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Custom Built HVAC Websites to Grow Your Business

The foundation of any company’s online presence is website design. HVAC websites are no exception. A strong HVAC website design will facilitate search engine optimization strategy, bring legitimacy to your contracting brand, and will help convert traffic into qualified leads.

If you want to grow your HVAC company via digital marketing services, then having a quality HVAC website design is the first step in that direction. While digital marketing tactics, such as SEO, PPC, and social media marketing can increase your company’s online visibility, your HVAC website will be what helps convert that exposure, or earned media, into sales. As an HVAC contractor, we understand that your ultimate goal is to grow your HVAC company by capturing leads and converting them into sales within your local service area. Our web design professionals can help you meet that goal!

What is HVAC Website Design?

HVAC website design is essentially constructing a website with a layout, user interface, and other imagery to convey a professional presence for your HVAC business. Without having a website, it’s difficult or impossible for HVAC companies to convert leads online. Even if you’ve budgeted for PPC advertising, the absence of a website will severely limit any digital marketing efforts you’re investing in, as an HVAC business owner. The sales process hits a snag when a potential customer can’t look up your HVAC services, prices, or even your service locations. Since the main goal as a business owner or HVAC contractor is to increase sales, the direct correlation between professional HVAC website design and sales conversions for HVAC companies should be enough to grab your attention.

Professional Web Design Services to Help Your HVAC Company Gain Trust

When an HVAC business owner or HVAC workers speak about their brand, they’re referring to the level of trust within the community. A professional, responsive website will do wonders to strengthen a brand within the HVAC industry. Consumers are more likely to invest their trust and hard-earned dollars in HVAC businesses that are able to showcase their heating and cooling services on a professional, custom website. Furthermore, popular search engines, like Google, reward professional, optimized website design, as well, by ranking them higher on the search engine results pages. Besides converting the traffic that comes to your site, a professional, custom design can also influence that traffic and serve as the home base for your outside links, such as social media platforms or directory listings. Having an HVAC website with external links will increase the authority and legitimacy of your brand, both in your local community and on Google search results.

Target Audience for HVAC Marketing

We understand that heating and cooling contractors don’t want to spend money on marketing or advertising, particularly online. However, in this digital age, it needs to be done. And, it needs to be done correctly.

There are many different ways to go about this process, and you’ll certainly need to choose the way that’s best for your HVAC business. Having a professional website design should really be the foundation on which your build your marketing efforts, though.

In order to start your marketing strategy, you’ll first need to understand who your target audience is. This is why it’s so important to work with a marketing agency that has experience advertising HVAC services.

For example, if you’re servicing an area with a high concentration of families, then you’ll want to focus your marketing efforts around kid-friendly products, possibly allergy-reducing measures, and whatnot. On the other side, if you’re servicing an area with a high business saturation, you’ll want to focus more on efficiency and cost-reducing HVAC services.

By working with an outside online marketing agency, especially if running HVAC PPC ads, you’ll have the data to back up your assumptions with respect to target audiences.

At Digital Logic, our contractor marketing experts are able to identify who your target audience should be using analytics, and then tailor a marketing strategy that will help your heating and cooling business grow more quickly.

What Do Our HVAC Website Designs Include?

Our website builders and design team work with you to create a completely custom HVAC website design. If you work with Digital Logic, you can expect that your HVAC web design will include the following services:

Search Engine Optimization

In this digital era, anyone can build a website. There are DIY website builders out there, such as Squarespace or Wix. But, website design isn’t as much about the front-end visual design as it is the coding on the backend. Website coding should be a significant consideration when you’re budgeting for HVAC website design because the coding of a site can really make or break the online marketing efforts for your heating and air conditioning business.

Even if you don’t need to market your HVAC business online right now, if you believe you ever will need to (and you should), you will need an HVAC web design that is coded correctly, and that’s something that DIY website builders and HVAC website templates cannot offer.

Having a custom-built website that is optimized for search engines is critical to gaining organic traffic on Google.

At Digital Logic, we employ hyper-targeted HVAC search engine optimization techniques that will help increase your heating and cooling website’s visibility, right off the bat. This will help bring more qualified traffic to your website, without you having to spend a dime on other marketing sources.

