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PPC Marketing Strategies for Orthopedic Surgeons

Those who need orthopedic treatment typically search online to find the best doctors and medical professionals in their area. How well does your orthopedic practice stand out amongst the ever-growing competition?

There are over 36,000 orthopedic surgeons who treat a variety of conditions so that their patients can have a better quality of life. From treating professional athletes to children to the elderly, the private practice orthopedic sector of the medical industry provides healthcare professionals with both a lucrative and fulfilling career. The downside: this sector of the healthcare industry is also a highly competitive one.

Many people who experience injuries will refer to their primary care physician or scour the internet to find information about their condition in order to determine what their next steps will be.

Partnering with an experienced orthopedic PPC management agency, like Digital Logic, will help your orthopedic surgery practice stand out amongst the competition.

What is Orthopedic PPC?

PPC advertising, or pay per click advertising, is a marketing process that reaches a prequalified audience using a budget and bidding system through Google or other search engines. As an online advertiser, you only pay when your ad is clicked by someone who you’ve already deemed is in the category of potential patients.

This means that you’re only spending money to attract qualified patients and only paying when an interested party clicks on your ad.

While this seems like a pretty straightforward process, running ads for the orthopedic industry or any sector of the healthcare industry can get sticky pretty quick, as there are an abundance of rules surrounding how you can legally obtain traffic, or website visitors, through your paid orthopedic marketing efforts.

Why Orthopedic Practices Need a PPC Digital Marketing Agency

Any medical professional knows just how quickly the orthopedic market is growing every year. Because of this, paired with the rapid change in technology, it’s imperative the orthopedic practice owners and industry operators need to be extremely proactive when it comes to their internet marketing strategy.

Because the orthopedic sector of the healthcare industry is growing so rapidly, unique challenges have started to arise.

Current Orthopedic Surgeon Challenges

A few of the common hurdles we’ve seen include:

  • workforce issues
  • changing patient expectations
  • limited time with patients
  • patient retention
  • growing competition
  • quickly changing orthopedic marketing data

Although these hurdles do exist, we believe that can be combated with a strategic orthopedic marketing approach.

Along with search engine optimization and having a professional, intuitive orthopedic web design, PPC advertising is an effective way to promote your brand.

How PPC Management Services Can Help Orthopedic Practices

Implementing a well thought out PPC advertising strategy is the fastest way to bring new patients into your orthopedic clinic. When paired with great content specific to your sector of the healthcare industry and professional orthopedic SEO services, your internet marketing budget will provide an ROI that traditional advertising never could.

At Digital Logic, our orthopedic marketing team knows how to target the most qualified patient leads using informative and creative ad copy. We make sure those clicks that you’re paying for actually bring in a profit.

Digital Logic is a full-service healthcare marketing agency with extensive experience in orthopedic marketing, specifically.

What Our PPC Internet Marketing Services Can Do For Your Orthopedic Practice

Our PPC digital marketing campaigns have provided unparalleled results for our orthopedic surgeon clients.

Here’s what our PPC services can do for your orthopedic practice:

  • spread brand awareness
  • drive more leads to your website
  • increase your overall leads and patient conversions
  • provide your practice with accurate marketing data
  • increase your service line revenue

We’re an award-winning digital marketing agency with industry experience, so we know how to achieve the results you’re looking for. We’ve worked with solo orthopedic practitioners and multi-location practice groups-generating more revenue with better ROIs than they’ve ever had, for every orthopedic marketing client we’ve worked with.

Orthopedic PPC Services

With extensive internet marketing experience, Digital Logic is one of the top-performing orthopedic PPC companies-providing our healthcare marketing clients with comprehensive PPC campaigns and campaign management solutions.

Our orthopedic PPC advertising experts are Google certified and our marketing agency is a Google Premier Partner-a title reserved for digital marketing agencies with the best customer service, performance, and industry experience.

At Digital Logic, our orthopedic PPC advertising services include:

Keyword Research and Implementation Strategy

After speaking with you about your goals and what services you’d most like to promote, our orthopedic marketing experts start the research process. We pair your goals against your competitor’s current marketing strategy. Then, working alongside our SEO experts, we carefully select the best keywords for your ad groups, based on your location, goals, your competition, our keyword research, and years of industry experience running successful PPC campaigns for clients.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Your orthopedic marketing PPC ads are only going to perform as well as the landing page that they’re sent to. If we see a hole in your content marketing strategy, we’ll address it by requesting permission to build targeted, optimized landing pages for your ad groups.


Because, Google and other search engines take into account the landing page experience when it decides which orthopedic paid advertisements to show. This page experience is part of the quality score equation:

landing page experience + ad relevance + expected click through rate = quality score

Your quality score is then used, along with your bid, to determine your ad rank, using this equation:

cost per click bid x quality score = ad rank

So, the better your quality score, the less you have to bid for a specific keyword in order to show.

