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8 Simple Law Firm Online Marketing Tips

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8 Free Law Firm Online Marketing Ideas

What should your law practice be doing with online marketing? We’ve created a short list of the 8 things your law firm should be doing with local online marketing. Most of these items are free to do. They need some research, and also the commitment to the amount of time involved each month. Before you start, it’s important to understand how to figure out how much to spend and the marketing math for online marketing for lawyers.

Here are the 8 Law Firm Online Marketing Ideas:

  1. Website. Make sure to update your website on a regular basis. This means that new content is being added each month since Google likes fresh content. Technology has changed rapidly over the past few years, and it’s still evolving. Think of mobile viewership first when it comes to your website. Google recently switched to a mobile-first index in 2015. So, if your site looks terrible on mobile, then it will be very difficult to find.
  2. Google Business Listing. Make sure you have a claimed Google Business listing. If not, all you need is a Gmail account, then head over to to start the process of claiming your listing. Verification sends a postcard to your firm with a code to verify that you’re the true owner of the listing.
    • Add pictures to your business listing, since Google likes pictures. Make sure you name all the pictures.
    • Add your complete business description. Make sure you select the appropriate categories for your law practice.
  3. Business Directory Syndication. Use a service to sync your Google Business listing with a hundred or so online directories. Moz Local is a fantastic service for this.
  4. Lawyer Profile Pages. Create listings on the major lawyer/attorney directories, Avvo, Findlaw, MartinDale, When creating these listings, use the exact same info you used on Google Business. This includes your business name, address, phone number, and website.
  5. Publish New ContentYou need to be publishing new content on your website several times a month. Google loves fresh content and they want to see that you’re an active business. Write content that’s actually helpful for your potential clients. You’ll find more success than publishing stale or useless content. Adding blogs to most websites is easy. If you’d rather have a third party handle this for you, then you can take a look at our attorney SEO services.
  6. Social Media. Make sure you’ve created business profiles on all the major social media networks. Invest in publishing unique content there (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). Once you have profiles, publish your new website and blog content to these profiles. This helps the search engines know that it’s really you.
  7. Search Engine Marketing. Buy keyword traffic on both Google and Bing. This seems like a no-brainer. You will need your website to show up when someone is searching for your practice areas. Know how to use negative keywords, match types, landing pages, and conversion tracking. There are many different campaign settings to help you focus your efforts. Don’t burn through your whole budget on keywords that don’t convert. Hire an expert to manage your search engine advertising.
  8. Get Reviews. Ask for reviews from previous clients on your Google Business listing. This will help your organic SEO rankings on your website. That will affect your placement in search engine results on Google. People like looking at reviews before deciding to buy, especially when buying locally.

Once you have the basic steps done, you’ll want to move on to a more developed brand advertising campaign.

Lawyer Brand Advertising

Get in front as many potential clients as possible. The lawyers with the billboards are trying to get as much name recognition as possible. When they need a lawyer, they might do a Google search for the lawyer brand name they have top of mind.

Brand advertising for attorneys on the internet isn’t for the people who are searching with general search terms like “Lawyers in New Orleans” or “Personal Injury Lawyer in Birmingham”. With brand advertising efforts, you want to run more awareness campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads. A new form of advertising on Google has also recently been made available to you. Read this comprehensive guide on Google Local Service Ads for attorneys for more information. 
Generally, over 50% of traffic to an attorney website is for a brand related search. The more brand advertising that you’re dealing with, the more recall people will have. Then, more people will search for your business name when they need help.
If you need help with any of the items we mentioned, we would be happy to do them for you. We work with quite a few attorneys around the country and find a lot of success.
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