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Dental Marketing Ideas


If you want phone calls, scheduled appointments, and acquiring new patients and retaining existing dental patients, you’ll need to invest some time and money into a new online marketing strategy.

A smart marketing campaign begins with a well-planned, properly implemented and measurable strategy. More specifically, a digital marketing strategy for your dental practice. These marketing ideas will help you to start growing your dental practice.

Most dental patients will agree that finding a dentist is difficult. But, because dental marketing has moved almost 100% to digital, as someone running a dental operation, you may find that filling your practice with patients is hard, as well! In this post, we’ll provide some good digital marketing and dental social media marketing ideas to help market your dental practice.

What is Dental Marketing?

Dental marketing is the marketing strategy and marketing tactics dental practices and dental clinics use to attract and retain new patients, as well as increase awareness of their brand. The main goal is to get potential patients to make a phone call or book an online appointment. The best way to get patients to take these actions is by running ads Google and Facebook as well as ranking your dental practice website on search engines.

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For most dentists, the subject of hiring a new dentist marketing company rings with some uncertainty. Gone are the days of purchasing a YP ad and waiting for the phone to ring. Today’s dental patients are doing their research online before picking a provider.

How to Promote a Dental Office Online With Google Business

Your GMB listing is crucial to local dental SEO. Any professional dental SEO agency will confirm. The first step to optimizing your brand for search engines is claiming your listing.

When people need a new dentist, they search for “Dentist Office Near Me” on Google on their phone or computer.

This listing displays everything your potential patient may need to know before they call your office to schedule an appointment, including:

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Claiming your Google Business listing and optimizing it for optimal growth gives your dental office a better shot of landing in Google’s Local Pack-the top three listings with the map in local search results, which will really help your dental practice get you more map exposure.


The number of searches for “dentist near me” on Google has increased significantly over the last five years.

If more consumers are searching for local dentists, like yourself, then why isn’t your practice getting more phone calls? More than likely, your competition capitalizes on this simple, yet very effective dental marketing strategy.

Google draws from the information on your dental clinic’s Google My Business listing to determine which listing to show in local search results.

So, if you haven’t set up your Google Business account or claimed your free Google Business listing yet, you’re at a serious disadvantage here.

Google Business Page for Dental Marketing

Your listing is one of the most important things for your online presence. Google needs to recognize you as a dentist, a dental clinic, or a cosmetic dentist.

Keep the following in mind about your dental practice Google Business listing:

You want to add as much information as you can, here. This isn’t the spot to slack up. The more information you give, the more legitimate you appear to be. In order to optimize your dental office’s Google listing, you will need to fill out all of the information completely and correctly.

In order to gain and keep the trust of your potential patients, you’ll want to also make sure the details for your practice are correct and stay up to date.

If you decide you want to leave early on Fridays, that needs to be reflected in your listing’s hours. Otherwise, you’ll have a pile of unhappy customers and start racking in negative reviews, which is never good for any dental practice.

Know which keywords you want to rank for, and use them appropriately. Your keywords will be crucial for SEO. Without these, Google may find it difficult to understand all your practice areas

You’ll also want to add the following to your Profile:

  • Outside photos of your dental office
  • Logo and any other brand identifiers
  • Staff photos
  • Before and after pictures
  • Services offered information

On a weekly basis, add the following to your dental clinic’s Google Business profile:

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Create a Dental Website that Drives Traffic

First impressions matter, and people will judge your practice based on your website. By avoiding or ignoring your website, you’re hindering your practice and the ability to convert more leads, daily. If you don’t have a website with a good design, your efforts will be drastically hindered.

If you drive up to a new location, regardless of what services they offer, if the outside of the building looks sketchy, the chances of you going inside, even though you’re already there, drastically diminish. The same can be said for your website. Put yourself in the mind of a patient, for a second.

How easy is it to believe, “This practice doesn’t even pay attention to their own website! What are the chances of them paying attention to me?”

In order to fully capitalize, you really need to invest in a professional dental website design agency. When we take on a client, at Digital Logic, we ensure the following apply to your site:

Dentist Website for Mobile Devices

Make sure your website is responsive. A dental site should, at the very least, look good on Mobile, Tablets and Desktops/Laptops.

The first interaction a potential patient will have with you will most likely be with your website. And, the majority will find your website conducting a search via a mobile device.

Take a quick second to ask yourself, “Does my website look good across all devices?“. If the answer is no, and you’re marketing still isn’t up to par, it may be time to hire a web developer, along with a team of digital marketing experts.

Updated Dental Website

Your website will look more professional and secure if you have the following:

These features are imperative to the success of your dental website. However, the list doesn’t end here.

In order to reach new dental patients, your website will also need to be:

ADA Compliant Dental Sites

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires certain medical businesses to make specific accommodations for those with disabilities. Content on your website should be accessible to those who are blind and/or deaf. The website should be accessible to those who need to navigate by voice and screen readers.

Unfortunately, the rules aren’t as clear for website accessibility as one would assume. Nonetheless, failure to create an ADA-compliant website could open your practice up to financial liabilities and damage to your brand’s reputation.

