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If you are an estate planning lawyer or law firm needing a powerful marketing strategy, online estate planning advertising is the way to go. To expand your estate planning practice, reach more potential clients, and avoid paying an arm and a leg, PPC advertising is the answer. 

It’s fast, budget-friendly, and highly effective as a way to get more estate planning clients. Through Google ads, law firms of all practice areas and sizes put their brand in front of countless potential clients. If you think about how consumers find professional services these days, they’re more likely than ever to find them online.

At Digital Logic, we provide exceptional estate planning marketing options, including paid advertising.

We prioritize data-driven results and client satisfaction above all else. That’s why we maintain a client retention rate of more than 97%.

If you want to boost your marketing efforts, expand your reach to prospective clients, and grow your business, Internet advertising is a fantastic option.

Grow Your Estate Planning Law Firm With Online Advertising Services

As a whole, digital marketing is a combination of several paid and organic strategies.

While national SEO services and local SEO for lawyers both focus on increasing organic traffic online, the other strategy aims to generate high-quality leads through paid advertising campaigns.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the most popular options for any probate law or estate planning firm looking for an effective way to advertise their business.

We do believe that increasing one’s organic traffic is important, but that takes time.

PPC advertising for estate planning lawyers is faster, giving your firm the boost it needs to increase ROI, reach ideal prospective clients, and generate qualified leads.

In the following sections, our PPC specialists outline exactly how digitally advertising your estate planning firm will grow your business. 

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What is Estate Planning Advertising?

Estate planning advertising is an effective marketing strategy that allows estate planning professionals to take advantage of the widespread use of Google.

Google is the largest search engine in the world, meaning consumers are likely to use the search engine when they need to find an estate planning attorney online.

Any estate planning law firm that wants to see fast results should consider law firm PPC management services.

With this paid advertising strategy, your estate planning law firm has a high level of control over what, when, and how you advertise to potential clients. You can turn advertisements on and off almost instantly, set a custom budget, and even target the right audience.

Estate planning advertisements come in many forms and span across many online platforms. Our law firm marketing agency manages the following types of estate planning marketing campaigns:

Our talented PPC management experts can help you develop, implement, and manage the perfect advertising strategy to meet the needs of your estate planning practice.

Still unsure if it’s worth it? Take a look at our case studies to gain a better understanding of how PPC can benefit your estate planning business.

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Benefits of PPC Advertising for Estate Planning Attorneys

Although online marketing involves different strategies, paid advertising alone has the power to generate high-quality leads for your estate planning firm without breaking the bank.

In fact, it has many advantages that SEO (search engine optimization) doesn’t, including the following.

Many online marketing strategies take a while to produce quality results. However, with pay-per-click advertising (PPC), estate planning law firms can realize much faster results.

Part of PPC management involves constant monitoring and optimization of your campaigns, ensuring that your paid marketing strategy is as efficient and effective as possible. As your estate planning law firm’s PPC campaign runs, our marketing experts are able to collect data that allows us to continually improve your campaign.

Because online advertising methods aren’t typically heavily influenced by Google’s algorithms, PPC offers estate planning law firms a more controlled marketing strategy that our marketing experts can adjust as needed. 

Estate planning lawyers can enjoy the flexibility of PPC, as this online marketing strategy allows our PPC managers to shift client strategies as needed.

For example, maybe your legal team is growing, and your cases are rapidly developing. By working with our digital marketing strategists, you can control the following elements of your PPC campaigns:

  • Target audience demographics
  • When and where ads display
  • Specific keywords that trigger your ads
  • Daily budgets
  • Locations that promote  your ads
  • Devices that your ads appear on (such as mobile devices or desktop computers)

If the initial costs of PPC are a concern, advertising for estate planning attorneys is actually more cost-effective than SEO in the early stages.

Your purchased clicks are from highly qualified leads, meaning they’re likely to convert into more clients. Additionally, the cost of your PPC campaigns can actually decrease with time.

The more data our team gathers, the more efficiently we’re able to utilize your marketing budget.

