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Game Changing Healthcare SEO Services for Medical Professionals and Healthcare Organizations

We’ve heard it before: every effort to improve your online presence hasn’t made a difference. You’ve tried medical or healthcare SEO on your own, or you’ve hired a healthcare SEO agency to do it on your behalf, but your website still isn’t ranking where you’d like it to on Google’s search engine.

You know that your potential patients are choosing other facilities simply because they’re ranking better online.

So, maybe you have tried some “advanced tactics” that you read about, such as enhancing the keywords on your website, writing or rewriting healthcare content, and trying to understand how Google’s complicated and ever changing algorithms work to rank higher in the search results.

Maybe, you’ve even taken it a step further than a DIY SEO campaign and started A/B testing your pages, created landing pages to go with each of your Google ad sets specifically. Or, perhaps you looked into long-tail keywords and tried backlinking, on top of your rigorous social media campaigning.

Yet, all of these attempts to drive your rankings higher have fallen short.

Despite all of your best efforts, you’re still not ranking how you’d like on the search results, and to add insult to injury, you continue to see your competition outrank you consistently.

Digital Logic’s Solution to Healthcare SEO

At Digital Logic, our healthcare SEO services are sure to help your website get more traction on search engines. Over time, this will result in a dramatic increase in traffic. More traffic online means more traffic to your healthcare organization.

Our team is composed of highly-experienced SEO professionals with a proven track record of helping our clients rank much higher than they were before. This can be attributed to both our in-depth knowledge of how SEO works and how it’s best applied to the healthcare industry.

Our SEO strategies for healthcare is built on the deep understanding of both the foundation of SEO and medical content creation


What is Healthcare SEO?

Healthcare SEO is a term that is used to describe search engine optimization services that are provided specifically to healthcare providers and healthcare business owners, or those who run a medical practice or clinic. It’s also referred to as medical SEO.

The majority of patients turn to search engines to look for healthcare services.

What Does SEO for Healthcare Target?

Google shows 3 different types of important result areas on the first display page:

  1. Google Ads at the top of the page.
  2. Local SEO results directly underneath the ads. This includes business listings, maps, and review rankings.
  3. Organic search results.

All three of these components are important, and ideally, your healthcare practice should appear for all three areas.

According to most online search statistics, if you’re not ranked in those first three organic results, your patients are 75-80% less likely to find your clinic online.

Therefore, you should really shoot to have your medical practice in all three locations.

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Working with Digital Logic was the best marketing move I've ever made for my practice. They have helped me continually stay booked with the right kind of patients with their strategic approach to drive more traffic to our website.
Dr Forrest Wall
Dr. Forrest Wall
The Plastic Surgery Center

Why Do Physicians Need Healthcare SEO?


Doctors can greatly benefit from employing SEO for healthcare. This form of online marketing makes the process easy for doctors to appear on the front of the search engine results pages. When potential patients search for a specific type of doctor, such as “oncologist in Shreveport”, a good healthcare SEO strategy will help the doctor appear for those searches.

Many physicians and business owners alike believe that having a professionally designed website will get them traffic. Yes, having a nice website is step one. However, if you are not consistently improving your SEO on a monthly basis, your site will be left behind. The majority of leads will come from search leads, not how pretty your website is.

Let us help you maximize your healthcare marketing efforts with professional SEO management services

Content Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

So, now that we’ve gone over the importance of healthcare SEO, how will the SEO strategy set you apart from the competition? How does content help your healthcare website?

First, quality content (written by SEO professionals who know what your customers are searching for) will solidify your brand, thus making you stand out from your competitors. The medical services you offer and the quality of that service should be communicated in what is written on your website.

Writing for Patient Leads

You don’t want your medical website to seem salesy. Although we all know that the medical industry and sales go hand in hand, most of your potential patients still don’t want to believe this is true. So, stick to being professional, informative, and of course, be yourself, if you choose to write your own content.

The more specific you are about the services you provide, the more likely you are to grab the attention of someone looking to make a difficult healthcare decision.

