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SEO for HVAC Companies

Working in the HVAC industry means that your business is intermingled with both the home improvement and construction industries. And, unlike other industries, closing an HVAC sale isn’t as simple as pitching to potential customers and then, having them sign a check.

Recent studies show that around 80% of sales across these industries typically require at least 5 follow-ups to close a deal. As we’re sure you know, this means that it can take 5 prospect interactions before you even move those potential customers to the bottom of your sales intake.

Get More Leads with Heating and AC Company SEO Strategy

Like many other industries right now, competition is high for HVAC companies. In times where the weather is at an extremity, as an HVAC company, you receive calls around the clock for both services and installations. However, when the weather is mild, the phone stops ringing.

On top of the seasonality hurdles, your target audience has started shifting their buying patterns, no longer relying on recommendations as heavily as before. When paired with all of the growing HVAC competition now, all of your hard work over the years seems to be for nothing.

How in the world do HVAC contractors stay in business?

The answer: it’s challenging, but certainly not impossible. You just need to shift your focus when it comes to HVAC marketing strategy.

Customers now expect immediate responses to their appointment requests. As a matter of fact, most home improvement surveys show that around 75% of prospects expect that response in 5 minutes or less. With such high standards in such a competitive market, you’ll need to find ways to not only stand out amongst all the competition, but also find ways to sustainably generate higher revenue.

The only way to overcome these obstacles is through a well thought out digital marketing strategy.

What is HVAC SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. It’s a mouthful, we know. But, put simply, HVAC SEO is the ongoing process of optimizing your online presence to rank higher on search engines, such as Google.

Heating and cooling websites that rank higher will ultimately generate the most HVAC leads. This, in turn, helps produce a steady stream of clients for your HVAC business. HVAC SEO influences how websites rank online and what businesses will show up first in the local map listings. A strong SEO strategy will always help produce a better online presence.

SEO is not only the best way to generate more leads for HVAC contractors, it’s also one of the most efficient ways to increase your sales conversions. While online marketing success for contractors or home improvement service providers can seem like an uphill battle, your local competition is targeting your same customer base using similar HVAC or plumbing marketing strategies.

Ranking Higher on Search Engines Means More Leads

Those who invest in the better SEO services will always get you more customer leads, regardless of who actually does the better job. Unfortunately, with the way technology has grown, you can’t rely on ‘being the best’ and having those family and friend recommendations fill your appointment book, anymore.

You’re good at what you do. Now, it’s time to let a professional internet marketing company highlight your attributes, so that your potential customers can find you online!

Digital Logic is a full service digital marketing agency that can help your business grow by utilizing a variety of tactics meant to boost SEO for HVAC companies.

SEO for HVAC Contractors

SEO Strategy

When working with HVAC companies, we always want to plan out your search engine optimization strategy, first.

The best HVAC SEO begins with extensive keyword research. We work with you to determine your target keywords and then, divide these keywords into two broad categories: those with high potential to convert quickly and those more geared towards home or business owners who are in the “just starting to shop” phase.

From here, we’ll plan out what content we need to create in order to get these keywords to rank, starting with the highest converting keywords first. These will more than likely be the HVAC services that your company provides.

When you work with Digital Logic, you’re guaranteed to have a marketing manager who is a Certified Google Partner. We’ll take the keyword research, explain which of the terms have keyword relevance and how many monthly clicks each keyword is expected to receive, once your HVAC website starts to rank.

The overall goal of your website is to answer the questions that your potential customers are asking, and for your web pages to show up for search terms, based on user intent.

Here’s what we mean:

Ranking for “Houston AC repair company” in the search results is valuable. Ranking for “DIY air conditioning” is not.

It’s these little nuisances that separate decent marketing services from the actual, SEO specialists.

Want to learn a little more about our SEO process? Keep reading. If you’ve gotten the gist, feel free to jump ahead.

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Like most industries, the heating and air conditioning industry comes with a hefty set of keywords. An array of services exist that HVAC service providers can rank for. And, as you may assume, these HVAC keywords will fluctuate based on the volume, location, and time of year.

For example, if you’re operating out of Louisiana, you may get traffic for “air conditioning service repair” all year around. While for states, like Alabama, those looking for a local HVAC contractor will only search for this term during summer months, as AC isn’t really necessary during the winter months.

As a local HVAC business, your goal is mainly to rank for local terms dealing with your industry. Because most of your potential customers search for your HVAC services from mobile devices, Google will use their current location paired with your local SEO efforts to show your business in the Maps results.

For this reason, we always include location terms, paired with the target keyword for each page. When you combine industry keywords with local keywords, you’re creating long-tail keywords, which are much easier to rank for on search engines. These keywords typically have less volume than keywords on a national scale, but they are easier to rank for and offer more precise targeting and better conversions when searchers do land on your HVAC website.

While keyword volume is certainly an important part of keyword research with respect to ranking factors, ranking on Google Search for a wide variety of keywords within your industry is also important to your HVAC SEO strategy, as well.

For example, if your HVAC business offers services, such as leak repair, the keyword volume will be lower, but the opportunity to rank for these types of keywords will be higher.

Moreover, having more pages will help you build topical relevance. Google will crawl these pages and associate each with one another. The more you’re able to build out this structure, the more Google will consider your HVAC website and authority for HVAC services in your area.

In order for HVAC websites to rank better on Google and other search engines, the URL structure should be logical and easy to follow-for both the searcher and for Google search crawlers.

There are two types of pages: parent pages and child pages. Parent pages are the main topic pages, and child pages are lower level topics that fit under the umbrella of the parent pages.

Having a clear, organized structure will help your overall digital marketing efforts, as well as link building efforts, down the line.