Once we have a clear understanding of your business goals, our SEO and web development team builds HVAC websites around the best keywords. This helps convert your leads into customers.

We believe that search engine optimization is so important for marketing strategy, as a whole, that we try to implement SEO tactics into everything we do.


One of the most frustrating parts of a poorly designed HVAC website is the navigation. If a potential customer cannot scroll or get to other sections of the website fairly easily, he or she will get frustrated and leave your website. This is called “bouncing” in the marketing industry. Having a high “bounce rate” will affect the ability of your online paid ads to perform, so your HVAC web design is critical in this aspect.

Mobile websites are typically more difficult to navigate and design, so our web design team pays special attention to ensuring that our HVAC websites are mobile-friendly.

Searchers will leave even the best HVAC websites if the content doesn’t load within 3 seconds. As we just mentioned, the more visitors that leave a site quickly, the higher the bounce rate, and thus, the more you’ll have to pay for PPC advertising, on top of being penalized on Google’s search engine results pages.

The URL structure is a critical part of an HVAC website’s functionality. Having a clear hierarchy of content is the best way to help Google understand what your business website is all about. Websites with an organized URL structure will see better conversion rates for their business.

As we touched on earlier, while many of your website’s visitors will judge your brand based on the graphic design aspect of the presentation, Google does not. The back-end coding not only factors into how a website will show but also into how the searcher accessed the website initially.

Website coding is complicated to most, making website changes out of the question for the common family-owned business that chooses to run its own website. However, this isn’t the case with HVAC website designs from Digital Logic.

With our HVAC and plumbing marketing services, your new website will be coded so that you will have complete control over what the end result looks like. You will be able to access your site and make changes yourself if that’s the route you wish to take.

Within the past few years, Google has started giving presence to websites that are mobile-friendly, or that display just as well on mobile devices as they do desktops or tablets. We call this responsive design or responsive website design.

Mobile devices have less space to work with, and paired with your potential customers’ ability to bounce to other sites, you’re up for a challenge when trying to create a mobile-friendly HVAC website design.

At Digital Logic, our mobile-friendly HVAC websites use straightforward layouts that include clear calls to action. Our web design team considers logo placement, height and width variations, spacing, and clickable elements when designing custom websites for heating and cooling companies.

Mobile Speed

Your HVAC website should load quickly, regardless of what device it’s being viewed on. In order to generate leads across the board, your responsive design should load in under 3 seconds on mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and everything in between.

Mobile Call to Action

Your call to action should look different on desktops than they do on smartphones. Our HVAC web design team tailors our CTA sections carefully when designing for mobile devices.

For example, you want to create a sense of urgency for the mobile user, so we’ll accompany the phone number with a statement such as, “Call now for a free quote!” (Like how we did that?)

You’re able to convert more leads into customers by ensuring that your telephone number is clickable and callable on mobile devices. More phone calls from a qualified audience should result in more customers for your HVAC business across the board.

hvac website designer
hvac web designer

Custom HVAC Brand Services

When you invest in custom HVAC web design services, not only do you get a sleek, modern design for your site, you also have the ability to really brand your HVAC business so that your HVAC company stands out amongst the local competition.

By creating an HVAC website that has a professional logo, favicon, and a color scheme to complement those assets perfectly, you can really set your heating and air conditioning services apart from those in your area.

An effecting heating and air conditioning logo should be simple and memorable. Our HVAC marketing company thrives in this area, giving HVAC contractors the chance to generate HVAC leads more quickly, by gaining brand recognition in the local area.


HVAC Website Design Company

As an experienced HVAC marketing agency that focuses heavily on search engine optimization practices to help our clients get found on Google, you can expect the best from our HVAC services, in terms of web design, as well.

We believe that websites should help with lead generation, acting as the online salesperson for more HVAC companies. And, our talented team of marketers has been helping HVAC companies, like yours for close to a decade!

Our team of web designers can produce HVAC websites that offer the potential for high conversions and serve as the hub for your online marketing efforts.

Our company’s main focus is getting our customers found online, both organically and through paid media. This makes us uniquely qualified to set that foundation for future online marketing efforts.

Let us create a beautiful HVAC website for your company. We provide a free quote for all of our marketing services!

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