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Google Screened: What is it, and Why Do Local Businesses Need to Be Screened?


Unlock unparalleled trust and visibility with the Google Screened badge, a testament to business integrity and professionalism. In the digital age, standing out in local searches has never been more critical.

Dive into our complete guide to discover how Google Screened can elevate your business’s online presence.

What is Google Screened?

Google Screened is a rigorous verification method that Google uses to validate the credibility of local businesses listed on its search engine platform.

When businesses go through Google’s screening process and meet the stringent criteria, they are awarded the Google Screened badge.

The Google Screened badge is more than just an emblem; it signifies that the business has passed Google’s comprehensive checks and stands out as a reputable service provider.

Having the Google Sreened badge prominently displayed alongside a business’s name in Google’s search results gives potential clients an added assurance of the business’s reliability.

It’s especially pivotal for Local Service ads, where customers often must make quick decisions on whom to trust.

With the Google Screened badge, local businesses gain a competitive edge, as customers are likelier to click on listings that have been vetted through the screening process.

What Are Google Local Service Ads?


Google Local Services Ads are a unique advertising platform specifically for local professional services. Unlike traditional pay-per-click ads that lead users to a website, Google Local Services Ads connect prospects directly to local service providers.

Local Service Ads appear at the top of Google’s search engine results, highlighting local businesses that offer the required professional services.

What sets Google Local Services Ads apart is the emphasis on credibility.

Before businesses can run Local Services ads, they undergo a comprehensive screening process. This process includes background checks, license checks, and even verification of the business’s physical location.

Additionally, Google typically requires service providers to provide a professional headshot, making the connection more personal.

While setup can take a few weeks, once your business is awarded the Google Screened badge, you’ll reap the benefits from the increased visibility on Google, driving more business for less cost.

The Google Screened Badge

Google Screened and Google Guaranteed businesses both stand out for local consumers, but there are distinct differences between the two.

Google Guaranteed businesses are part of the Google Guaranteed program. Consumers that hire Google Guaranteed businesses, symbolized by the Google Guaranteed Badge, are offered a money-back guarantee by Google, up to a certain amount, if the local services provided aren’t up to par.

Alternatively, Google Screened businesses may not come with the guarantee, but they are still recognized as credible businesses. Google awards the Google Screened badge to businesses that successfully complete the background check to get Google Screened.

While the Google screened badge and Google Guaranteed badge convey trust via the background and license check process, the Google Guarantee provides a layer of financial protection for consumers.

Google Screened and Google Guaranteed Businesses: Does My Local Business Fit Into an Applicable Business Category?

The Google Guaranteed badge and Google Screened badge signals a stamp of approval to potential clients.

However, Google has outlined specific business categories for the Google Screened programs.

For example, the Google Screened badge is particularly relevant for professional service providers such as real estate agents, financial planners, and law firms. You can see if your business fits into a business category by checking the LSA list.

If you run a law firm specializing in family law, or if you’re a tax specialist offering financial planning services, obtaining the Google Screened badge can instill an additional layer of confidence for consumers by signifying you’ve passed a rigorous background check.

Conversely, the Google Guaranteed badge can benefit many businesses, but business owners must ensure their service aligns with Google’s designated categories.

From childcare providers to specialized professionals, obtaining the Google Guaranteed badge showcases the commitment to quality, setting you apart in a competitive local market.

How Do Google Reviews Affect the Google Screening Process?

Google reviews

For the Google Screened process, Google Reviews play a pivotal role. A business’s average star rating, prominently displayed on its Google Business profile, can significantly influence its visibility in Google search results.

Positive reviews can amplify the benefits of the Google Screened or Google Guaranteed status, seamlessly integrating with other online marketing strategies.

Local Services Ads can also benefit from this, with favorable reviews enhancing positioning, even within Google Assistant results.

How to Get Google Screened

The Google Screened badge is a coveted achievement for businesses aiming to elevate their online presence.

To get Google screened, businesses must first engage in a series of rigorous background checks. Each member of the professional team, from senior leadership to frontline staff, undergoes individual background check evaluations.

Every background check and license check ensures that all services provided align with Google’s strict standards.

Some practice areas and business sectors may have additional criteria to meet.

Once the application process is complete, professional service providers can proudly display the Google screened badge on their business listing.

Those who achieve the Google screened status can also opt for the Google Guaranteed badge, providing an extra layer of trust for consumers.

For businesses seeking a complete guide on this process, at Digital Logic, our Local Service Ads managers can either walk you through the step-by-step guide or complete these tasks on your behalf!

How’s that for service providers?