This free tool will help you determine whether or not your website is ADA-compliant.

Dental SEO and Content Marketing

The term, SEO, refers to search engine optimization. This process includes several main factors:


It’s best to think of SEO like you would a recipe. In order to organically grow your dental practice, you’ll want to implement the right amount of each ingredient. As you progress, you may decide to make bigger batches, to grow your business more, exponentially. You can’t just drop all of your eggs in one basket, in hopes that your traffic will skyrocket. This isn’t the way SEO works.

Having plenty of high-quality page and blog content is the easiest way to get free traffic on Google. Therefore, your marketing plan should include writing blog posts and adding new content on a monthly basis.

Businesses that regularly post blog articles have 97% more inbound links (Hubspot). This means outside websites point to these sites as an authority in the field. In turn, this gives you more credibility with search engines, allowing you to show up higher when potential patients search for dentists in the area.

Your customers enjoy reading high-value content published by their dentist or orthodontist. Actually, 60 percent of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading published content on the site.

Moreover, actively blogging increases the chances of your website ranking by 434%. Can you see why consistent and quality content should be a huge part of your monthly dental patient marketing plan?

Content Marketing for Dentists

A visit to the dentist’s office doesn’t top the list of enjoyable activities, for most people. New potential patients have questions and concerns. Addressing these beforehand could be the ticket to getting those customers into your practice.

Take this scenario, for example: Someone local feels like they may have a cavity and knows that they need to see a new dentist. However, they’re a little apprehensive about what may happen once they arrive. They type their question into Google, and there you are with the answer. You were in the right place at the right time. They see that your business is local and decide to go ahead and schedule the appointment with your practice.

And yes, in case you had your doubts, Google does give authority to sites, based on location. So, you are more likely to appear to the searcher in your city, than another practice in a different state!

Not sure where to start?

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Dental Blog and Content Marketing Topics

There are literally thousands of topics to choose from to build a blog. You can start by answering a few of the questions you hear day in and day out.

Once you’ve answered those questions, feel free to start debunking all of the random dental myths out there. Also, you can post blogs regularly to help your patients or potential patients start developing healthy dental habits. It’s important for your marketing efforts to be consistent.

Directory Listings for Dental Practices

Having your dental practice listed on local directories also plays a role in SEO.

Citations, also called local business listings, are also an important tool for ranking your dental website in search engines. These are references from websites to your businesses’ name, address and phone number (commonly called NAP). Search engines, like Google, consider these legitimate signals stating that you are actually a legitimate local business.

The more citations you have indexed on the web, the more credible your business listing appears. In turn, search engines give your listings more authority, alongside your website.

According to Moz, citation signals are 10.82% of how to rank.

When starting your way through the business directory chain, you’ll want to focus on the main directory first, Google. Then move your way down the list of other important directories.

You may categorize business directory citations for dental practices into four categories:

Data aggregators are business information data collectors. These include sites such as Infogroup and Factual. These confirm the local business data more thoroughly than the rest, so there may be more work initially getting this setup. Many other, smaller directories will pull data from these types of sites. If this information is incorrect, it will trickle down to smaller directories. Even if you update your information on smaller sites, the larger data aggregators will replace the information again.

Consumer directories offer a benefit to your citation profile. Authoritative sites, such as Yelp, Angie’s List and YellowPages will provide more value than smaller, little-known directories.

Local directories are useful in helping search engines determine if you’re a local dental practice. Though these will vary by location, you can usually count on your local Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce, if nothing else, to help get your practice some authority.

Industry directories can help with your authority, as well as your citation profile. If the directory ranks for target keywords in your industry, these can be extremely valuable. A few solid industry directories for dentists include:

reputation management for dental internet marketing

Patient Reviews for Dental Clinics

We added patient reviews under SEO because a direct correlation exists between how many positive reviews a business has and how well their Business listing shows up in maps.

dental practice marketing

Take a look at the search for “dentists in Dallas.” All of the top map listings have a lot of reviews.

Dental reviews have been a fixture on Google’s local properties for well over a decade

They aren’t going anywhere, because, frankly, customers love them. Since customers love them, so does Google’s ranking algorithm.

We mentioned earlier that your practice will need to obtain new reviews weekly.

You want your reviews to show a consistent timeline. Otherwise, both the consumer, as well as Google will question the integrity of these reviews. If you go out and get 20 reviews in one day, it won’t help your map rankings.

According to a BrightLocal survey, 73% of consumers believe that reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant.

Patient Reviews Help Establish Authority With Consumers

Reviews matter. In fact, 93% of people say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. This is the online equivalent to word-of-mouth and will help you grow your practice. Your online reputation is a huge part of marketing because you only get one reputation.

As your people get older and mature, they realize that bad decisions can usually be avoided with a small amount of research. Now, more than ever, consumers turn to search engines to research reviews. They want to learn from other patients’ experiences. Within seconds, they can view reviews regarding previous patients’ experiences. Your dental practice is no exception to this.

Social proof will give your dental practice more credibility than any advertising dollar ever could.

