16 Best Dentists Websites by City in 2023


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We’ve surveyed America’s biggest cities for the best dentist websites by city. Some used the services of a dentist marketing company, and others built their site on their own. We found the top search results for each location. Next, we evaluated the websites based on the overall look, ease of use, branding, and patient-friendly information. 

One must-have for dental websites in 2023 is online appointment booking. It’s increasingly popular and practical to allow patients to book appointments online: almost all of the winners had this option. Learn about what makes these websites stand out. Use them as inspiration for your own practices’ website and dental marketing

You already know how important it is to have a dental social media presence. But a professional dental website design and investing in dental SEO services should be your priority in attracting and retaining patients.

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Why is Your Dental Website an Important Marketing Tool?

If you’re like most people who work in dentist offices, you love dentistry, but you’re overwhelmed at the thought of running a dental practice while also trying to generate new patients.

When you have a professional dental website design and invest in marketing services to help grow your dental practice, your dental website can act as a 24/7 salesperson on your dental team.

Are you looking to reach new patients, engage with your existing patients, and balance the modern dental workload? A great dental website can help you accomplish all of those things.

Great dental websites help make your patients’ experience seamless from the moment they find your dental office online to the moment they step into your office. If your dental website has a great web design, this helps to create a great first impression for first-time visitors.

Here a just a few ways that a dental website that’s optimized for search engines can help your dental practice:

Clear Communication with Dental Patients

Communicating with your dental patients can turn new patients into lifetime brand representatives. When you give prospective patients peace of mind about your dental services, allow them to schedule dental services with online booking via your dental website, and keep an open line of communication going with online forms, phone calls, or emails, they’ll never want to leave your dental care.

When you have a modern dental website design, you’re able to focus more on total health dental care, surgical procedures, advanced periodontics, or whatever your dental specialty is. With a modern design, you’re able to move standard dental office waiting room activities online. You can save your patients time by removing the need to come in early for basic housekeeping activities. You can have your patients schedule their appointment online and review their patient or insurance information all through your dental website. 43% of patients prefer online booking opportunities. Many will choose dental practices based on this ability alone. This is a great example of how simple changes to dental websites can drastically improve even the best dental care!
Having a good reputation is key to getting more referrals, local leads, and more patient testimonials. Leveraging patients to post reviews and patient testimonials on your dental website provides you the opportunity to stand out in the dental industry. 90% of potential patients use patient testimonials and online reviews to evaluate dental practices.

The Best Dental Websites by City in 2023

1. New York: Tend

best dental website new york

Tend’s dental website design was a clear winner for NY. This beautiful website was also the overall winner out of all the websites we surveyed in 16 big cities.

The compelling videos that play on the homepage create a great first impression. The fresh brand colors, clean lines, font choices, and smooth design culminate in a presentation that is sophisticated and inviting. With an intelligent use of the color scheme, the eye is drawn to the clear calls to action located strategically on this best dental website.

To learn more about this perfect example, visit: hellotend.com

2. Philadelphia: Center City Dentist

best dentists websites philadelphia

Dentistry at 1818 Market Street offers a website that is easy to navigate with plenty of interesting content. Not only do we see some pearly whites at the opening, but we get to see the friendly smiles of the staff.

In addition, clickable phone numbers and directions to their office provide clear calls-to-action and take the guesswork away for patients.

To see this great dental website, visit: centercitydentist.com

3. Boston: Back Bay Boston Dentist

best dental websites boston

With an elegant, well-produced hero video, this great dental website is stunning and functional.

This modern, youthful approach blends dental SEO content and web design for a superb result. Importantly, it fits in accolades, informational content, and a booking button on top of a video without being too busy.  Lastly, they capitalize on alliteration in their domain name! It’s one of our favorite dentist websites to date!

To see this great example, visit: backbaybostondentist.com

4. Washington D.C.: Berkshire Family Dentist

best dentists websites washington dc

Berkshire family dental gives visitors not one but two buttons to access appointment booking! On top of a sleek web design, the website showcases the entire team on the home page, something that truly resonates with prospective patients.

To learn more about this great dentist website, visit: Berkshirefamilydental.com

5. Nashville: Gulch Dental Studio

best dental website nashville

When you have a super beautiful office, flaunt it! Gulch Dental Studio is a perfect example of how your office aesthetic can work to grow your dental practice. This dental office has a great logo, a great design concept, and a great collection of photos to match. 

The content under their practice areas is conversational yet professional. This great dental website helps visitors feel welcome and comfortable. They were smart to match their website structure to their office photo as it adds a personal touch to the modern design.

To see how Gulch uses modern methods to attract new patients, visit: Gulchdentalstudio.com

6. Miami: Dentistry of Miami

Dental Practice Website Miami

The stunning drone images of Miami paired are a knock-out. A minimalist, effective navigation makes this dentist’s website shine. Although the opening imagery is not smile-focused, the branding is still sophisticated and sleek. It blends gentle dental imagery with bright colors, which may help patients actually be excited to visit this dental practice.