In other words, PPC advertising is an excellent way for an estate planning lawyer to maximize their marketing ROI right from the start.

Once your estate planning firm has the extra budget to invest in search engine optimization services, we highly recommend this strategy, however, as it generates exponentially more traffic for a lower price in the long run.

Because PPC involves bidding on specific keywords, this legal marketing technique allows your estate planning firm to easily reach the target audience.

A target audience refers to the individuals at which you aim your marketing plan. Rather than relying on existing clients and past clients for business growth, attorneys rely on getting new clients on a regular basis.

PPC ads allow estate planning attorneys and their marketing agency to fully customize ads to better appeal to the client base. These Google ads also allow the firm to control who actually sees the ads, as well.

For example, our PPC managers can set very specific parameters for how your Google ads appear. Our marketing team can filter out new clients based on certain demographics such as location, gender, and so much more.

Additionally, Google ads appear above organic results. While many consumers have previously purposefully avoided these ads, thanks to the introduction of Local Services Ads, more consumers are starting to look to those same ads for professional services.

Additionally, your estate planning practice doesn’t have to be well-established to see great results from PPC ads. PPC gives new business owners the ability to hit the ground running.

It takes a very short amount of time to see significant web traffic to PPC campaigns.

New estate planners can greatly benefit from the speed and ease that comes with using a Google Ads campaign.

When Belen Law Firm first began its marketing journey with us as a brand new practice, we used LSAs (local service ads) and PPC to boost their ROI to 282.47% in less than two years.

If you’re deciding between SEO and PPC as a new business or firm, advertising will bring you far more unique leads for the first several months. From here, SEO can carry the load in many cases.

Estate planning law firms certainly should appeal to new clients, but these firms should also prioritize appealing to search engines, like Google.

A full-scale digital marketing strategy often involves both SEO and PPC campaigns. However, many law firms prefer to advertise their estate planning services through paid ads before focusing on organic traffic.

Our estate planning marketing team can collect data from your PPC campaigns that we can then turn around and use to improve your organic traffic strategy. Before we launch your SEO campaign, PPC data helps us optimize your site according to what’s getting you the best results.

SEO vs. PPC for Estate Planning Services

Just as PPC advertising has many different options, SEO strategies come in different forms, such as local SEO for lawyers, technical SEO, and more. We understand that not all estate planning law firms have the means to invest in both PPC and SEO.

If you’re considering PPC services, keep the following PPC benefits in mind.

We truly can’t stress the importance of implementing PPC at the beginning of your legal firm's marketing journey enough. In the beginning, online advertising is more cost-effective because your firm doesn't need to rank your content organically for searchers to see your ad.

However, as your organic traffic grows with time, SEO becomes a more valuable marketing tool. We often recommend a two-fold approach that includes both SEO and PPC.

This is because each strategy props up the other with the unique benefits they offer. 

Control is one of the more appealing aspects of pay-per-click advertising for estate planning attorneys.

PPC allows our campaign managers to set parameters around which consumers see your ads and when. Our managers can also make instant changes to your ads, turn them on and off as needed, and adjust your daily budget. PPC gives you the ability to reach your target audience more precisely than SEO.

SEO is a long-term strategy that can be heavily influenced by search engine algorithms. Although the strategy is excellent for generating more organic traffic over time, you can’t target specific locations or demographics with SEO as accurately as you can with PPC.

Pay-per-click offers much faster results than search engine optimization, as our campaign managers can turn ads on and off almost immediately. With PPC, your estate planning law firm could see quality leads the same day we launch your campaign.

With SEO, it often takes at least six months to really reap the benefits of the investment. 

Organic search traffic is crucial for long-term marketing success, but it doesn’t always yield the same quality of traffic that PPC yields. When someone clicks on your PPC ad, they are likely to be a highly qualified lead.

In the short-term, PPC advertising for estate planning lawyers is the more guaranteed way to get more clients.

Law Firm Marketing Strategy for Estate Planning Lawyers

Legal marketing is a highly competitive landscape, requiring solid online marketing strategies to produce significant results.

