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    SEO Shreveport Services: Shreveport SEO Services that are done in Shreveport Louisiana.

    It’s more important than every you have good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your Shreveport business. SEO Shreveport is very important with more and more Shreveport residents turning to search engines, it’s important that your website SEO is up to snuff with current SEO technologies.

    Why SEO and Search Engine Optimization is Important

    SEO Shreveport and How SEO Works

    Search Engine Optimization = SEO. SEO can be very challenging, especially if you don’t know what your doing. There are a lot of “Experts” and “Gurus” out there that sell Shreveport business owners smoke and mirrors or directory services that they call SEO Shreveport. In order to actually rank for the keywords that are relevant to your business, it’s important to hire proven Shreveport SEO professionals like us. There are over 250 different ranking factors that work together to decide how your website is going to rank in Shreveport on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. In Shreveport, the listings on the search results page are going to be different than if you search in Dallas. The search listings are also doing to be different if you’re searching in Downtown Shreveport or if you’re in Southern Trace in Southern Shreveport. The type of website content you have and the end user intent for the search terms people are looking for will play a role in what content search engines will rank your website for. For this page, you should have found us when searching for Shreveport SEO or Shreveport search engine optimization or something else related. Once you establish the basics of good on-site SEO content, then it’s time to move to the off site factors that are about 45% of the ranking factors for SEO. Backlinks for Shreveport based content is very important as well as categorically important. It’s not like ranking for SEO Shreveport is easy on Google or Bing.



    Google sends out bots every day to read your online content and determine if it is relevant, good quality, and consistently updated. These are a few things that affect how well your website ranks.


    Good quality backlinks gives your website more credit and pushes your site forward as more relevant than others in search page results.
    Fundamentals of SEO and Search Engine Optimization for Shreveport Louisiana


    Your online content needs to be intentional with a specific strategy behind it. Content without a purpose does not help your SEO.


    When search engines find your business in accredited online business listings, they consider it as a referral and rank your content higher than those who are not listed.
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    Project Summary of client bellow

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    There are over 40,000 Google searches a second, but it’s not enough to show up for your business name in Shreveport; you need to appear for the local search queries that people use when they’re researching your products or services (our target search term for this page is SEO Shreveport). If you do not have a proper SEO strategy in place, you’re missing out on many potential customers that are searching for your products or services in Shreveport, LA. The number of people in Shreveport doing searches that are combined with “near me” has exploded over the past five years. This is because of the adoption of smart phones and the majority of people now being connected to the internet. Look at this chart from Google trends on the growth of “near me” searches being done in Shreveport, LA.

    SEO Shreveport Screen shot of Google Trends by Digital Logic Shreveport, Louisiana United States of America

    SEO / Search Engine Optimization along with all other Digital Marketing channels in Shreveport, LA
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    One factor that affects Shreveport SEO rankings, especially local search engine ranking, is what’s known as Business Citations. Business Citations are how your Shreveport business information, or NAP (Name Address and Phone Number), are distributed across the web, and more importantly, how consistent they are. You’ll never want multiple versions of how your business is listed or incorrect business information published online. Typically, over half of all traffic to a business site comes from people searching specifically for the business name or brand.

    For Shreveport SEO citation building and business directory syndication, we start with creating or modifying master listings and business information that we push to your Google Local Listing and Facebook Business Page Listing. We leverage those two primary business data sources and then syndicate the information from the master listings across the internet to hundreds of online directories and category listing websites. The primary information we syndicate are: business name, address, phone number, website, description, category, hours, directions, service descriptions, and photographs of your business and business services. Once we push the listing, we then go manually create additional listings for your business, the additional listings we create depend on what type of business you have, there are thousands of business category specific sites we push to and update on.

    Search Engine Optimization and SEO results page example
    Off-site SEO and Search Engine Optimization link map example


    A major ranking factor for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how many quality links are pointing back to a website by inbound links. A good way to measure link quality is to use a Moz Rank score of over 20-30 to understand what each websites link profile looks like. Search engines view the number of links pointing back to a website and assign a quality score, which then determines how much authority the website has. For example: if there is a website that has zero quality inbound links, in most cases, it will rank lower than a website that has dozens or even hundreds of inbound links. The context and type of content also plays a role in determining link quality. A good example is to look at the way Wikipedia ranks for so many keywords- they have a massive number of inbound links. The anchor text is also extremely important to pass value on the link that’s pointing to your site.

    Depending on how competitive the industry is, some clients have fantastic link profiles which means they have a high number of quality websites that link back to them. Others might struggle with their link profiles due to an oversaturated market. Whatever the case may be, we manually find and generate external link opportunities for our clients so that we can increase the client link profile each month.


    We help the majority of our Shreveport SEO clients with monthly content marketing as a part of our Shreveport SEO strategy. This includes an editorial plan of new content that we write, design and publish on their Shreveport, LA based website or blog and is part of a much more strategic SEO and marketing plan. Search engines love fresh content, but content alone is NOT king; there has to be a proper balance of quality content for user intent and quality offsite link building. This is not different for Shreveport based businesses wanting to improve SEO rankings.

    At Digital Logic, we offer high quality and long term SEO that will show up in Shreveport for a long time. Depending on the project size, our monthly SEO agreements typically start around $1,000 per month, but can go way up from there depending on competition and difficulty of what we’re trying to rank you for. We’ll work with you to create a comprehensive SEO plan that will get you ranking higher in Shreveport on all the major search engines.

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