With a short scroll, you see a dramatic smile gallery. This is everything you could want from a dental office.  Stunning drone images of Miami paired with minimalist, effective navigation make this website a standout.  Everything patients need is right there at the top — phone number, online scheduling, and links to learn more about their services.

To see how Dentistry of Miami used advanced technology with drone footage with bright colors to entice new patients, visit: dentistryofmiami.com

7. Jacksonville: Atlantic Dentistry

best dental websites 2023 jacksonville

A fun color scheme, great office photos, and fun, non-obtrusive animations make this website a winner all around. With a scroll down the homepage, you can find patient specials, information about procedures, and a clear google map. Atlantic Dentistry also showcases patient reviews. Again, a smart color scheme draws the eye to an appointment booking button. 

To view this great dental website, visit: Atlanticdentistryjax.com

8. Houston: Mint Dentistry

best dentists websites houston

Mint Dentistry’s website is a branding winner for cosmetic dentistry. Excellently chosen images reflect the color scheme of the text and menu bar. Similarly, smart scrolling and fantastic photos of the studios make this website everything you’d ever want in a dentist’s website. 

To see how Mint Dentistry makes dental web design sexy, visit: mintdentistry.com

9. Indianapolis: Indianapolis Dentistry

best dental websites Indianapolis

Want to talk about a standout in a completely different category: domain name!

Using a domain name to express your intentions, pitch, or product can go a long way in communicating to your potential clients. This great dental website features a great opening video, and easily accessible appointment requests provide patients with everything they want. In addition, clear, concise patient information in a very particular order makes this website a winner all around.

To see how Indianapolis Dentistry “calms patient’s fears,” visit this great dental website at: calmingfears.com

10. Dallas: North Dallas Family Dental

Dentist Marketing: Dallas

Great photos featuring beautiful smiles combined with a unified color scheme go a long way. The clickable appointment and call buttons brought this Dallas dental office to the top of our list.

Their patient videos and resources section is particularly helpful and easy to read. They also feature their business hours right there, on the home page. This is something that other dental websites lack the majority of the time.

To see this great dentist website, visit: northdallasfamilydental.com 

11. Chicago: The Chicago Dental Studio

Dental Marketing: Chicago

If you want to see an Invisalign superstar, visit The Chicago Dental Studio. Dental practices across the United States should strive for this level of professionalism in their dental website designs.

Their dentist website uses fun colors and fonts to complement their smile-focused practice. Considering their name includes the city they practice in, the photos of Chicago, their studios, and the brand image of a skyline tie-in super well.

To see this top-notch dental website design, visit: thechicagodentalstudio.com

12. Phoenix: Entera Dental

best dental office websites phoenix

Not only does Entera’s brand logo tie in well to the look and name of the practice, but the logos to describe their practice areas also match perfectly.

Importantly, family is a strong focus here. We see not only young happy smiles but the head dentist’s family portrait in her about-me section. Additionally, we see that the dental office offers bilingual services. Because of this, their practice appeals to a broad range of patients and their children. 

Visit this great dental website at: enteradental.com

13. San Antonio: Excellent Dental Specialists

best dentist websites san antonio

This San Antonio dental website displays a well-produced intro video that’s integrated smoothly into the homepage. Excellent Dental Specialists in the domain URL emphasize their niche abilities and practice specialties. Their impressive in-house dental lab gets featured as you scroll down the home page.

Above all, their home-page emphasis on specialty procedures makes a strong case for their services.

To view this great dentist website, visit: excellentdentalspecialists.com

14. Los Angeles: LA Dental Town

top dental websites los angeles

The mod seating, both in the waiting room and procedure rooms, pairs well with the serif font and sleek menu.

Similarly, this website design capitalizes on engaging images and a calming color combo. Importantly, there are ample clickable phone numbers to call for an appointment–clear calls-to-action. Although we’d like to see an online booking button, the two phone numbers are certainly helpful.

To see how LA Dental Town fused modern aesthetic with helpful content, visit: ladentaltown.com

15. San Francisco: Washington Square Park Dental

Dentist Website: San Francisco

The KISS (Keep-It-Simple-Silly) method works. This practice certainly knows that. They make it easy to schedule appointments online. Beyond that, they keep the menu clean and simple and use a striking image of their entrance and patient rooms to entice patients. Not to mention, their logo is spot-on! 

To view this great example, visit: wsparkdental.com

16. San Diego: The Dental Express

best dental websites of 2023 san diego

There’s nothing patients like more than knowing they can schedule a same-day appointment. That’s why it was wise of The Dental Express to feature that on their homepage. Although it’s short, their beautifully mastered welcome video speaks volumes. Their well-organized service menu makes everything for the patients easy and inviting. We loved the attention to services as we scrolled through the page. 

