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of consumers only consider one local service provider before making a decision.
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Consumers use Google to search for products across the world. But, many searchers need a
local business they can trust.

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Consumers who need an HVAC company can’t wait for someone to travel across state lines, especially in the Louisiana heat. And, those experiencing a leak coming from their ceiling don’t want to contract help from an out-of-state roofing contractor.

For these reasons, local businesses that offer services locally often struggle to convert potential customers using the typical search ads.

To solve this problem, we recommend using Google Local Service Ads.

Why Local Services Ads?

Local services ads are the fastest supplement to a strong local SEO strategy for businesses that provide local services.

When local customers search for local business listings, they will now see the most trusted service professionals in their local areas, right above Google’s regular PPC ads. These ads show the business number, business hours of operation, Google ratings, and reviews, along with a checkmark stating that the local business has a Google Guaranteed badge.

Google Guaranteed for Local Service Ads

These local services ads take it a step further, ensuring that the searcher connects with the perfect local advertiser.

Once the searcher clicks on a local services ad, Google prompts them to verify their location and the specific task they’re looking to be completed.

If your business services the area and fits the searcher’s job, Google will match your company to the searcher. From here, they’ll review your business ratings and qualifications before calling.

If your business is not a good fit for the task at hand or if your business does not serve the area, then Google won’t charge you for this click and instead redirect the searcher to the more appropriate business.

Local Services Ads Show on All Devices

Whether your business heavily relies on consumers who search ‘on the go’ or if your customer base typically researches your company from a home desktop, local services ads will still show.

As a matter of fact, Google Local Service Ads are featured in responses to relevant voice search queries.

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Google Local Service Ads Availability

While these types of Google ads are a gamechanger for local businesses, they aren’t yet available to all areas and industries.

So, how do you know if your business will qualify for these local services ads?

Local Service Ads Regions

Every city in the United States has the option to set up a Google Local Service Ads account. But, not all local service advertisers will appear when searched for. Why?

Google will not show a single local listing in the search results. So, if you’re the only business in your city that has gone through the process of setting up Local Service Ads, your ad won’t show until one or two of your local competitors sign up, as well.

From here Google will display 2 local service advertisers on mobile and 3 local service advertisers on desktop.

If you’re in a larger metro, chances are that you’ll be able to reach new customers via Local Service Ads. If your business or service area isn’t located in a larger metro, give us a call, you may still be eligible. Our Google Ad Specialists can look for this information in a matter of seconds!

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Local Service Ads Industries

Google currently supports local services ads for the following service categories:

Bankruptcy, Business, Contract, Criminal, Disability, DUI, Estate, Family, Immigration, IP, Labor, Litigation, Malpractice, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Traffic
Animal Rescue
Air Duct Cleaning Service
Appliance Repair Service
Auto Glass Service
Auto Service Technician
Carpet Cleaner
Countertop Services
Dance Instructor
Event Planner
Fencing Services
Financial Planning
First Aid Training
Flooring Services
Garage Door Business
General Contractor
Home Improvement Business
Home Inspector
Home Security
Home Theater
House Cleaner
HVAC Companies
Junk Removal Business
Language Instructor
Lawncare & Landscaping Service
Moving Company
Personal Trainer
Pest Control
Pet Adoption
Pet Boarding
Pet Grooming
Pet Training
Pool Cleaner
Pool Contractor
Real Estate Services
Roofing Company
Sewage System Service
Siding Service
Snow Removal
Tax Services
Tree Services
Upholstery Cleaner
Water Damages Service Provider
Weight Loss Service
Window Cleaner
Window Service Provider
Yoga Studio
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Local Service Ad Benefits

Guaranteed Leads

If you’ve ever invested in PPC advertising, then you know how irritating it can be to pay for a click that doesn’t convert into a new customer. With local service ads, Google not only helps to prevent a connection when the job isn’t a good fit, but it also reimburses you if a person calls (even after answering the prompts) and you can show that the caller couldn’t use your services, assuming that you have call tracking capabilities.

