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If you’re a roofing contractor or own a roofing company, we don’t need to tell you how competitive your industry has become. In order for your roofing business to thrive well into the future, your internet marketing strategy should include roofing SEO services.

97% of consumers search on Google when looking for local services. So, it’s imperative that your roofing business is one of the first to show in the search engine results when those consumers conduct a search for roofing companies in your service area.

One of the most effective techniques for roofing contractors to stand out from their local competitors is by utilizing effective search engine optimization techniques. For most business owners, this is done by investing in roofing SEO services from a reputable digital marketing agency.

What is Roofing SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the practice of increasing your rankings in the organic search results by using various marketing tactics and improving your website, as well as specific page quality.

Search engines, such as Google or Bing provide searchers with websites that match the search query they type in. These websites are ranked based on what the search engine’s algorithm determines to be the most accurate or relevant to the searcher for that specific term or keyword phrase.

This is one of the reasons why it’s extremely valuable for a roofing company to earn that first position on the search engine results for terms like “roofing companies + location.”

If you’re not at the top of search engines, your roofing company is missing out on clicks, and therefore your business is actually losing both leads and sales to your local competitors.

Why Should You Invest in Roofing SEO?

When you want to buy something that you’re unsure of, whether you’re looking into a good or service, what do you do?

Exactly. You Google it.

So, while your roofing company may have skirted by on word-of-mouth recommendations, in the past, the reality is that those days are over.

The majority of your potential customers search for roofing companies online. Securing this traffic by ranking at the top of Google search results is critical for the success of your roofing business.

This traffic is extremely valuable: there’s a high amount of traffic, and there is a lot of intent behind those searches.

As a leading SEO company for roofers across the nation, we’re confident in our ability to get your website to rank on popular search engines like Google.

Inbound Roofing SEO Strategy

Your roofing SEO strategy is consistent with inbound marketing strategies. In fact, it’s one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies you can invest in.

Most roofing contractors are super hands-on when it comes to their business. So, having a digital marketing strategy that’s set up to have potential customers come to you, as opposed to you constantly having to reach out to them, is ideal, to say the least.

Your roofing website should act as an online salesperson who works for your business 24/7. And, this is exactly what SEO services are able to do for your business. SEO companies turn your website into a salesperson who works on your behalf, essentially.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Roofers

Roofing SEO provides a range of benefits for roofing companies. However, it’s important for both business owners and roofing contractors to understand that proper search engine optimization is an ongoing process with many moving pieces.

The roofing SEO campaign will involve many different tactics to ensure that your roofing website appears at the top of Google search results. This allows your site to get more clicks and therefore, more leads and customers.

Roofing SEO Increases Brand Awareness

Ranking highly on search engines is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness for your roofing company. When your roofing business shows up on Google search results for relevant roofing keywords, more leads will see your brand.

Even if you don’t see an immediate conversion, those searchers will be more likely to select your roofing company, thanks to the help of roofing SEO services. Consumers tend to buy from providers that they’re at least familiar with. And having increased brand recognition will help your business become a local staple for the roofing industry.

While roofing SEO certainly isn’t free, it’s the only marketing option that allows your traffic to compound over time without having to increase your budget exponentially. With most forms of paid or traditional advertising, in order to get “x more exposure”, you must pay “x more amount”. That isn’t the case with roofing SEO efforts.

When compared to the revenue that search engine optimization can bring to roofing companies, especially in the long run, the budget is minimal.

Qualified roofing leads are the ones that will generate your roofing business the most revenue over time.

At Digital Logic, our roofing SEO experts have extensive experience marketing for the roofing industry. We understand how to select high-performing relevant keywords with the best potential to bring in more leads that are ready to purchase.

Those who land on your roofing company’s website have already demonstrated intent based on their search query. Once they look over your website’s information on that topic, they’ll either make the decision to call or will continue to research options on other roofing websites.

SEO for Roofing Contractors

SEO Strategy

When working with roofing companies, we always want to plan out the SEO strategy first.

The best roofing SEO begins with extensive keyword research. Our SEO experts work with you to determine which roofing keywords will work best for your growing business. We’ll cross-reference these with popular targeted keywords used in our roofing PPC campaigns using a variety of keyword research tools, such as Google keyword planner, AhRefs, and Search Console.

From here, we’ll focus on the content that’s needed for your roofing service pages, starting with the keywords that have the highest converting keywords first.

We’ll take the keyword research and go over which terms have the best keyword relevance and how many monthly clicks you can expect to see, based on our search results.

User Intent

The overall goal of your roofing website is to answer the questions that qualified leads are asking. This includes having your service pages show up for organic search terms with user intent.

Here’s what we mean:

Ranking for “Roofing company in Dallas” on search engines is valuable. Ranking for “DIY gutter repair” is not.

While both of these longtail keywords do have a good amount of search volume, one shows buyer intent, and the other does not.

It’s nuances like these that separate decent marketing services from the actual, SEO experts. When you partner with Digital Logic, you’re guaranteed to work with a marketing manager who is a Certified Google Partner.

ranking factors

Conducting Roofing SEO Services

Once we’ve created your roofing SEO strategy, the actual implementation can begin. SEO for roofing companies can get a bit overwhelming when someone views the entire process, as a whole. So, we feel it’s easier to break this down into individual elements.

