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Orthopedic Website Development Services

You know how great the orthopedic surgeons are at your clinic, but does your orthopedic website design communicate that to your current and prospective patients?

Having a quality website design, as an orthopedic surgeon, is critical for practice growth. For many potential patients, orthopedic websites are what give the first impression.

So, your site should act as an online salesperson, offering an intuitive user experience and providing prospective patients with the information they’re looking for, thus, boosting confidence in your orthopedic practice.

We understand that as a medical or healthcare provider in the orthopedic industry, working on your orthopedic website design isn’t high on your list of priorities. However, you must at least partially understand its importance, or you wouldn’t be here!

Digital Logic can help!

Start Growing Your Orthopedic Practice Brand: Partner With a Professional Website Design Agency

The internet, paired with rapidly developing technology, has completely changed the way that patients and prospective patients interact with their physicians, including their orthopedic healthcare providers. Now, more than ever, people are turning to Google when identifying conditions or gathering general medical advice.

Furthermore, they’re growing more reliant on online reviews and overall web presence when they choose a physician or orthopedic surgeon.

Despite this knowledge, many orthopedic practices tend to disregard the importance of orthopedic digital marketing services.

One reason for this disregard is the thought process that online marketing only targets the younger generation. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though.

The Target Audience for Orthopedic Practices is Online

Studies show that prospective patients who are actively searching for medical information online are anywhere from 20-60 years old. This age group typically seeks out information from Google, social media platforms, such as Facebook, and other popular online channels.

In order to grow your practice and attract new, quality patients, you’ll need to prioritize orthopedic web design services on your marketing budget.

Orthopedic surgeons not only compete with independent orthopedic practices, but also with hospitals, pain management clinics and other corporately-owned institutions with major marketing budgets.

You need a way to stand out amongst your competitors.

Orthopedic Surgery Website Design Services

At Digital Logic, our design team creates orthopedic websites that include features that benefit both orthopedic practices, as well as their potential patients. With our orthopedic website design services, you can expect:

Search Engine Optimization

We employ hyper-targeted SEO techniques that help increase your online visibility and bring more qualified traffic to your site.

By using SEO techniques, we’re able to help Google understand what your orthopedic content is about, thus increasing both the indexability and crawlability.

With a clear understanding of your goals, our SEO and web development team will build your medical website around the best keywords, with the most potential to convert. We also perform basic on-page and off-page search engine optimization to increase your chances of ranking high, locally.

Local SEO for Orthopedic Practices

If you want, we can put together a local SEO campaign, complimented by directory listings management services, evaluating each platform for consistency and correct data.

Orthopedic Surgeon Website Development

The foundation for any marketing strategy is a well-optimized orthopedic website design.

Our award winning website designers create custom graphics, lead generation forms, special features, and social media integration on your medical website to increase your conversion metrics.

Current & HIPAA Compliant

We’re sure we don’t need to go over how important HIPAA compliance is for medical websites.

Because we’re healthcare marketing experts, we understand the importance of creating and utilizing a secure forms interface, making sure that you have an SSL certificate, as well as ensuring that all of your website design elements are ADA compliant, so that those with vision or cognitive impairments can learn, as well.

Customized for Your Orthopedic Practice

We also understand that you don’t want your web design to look like every other orthopedic physician’s website.

Your orthopedic clinic is unique, and your website should reflect that.

Our team of website designers make sure that every aspect of your new website reflects your unique branding-highlighting your specialties so that visitors get a real feel of what your clinic is like, in person.

We discuss your goals and aesthetic preferences beforehand. Then, we optimize your website speed and use visual cues to direct your potential clients to important features or resources on the site.

Professional Orthopedic Content

Patient education makes for a better, more informed patient. In time, this will speed up the overall time it takes for in-house procedures or treatments.

By sharing health tips and advice, elaborating on your services or procedures-what conditions you treat and what treatments you offer, you’re able to address the concerts of your patient and potential patients before they step foot inside your clinic.

Our marketing team has some amazing content writers with extensive industry experience.

From basic patient education to the more difficult medical questions, we’ve pretty much covered it all and can do the same for your orthopedic practice!

Responsive Design

Orthopedic website design should conform to Google’s mobile-friendly, responsive design standards.

This means that your practice website should automatically resize to display your content and features without the visitor needing to scroll or zoom in or out, on any mobile device or tablet.

If your current orthopedic website doesn’t do this, then the website doesn’t have a responsive design. It needs to be redesigned by an experienced website designer. Simple as that.

Investing in a responsive design for your orthopedic practice ensures that your site is providing the most consistent experience to all patients and potential patients possible. This will cover current and future mobile devices.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Furthermore, in 2015, Google announced that since more searches take place on mobile devices than on desktop, the search engine would start taking a website’s responsive design into account when ranking websites.

So, for this reason, if for no other, your practice must be optimized for mobile.

Failing to do so means that regardless of the visual aspects, features, or how much patient education information you put on the site, Google will never let you outrank even a mediocre site that is optimized for mobile devices.

These aren’t guidelines-these are facts.

Website Hosting

We’re able to improve website speed and ensure more security by providing our clients with web hosting, as well.

As a full-service medical marketing agency, we’re able to provide around the clock monitoring, maintenance and ongoing support. Because we have so many clients in the medical or healthcare industry, we take this responsibility very seriously.

Why Choose Digital Logic As Your Orthopedic Web Design Agency

Ultimately, the success of an orthopedic website design or redesign comes down to having a clear understanding of your marketing goals and design preferences.

At Digital Logic, we partner with you.

We’re experts in taking in what our clients say, providing them with honest feedback, and generating digital marketing strategies to help grow their business, including web design.

You’re operating in a highly competitive field, and your online presence is paramount to establishing your credibility as a top orthopedic surgeon and driving new patients to your website and in turn, bringing them into your clinic.

So, you’ll want to hire the marketing agency that you believe will provide the best services for long-term practice growth.

At Digital Logic, we handle every unique aspect of orthopedic marketing-from orthopedic SEO to orthopedic PPC services, our specialty is helping our clients come up with both short and long-term marketing strategies that will bring in the most and best qualified patients for their practices. 

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Working with Digital Logic was the best marketing move I've ever made for my practice. They have helped me continually stay booked with the right kind of patients with their strategic approach to drive more traffic to our website.
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Dr. Forrest Wall
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