Conducting HVAC SEO Services

Once we’ve worked with you and created our HVAC SEO strategy, the implementation can begin. While HVAC SEO can be overwhelming when looked at, as a whole, we feel it’s easier to digest when it’s broken down into individual elements.

The process of ranking on search engines has so many moving parts that all work together with the ultimate goal being to improve search visibility on Google search results and other search engines.

Here’s what you can expect from Digital Logic’s HVAC SEO agency:

Digital Competitive Analysis for Local SEO

When we perform a competitive analysis for your HVAC business, you’ll know where you stand amongst your local competitors. In order to ensure SEO success for our clients, our analysis includes:

  • HVAC SEO recommendations to rank your target keywords, generate more website traffic, and how to fill your HVAC sales funnel with quality leads.
  • Audit your HVAC SEO KPIs (key performance indicators) such as search engine visibility.
  • A breakdown of how our HVAC SEO strategies will help your business, using a variety of ranking factors.

Technical SEO

While technical SEO may not do much for the naked eye, it can have a significant impact on your SEO campaigns and online visibility. At Digital Logic, we adjust your website’s code and HTML structure to put you in the best position possible to receive more website traffic. As a Google Premier Partner, we make sure that your site is found easily among local businesses, crawled by Google and indexed properly.

As part of your HVAC SEO strategy, we:

  • Ensure your site speed is where it should be.
  • Edit the technical aspects, such as the coding on your web pages and restructure your URLs to outperform other local HVAC businesses.
  • Add meta titles and meta descriptions to all relevant pages and posts so that Google knows exactly what will be found on each page.
  • Install advanced Google Analytics and call tracking software, if you’re using our HVAC PPC ads service, in order to track your leads and help you make data-driven HVAC marketing decisions

Content Marketing

While you only may use a few select terms to describe your HVAC services, homeowners do not. They’ll use a hundred different search phrases to find a local HVAC business. Because Google and other search engines rank individual pages, not entire websites, you’ll need a good amount of SEO optimized website assets, or pages, in order to rank well.

At Digital Logic, we:

  • Update your web pages multiple times a month, depending on budget, using keywords related to local services that your HVAC business provides.
  • Optimize your website, including content, so that it will rank for voice search and smart assistants, such as Alexa, Echo, or Google Home.
  • Include optimized assets, such as graphics, testimonials, or videos, to help with on page optimization efforts.
  • Use a strategic link building strategy to boost specific web pages by manual outreach, guest posting, or creating high-quality press releases on your behalf.

Local SEO Campaign

Local SEO services are extremely important for every local home service business. Local SEO will be what connects your business with those looking for a local company online.

As part of our comprehensive SEO marketing strategy, your local SEO campaign will include:

  • Auditing every online directory where your business may be found to ensure that your information is up to date, accurate, and formatted the same, across the board.
  • Optimizing your Google Business page online. This includes updating photos with encrypted metadata, checking your service area, phone number, and ensuring you’re showing up on Google Maps for HVAC related queries locally.
  • Create business citations, while merging duplicate citations, and monitoring local directories.
  • Using local directories as link building opportunities.

Online Reputation Management

We’re sure you know that you can invest in any form of internet marketing you want, but if your online reviews are terrible, it’s going to be an uphill battle to climb, for even the best HVAC SEO company. Your account manager will help you make sure that your online reviews accurately represent the HVAC company that you are.

Our marketing strategies for online reputation building include:

  • Automating your review process. This will help you get more reviews and will distribute those reviews across several sites, at once.
  • Actively monitoring your reviews each month.
  • Responding to both positive and negative reviews.

Analytics and Reporting

At Digital Logic, all of our SEO strategies are based on data. We can’t increase your website traffic if we don’t know where it’s coming from or what our goals are. As one of the best digital marketing agencies for HVAC SEO, we consistently track and test your SEO campaign, tweaking when we see an opportunity for better online visibility on the search results.

Our goal is for your ROI to increase month over month, as your web page ranks higher on search engine queries for HVAC business online. We do this by:

  • Installing Google Analytics and including you on any Google ads beta programs for which you are available. (If that’s something you wish to do.)
  • Providing you with monthly SEO reports that are easy to understand, as well as going over any issues that arise, questions you may have, exciting news etc. along the way, if you’d like.
  • Monthly link building and keyword tracking.
  • Giving you completely transparent assessments in terms of your ROI and how our on page SEO and technical SEO strategy is performing.

Let's work together

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SEO for HVAC is the process of optimizing your online presence-whether it be your website, social media presence, or Google Business listing, to rank higher on search engine results.

A digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine marketing for HVAC professionals will handle the day-to-day marketing tasks that are required to grow your website traffic. Your account manager will build out web pages on your behalf, and optimize them so that you are able to outrank your local competitors for services that you provide.

Search engine optimization results grow exponentially over time, and they’re a solid source of organic traffic. When you work with Digital Logic, your company will own your website, along with all of the assets, as long as you’re square on billing, if you ever decide to leave. You keep your backlinks, your content, everything! We don’t believe in crazy contracts-just doing our job and providing our HVAC clients with high-quality SEO work.

We tell our HVAC clients that SEO will take about 6 months to start showing measurable results. However, for those who are patient and stick it out, they tend to see the snowball effect start to show fairly soon after that first quarter or two.

For starters, if your current digital marketing company doesn’t have any analytics or tracking in place to measure results, we can almost promise you that you aren’t off to a good start. At Digital Logic, we track your keyword rankings and how well they’re actively moving, your site traffic and conversion rate for specific targets. We verify your leads using call-tracking software (if you’re using PPC ads as a part of your overall marketing strategy). We put these numbers against your stated revenue and ROI to make sure that you’re getting everything that you paid for, and hopefully more!