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What is Web Consulting?

A good looking website isn’t enough for business. You also need a profitable strategy for customer generation. That’s where web consulting comes in. This typically goes hand-in-hand with design and marketing agencies, like Digital Logic. Web consulting the the process of setting digital marketing goals, developing a strategic plan to achieve those goals, and following out the plan to increase revenue.

It’s doing what’s required to fix your website, but also looking forward to help business owners plan for the future.

SEO Web Consulting

Digital Logic offers web consulting SEO services as a way to help clients develop and implement a long-term digital marketing strategy. Web design and development are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a comprehensive online strategy that converts leads into clients.

We’re a website consulting agency for small to mid-sized businesses. Put simply, we’re able to help clients fix, improve, or get insights to their websites without adding additional in-house labor costs, on their end.

We bring years of experience to the table, when conducting our website audits. Why is this important?

Without the trifecta of web development, PPC, and SEO knowledge, you’re blindly throwing darts, trying to execute your online marketing strategy. You’re making guesses at how to operate successfully online, or your making mistakes, that could be damaging your overall organic traffic.

What Does a Website Consultant Do?

For client web consulting, we have several team members that work together to bring the best results for your business website. A few things a website consultant can help with include, but are not limited to the following…

  • Help plan a website strategy for your business
  • Create buyer personas and target audience to help generate traffic
  • Design wire-frames for your site
  • Gather and analyze website data via tracking and analytics
  • Improve your SEO with keyword research and strategy, title tags, meta descriptions text, content strategy
  • Help determine whether or not your business needs a website rebuild
  • Fix website errors, such as 310, 404 or 500 level errors
  • Map out your website structure
  • Content input
  • Style tile design and sketch work
  • and more…

Do I Need a Web Consultant?

Most of our clients view us as an extension to their team. After several months, we know their business in and out. We help business owners strategize, regroup, and even educate, when needed. As web consultants, we intermingle the two-web design and search engine optimization–we make your website beautiful and functional, while helping you get found on Google.

Still not sure if  you need a web consultant. Ask yourself the following questions,

Does my website:

  • drive engagement,
  • create conversions,
  • drive high quality traffic, and
  • bring in a good ROI?
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Our Services

SEO services


In order to have continual growth from SEO services, a clear plan needs to be built and executed correctly. We have proven methods to get you ranking.

PPC services

PPC Management

Unlike most PPC management agencies, we don’t set campaigns on autopilot. We make campaign adjustments every week and often times on a daily basis.

Web development services

Web Development

Your website is a tool that should be used in order to draw traffic, convert traffic into customers, and maintain the relationship you have with your customers.

Social media management services

Social Media

If you’re not tapping into the potential of social media marketing services, you’re losing customers to your competitors who are.

Content marketing services

Content Writing

We tailor the content to your potential customer’s needs and interests while conveying your brand’s personality and offerings, without trying to force them to buy.

Online advertising

Online Advertising

Having a fully optimized website, a solid social media presence, and profitable digital marketing campaigns allows your business to thrive online.

Graphic design

Graphic Design

We work with your company to make sure your brand is positioned as a central signature with a consistent identity displayed across multiple media channels and applications.

Online video advertising

Video Advertising

Leveraging online display advertisements that incorporate videos can dramatically change the way your business is viewed by your customers.

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The most cost-effective methods of digital marketing available today. Selling to someone that you already know is interested makes online advertising a breeze.


Conversion Rate Optimization

This process helps to squeeze more “juice” out of your marketing abilities and further your business growth on the budget you’ve already allocated towards digital marketing.

What are the Typical Web Consulting Prices?

Web consulting fees and rates will vary depending on your business’s site and goals. At Digital Logic, we prefer to execute your strategy with a multi-faceted approach.

We do offer free website audits and proposals. If you prefer to speak over the phone, call us at 318-678-5020.

Websites Built by Our Design Team

Your website is more than just a page of information displayed online. It is a tool that should be used in order to draw trafficconvert traffic into customers, and maintain the relationship you have with your customers. One thing to keep in mind: if your website is loaded with content but the search engines can not find you, then all of that information is completely wasted.

Our team of experts will make sure that your website build works for you.

Law firm website design
plastic surgery web design
Plastic surgery website design
Law firm website built in wordpress

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