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Consumer needs and HVAC industry protocols change rapidly. You’re here, most likely, because traditional advertising is no longer enough to help your business remain competitive.

In this digital age, in order to run a successful HVAC company, you need a competitive PPC strategy. And, with the help of our nationally-trusted HVAC PPC company, your heat and air conditioning business can get more phone calls, have more qualified HVAC leads who submit forms on your website, and earn more booked appointments.

Digital Logic has worked with HVAC, home improvement companies, contractors, and a variety of other service industry businesses for over a decade. We provide custom PPC campaigns to help HVAC companies and contractors expand their digital marketing efforts and see a better ROI on their marketing investments.

Unique Struggles for HVAC Companies

The past few years have been rough for HVAC companies, from labor shortages to a rise in material costs.

To add fuel to the fire, most HVAC contractors only focus on specific areas when it comes to HVAC systems. The problem with this is that customers typically look for full-service HVAC companies. So, if your HVAC business isn’t offering all of the services that your potential customers need, you’re losing them to the competition.

Even the most popular HVAC companies experience significant customer demand fluctuations throughout the seasons. When the weather hits an extreme-whether this be hot or cold, an influx of customers always comes. However, when the weather is mild-crickets.
As if there weren’t enough hurdles to cross, HVAC companies and contractors also deal with higher costs for vehicles, insurance, equipment, and now, labor. So, many HVAC contractors can’t generate enough revenue to continue business operations and invest in marketing at the same time.

While we understand that as an HVAC business owner or contractor, you know all of this, but sometimes it’s nice to see that there are actually PPC ads agencies that also understand the struggles you’re facing. We don’t blindly accept clients of any sort-we always do our research and understand the struggles we’ll face when helping a new client!

HVAC PPC Services at Digital Logic

At Digital Logic, we offer a range of HVAC PPC services, including:

Our PPC advertising strategists can help you determine which is best for your HVAC business.

The HVAC PPC Process

Before you begin working with us, it’s helpful to understand how we operate, behind the scenes. You’ll want to ask plenty of questions, so that you’re able to select the best internet advertising agency for your business.

At Digital Logic, we’ll begin the process by speaking with you. We’ll discuss your goals, weaknesses, what services you offer and prefer, as well as areas you’d like to target.


Once we’ve decided to work together, your dedicated account manager will audit your PPC strategy from start to finish. We’ll go over your current Google Ads account and address anything that needs to be fixed. Then, we’ll look into your local competitor’s campaigns and strategy. Once we’ve determined your target audience, we’ll research their online behavior and start working on your HVAC PPC strategy.

By using this data-backed strategy, we’re able to outperform your current PPC strategy right off the bat.

Data-Driven PPC Ads Strategy

When creating your HVAC PPC campaign strategy, we’ll go over your goals for our digital marketing services. We’ll determine the best budget for both your ad spend and account, while establishing a set of measurable goals.

Next, we’ll develop how your PPC ad campaigns will be set up and create your different ad groups based on search volume.

Then, your dedicated account manager will work with our SEO management and  content marketing team to compile a list of high-value keywords relevant to your field.

Our comprehensive keyword strategy is based on research and actual, real time data. This will keep us from targeting the wrong keywords, while helping your PPC campaigns show more in the search results.

We optimize for location-specific keywords to target the potential customers who are the most likely to convert into paying customers.

Dedicated Landing Page Conversion for PPC Advertising

At Digital Logic, our HVAC website development team works closely with our PPC advertising strategists and HVAC search engine optimization team to create the best possible landing page designs to convert more leads from each PPC advertising campaign.

Our web development team makes sure that your HVAC brand remains consistent across your landing pages, create compelling calls to action, and include any testimonials or reviews that provide potential customers with the social proof they may need to convert.

Having dedicated landing pages for each ad group will help improve your paid search campaigns and stretch your marketing budget further.

Create PPC Campaigns and Design Creatives

Once you’ve approved your PPC ads strategy, your account manager will link your Google Ads account with Google Analytics. We’ll create the ad campaigns, ad groups, and individual ads, based upon the HVAC keywords our team comes up with. Then, we’ll develop the ad copy, as well as any other creatives with our graphic designers and copywriting team. We’ll set your HVAC ad targeting settings, place your ad bids, and launch your different HVAC PPC campaigns.

Monitor PPC Campaign Performance

As a leading HVAC digital marketing agency, we always take a proactive approach when it comes to your PPC advertising campaign. We’ll look for trends, such as increased clicks from mobile devices, and make the changes we feel will benefit your campaign the most.

We always A/B test the campaign elements to determine which ad copy generates the best conversion rates.

This can include ad copy, format, landing page layout, general HVAC ad placement, target locations, and audiences. By tweaking the keyword targeting, budgets, audience, etc, we’re able to ensure you’re getting the best ROI possible.