Become a Trusted Advertiser

When searching for local services, consumers will be hard-pressed to miss the green checkmark with the Google Guarantee badge beside your business’s local service ad.

Besides catching the searcher’s attention in the middle of all your competition, you’ll also benefit from a trustworthy endorsement from Google.

The Google guarantee protects customers for jobs booked through a local service ad with a lifetime cap of up to $2,000. So, once consumers understand this promise, they’ll be more likely to contract your services, as they are protected by Google.

Display Your Reviews and Rating

With Google local services ads, you’re able to showcase some of your best reviews and ratings to further help earn the local consumer’s trust.

Extend the Reach of Paid Google Ads

Google local services ads are positioned directly above the regular paid Google ads, which are directly above the organic search listings. Why?

Google Local Service Ads are not meant to replace your regular PPC Google ads. They also aren’t meant to replace organic listings or organic traffic services.

Some consumers will still want to visit your company website before calling from a Local Service Ad. This is especially true for higher ticket services, such as roofing installation.

But, even if qualified leads don’t immediately convert through your local services ad immediately, your prime position on the Google search results pages, along with some positive reviews may help to sway their opinion.

Voice Search

Many times, potential customers search for local service providers while actively trying to fix the problem at hand. Over 20% of all Google searches come from a voice search query, and investing in local service ads is one of the best ways to ensure that your local services are found, even when consumers are simply asking their smart device a question. This is one of the easiest ways to reach potential customers.

Local Service Ad Leads

What Type of Leads Do I Get from Local Service Ads?

You can expect to get many new leads from your local services ads. While most leads will come from phone calls directly, you may also have message leads and bookings.

How Much Will I Pay Per Lead With Local Service Ads?

The amount you pay per lead will depend on your business industry and business location.

Similar to search ads, locally owned businesses can now choose the amount they’re willing to pay per lead. Since many business owners have witnessed firsthand how well local services ads work, paid with the low-risk factor, they’re willing to pay more per lead when compared to search ads.

As with any type of online advertising, you’ll want to make sure that your website design looks professional. This will help your conversion rate!

local ads services

LSA Answers

Businesses that can consistently maintain a relatively high review rating will benefit the most from local services ads. Furthermore, businesses that are more responsive to customer questions will have a competitive advantage.

To ensure that your business always puts its best foot forward, we recommend only running local service ads during times that calls may be answered.

Our professional paid ad managers will walk you through what’s best for your specific situation.

We have extensive experience marketing for the following: 

Google Local Services Ads appear at the very top of the search engine results, above the traditional paid media and organic listings.

The Google guarantee simply means that the business has already passed the initial screening and qualification process to 100% qualify for Google’s Local Services Ads.

If a customer booked a service through Local Services Ads and you had the Google badge by your business name that said “Guaranteed,” then if problems arose with your services, Google would reimburse the consumer up to $2,000 (lifetime cap).

Google screened ads indicate that the business has also passed the initial screening and qualification process to qualify for local services ads. However, Google’s Screened ads are not backed by the Google guarantee.

It’s important to note that you’ll never see a “Google Guaranteed” beside a “Google Screened” ad. These two categories are set by your industry or business category. For the home services sector, you will receive a guaranteed badge, and for professional services, you’ll receive a screened badge.

No, you don’t need a Google My Business listing to qualify for Google’s local service ads, but there’s certainly a connection between the two. We would highly recommend that you invest time (or hire a digital marketing agency) to create a Google My Business listing for your business.

Google combines the reviews from local service ads with Google my Business reviews to generate the rating and review count that will appear on your local services ads.

These factors not only help your local services ad visually, but Google also considers them when ranking local services ads.

Your ad rank is based on several factors. Google’s current ad ranking system includes the following factors:

  • Verification status: whether or not you obtained Google’s badge of trust (either Screened or Guaranteed)

  • Specific search query

  • Review score

  • Number of reviews received

  • Responsiveness to customer inquiries

  • Proximity to the consumer

  • Business hours

  • Amount of serious or repeated complaints

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