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Are you a business owner with a website, but you aren’t sure if your website was set up to perform well on search engines like Google? Let the SEO experts at Digital Logic perform a free website SEO audit. Our search engine optimization audits can provide insight into some of the current challenges you’re facing, why your website isn’t ranking well on the search engine results pages, and what SEO strategies your local competitors are using. After our free SEO audit, we’ll help you determine the best SEO strategy within your marketing budget. If you’re impressed with our professional SEO audit services and want to partner with Digital Logic to boost your existing SEO strategy, or if you’re ready to start your marketing journey with a professional SEO company, we can quickly get you set up for our search engine optimization services.

SEO Audit Services

Not ranking well in the search results? Our SEO audit services can give you the answers you need!

SEO audits are crucial to keeping your website optimized. A professional SEO audit can give you insight into your site’s overall performance. It can also help marketers devise an effective search engine strategy moving forward. Search engine algorithms and Google’s guidelines are constantly being updated and modified, so it’s important that your website undergo an SEO audit regularly.

SEO audits also help prioritize future SEO work. You’ll know which SEO techniques will impact your website’s ability to rank well on search engines based on your current assets.

With Digital Logic’s website SEO audit services, you can get to the root of your website’s problems. Once your website ranks higher on major search engines like Google, you can increase organic traffic, capture more leads, and grow your business!

Our SEO audits can provide a solution that:

And, if you partner with Digital Logic for search engine optimization services, we will fix the website issues affecting your site’s ability to rank on search engines. Digital Logic is an established boutique digital marketing agency with a reputation for success. To get started with the SEO audit process, either fill out the form above or call our search engine experts at 318-678-5020 today.

Hiring Digital Logic was the best decision I ever made! The entire team is absolutely excellent; Their SEO expertise will change your entire approach to marketing. Give it time and you will see your business bloom!

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Does My Website Need an SEO Audit?

We recommend getting an SEO audit at least once every six months. However, common signs that your website needs an SEO auditing service include the following:

  • high bounce rates
  • minimum traffic
  • slow page speed
  • significant traffic loss
  • outdated content
  • duplicate content errors
  • “HTTPS not secure” warning
  • drop in search results rankings
  • low conversion rates
  • failure to rank for long-tail keywords
  • broken links
  • ranking beneath your competitors

Our SEO team conducts comprehensive SEO audits that provide 100% transparency. We will look at your on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO aspects. Then, we’ll create a marketing plan with the best SEO practices in mind.

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Website SEO Audit Services

What’s the point of having a professionally designed website if none of your target audience ever sees it? Often, prospective clients have attractive websites with a lot to offer, but they don’t rank well on search engines.

On-Page Factors and Keyword Research

More often than not, the issue lies with the keyword or content strategy. Issues with the content could mean that you don’t have enough on-page content, are missing proper title tags, or your meta description for each post isn’t unique enough. In some cases, you may not have your canonical settings set up correctly, or you have multiple URLs pointing to the same page. This will create a “duplicate content” error.

Another major issue we see in many of our SEO audits is the lack of proper keyword research. SEO focuses heavily on selecting the best, most targeted keywords for your business and then preparing interesting content around those specific keywords.

At Digital Logic, our keyword research professionals know how to find great keywords that offer a high chance of a conversion.

We will look at the following on-page SEO factors during our SEO auditing services:

When you partner with Digital Logic for SEO services, we conduct regular SEO audits to ensure that our keyword research is as up-to-date as possible. We use programs like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to ensure we’re capturing organic traffic from all relevant keywords.

Keyword Strategy

The specific keywords that your website targets, the on-page placement of those keywords, and how you incorporate those keywords into your online content will play a key role in your site’s organic visibility and, thus, will affect your website’s traffic. During our initial SEO audit, we will look at which words you are currently targeting and how well you have optimized for those keywords with your on-page SEO tactics. We can also determine if you are missing out on high-value keywords or if there is another marketing channel you should use to promote content surrounding highly-targeted keywords.