At Digital Logic, our marketing experts recommend starting with PPC and LSAs, as they both yield great results for our estate planning clients.

Pay-per-click campaigns are one of the most popular advertising options for estate planning law firms.

The Google Ads platform has provided estate planning law firms with a steady stream of qualified leads for some time now and only charges when a searcher clicks on the ad.

With a good legal PPC management team on your side, your ads can produce fast results, more reach, higher visibility, and much more. 

Local Service Ads (LSAs) are similar to PPC ads, with one key difference.

LSAs charge your firm per lead rather than per click. So, unless a consumer contacts your estate planning practice through the LSA link, you won’t be charged if the searcher clicks on the ad.

Local Service Ads also include more information about you, such as your free business listing on Google My Business, a photo, contact information, and more.

What’s even more appealing is that LSAs appear even higher in SERPs than PPC ads. They are located at the top of Google’s local search results. Additionally, the Google platform allows estate planning attorneys to dispute calls that did not come from qualified leads.

When your firm invests in Local Service Ads management services from Digital Logic, our campaign managers will review your firm’s calls and dispute any charges on your behalf.

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How Digital Logic Does Estate Planning Advertising

At Digital Logic, our marketing strategies are based on carefully analyzed data. Our account managers monitor campaign success, testing the campaign against alternative options to ensure optimal results.

Our estate planning campaign specialists take the following steps to optimize your advertising strategies.

Google Ads campaigns go through constant research and improvement. By using the data gathered in past PPC campaigns, our legal campaign managers can easily navigate the best path to success for our clients. This information allows us to streamline your ads to increase conversions and boost your ROI.

Google Analytics is a powerful marketing tool that gives marketers a way to track statistics (such as average positions on search engine results pages) and analyze a wide variety of data.

Our team uses Google Analytics for both paid and organic search strategies to ensure we’re making the most of your marketing strategies and budget.

Consumers that use search engines to research legal assistance in this area typically pose questions regarding estate taxes or the planning process. When our estate planning marketers design ad campaigns for this sector, the ad copy is carefully designed to answer questions the searcher may have.

Appealing to a user’s search intent is crucial, as this positions your firm as an estate planning expert. So our legal advertising team will optimize the copy of your advertisements to meet the specific needs of the searcher, increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

Ad extensions allow estate planning lawyers to expand their online reach even more. While each PPC ad should already have information about your practice, our marketing team can use ad extensions provider searcher with additional relevant information.

For example, you can add links to online reviews, your free business listing on Google, social media accounts, and even links to your website.

To make the most of these extensions, our team will prioritize the searcher’s experience by increasing the appeal of your ad.

Landing pages are extremely important for any estate planner. Why?

When consumers click on your ad, they’ll be taken to a dedicated landing page. This will often be the first impression a searcher has of your practice, and it may be the very factor that converts them.

To make the most of your landing pages, you want to impress the searcher with the following qualities:

  • Fast loading times
  • Informative and helpful content about your estate planning services
  • Attractive design that is easy on the eyes
  • Simple, functional navigation

At Digital Logic, our in-house law firm web developers are extremely skilled when it comes to producing high-quality web pages that help searchers convert.

Remarketing involves engaging with searchers who have already interacted with your PPC ad or website.

The goal of remarketing is to remind potential clients about your estate planning services and to increase the chances of conversion.

Even for estate lawyers, the road from exposure to conversion can be a long one. Remarketing ensures that your website visitors won’t forget your brand.

Work With a Top-Rated Estate Planning Advertising Agency

Digital Logic is a full-service Internet marketing agency that specializes not only in PPC but also in content marketing, email marketing, social media management, and much more.

Every client we serve has complete control over their marketing plan, even down to the content of the blog articles on your website. 

With our experience, we have seen how much estate planning law firms can benefit from a well-thought-out digital marketing plan. Whether you’re a seasoned estate planning attorney or a brand-new firm, our team has what it takes to generate the results and leads you’ve been looking for.

If you’re wondering how our services can benefit your business, contact our team to receive your free marketing plan. 

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