The first step patients take in searching for a new doctor is looking up reviews. Leverage your existing patients to get these.

The goal is to have a constant stream of new patient reviews of your practice on several platforms. Again, this establishes authority.

Your dental practice will need reviews for the following:

How can you get reviews from your patients? Here are a few suggestions:

Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Customers expect your dental practice to have a social media presence. You should have effective social media management across the following places: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Like anything else, your patients are only going to follow enjoyable pages.

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If they don’t gain from your presence online, they simply won’t follow you.

No harm, no foul.

So, in order to reach more patients, you must focus on creating relevant, informational, and enjoyable posts for your audience. Think of it as building a community and connecting with your local audience. When done right, dental advertising on social media will have incredible outcomes when the appropriate target audience is used.

How to Use Social Media for Dental Practices

Your practice can use social media in a variety of ways. You’ll want to choose some of the following ways to work within the context of how your dental practice operates.

Some ideas include:

When posting, your end goal is always to bring value to your audience.

Video Marketing for Dentists

One of the underlying constants for the highest ranked and best dental websites is video media content. Customers like videos. And, like we said earlier, when customers like something, the Google algorithm follows suit.

With technology today, you can video almost any tech process you perform in your office. Also, customer testimonials will also drive traffic.

Here are a few video ideas to get you started:

dental marketing strategy

All of the videos you create can be published across social media pages, as well as YouTube. You can then set up video advertising campaigns on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to reach and influence your target patients.

Dental Ads Strategy

There are a number of effective digital advertising channels that dental practices can leverage. The primary digital advertising channels are PPC, Display Advertising, Remarketing, and Social Media Advertising.

Digital Logic is the best PPC dental marketing agency and orthodontic PPC marketing agency for both up-and-coming dental practices, as well as established dental practices that need some redirection! We also provide quality orthodontic marketing services!

PPC using Google Ads (Adwords)

According to the American Dental Association, almost 45% of those surveyed said that they don’t go to the dentist because it’s too expensive. A way to combat this is to advertise specials via PPC Advertising.

If you do a search on Google for something, the first few listings that you’ll see are for ads. This is a direct result from a company running PPC ads.

When someone searches for a local dentist or “dentist near me”, you need to show up.

Although the process of maintaining and optimizing Google Ads can be extremely difficult, the condensed and overly simplified version is as follows:

For a more in-depth tutorial, check out our this search engine advertising tutorial.

Google Display Ads for Dentists

Display ads allow you to target users across the internet in certain locations. You see these ads on various news websites and links you click on from articles on Facebook, as well.

These ads can be set up in Google Ads, and the targeting is very comprehensive. The main ways to target display ads are by age, sex, location, interests as well as content targeting.

Pricing for display ads is typically done by the cost per thousand or CPM (cost per mill). The typical CPM for Dentist display ads is between $1 – $2 per thousand people. As an example, at $2CPM, you can get 500,000 ad views for only $1,000. The low price point makes it affordable to run branding and awareness campaigns for your dental practice.

You can also set up a remarketing campaign and only serve ads to people who have previously been to your website, this allows you to retarget potential patients if they didn’t convert the first time they visit your site.

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Dental Advertising Includes Before and After Photos

People want to see what they’ll look like with better teeth. As a practice, you should be taking before and after pictures of patients and showcasing this media on your website, Facebook, Instagram, (all social media channels). Not only will this help patients see what their results might look like, but it will also give you more content for Google to index.

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It’s important to have great image quality for your dental practice website, it’s equally important to make sure you’ve optimized these images for SEO. You want BOTH your patients and Google to be impressed by your work.

Email Marketing for Dentists

Email marketing has one of the best conversion rates there is to be had. There’s nothing close concerning pricing and conversions for online lead generation and dental lead generation. This type of marketing is one of the most simple ways to communicate with your already existing patients. They will consider it a perk of using your dental office. You can send emails reminding patients of upcoming appointments, random tips and tricks, invoice billing, etc.

Most younger adults would prefer to communicate via email, and according to MedCity, over 90% of patients want better email communication from their doctor because, let’s face it, for the most part, it’s non-existent.

Here are a few types of email that you should take advantage of:

dentist marketing 360

Post Card Marketing for Dental Practices

Although you certainly can’t rely on postcards to fill your dental practice regularly, they can be a great asset, as part of a cumulative marketing strategy. Direct mail postcards are a cost-effective tool to keep in touch with existing patients and also to send offers or discount flyers to new potential patients.

Depending on the area, you have one of two ways to conduct your postcard strategy. You can choose to activate more of a targeted approach, or you can hit every house within a certain radius.

Which option you choose should depend on your target market.

The Best Dental Marketing Ideas for Practice Growth

We’ve given you some of our ideas, but we know that building a marketing plan and executing a multi-channel campaign will be no cakewalk for most dentists.

It takes a lot of time, dedication, and consistency to run a successful dental online marketing campaign.

If you’re looking for a fully managed dentist marketing company, send us a chat in the lower right of your screen, or hit the request proposal button below!

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