers in all industries for each US State:

State Or District Annual Mean Wage
Alabama $117,640
Alaska $122,870
Arizona $138,680
Arkansas $99,100
California $168,200
Colorado $141,200
Connecticut $152,540
Delaware $157,610
District of Columbia $189,560
Florida $127,730
Georgia $136,190
Hawaii $113,190
Idaho $98,390
Illinois $140,920
Indiana $113,850
Iowa $113,470
Kansas $104,730
Kentucky $95,890
Louisiana $101,170
Maine $102,040
Maryland $126,480
Massachusetts $157,450
Michigan $112,740
Minnesota $124,230
Mississippi $106,360
Missouri $115,520
Montana $83,150
Nebraska $110,950
Nevada $138,850
New Hampshire $119,650
New Jersey $140,340
New Mexico $99,510
New York $165,260
North Carolina $137,200
North Dakota $97,680
Ohio $113,610
Oklahoma $115,260
Oregon $117,810
Pennsylvania $139,050
Rhode Island $129,410
South Carolina $104,300
South Dakota $100,000
Tennessee $129,830
Texas $145,800
Utah $109,280
Vermont $105,900
Virginia $136,790
Washington $129,220
West Virginia $95,220
Wisconsin $123,600
Wyoming $98,090
Guam $93,210
Puerto Rico $72,970
Virgin Islands $125,670

How much lawyers make per hour by State from Clio 2018 Legal Trends Report

How much doe lawyers make? source Legal-Trends report
Source: 2018 Legal Trends Report by Clio

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