Our orthopedic web development team works closely with our search engine optimization and PPC experts. This team approach allows us to create the best landing pages possible for our clients. And, in turn, usually helps boost our clients’ ROI and get them more leads, which means new patients!

Quality Pay Per Click Management

When you’re looking for a pay per click advertising agency, it’s important that you hire a business with integrity. So many marketing agencies that we’ve seen simply set up ad campaigns for orthopedic clinics, and let them run, with ad groups and campaigns left unchanged for months at a time. As long as they’re spending the orthopedic marketing budget, they don’t care too much about reaching the target audience, bringing in qualified leads, more patients, or getting their clients a better ROI.

This isn’t the case with Digital Logic, and once you speak directly with one of our PPC experts, that will become apparent, quickly. We’re in it for the long haul, not to make a quick dollar.

Our orthopedic PPC experts can create new Google ad campaigns or optimize your current orthopedic marketing campaigns. We’ll keep you in the loop with your campaign’s performance

Split Testing for Orthopedic Ads

One of the most critical parts of running any PPC campaign is the ability to split-test. It’s also one of the biggest perks for healthcare marketing on the paid side, since the ability to retarget is limited.

Split testing allows us to have access to consistent, real-time feedback on how your ads are performing.

We take advantage of this by running different sets of ad copy at the same time, getting rid of campaigns that don’t show enough promise of getting new patients, and tweaking the ones that do, over and over again, until we’re satisfied and sure that we cannot produce a better ROI.

Mobile Optimization

There are many reasons for potential patients to use mobile devices when looking up healthcare related information, besides the obvious convenience factor. Many people prefer to keep their medical information private, and searching via phone for an orthopedic doctor or orthopedic practices, for most, seems like the safest way to search.

For this reason, you really want to make sure that your orthopedic ads are able to attract potential patients who search on their phone or other mobile device. At Digital Logic, optimizing for mobile is our primary focus, when it comes to our orthopedic ads strategy.

Attract a Mobile Audience

Here are a few ways that we ensure our clients are attracting interested prospective patients who are searching from their phone or mobile device. We:

  • Check the mobile stats often. Before we’re able to come up with a successful mobile strategy for orthopedics, we compare the current ad campaigns for mobile and desktop. We then compare clicks to conversions to see if there is something that we need to tweak on the landing pages for those ads. If the ads send every ad to a single page on the site, this will be our priority-optimizing every landing page so that we can accurately measure the results.
  • Make mobile bid adjustments. If our clients already have great results advertising to mobile users, we may see fit to adjust some of the spend, when it comes to mobile bids. Google allows us to bid up to 300% higher on mobile for Google campaigns.
  • Create mobile preferred ads. Before you panic, if your current marketing agency skipped this step, your desktop ads will still show on mobile. They just aren’t performing to their maximum potential.
  • Optimize landing pages for mobile devices. As we’ve mentioned, your landing page experiences does matter. So, if your landing pages aren’t mobile responsive, not only are you losing the organic prospective patients to other practices, your ads aren’t performing well, either. Regardless if you’re running PPC advertisements or not, your entire website needs to be optimized for mobile.
  • Utilize call-only campaigns. This seems to be something that a lot of marketing agencies tend to shy away from, but it’s one of the best ways to reach customers who want to speak with someone immediately. Call only ad campaigns are especially great for orthopedics that offer emergency or same day appointments.

Professional PPC Management Tailored to Your Sector of the Healthcare Industry

When we run PPC ads for any company or industry, we always focus on the metrics that matter! But, this especially rings true for healthcare marketing because, as we explained previously, remarketing and display ads tend to be a grey area for this sector.

This means that you need to get maximum exposure from the orthopedics ads you are able to run. You want to be a constant when users search for orthopedic phrases, symptoms, and treatments.

The most successful orthopedics campaigns are those that are consistently monitored and updated. At Digital Logic, we monitor our orthopedic PPC marketing campaigns and aren’t afraid to adjust cost, make changes to keywords, or tweak landing pages on your website when we see that one ad group is outperforming the other.

Work With The Best Orthopedic PPC Advertising Agency

If you’re interested in utilizing orthopedics PPC ads or any other form of internet marketing to get more customers and grow your practice, Digital Logic Can Help. Our team of experienced physician marketing professionals is well versed in the medical industry, and we’ve helped many orthopedic surgeons find success, from web design, SEO, developing a strategic approach to overall marketing efforts, to obviously our PPC marketing services. We have years of experience creating and managing successful orthopedic PPC campaigns for our clients and can do the same for your business!

Contact us today to speak with one of our orthopedic marketing specialists about how we can help you get more website traffic, use SEO to help your website perform better in organic search results, improve your email marketing or social media marketing strategy, or simply grow your business, altogether. We offer a free consultation, so you have nothing to lose

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