The process of ranking a roofing website has so many moving parts that all work together. The ultimate goal is to improve search visibility on the search engine results pages, whether this is on Google’s search results, on Google Maps, or even on other search engines, like Bing.

Here’s what you can expect from Digital Logic’s roofing SEO packages:

Digital Competitive Analysis

When we perform a competitive analysis for your roofing services, you’ll know where you stand amongst other local roofing companies in terms of search optimization.

In order to ensure successful SEO for roofing companies, our analysis includes:

  • Roofing SEO recommendations to rank your roofing website, generate more website traffic, and fill your sales funnel with high-quality leads
  • Audit your roofing website KPIs (key performance indicators), such as search engine visibility
  • A breakdown of how our roofer SEO strategies will help your business

While technical SEO for roofing companies may not do much for the naked eye, it can have a significant impact on your website’s performance and ability to gain organic traffic.

At Digital Logic, we adjust your website’s HTML structure and coding as part of our technical SEO update. This helps put your site in the best position to receive more website traffic.

As a Google Premier Partner, we ensure that your site is easily found among local businesses on Google Maps and is indeed properly.

As part of your technical SEO strategy, we:

  • Make sure that your site speed is adequate

  • Edit technical aspects, such as web page coding

  • Restructure your URLs to outperform other local roofing businesses

  • Add meta titles and meta descriptions to all relevant web pages and posts so that Google knows what each service page or blog post contains.

  • Install Google Analytics and call tracking software if you’re using our roofing PPC ads service, in order to track your inbound leads and help you make better data-driven content marketing decisions.

As a business owner, you may only use a select few terms to describe your roofing services to your potential customers. However, homeowners searching for local roofing contractors do not. They’ll use several different search phrases to find local businesses in the roofing industry.

Because Google and other search engines rank individual pages, not entire roofing websites, you’ll need a decent amount of quality content in order to rank well on Google search or other search engines.

At Digital Logic, our SEO services for content marketing include:

  • updating your roofing website multiple times a month, depending on budget, using keywords related to local SEO targets

  • optimize your roofing website, including old content, so that it will rank for voice search and smart assistants, as well as show up on Google Maps, if applicable

  • Include optimized assets, such as testimonials, graphics, or videos, to help with on-page SEO efforts.

  • Use a strategic link-building strategy to boost specific roofing service pages by manual outreach, guest posting, or creating high-quality press releases on your behalf.

Local SEO services are extremely important for local service businesses, especially if you’re a local HVAC contractor, local plumber, or roofing contractor. Local SEO will be what connects your roofing website with those who are looking for a local business online.

As part of our comprehensive roofing SEO campaign, your local SEO campaign will include the following:

  • an audit of every online directory where your business listing may be found to ensure that your business information is up to date, accurate, and identically formatted across all directories.
  • an optimized Google Business page. This will include updating photos on both Google Maps and relevant directories, checking your service area information, and phone number, and ensuring that you’re showing up on Google Maps for roofing-related queries locally.
  • new business citations while we merge any duplicate citations and monitor all local directories.
  • the use of local directories as link-building opportunities for your website.

You can invest in any form of internet marketing that you’d like, including SEO for roofers, but if your online reviews are bad, growing your business as a roofing contractor is going to be an uphill battle, even for the best SEO company.

Your account manager will help you ensure that your online reviews accurately represent your roofing brand.

Our roofing marketing strategies for online reputation management include the following:

  • automating the review process. This will help your company get more reviews and will distribute those across several websites.

  • monitoring your reviews on a monthly basis.

  • responding to both positive and negative reviews at your discretion.

At Digital Logic, all of our roofer SEO strategies are based on data, utilizing multiple digital marketing tools. We’re not able to increase your website traffic if we don’t know what Google search terms or inbound links brought the traffic. As one of the top marketing agencies for roofing companies’ SEO, we consistently track and test your SEO campaign, tweaking your on and off-page SEO when we see an opportunity for more online visibility and organic search traffic.

The goal of Digital Logic is to see your ROI increase month over month as your website begins ranking higher on Google search results for roofing-related queries, such as “metal roofing” or “roof repair services.”

We accomplish this by:

  • installing Google Analytics and including you on any Google ads beta programs for which you are available if that’s something you wish to do.

  • providing your business with a monthly SEO report that is easy to understand, as well as going over any issues that arise, answering questions you may have, etc.

  • tracking inbound links to ensure they’re helping to boost rankings on popular search engines

  • keyword tracking

  • providing completely transparent assessments in terms of the ROI our SEO company is providing, how our on-page SEO and technical SEO strategy is helping your overall digital marketing strategy


Roofing SEO Company with a Proven Track Record

At Digital Logic, we’re a full-service internet marketing agency that specializes in online marketing strategy for roofing companies. We’re able to create conversion-driven SEO campaigns using data-backed strategies and hyper-targeted keywords.

At Digital Logic, we deliver results and are transparent in everything we do. We use data to back our decisions, paired with wisdom that only comes from doing this as long as we have.

If you’re ready to grow your roofing business using SEO services, give our contractor marketers a call. We offer a free consultation and SEO website audit.

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