This is one of the many reasons we really recommend hiring a professional SEO agency that has experience in your niche of the healthcare sector, specifically. At Digital Logic, we focus on SEO for plastic surgeons, orthopedic SEO, dental SEO, and hospital SEO, for the healthcare sector, anyways. We’re confident that we have enough experience to know how to hit the ground running with new clients in these fields. 

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Use Your Healthcare Website as a Salesperson

Your medical website is oftentimes the first time a prospective patient will be exposed to you. It’s in your best interest to make a good first impression. Gone are the days that you can have a crappy bedside manner but still be respected as a healthcare provider. The healthcare market is much too saturated for that type of mentality.

You want to use your website to tell your audience who you are and why you’re the best person to treat them!

Oftentimes, patients will read into your website and make assumptions. They’ll attempt to figure out the quality of your services, how you treat your patients and staff, as well as how you conduct business at your clinic. You’ll want to avoid any misconceptions on how things really operate. Patients need to be able to trust their doctors, and if your website says “a” and in person, you say “b”, then you aren’t off to a great start with your patient.

Writing for Search Engines

When search engine crawlers go over your website, they look at headings, keywords, back-end coding, alt text, and a host of other key points on each page. How well all of these elements work together to paint the picture for the crawlers will determine how well your website ranks.

To Rank on Search Engines, You’ll Need Keyword Research

If you’re writing your own content, you’ll want to start with keyword research. A lot of times, we’ll see other marketers tell you to simply write about what you get asked about in the office. While that is a fair approach, for the medical sector, a lot of the time, there’s a massive discrepancy in what patients will ask their doctor face to face and what they’re googling.

For example, there are always searches for “Do I need a doctor for [insert symptom]?” How many times has a patient come into your office and asked you that question?

Most of the time, potential patients are asking whether or not they need you for something.

Sometimes, they want to know what exactly is going to happen when they step foot into a doctor’s office for a specific condition. If you step in front of these types of questions, the questions with high search volume, not only will you appear to be the authority to Google’s site crawlers, you’ll also gain points with potential patients.

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Content to Back Up Other Marketing Efforts

If you spend money or hours of your own time working on your marketing materials, you’ll want to make sure that your healthcare website provides just as much, if not more, information when someone does visit your site. Online ads, physical brochures, commercials…anything brings in the potential for prospective patients to look at your site. 

Why do they visit your website?

To learn more.

When there isn’t “more”, what does that say about you and your practice?

They should never learn more about your website from what brought them there than the site itself. You want your website to expound upon your marketing efforts. This will not only help to convert those leads into patients, but it will also make all of your marketing campaigns more effective, across the board.

Fast and Mobile-Friendly Website

Your medical website’s speed, security, and mobile-responsiveness will all play a role in your ranking ability on search engines, as they all play an integral part of your SEO campaign. 

Site Speed

According to statistics, your viewers will start to leave your website if the page takes more than three seconds to load. This is even more true for mobile device users. Because of this, Google and other search engines will give preference to sites with a quick loading time. Many good website speed test sites exist to help you see where your website stands. 

Mobile Friendliness

Also, check to see what your website looks like on your smartphone. Is the site still easy to navigate, or is everything distorted? If the latter is true, this means that your medical website is not mobile responsive. This hurts your ranking ability in two ways. First, most of your audience is going to come from searching via mobile devices. Second, similarly to what we mentioned above, because most searchers do so from a mobile device, Google also gives preference to sites that are set up for all devices. 

Digital Logic:  The Healthcare SEO Agency

The content on your website, paired with your overall SEO efforts can make or break your efforts to get patients in the doors. Quality, helpful content that answers what your potential patients are actually searching for will boost your rankings, which brings new faces to your business. This generates good reviews and turns into more profit for your business, in the end. Good healthcare SEO doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right SEO agency, it will begin a self-feeding stream of patients into healthcare businesses. 

At Digital Logic, our team is hand-selected with extensive knowledge and experience with healthcare SEO strategy. We understand the fast-paced nature of the medical industry and how quickly healthcare staff must adjust to changes. We believe that your markets should be able to shift just as quickly as you and your staff can. That’s one of the reasons we’re the best at what we do.