To see how The Dental Express used a variety of website design techniques, visit: thedentalexpress.com

Best Dental Website: Honorable Mentions

We surveyed some of the best dental websites from across the country, and we discovered dozens of beautifully-designed, creative, and effective sites. However, we had to narrow our above list to include the best and most brilliant digital designs.

Below, we include some other top dental websites that we thought were worth mentioning.

What Do the Best Dental Websites Have in Common?

All of the above dental website examples have several factors in common, but many of them can’t be seen. What traits turn a regular dental website into a great dental website? Generally, the best dental websites have the following eight traits. 


Imagine all the potential patients out there with sudden tooth pain and other dental emergencies. Let’s say they reach out to one of your competitors via phone or an online form submission. If they don’t get a response fast enough, they’re likely to contact another dentist to solve the problem. You don’t want this to happen with your own website.

Having a streamlined intake process on your site not only prevents potential patients from slipping through the cracks but also gives you a good reputation for your response time. Patients won’t wait forever, especially not if they have tooth pain. The faster you can respond to questions and appointment requests, the better.

Have you ever opened a web page and waited…and waited…and waited for it to load? In an increasingly online world, rapid load times are crucial for both SEO and the overall user experience. Potential customers and patients are much more likely to leave your website if your load times exceed around three seconds. What’s more, is that Google actually penalizes dental websites with slow loading times, as this negatively affects the user experience.

It’s also important to make sure that your website is easy to navigate and intuitive to use. If a potential patient wants to explore the services you offer, make sure you have a services section that’s easy to find. After all, if they can’t find what you do or how to contact you, they are likely to leave your site. Make sure all pertinent information is easy to access for patients, with all the most important information on your home page or within a few clicks.

Not only should your website be easy to use, but it should also be easy on the eyes. While this isn’t the most important factor, it always helps to have a clean website that wows your target audience. Include professional, beautiful photography and fonts that are easy to read, and try to keep your home page clutter-free.

It’s important to remember, however, that aesthetics are very subjective. Working with an experienced web developer can help you come up with a beautiful yet professional website that fits your personal aesthetic. They’ll also help you find the right balance between form and function.

Any modern dental website should prioritize Search Engine Optimization as a way to organically grow your traffic and to help new patients discover your practice. Dental SEO is the key to driving patients to your website, where they can then schedule an appointment with you. It is also one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve organic growth for your dental website.

Thousands upon thousands of articles and discussions exist on what the best practices are for dental SEO. However, these articles are often difficult to decipher if you haven’t spent much time looking into SEO yourself. Working with a team that specializes in SEO for dental websites is a great place to start. The team at Digital Logic has considerable experience helping modern dental practices rank their websites and boost their organic traffic to astonishing levels. 

You, too, can take advantage of SEO for your dental website. Don’t wait – schedule a call with our dental marketing company to get a free assessment of your current site.

Once a patient decides they’d like to give your dental practice a shot, the next step is to contact you. Make sure your contact information is very easy to find. Otherwise, you might miss out on easy opportunities for new patients. Ideally, you want your contact information to be “above the fold,” meaning the patient won’t need to scroll to figure out how to get in touch with you.

Also, try to place a few Calls to Action (CTAs) throughout your site. A Call to Action is basically a prompt that encourages users to take certain actions. On a dental website, you might have a clickable button that says, “Schedule an Appointment Today” or something similar. CTAs are essential for guiding the patient’s journey through your site. Work closely with a skilled web designer to determine the best locations and strategies for your CTAs.

When potential patients are searching for a new dentist, they’re likely to look at reviews and testimonials from former patients. We always encourage professionals to ask their satisfied patients and clients for reviews. Google Reviews, in particular, have a lot of weight when it comes to the searchability of your practice. If you have fewer Google Reviews than your competitors, even if your ranks are similar, you still won’t show as high on the results page. Try to increase the number of positive reviews and testimonials you get from patients, and be sure to include those testimonials on your website.

Accessibility is another important, often overlooked aspect of website design. It’s important to create sites that are accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. Website compliance is a complex topic, but working with an experienced dental marketing team can help you ensure that your site is always WCAG-compliant. Accessibility not only helps the users of your website, but it can also help your site’s overall SEO.


Your Dental Office Could Have One of the Best Dental Websites of 2023!

No matter what kind of dental practice you have, a sleek, intuitive, helpful website is a must-have. Maybe you specialize in cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, or even geriatric dentistry. The full-service marketing team at Digital Logic has the skills and experience you need to take your dental website to the next level. Not only can we improve your current dental website, but we can also build brand-new dentist websites from scratch.

Grow your dental practice and discover your full potential with Digital Logic by calling us today at 318-678-5020.

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