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What Are The Best Social Media Management Tools? Reviews of 15 Social Media Management Tools

There are a lot of social media management tools out there today. But which ones are the best social media management tools for your organization?
It depends on which social media sites you use, and how many channels you need to manage. The answer is going to vary, but we’ve put together a list of notable social media management tools to take look at.
People use social media more everyday. Social media management tools can help your business or agency cover many social media profiles in a single place. No more having to log in to several social media profiles every single day.
But how do you know which tools are best? Everyone is aware that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites are continuing to grow. It’s safe to say that social media marketing is here to stay. The best social media management tools help leverage your social media presence to grow your business. Not only for publishing, but also for social media monitoring.
Business’s spend tons of money marketing through social media. The first quarter of 2018 saw Twitter pull in $575 million in ad revenue, while Facebook made $11.8 billion over the same period. The numbers increase every year because people continue to use social media. Companies have also learned how profitable it is to make that a marketing focus.
what are the best social media management tools
Managing even one social media account can be time intensive and labor intensive.
More social media posts = more online real estate.
How can you make social media marketing work for your company? There are many, but some are better than others. Here are 15 of the best social management tools available.
Most Popular Social Media Platforms

1 – Kiopi

create new social post_Kiopi

  • Who They Are:
Kiopi is a newly released social media management tool that’s easy to use and offers so much more for so much less. This applicaton addresses and corrects certain problems that those who have experienced the pitfalls of other social media management tools will certainly appreciate and understand. Whether you want to boost leads, accelerate sales, streamline company operations, or generate client engagement, Kiopi is your go-to.
  • What They Do:
Anything the best of social media management tools do is also offered by Kiopi. Kiopi simplifies your social media management on all major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. With Kiopi, you’re able to plan, schedule, collaborate, and produce content that promotes client engagement and growth for your business.
The plans Kiopi offers (Primary, Pro, Premium, & Platinum) do well to reflect the size of your company or business when it comes to user and social profile availability. Whether you’re an individual managing your own social accounts or an agency taking on multiple clients at once, Kiopi has a plan to fit your needs. Unlimited clients, unlimited campaigns, unlimited post scheduling, up to 200 social accounts and 16 users, and all for an unparalleled low price. These are just some of the things that make Kiopi stand apart from the rest. If that weren’t enough, Kiopi also offers a 14-day free trial with no contracts and no commitment.
No matter how large the business and how big the demand, it cannot outgrow this tool.

2 – Hootsuite

  • Who They Are:
Hootsuite started in 2008 by Ryan Holmes, who saw an opportunity in the way social media could help small businesses. They claim to service to 800 of the Fortune 1000 and currently have over 16 million users worldwide. Based in Vancouver, they also have offices in San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, as well as other major cities around the world. They’re considered a leading firm and offer many social media management tools.
  • What They Do:
They have versatile plans, ranging from those geared towards individuals to those for huge enterprises. Hootsuite is one of the more extensive tools available. Hootsuite offers a free plan with most of the same features that paying customers to enjoy. The free version limits access to one person but allows up to three social media accounts. The business option, geared towards small business, allows for five to ten users. This still includes up to 35 social media accounts.
All plans include post scheduling, content curation, security, and team management. Hootsuite is a great option for an individual or a small business owner. Give them a try if you are managing social media across many channels.

3 – SocialOomph

SocialOomph Dashboard

  • Who They Are:
Branded as TweetLater.com in 2008 as a tool for Twitter, SocialOomph changed their name and focus in 2009. The software is still focused on Twitter, but they now support scheduling and tracking across most networks. They’ve come a long way from only helping seek out friends on Twitter. SocialOomph is one of the best social media management tools for increasing profile visibility and gaining new followers.
  • What They Do:
If Twitter is your organization’s main focus, then there’s a lot this tool can help you with. But again, it isn’t geared only towards Twitter anymore. SocialOomph’s free plan and their cheaper pay plan still focus more on Twitter than other sites. Their tools include scheduling of posts and tracking traffic. The paid option allows for many more features across other social media sites.
Their plans are less versatile than others on this list, but they still offer some interesting features. For example, get unlimited Facebook, Pinterest, Plurk, and LinkedIn accounts, with scheduling and secure access using the paid plan. This also provides RSS feed help, along with the management of an unlimited number of blogs. This makes it one of the more unique social media management tools on the market.

4 – Buffer

Buffer Dashboard

  • Who They Are:
With offices and employees across many continents, Buffer is one of the largest and best social media management tools. This one excels in scheduling and managing posts across many social media platforms. Buffer also integrates well with WordPress, Google Chrome, RSS feeds, and other areas of the web to help keep up with various forms of content.
  • What They Do:
Buffer offers many versatile plans, from the free plan, up to several dollars per month. Even the free option, which allows for up to three social media accounts, schedules up to ten posts. They also offer browser extensions and iOS and Android mobile apps.
You can create content and schedule it with video uploading, as well as image and gif creation. The larger plans allow for upwards of 150 social media accounts, with the scheduling of up to 2000 posts at a time. The paid options offer help with RSS feeds, and a calendar, along with extensive optimization and analytic features as well.

