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Generate More Patient Leads With a Plastic Surgery Website Design From Digital Logic

plastic surgery web design

Designing a plastic surgery website with proven plastic surgery SEO strategies, paired with a high quality, easy-to-navigate design, is the best way to ensure higher engagement with your target audience.

With the growing emergence of technology, devices, and filters online, those seeking plastic surgery and cosmetic services are jumping at the chance to find local plastic surgeons who can deliver artistic results with a top-notch patient experience. And, while starting a social media account for your plastic surgery practice is necessary to build your brand’s presence, no amount of social media will compare to having your own, professionally built plastic surgery website. Your website should be where you generate most of your online patient leads.
plastic surgery web design

Plastic Surgery Websites: What Your Site Needs to Succeed

If you already have a plastic surgery website, is it doing its job?

If you’re a plastic surgeon, your site is the single most important tool in your marketing strategy.

Your website should act as a salesperson, receptionist, and in-house consultant simultaneously. At every turn, your plastic surgery site should guide your visitors closer to becoming new patients.

plastic surgery websites

If you’re having trouble building a website that meets your clinic’s sales goals, our plastic surgery website design services can help. Partnering with Digital Logic to grow your plastic surgery practice will be the best decision you’ve ever made, marketing wise.

However, if you’d prefer to build your own website, we’re here to help guide you through. Building a successful plastic surgeon website requires three main components:

  1. A great design
  2. High-quality content and backlinks, and
  3. A way to capture leads. 

A great design gives your prospective patients the best possible first impression of your clinic. Great content establishes that you’re an expert in this field. It also helps to bring in organic traffic. And, capturing leads helps you turn your visitors into new, paying patients.

We’ll start with the basics.

User Friendly Design

Have you ever visited a website on your phone, only for the words to run off of the page or for buttons to not work? This is because the creator of the site didn’t implement a responsive design. For plastic surgeons, mobile devices are the largest traffic-generators, when compared to tablets or desktops.

Smartphones have constant access to the internet, so your potential patients are likely using their smartphones when searching for plastic surgeons. They won’t feel as if they need a computer to complete this task.

Regardless of what device a person uses to browse online, he or she expects quick access to relevant information. The same holds true for your plastic surgery website. If someone comes to your site and it’s sloppy, slow and hard to navigate, most potential patients will assume that your plastic surgery skillset is also lacking.

Your website needs a clean, logical navigation structure that simplifies the learning process for your audience.

Plastic surgery website design

Website Navigation and Responsive Design

The best way to please users across all devices is to ensure that you have a responsive design for your site. This design will automatically recognize what type of device the person is using and will automatically reorganize the layout elements to suit the needs of the device being used.

So, on a mobile device, images automatically become smaller. Information that would normally appear on the sidebar will shift below. Responsive design is the most effective way to serve users on all devices.

How do you know whether or not your plastic surgery website has a logical navigation structure? To determine this, try asking for feedback from friends or family members. If you designed the websites, most of the time, you can’t judge the navigation impartially because you already know your way around the website. However, others can tell you if your navigation structure is confusing.

How to Improve Your Website’s Navigation

Here are a few general guidelines for improving your plastic surgery website’s navigation:

Use descriptive keywords for navigation options

Avoid using vague terms, like “services”. The user doesn’t know what he or she will see after clicking on the link. “Shreveport Plastic Surgery Services” does a better job of informing the audience what they’ll see after clicking the link. This also increases the density of your important keyword phrases.

Move your less important links to the footer

These can include links to your privacy policy or links required for compliance. Although these links are important, they also direct attention away from the links that are more likely to turn a profit.

Condense your navigation structure to eliminate all “extra” options

Your website’s structure should focus on making information as easy to find as possible.

Eliminate clutter in your plastic surgery website’s sidebar

Most mobile users won’t see the sidebar content, so important information doesn’t belong there. Instead, use your website’s sidebar to provide additional information or navigation options that will help desktop users find information more quickly.