Advantages of Incorporating Local Services Ads in Marketing

Running Google Screened ads offers distinct advantages. The Google Screened badge, earned through rigorous background checks, instantly boosts your business’s credibility.

As a result, potential customers are more likely to trust and select your Local Services ad over generic PPC ads, giving you an edge over local competitors.

Local Targeting With Google Screened Ads

Utilizing a Google Screened ad ensures your business is prominently showcased to a local audience. The coveted Google Screened badge signifies trust and will capture your local target audience’s attention.

Increasing Click-Through Rates and Conversions With Google Screened Ads

The Google Screened badge leads to a noticeable surge in click-through rates, especially for sectors like real estate agents and law firm applicants.

Because the trust in your local services is bolstered by rigorous license checks, your lead generation efforts with PPC ads and search engine optimization strategy should also increase.

The Financial Benefits of Being Google Screened

Earning the Google Screened badge isn’t just about trust; it’s a financial game-changer. Businesses that undergo the meticulous background check and run Google Screened ads correctly often witness a substantial boost in ROI.

With the Google Screened endorsement, your brand will attract more local consumers who value credibility and professionalism.

ROI Considerations for LSAs

The Google Screened badge can drastically help increase your ROI, especially in competitive industries. Compared to traditional Google Ads and other paid search ads, businesses with this badge often secure more leads.


Consumers trust businesses that have undergone the rigorous license check through the Google Guaranteed program, ensuring they get professional services.

So, investing in the Google Screened badge or Google Guaranteed badge can redefine your brand’s profitability.

Minimizing Cost-Per-Lead Through Verified Trust

Securing the Google Guaranteed badge is a strategic move to minimize your cost-per-lead.

With Google Screened ads prominently displaying in Google’s search results, businesses witness a surge in more leads, driven by the implicit trust consumers have in brands that have passed the meticulous background check.

Essentially, with Google Screened, you’re not just ensuring visibility but verified trust, allowing you to capture leads more efficiently.

How to Get Google Screened: Understanding Google’s Screening Process

Google Local Services Ads place a high emphasis on ensuring that businesses listed have a trusted reputation locally. One way to establish this reliability is through a detailed background check process.

Every business that applies for the Google Guaranteed badge is subjected to various background checks, including the following.

Types of Background Checks

There are several types of background checks that Google Screened applicants will need to apply for.

Business Background Check

This background check ensures that local businesses within a valid Local Services ads business category operate legally, with valid business registration and other essential credentials in place.

During this background check, any civil lawsuits or disputes involving the business are scrutinized. This helps ensure that the business has no unresolved issues that might hinder local services provided.

Google also dives deep into the backgrounds of business partners and other key stakeholders.

The background check for partners applies to applicants who provide legal services or work for a local law firm as well as real estate agents who operate from a multi-agent real estate agency, essentially any service providers that do not operate alone.

Certain professions have more specific criteria to meet:

Attorney License Information

For a law firm or professionals providing legal services, Google imposes stricter minimum review requirements to include checks for valid attorney or law firm licenses and state bar memberships to ensure they are permitted to practice.

All service providers at the law firm will need to provide proof of an active bar membership during the verification process.

Select law firm practice areas will require different business registration and license checks during the application process.


Why Background Check Information Matters

It’s essential to provide all applicable background information during the screening process.

Any discrepancies or omissions during or after the application process can lead to delays or even disqualification from getting the Google Guaranteed badge.

Maintaining Your Google Guaranteed Badge

To maintain your Google Guaranteed badge, businesses must ensure that all their background information remains up-to-date. Regular updates and checks help in retaining the badge and the trust associated with it.

Remember, the Google Guaranteed badge is more than just a symbol; it’s a testament to the business’s commitment to excellence and trustworthiness.

Digital Logic’s Expertise in Google Screened Campaigns

Digital Logic’s ability to manage Google Screened campaigns is evident in the transformative results our clients have experienced, especially with respect to Local Service ads for lawyers.


Take one of our startup clients, for instance: with our targeted approach combining Local Service Ads, law firm PPC management, and law firm SEO services, the client witnessed an astounding 282.47% increase in ROI with a brand new website and no prior traffic.

Under our guidance, our general practice legal clients see an average 571% ROI worth an estimated $41,500 in conversions. Our immigration clients maintain an average 545% ROI worth an estimated $31,125 in conversions. Our clients that practice family law and criminal defense typically see an estimated 710% ROI worth an estimated $64,125 in conversions.

This is Digital Logic’s expertise in action: turning Local Service Ad clicks into quantifiable growth.

Are you a local service provider who’s ready to experience transformative results?

Join the ranks of our success stories and elevate your online marketing strategy with Digital Logic. Secure your Google Screened advantage today and unlock unprecedented growth.

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