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Finding the Best PPC Advertising Companies


If your business is looking for an extra competitive edge, you’ve probably toyed with the idea of marketing online. For many who spend their time selling products or providing services, the thought of creating and refining an online advertising campaign is overwhelming. That’s why many decide to use the services of PPC Advertising companies.

Not sure which PPC services company is the best fit for you? We’ve outlined some of the ways to narrow down your choices. This way, you can save time, strategize and collaborate with experts in your industry. This will allow you to reap the rewards of short-term results (as opposed to long-term results from SEO services).

Basically, it all comes down to what will get you the best return on your investment. This comes with the right creative efforts, the best strategies, and the optimal audience targeting.

What Is A PPC Advertising Company?

PPC Consultants
Unsure of PPC meaning? We go over the basics in that post. A PPC advertising company is a team of digital marketing experts who can build your PPC advertising campaigns from the ground up. What exactly is PPC? It’s a pricing structure of advertising. PPC stands for pay-per-click. It’s a model of Internet marketing in which a business pays for an advertisement a fee each time someone clicks on their ad. In the simplest terms, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attracting them organically through search results. The most popular form of PPC advertising is through search engine advertising. Businesses that want to advertise on search engines bid for ad placement. Their bid, the quality of advertising copy, and a few other factors concerning the searcher determine whether or not their ad makes it to the first page of search results. How do you get your ad to the top of a SERP (search engine results page)? Unfortunately, if you’re new to this, it might take trial and error. And, of course, the trial and error will be made with your own money going towards advertising fees. One of the top reasons people turn to an SEO and SEM company is because they want to rely on the experience of PPC experts. This way, businesses skip the trial and error on their own. Instead, they rely on the knowledge and expertise of a professional that has already run many successful campaigns.

How Much Does Pay Per Click Pay?

There are two parts to this answer.
  1. The fee you pay to advertise.
  2. The amount of money you make in sales.
It all comes down to ROI or return on investment. How much pay you receive as a result of your Pay Per Click campaign will depend on how much you spend, and how effective your strategy is.
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For competitive industries like legal and medical, cost per clicks might range anywhere from $30-100. But keep in mind– the reason these prices seem high is because those clicks could translate into lucrative cases or patients. This means the ROI tends to be favorable. 

The best part? You only pay a fee if someone clicks on your ad. Google makes sure that your ads show to customers that are likely to want your services or products. 

What Percentage of Clicks Do PPC Ads Get?

The average is about two percent.

Now, that may seem incredibly low– but don’t let that scare you.

Remember, you only pay each time someone clicks on your ad. So you want to make sure you’re getting “quality clicks.” What do we mean by that? Ideally, only people that end up buying your product or hiring you for your service will click on your ad. This way, you only have to pay for ads that result in profit for you.

The best part of PPC advertising is that Google makes sure your ad only shows when it thinks it will be relevant to users. This prevents you from spending money on ads that won’t convert. 

Let’s say you’re an attorney. The cost per click based on your keyword is $50. Your ad shows in 100 searches, and 2% of the time, someone clicked on it. One person that clicked on your ad did not hire you. The other one did. This resulted in a case that yielded you $15,000. 

You spent $100 to advertise, and you made $8,000. The return on your advertising investment was $7,900. Not bad, right?

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What is the Best Pay Per Click Site?

Great question! There are many options available to businesses that want to start reaping the rewards of PPC advertising. For those that don’t like the DIY method, there are many PPC advertising companies that will help.

If you’re having trouble deciding, here’s a list of parameters for measuring which is the best PPC Advertising Company for you. Ask these questions before you sign up with an advertising agency.

Which PPC Advertising Company Knows My Industry?

The whole reason you’re hiring a PPC Advertising Company is that you want to avoid losing money during the trial and error it takes to master PPC advertising.

You want to select a company that has already run many campaigns and already figured out what works and what doesn’t in your specific market. The only way a PPC expert earns their title as an “expert” is from a lot of experience and some in-depth knowledge of the industry they advertise for.

They should know how to focus on the right keywords that target the right audiences. 

If their website doesn’t contain any case studies, ask them to talk about their experience and results. 


What Analytics Software Does a PPC Advertising Company Use?

How do you know if your ROI is where you want it to be? Data. Some analytics softwares are better than others. The best PPC Advertising Companies must provide you with accurate reports. At Digital Logic, we use Google AdWords Report Tool, along with Ahrefs and Google Analytics. This way, you always know that each dollar you spend is getting you the results that you want.  Your agency should collect as much information from you as possible. First-party data is invaluable. With this insight, they should be able to adapt and ensure high ROI campaigns. Ask them about the marketing metrics they use and the analytics software they would be using for your campaign.

What type of Keyword Research does a PPC Advertising Campaign do?

Keyword research is slightly different when it comes to PPC advertising campaigns. When it comes to PPC marketing, professionals tend to focus on transactional keywords rather than informational keywords. Why? People searching merely for information might be less likely to end up buying something from you. If you focus on transactional keywords, you have a better chance of converting clicks into profits. If the PPC professionals you’re working with know what they’re doing– their number one priority will be to get your business visible at the right time to the right people. This way, you won’t waste money advertising based on keywords that won’t engage your services or buy your products
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What Partnerships Does a PPC Advertising Company Have?

One way of knowing whether or not a PPC Advertising Company is knowledgeable is to check their certifications. Are they a Google Partner?

If so, that means they passed a rigorous test to earn a Google Partner’s badge for their site.

In order to keep that badge, they must continually learn about updates to the Search Engine’s algorithm and Best Practices. 

Which PPC Advertising Company Has Experience with Mobile Optimization?

Back when Google Advertising was in its early stages, mobile browsing and searching didn’t exist. Now, mobile searches account for no less than 50% of all searches worldwide. 

Mobile optimization is an industry standard, so it’s likely that the company you’re looking to work with has experience with it. However, it never hurts to check.

With mobile advertising comes different strategies. The formatting for mobile and desktop PPC are almost always different. You’ll need to adjust your ad copy and visual content. The good news is that mobile devices account for a majority of paid clicks. This means there’s a lot of potential and opportunity. Mobile optimization is an essential strategy in PPC advertising. 

Once you master mobile optimization for search engine advertising, you’ll have a leg up with mobile optimization for social media. 

But there’s something else a bit more interesting. Mobile devices account for 53% of paid clicks, which means there’s a huge opportunity (and need) to optimize your paid search strategy for mobile.

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Which PPC Advertising Companies Are Capable of Local PPC?

How do you search for products or services locally? If you’re like 90% of shoppers, you use a search engine to look for information about local businesses. Thirty-three percent of consumers perform these searches every day.

Did you know that over 40% of total clicks go to the first three spots when it comes to transactional keywords? If you’re trying to target local businesses, Google’s Local Service Ads management is unbeatable.

Not every PPC advertising company specializes in local PPC. If you’re trying to gain an advantage in your local market, make sure the PPC advertising company that you choose will be able to meet those needs.

Which Channels Do the Best PPC Advertising Companies Use?

Some PPC Advertising Companies only work with Google Display Network Ads, some only work with social media PPC campaigns. The Best PPC Advertising Companies do both. They will usually offer you a free proposal. This will give you the chance to communicate your needs. Once a PPC advertising company knows more about your customers and your existing internet presence, it should be able to tell you if social media or search engine PPC advertising would be best for you.

Each channel comes with its own challenges, so make sure they are equipped to handle the campaign and channel type that you need. 

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