5 Zoho Social

Zoho Social Dashboard

  • Who They Are:
Zoho Corporation started in 1996 in California, and they provided office suite software. Zoho Social is the social media management branch of the company. With offices in many countries, Zoho Social is a part of a large and wide-reaching company. They offer many options across varied plans. Many other software products connect to Zoho Office Suite as well.
  • What They Do:
Zoho allows for post scheduling, calendars, analytics, bulk scheduling, and plenty more. They provide unique offers like Facebook lead ads and innovative browser plugins.
While they do not offer a basic free plan, they do offer a free trial to start. They have four separate plans which provide support for “brands.” One brand includes seven “channels.” Channels count as one Twitter profile, one Instagram profile, one Facebook page. You can also have one LinkedIn page and profile, and one Google+ page and profile. The lower cost option covers one brand, and the plans rise all the way to the most expensive, which covers 25 brands.

6 – Social Pilot

Social Pilot Dashboard

  • Who They Are:
Social Pilot launched in 2014 and helps business and social media professionals manage content across many platforms. They were first used by bloggers, but currently service over 85,000 users. Along with offering many of the standard tools, they are also open to developing new tools and innovations based on user request.
  • What They Do:
They have four paid plans. Most focus on individuals, but the one for agencies is the largest and most expensive plan. Although the individual plan is less than ten dollars per month, billed per year. They do not offer a basic free package. They offer bulk scheduling, team management, and analytics. It helps manage Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Along with many of the standard tools, they give the option to place their own branding on Facebook posts. They provide client management tools, content curation, RSS feed automation, scheduling calendar, and many other options.

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7 – TweetDeck

TweetDeck Dashboard

  • Who They Are:
Twitter created this software, and it focuses only on Twitter accounts. They do fall a bit short for scheduling posts on many social media platforms. But TweetDeck is still the most capable and affordable tool for companies who focus on Twitter growth.
  • What They Do:
TweetDeck boasts some of the same features as others on the list, but the scheduling and content management is for Twitter only. The software integrates with LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, but their specialty is Twitter.
They support an unlimited number of Twitter accounts for content management and post scheduling. It also manages hundreds of hashtags, Twitter lists, Twitter searches, and even more. They offer this to everyone from individual freelancers to giant corporations. It’s impressive that the service is completely free to anyone with a Twitter account.

8 – Sprout Social

SproutSocial Dashboard

  • Who They Are:
This one has a focus on helping people to people interactions. Sprout Social is less about what the software does, and more about how they promote individual connections. They know this works to enhance small business success. The aim is to assist companies in connecting with people over social media networks. It started in 2010 and updated several times since. They’ve become a leading social media management tool with over 24,000 customers.
  • What They Do:
The Sprout Social tool centers around analytics, publishing, engagement, and listening. Analyze social information and happenings to better inform your posts with this platform. The publishing part includes similar features to many listed here. This includes options to create, manage, and plan future content. Plan ideas for posts by tracking important trends relative to your business model. The unified inbox allows for easier connection and engagement with consumers.
Sprout Social does not include a free option. Their three plans range from $99 per user, per month, to $249 per user, per month. While this makes it one of the more expensive options, it’s still a leading provider of social media management tools.

9 – Loomly

Loomly Dashboard

  • Who They Are:
Loomly started in 2016 under Calendly, Inc. and focuses on the post planning and calendar side of social media management. Their target audience is social media managers who want an easier time with posting across all social networks. Though a relative newcomer to this space, Loomly has already made their presence felt.
  • What They Do:
Optimization and scheduling offered by Loomly uses a calendar system and allows the team leader to be in control. It’s easy to be aware of anything going on in your social media accounts with this tool.
They integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn. They provide five payment plans. The lowest covers one user and ten social media accounts. The upper-level plan covers 40 users and 140 social media accounts. Post planning and control are given to the team leader of a social media management team. This service moves towards making a social media manager’s job smoother and easier.

10 – Agorapulse

Agorapulse Dashboard

  • Who They Are:
Agorapulse version one launched back in 2011. It became a way for businesses to manage customer relationships through Facebook. By 2014, they also integrated Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The software has since added the ability to use Google+ and YouTube as well. They claim ease of use as one of their core company values.
  • What They Do:
Agorapulse offers four versatile pay plans and free tools. The cheapest paid plan allows for one user and three social media profiles. The most expensive allows twelve users and forty profiles. All the plans also include the option of adding a user or profile for a few more dollars per month without having to scale up.
Along with post scheduling and the standard tools, Agorapulse offers inbox management. This can help you answer all comments and emails as they happen. They also offer unlimited reports and unlimited posts scheduling, even on the cheapest plan. The free tools they offer are: Facebook page barometer, Twitter Report Card, and Facebook Contests. You can also try their social media management tools for free via their free trial.

