What is Recruitment Marketing?


Recruitment marketing is the process of building, nurturing, and organizing your brand as an employer, and communicating it to the public in order to attract and hire top talent. 

While conventional wisdom says that good employees will eventually find their way to any open position, this method of recruitment has grown unreliable in a world of fluctuating unemployment rates. The proactive and modern employer knows that a concentrated effort to seek out the best-suited candidates is not only prudent but necessary.

What is a Recruitment Marketing Strategy?

Recruitment marketing is something that requires an active effort from an employer to be successful. It needs to be consistent in order to be effective. This is where recruitment marketing strategies come in. 

A recruitment marketing strategy is an approach you take to make your company visible and desirable to potential candidates. The primary objective of any recruitment marketing strategy is to put the applications of qualified individuals in your hand. This can be broken down into 4 main goals:

  1. Make potential candidates aware of your company and any open positions
  2. Trigger potential candidate’s interest in your company
  3. Make them consider you as their next employer
  4. Drive candidates to apply to the open positions in your company 

There are plenty of ways to customize your recruitment marketing strategy to your company’s needs, but there are several foundational points that every recruitment marketing strategy should take into account. 

Market Your Company as a Talent Destination

Think of your company as a restaurant. The people who want to eat at a burger joint aren’t the same people that want to eat at a high-end French bistro. Restaurants should advertise what they serve, as well as their atmosphere type in order to attract the people who want to eat at places like theirs.

Similarly, you need to advertise the culture of your company to attract the attention of people who want to work in companies like yours. According to Indeed, One of the top three reasons candidates are attracted to a new job is the work environment.

Target Passive Candidates

When there are low unemployment rates, or when there is a lack of qualified candidates, the most qualified employees already have jobs, and may not be actively looking for work. In other words, they won’t be surfing any job boards. We call these candidates passive candidates. 

You need to get your job advertisement in front of these people, and as the saying goes,

“if the mountain won’t go to Muhammed, Muhammed must go to the mountain.”

If they aren’t looking for your job advertisement, you have to make sure it finds their way to them. You have to put your advertisement where these passive candidates are likely to see it: on their social media, on the web forums that they visit, etc. Getting your advertisements in places where passive candidates will see them is part of any good recruitment marketing strategy. 

Know Your Ideal Candidate Persona

You need to form an idea of the ideal candidate for an open position in order to determine what is most likely to attract that person to your company: what they’ll want out of a job change or career change, and where you’re most likely to find them. This will help you target the efforts of your recruitment marketing strategy.

Use the Job Listing to Magnetize Candidates

Job listings are your opportunity to sell your company’s culture. If you don’t make a good impression here, you may not get another chance. Any recruitment marketing strategy will include an attractive job listing that also manages to be honest about the open position.

Meet Your Candidates Halfway

Similarly to targeting passive candidates, you need to communicate with your potential candidates on their preferred channels. Potential employees with highly sought-after skills may be very selective about the opportunities they pursue and the ways they search out these opportunities. You need to make sure your job advertisement is accessible to them.

Using tools like a ‘text to apply’ campaign, or by including short forms on your website can be two successful means of doing this.

Measure, Measure, Measure!

Possibly the most important aspect of a recruitment marketing strategy is that you can use reliable metrics to measure its effectiveness. Enacting a successful recruitment marketing campaign includes fine-tuning it periodically by measuring your results.

What is a Recruitment Marketing Platform?

Recruitment marketing platforms are platforms and services that help recruiting teams attract and convert potential job candidates into applicants. They can be used to create job listings, engage with candidates, nurture candidates’ interest in the position, and encourage the submission of applications. 

Some of the more popular recruitment marketing platforms are:

LinkedIn Talent

We all know LinkedIn is the go-to place to create professional contacts, but it’s also become a place to recruit talented employees. 

LinkedIn Talent offers free and paid plans for employers to post job listings. The paid listings open up more tools to manage recruiting on LinkedIn’s network. 

Facebook Job Listings

Everyone already spends obscene amounts of time on Facebook; it’s a perfect place to get your job advertisement in front of as many as people. 

Job advertisements on Facebook will link potential candidates to your Facebook business page. Facebook also allows you to review and respond to applications, and even schedule interviews through Messenger. It also gives you the same capabilities you have with advertising products on Facebook, like boosting your post. 


Indeed is the most prevalent, and certainly the most successful, Job-site in the world. It enables employers to list short-form and long-form job advertisements, and communicate with potential employees. 

Recruitment Marketing agency
Source: Indeed

Indeed is also easy to use, making it the preferred choice of many potential candidates. It allows job-seekers to fill out an application using a form provided by Indeed. From here, the candidates are able to send to their potential employers with the click of a button. 

Why Should I Hire a Recruitment Marketing Agency?

It’s harder than it’s ever been to recruit top talent; it’s a job seekers’ market, and candidates are becoming more and more selective as a result. 

According to Indeed, 69% of candidates will not take a job with a company that has a bad reputation, even if they are unemployed. Whereas, 94% of candidates are likely to apply if the employer actively manages their company brand.

But you’re running a business already; you don’t have time to manage your company brand and optimize all your job listings, do you? 

That’s where it benefits you to hire a professional agency that offers recruitment marketing services.

Some of the benefits of implementing recruitment marketing by hiring an agency are:

  • Improving candidate quality
  • Reducing turnover by hiring candidates that are qualified and want to work in a company like yours
  • Saving time and money by hiring an agency to monitor and manage your recruitment marketing strategies, freeing up your time for actually running your business.

How Can Digital Logic Agency Help with Recruitment Marketing?

Digital Logic is a recruiting marketing agency and internet marketing company based in Shreveport, Louisiana, with extensive experience helping companies of all kinds optimize their digital recruiting marketing capabilities. 

We can enable you to advertise your company’s open jobs with the same expertise and precision, and help you foster your company’s brand to attract the best possible candidates for your open job. 

Digital Logic can help you improve your job listings, manage your social media to get those job listings in front of the right people and streamline the process by which you recruit your employees.

Drop us a live chat to learn more.

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