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Local search engine rank tracking gives businesses a complete picture of how well their website is performing on search engines, like Google. In other words, local rankings provide insight into how visible your business is on local search results.

If your business is not showing up in Google’s local pack of competitors, consider the business invisible to the community.

A top-notch local SEO campaign (and a good SEO tool) can help get your business booming in no time.

Below, our team of SEO experts explains all things rank tracking: what it is, how it works, and what the best reporting tools are.

What Is Rank Tracking?

Rank tracking is just what it sounds like – tracking the rankings of certain keywords related to your business on Google search results.

Many local businesses also track their Google Maps rankings through certain filters such as state, city, county, zip code, etc.

Tracking your search engine rankings, especially on a local basis, gives you a good idea of your local search performance so that you can improve your online visibility through a local search engine optimization strategy.

How Do I Track Local SEO Rankings?

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of consumers used Google to evaluate local businesses last year.

The best way to track your local search rankings is to use a rank-tracking tool, hire a professional digital marketing agency, or both.

To track rankings, our SEO agency uses a variety of tools and strategies. We utilize local rank tracking tools to regularly check local rankings. This means monitoring for relevant local keywords, observing changes over time, and comparing data against local competitors.

Additionally, our SEO experts use search engine tools, such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics, to measure our clients’ organic traffic and user behavior.

By regularly analyzing the current rank and rank history data, we’re able to better assess the effectiveness of our local SEO campaigns and content marketing services. This helps us make data-driven adjustments to improve local rankings and increase visibility at the local level for each client.

Why Is it Important to Track Local Rankings?

Tracking your local search performance is critical for positive SEO performance. 


Because the majority of consumers that need your product or service are probably within your local area (or local areas, if your business has multiple locations). The majority of consumers Google local search phrases to find local products and services.

93% of people search for a local business, product, or service through search engines like Google. This means that your local business needs to be as visible as possible to prospective customers. One of the best ways to determine the level of online visibility is to check local pack rankings.

Below, our marketing experts break down all of the benefits that can come from tracking your local rankings.

Let’s say you just hired a digital marketing agency to create and implement a local SEO strategy for you. Implementing an SEO strategy without tracking local SEO performance is quite literally the definition of “going in blind.”

In many cases, SEO is a bit of trial and error, especially if you’re operating in a niche industry or market. To improve local search rankings, SEO experts must study local data, as this helps determine what’s working and what isn’t.

By tracking local rankings, our experts can tweak the organic marketing strategy and position your local business to get better results.

At Digital Logic, our marketing pros monitor this data using a variety of rank tracker tools and then, make necessary changes on your behalf. However, if you want to have complete access to your local rankings and determine whether your marketing budget is being well spent, looking into your own local rank tracker is a great idea. (When you work with Digital Logic, we provide all of the rank tracking information you’ll need in an easy-to-understand format.)

A major aspect of achieving high visibility on Google’s organic search results is keyword research and keyword rank tracking.

Both of these tasks help ensure your website content and ad campaigns mention the same keywords and phrases that prospective local clients employ in their search queries.

To accomplish this, our SEO experts create a list of target keywords using keyword research tools like Ahrefs or Search Console. From here, our experts begin tracking the keyword rankings for each business location (if your company has more than one).

By keyword tracking, our marketing team can see which local keywords are performing well in the search engine results and which keywords need more optimized content. Furthermore, keyword rank tracking often provides keyword ideas for future content and ad campaigns.

Another benefit of tracking local search rankings utilizing a local rank tracker tool is monitoring what competitors in your industry are doing.

Local businesses that operate in a moderate to large city often have several local competitors offering the same goods or services. For these business owners, standing out amongst the competition is key for long-term success.

So, if securing organic traffic is a large portion of your local marketing efforts, monitoring search engine rankings is critical for success.

A local rank checker provides marketers and business owners with the data required to monitor a competitor’s ranking position for organic results, determine the amount of organic traffic and more.

By regularly performing an SEO competitor analysis for our clients, our marketing experts are able to see the areas that need improvement in order to maintain the most effective SEO strategy possible.

How to Pick the Best Local Rank Tracker Tool

Choosing the best local rank-tracking tool for your business may require some research.

Firstly, though, you need to ask yourself what you’re looking for in a local rank-tracking tool. Do you want a tool that will give you local rankings in just one search location, or multiple locations? Do you want a rank tracker that will show you your local ranking on just Google, or multiple search engines? Lastly, do you want a rank tracker that provides ranking reports on just keywords, or other metrics like search volume, social media analytics, and more? 

The Best Local Rank Tracking Tools

While there are many helpful SEO tools on the market, determining which SEO tool meets all of your business’s needs can be quite challenging, which is why we have done all the research for you.

Below, our marketing pros list some of the best internet marketing tools that can give you insight into all of your local rankings:

What are Local SEO Services?

Local search engine optimization (SEO) services allow your business to gain more local visibility on Google, leading to more organic traffic to your site.

Local SEO services that we offer at Digital Logic include:

  • Google My Business optimization
  • Local keyword research
  • Local citations and directory listings optimization
  • On-page optimization
  • Online reviews and reputation management
  • Local link-building strategy
  • Mobile optimization
  • Technical SEO services
  • Local schema markup
  • Reporting and Analytics

By offering comprehensive local SEO service packages, our digital marketing agency helps improve our clients’ visibility in the local search results, improve SEO traffic, attract more local leads within the target area, and ultimately convert more consumers for their businesses.

Why Should I Invest in Local SEO Services?

internet marketing services

46% of all Google searches include location. Furthermore, only 0.63% of consumers visit the second page of Google for any given search query.

So, appearing on the first page of Google’s organic local results is critical for the overall success of your local business.

In order to succeed organically, your business really needs to be at the top of the local listings. If your business ranks any lower than that, you’re pretty much invisible to your local community.

That is why you need to invest in local SEO services from a professional digital marketing company like Digital Logic. With our expertise, your business can be booming in as little as a year.

Take a look at our case studies.

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