11 – FlypChart

Flypchart Dashboard

  • Who They Are:
FlypChart is an internet-based company founded in 2016. They created a collaboration tool that allows for planning and monitoring of content. It’s targeted to digital content teams and marketing agencies.
  • What They Do:
This is a good tool for content teams, for management of deadlines and workflows. It achieves this by using a task management system to assign tasks to team members which go through an approval process. They allow for tracking searches and content, as well as post planning. There are some other unique offerings as well.
They have a few pay plan options, each with a 14-day free trial, but no matter the option, there is no limit on users. This is unique, as is the tool integration function. FlypChart can be used along with other marketing tools you’re already using. Along with unlimited users for all plans, they also offer unlimited campaigns. Plus several social and premium integrations, and chat, email, or phone support.

12- Quuu

Quuu Dashboard

  • Who They Are:
This was the brainchild of Daniel Kempe around 2015. The app was built upon the basis of creating lists of content and keeping track of it. His idea turned into an innovative social media management tool with some unique benefits.
  • What They Do:
There are three payment plans. They are much the same, except for the number of social profiles supported by each plan. The cheapest one supports ten, while the most expensive support fifty profiles. Each of the plans includes six suggestions per profile. Also, unlimited post scheduling, and unlimited hand-selected content curation. Each plan includes a 30-day free trial.
The hands-on content curation is one of the more unique features here. It allows the user to select content to follow through Quuu. Whatever content you select is then filtered through Buffer, where it moves towards social media management. If the click-through rates and shares aren’t enough, they also offer Quuu Promote.
With this extra payment option, a post will be promoted for 30 days, with real people posting it and sharing it on social media. For, $40 per month, one post can be promoted. The plans go up from there based on how many posts are promoted.

13- EveryPost

Everypost Dashboard

  • Who They Are:
As a “MacWorld 2006 About to Break” Finalist in 2014, Everypost burst onto the scene. They’re viewed as one of the easiest platforms for sharing content across many social profiles. They provide easy formatting options for posting images and videos through their app. They also offer many versatile payment plans.
  • What They Do:
Everypost has five plans that range starting with a free tier, all the way up to $99 per month. The free option is for a single social media account. You can have up to three content curation feeds that integrate across YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and others. The paid plans offer much more than the free option, and the first is under ten dollars per month.
The paid plans all offer unlimited post scheduling, while the free option only allows ten. The most expensive plan offers 120 social accounts, group management, advanced permissions, unlimited content curation, and allows for up to 25 team members. Social Analytics and Analytics Max options are coming soon, but are in the paid plans. Each plan includes a 14-day free trial.

14- Dlvr.it

  • Who They Are:
Dlvr.it launched in 2009, based in Portland, Oregon. Their team wanted to create a service that would excel at making the repetitive tasks of social media management much easier. This social media management tool acts as an automated social media management team.
  • What They Do:
A nice feature Dlvr.it is the ability to auto-post from an RSS feed to social media sites. This allows for complete automation of posting. You’re able to “set it and forget it,” and the software will do the rest for you. It also offers a bulk scheduler, a WordPress social media scheduler, and a Chrome browser extension. You can also recycle successful social media posts for later use.
Although some of the options provided by larger companies aren’t available in the free plan, Dlvr.it is among the cheaper social media management tools around. Their three plans range from free to under $25 per month, based on the number of profiles, posts, and feeds you need to manage. The free plan covers up to three social profiles, ten posts per day, along with live feeds. The highest pay option allows 15 profiles, unlimited posts, and 75 feeds. This plan also includes bulk scheduling, the auto-recycle tool, and much more. Each plan offers a 7-day free trial.


IFTTT Dashboard

  • Who They Are:
IFTTT stands for ‘if this, then that,’ and they launched in December of 2010. This software is an app that allows many other apps to work together and managed one app. Their aim is to help people get the most out of their technology. IFTTT was the Best Productivity App winner at the 2016 Webby Awards.
  • What They Do:
The IFTTT app has a basic free version, as well as tiered upgrades. The idea here is that this app uses “applets” to help you control service functions of other apps. You can combine the apps you’re already using into one place, and make them work better through the IFTTT app.
When applied to social media, this app can assist managing many social profiles. Even to the best social media management tools. Or you could use them to combine the use of other social media management tools into one place. It also has an open API, which allows for creation of your own applets without the need for coding expertise.

Final Thoughts On Social Media Management Tools:

By now, you know that managing social media can help your business – there’s no debate about that. It helps with brand awareness, lead generation, customer loyalty, sales, and customer service, among many other benefits. The question for businesses right now is how best to put social media to work for you. The answer to that question is to find the best social media management tools for your particular needs.
Marketing to the right people, in the right places, has always been the best business model. Now, the right place to market to people also includes social media platforms. Doing so can be difficult without proper management of your social presence. That is easier now with the existence of tools such as those covered in this list.
Our list includes many services that help businesses who want social media growth. Many of these have free options, while those that don’t usually include a free trial period. 
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