Content Marketing for Plastic Surgery Websites

If you’re a small business in a small, uncompetitive market, then you can get away with having a small website to market your product. However, for most plastic surgeons, this isn’t the case. As a plastic surgeon, you serve patients who are typically more affluent and expect a variety of options. In order to capture their business, your website needs to present you as the authority of plastic surgery in your area.

Content Ideas for Plastic Surgeons

The content on your plastic surgery website should inform, educate and engage your potential patients while establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

A few topics that you can cover include:

  • Explaining how specific plastic surgery procedures work
  • Comparing different surgical procedures
  • Discussing recent innovations and developments in the plastic surgery industry

With every article or blog you post, you should make it a point to create the best content for that topic. If you only write an article that does the bare minimum when addressing a specific topic, you will look the same as all of the other posts on this content. And, this doesn’t give you a good chance to land on the first page of the search engine results.

If you can create a post that covers a topic more comprehensively than any other post on Google, you’ll receive more attention from both Google and your prospective patients.

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Benefits of Content Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

The first benefit of content marketing is that it increases the number of keywords on your plastic surgery website. The more keywords your website has, the better the opportunity to appear among Google’s results for a greater number of searches.

Although keyword presence isn’t the only factor that Google considers for search results, your website has no chance of showing up for a topic that it doesn’t have information about.

If every time you post, you try to create the internet’s best resource for the subject, you’re not only creating a great experience for your website visitors, you’re also creating a valuable resource that’s more likely to receive outside links from others. You won’t see another blogger or patient link to your “about us” page, because that information isn’t typically helpful for the masses.

Search Ads

Remarketing Ads

Display Ads

Local Service Ads

Commercial content & ads won't receive backlinks. High quality, informative content will.

Typically, commercial content or advertisements won’t receive backlinks. But, high quality, informative content will receive links. This, in turn, helps to increase your plastic surgery website’s search engine rankings.

Another benefit of creating high quality plastic surgery website content is that it can help to generate leads for your practice. Although informational material is helpful, it doesn’t always generate immediate sales. But, when potential customers view your content early in the buyer’s journey, you’ll be able to capture their contact information so that you can continue to market to them via remarketing.

Lead Generation for Plastic Surgeons

The biggest problem with converting plastic surgery leads into paying customers is the lead time.

For most, the decision to invest in plastic surgery takes time. With this being such a lengthy decision making process, a potential patient may look at several plastic surgery websites, while continuing to conduct research. So, unless your plastic surgery website comes up when he or she is ready to take the plunge, someone else may receive their business.

Capture Plastic Surgery Leads During the Research Stage

Your plastic surgery site can actually capture search engine traffic. This is only if the site provides useful information to potential patients early on in the research process. Most of the time, when searchers see informational posts, they aren’t quite ready to choose a plastic surgeon, yet.

So, you’ll need a way to keep up with them until they are. A simple way to do this is by adding a contact form to your website to collect your visitors’ email addresses.

Plastic surgery website design

However, collecting email addresses from website traffic isn’t always as easy as it sounds. But, you can increase your chance of success by offering a reward. The reward should create enough value to the customer to incentivize them to type in his or her email address.

Once you’ve “captured the lead”, you will need to use this information to stay in touch with them. You can send periodic messages via email from your plastic surgery practice. Or, if you have Google Analytics set up on your site, you can choose to show the person targeted remarketing ads to help guide them along the buying process.

Both ways ensure that your plastic surgery clinic will be at the forefront of his or her mind when they decide they’re ready to choose a plastic surgeon.

Plastic Surgeon Website Design Agency

At Digital Logic, our team of designers, writers and marketing experts work with you to ensure that your plastic surgery website captures the essence of your plastic surgery practice. Potential patients will gain instant familiarity with you, your clinic, your staff, and your philosophies, creating an immediate rapport that will make them feel more comfortable contacting your practice than the other plastic surgeons in your area. This results in increased patient volume, which is the ultimate goal!