When it comes to keyword research for your company, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Relevance: Is the keyword relevant to the services you’re providing? Will searchers find the answer to their search query using your website?
  • Search Intent: Does the keyword you are trying to rank for signify that the searcher would be interested in your product or service now or in the near future?
  • Search Volume: Does the keyword you’ve selected receive the most organic traffic? Is there another similar keyword that would bring in more search traffic?
  • Keyword Attainability: Can you actually rank for the selected keyword, or do you need to improve your overall website content before trying to rank for a difficult keyword?
  • Alternate Industry Terms: In some industries, the “correct” keyword isn’t what’s used for search queries. This often applies to law firm marketing or healthcare marketing.
seo audit services

Technical SEO and Off-Page SEO Factors

There are other off-page SEO factors that can affect your website’s ability to rank well on organic search rankings. A technical SEO audit will show what specific factors will hinder the search engine crawlers’ ability to crawl your website.

Off-page SEO factors make up almost 80% of ranking algorithms. So, while you can’t see off-page SEO efforts, search engine spiders rely heavily on these technical SEO aspects to validate and rank your website.

The SEO team at Digital Logic will perform an in-depth technical audit using various professional SEO tools. Then, we’ll use our SEO expertise to recommend a strategy to improve technical SEO performance.

We will look at the following factors during our technical SEO audit:

Your website’s structure and URLs are one of the easiest, most important ways to communicate with search engine crawlers as well as users. These both show your audience what they can expect to find on any given page.

So, your internal linking strategy needs to be clean and well-executed. You should avoid overly-long URLS and include your target keyword within the URL.

Technical SEO Strategy

When we conduct an in-depth SEO audit, we’ll review the technical aspects that affect your online visibility. Our audit strategy includes a deep dive into the following aspects:

  • Crawlability: Can search engine spiders easily crawl your website’s pages from a technical perspective.
  • Indexability: Can major search engine crawlers easily index your pages? What percentage of your website is indexed?
  • Code: Is your website’s code clean and well-formatted?
  • Content Delivery: How are your fonts, images, and assets hosted and served?
  • Responsive: Is your website mobile responsive or optimized for mobile devices?
  • Server File Configuration: Do you have a plugin that manages your 301 redirects?
  • Sitemap: Is your website’s sitemap accessible? Does your sitemap include all of the pages that you want a search engine to crawl and index?
  • Robots.txt: Does your website’s robots.txt file allow the correct folders, files, and paths?


Multiple errors can certainly hinder your website’s performance on major search engines like Google. If your organic search traffic isn’t where you’d like it to be, or if you’ve invested in basic SEO services from a cheap digital marketing agency, you may have several errors that are keeping your website from ranking well.

Many digital marketing agencies focus on providing basic SEO services that don’t really help your website rank well for keywords that actually convert. During our audit review, we’ll look for problems within your internal links, duplicate content, broken links, and other technical issues or errors that suppress your ability to get more organic traffic.

During our technical SEO audit for errors, we’ll look at the following factors:

seo auditing service

Our SEO Auditing Process

How do our SEO audit services work?

Our SEO audits provide our experienced SEO strategists with the information we need to provide you with prioritized and actionable digital marketing recommendations. After we learn about your business, your SEO goals, and your existing SEO strategy (if applicable), we’ll let you know what we discovered during our website audit. From here, we’ll provide several SEO strategies based on your budget.

Your company has absolutely no obligation to sign up for Digital Logic’s marketing services. You can choose to fix the errors we found during our free SEO audit service yourself, or you can partner with Digital Logic to help with your SEO success.

Our full SEO audit will show our SEO experts exactly where we need to start to increase organic traffic and improve rankings on the organic search results pages.

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Search Engine Optimization Audit FAQs

An SEO audit analyzes a website to identify potential issues that affect a website’s ability to rank well on Google or other search engines. SEO audit services look at a variety of factors, including on-page SEO efforts, off-page or technical SEO factors, search volume for target keywords, duplicate content issues, and site experience using an HTML validation browser. All of these factors are organized and used to perform a competitive analysis for your location.

At Digital Logic, we offer our initial SEO auditing services absolutely free. You have no obligation to partner with our SEO agency after we perform your free SEO audit.

SEO audit services help you make better, more informed decisions for your marketing budget. If you’re considering professional SEO services, then a professional SEO audit can help you understand what SEO services are most needed to improve search visibility.

If you’re looking into SEO auditing services, there are several digital marketing agencies that provide a free initial SEO audit or competitive analysis. In order to get the best results from SEO audits, the marketing agency needs to understand your business and marketing goals truly. Feel free to ask any marketing company for industry-specific client testimonials before you agree to sign a contract.

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