Reporting on Paid Search Advertisements

At the end of each month, we’ll develop a report that shares both PPC campaign wins and missed opportunities. We’ll analyze your campaign performance and offer recommendations for improvement. We’ll adjust any keywords that need it, while adding negative keywords to avoid wasted ad spend.

While the reporting is nice, the value really comes from the campaign improvements month after month. Our Google-Certified account managers have extensive experience in pay per click advertising and HVAC marketing. So, HVAC businesses that work with Digital Logic are getting decisions that are backed by data and hands-on experience, versus a hunch.

Why Choose Digital Logic as Your HVAC PPC Marketing Agency?

Hiring a professional HVAC advertising agency can seem like a daunting task, as advertising campaigns can be crucial to HVAC businesses success.

Without having the proper digital marketing strategy in place, most HVAC companies will not be able to make it in this new, digital age.

Stay ahead of your competition by hiring an honest, professional HVAC PPC team.

Digital Logic is an award-winning, Google Certified Premier Partner, a title reserved only for agencies with the best ROI, ad spend, and customer satisfaction ratings.

When you partner with Digital Logic for contractor digital marketing services, you’re guaranteed the following:

HVAC PPC Marketing Experts

At Digital Logic, we don’t outsource work. Period. So, there isn’t a “vetting process” for us. We hire talented professionals and train them from the ground up-our way. This way, we can say with 100% certainty that your HVAC advertising strategy is in good hands.

Our team stays on top of the latest trends, as well as Google’s algorithm changes. We take a hands-on approach when it comes to your HVAC PPC campaign, optimizing your landing pages, and tweaking your ad campaigns so that you’re getting the most out of our PPC services.

One of the things you’re paying for is our campaign management experience. The management fee you pay often pays for itself in the first month. Our campaign managers know which negative keywords to include, usually right from the beginning, because they’ve done this before. If you were to hire a marketing agency that didn’t have as much experience marketing HVAC services, tasks, such as negative keywords, would only be implemented after you’ve already paid for an ad that didn’t convert.

We’ve helped our HVAC clients earn more qualified leads and position the right keywords at the top of the search engine results pages, and we can do the same for your HVAC company.

HVAC Geofencing

Working in the HVAC industry means that you’re tied to a certain location. So, we help you attract more local consumers by using geofencing and geo targeting marketing strategies. We’ll work with you to identify your target locations and limit those locations for which you don’t want to service. We can create separate landing pages that may help convert consumers from specific areas.

Mobile Strategy for HVAC Businesses

Your consumers, for the most part, are ready to take action. In fact, most believe that you should contact them back within 5 minutes to schedule an appointment. So, you’ll want to position your HVAC services in front of those potential customers that are ready to convert, especially.

At Digital Logic, your HVAC advertising campaigns are built to get the maximum online visibility, even for those searching from mobile devices. We provide custom ad extensions, bids, and an HVAC marketing strategy custom made for mobile users! By doing this, we’re able to provide our HVAC clients with the most qualified traffic possible from their search engine marketing experience!

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Working with Digital Logic was the best marketing move I've ever made for my practice. They have helped me continually stay booked with the right kind of patients with their strategic approach to drive more traffic to our website.
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HVAC Marketing FAQs

For starters, only those who are inexperienced with Google Ads or PPC in general should pay the “average amount” for cost per click. At Digital Logic, our approach for HVAC PPC advertising is to get the best possible CPC, while still getting your brand message across and reaching your target customers.

Secondly, the cost per click advertising cost will vary depending on your location and specific marketing needs. HVAC PPC is an auction process, so you’re at the mercy of your local market and competition. 

Lastly, your cost per click may fluctuate depending on your marketing goals. 

Our PPC account managers are experts at what they do. We don’t believe in any wasted ad spend, and we genuinely try to get the most out of each ad campaign possible.

Do a quick search for “HVAC company near me.” You’ll see that the top half of the search results page is completely dominated by pay per click advertising for HVAC contractors. So, if HVAC PPC advertising isn’t currently part of your digital marketing strategy, it should be a piece to consider.

Google Local Service Ads, or LSAs, are a more affordable way for HVAC contractors and local businesses to increase their leads and overall sales, based on local search queries. Local Service Ads connect HVAC contractors with homeowners who search Google for the specific services that your business offers. You only have to pay for the ad if the customer calls you directly through the ad. At Digital Logic, we’ll then review your phone calls, using a tracking software, and dispute any cost that came from an unqualified lead.

This means that you literally only pay for quality calls. 

Having a badge next to your ad campaign does really stand out on the search results. Your HVAC business can become a Google Guaranteed HVAC company, thus earning a Google badge once you’ve signed up for Local Service Ads. 

Google will check your insurance policy, business license, as well as your customer reviews. They’ll also run a pretty extensive background check of all of your employees, at no cost to you. 

At Digital Logic, we help our clients get the Google Guaranteed badge, as much as we can, if that is something that they want! Having a Google Guaranteed badge does help earn you extra credibility, which can obviously help your company get more leads!