Just a few months after rolling out customer posts from a Google Business Profile, Google has now introduced a chat feature that allows customers to directly contact businesses without even visiting their website. This feature is free and is available to all businesses with Google business profiles here in the U.S. We at Digital Logic believe this could be a potential game changer for local businesses. With more and more millennials becoming the primary target for businesses in all verticals, this new feature has the likelihood to change the way customers first interact with a business. Implementing this for your business is actually quite simple. Hi

How to Setup Live Chat and Text Messaging on Google My Business

  1. Starting Out

    First, you’ll need to access your Google Business Listing and head to the home page. Once there, you will see a new section labeled “chat.” Select the “turn on messaging” button and begin to set up your chat number. (Our chat feature may look slightly different because this feature was set up before publishing this article)
    Google my Business Dashboard for setting up live chat and messaging

  2. Verify Number

    Next, you’ll need to verify which number you want your customer’s chats to be sent to. Setup for Google Live Chat and Messaging Screen Shot

  3. After Number Verification

    Once verified, you can finalize your new chat feature by adding in an autoresponder.Google Live Chat Box and Pop up

  4. Final Step

    Now that you are all set up, your new chat feature will be available to anyone that comes across your Google business listing on a mobile device.Google Live Chat Feature for Google my Business Example at digital logic

  5. Preview

    Once a potential customer clicks on the new “message” button, they will be prompted to open their native messaging app on their phone. Let the new leads begin to roll in!!! Have questions about this new feature or any other digital marketing initiatives? Contact Digital Logic today and have your business stay up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends and breakthroughs!