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The American Bar Association reports that, as of 2019, solo attorneys and small law firms make up 63% of the legal profession. Despite this healthy majority, a solo practice or small law firm is likely to struggle in competing with larger law firms because they lack the same resources as a large law firm.

An effective legal marketing strategy developed specifically for solo or small law firms can give you the edge you need over larger firms. Small and solo law firm marketing strategies often look very different from marketing activities for large firms. That’s why it’s important to work with a top digital marketing company with considerable experience marketing solo attorneys and small firms.

At Digital Logic, our team is extremely skilled in developing marketing strategies that are completely customized to meet your needs.

Because of our extensive experience in law firm marketing, our legal marketing team is uniquely qualified to create a personalized marketing plan to grow your firm’s brand, target clients, increase ROI, and generate more high-quality leads.

To get a better idea of how a solid law firm marketing plan can help your law firm’s bottom line, take a look at our case studies. Our featured case study examines how Belen Law Firm, a solo practitioner, launched a brand new law practice in 2019 with record growth rates. 

We also provide helpful insight on choosing a law firm marketing agency!

Do Solo Law Firms Need Marketing?

If your main goals are business development and practice growth, solo law firm marketing is a must.

Your law practice has unique strengths that other firms or fellow attorneys don’t have, and it’s important to leverage these strengths to help secure new business. As a solo practitioner or small law firm, you have more time to dedicate to potential clients.

However, if you want to use your strengths to attract potential clients, you’ll need a good law firm marketing strategy to get your brand in front of your target audience.

To maximize the return on your digital marketing efforts, you need a customized marketing strategy that leverages your assets to secure new legal clients.

Digital Logic offers completely personalized law firm marketing plans specifically to fit into the marketing budget of solo practitioners and small law firms.

We offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, content marketing, paid online advertising, and more.

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Solo Law Firm Marketing Solutions

As a solo practitioner or a solo law firm, you have just as many opportunities to rank on search engines as large firms. The only difference is that your marketing budget is smaller. However, a smaller budget doesn’t mean you can’t compete with the big firms. By working smarter with your budget, your small or solo practice could compete with even the biggest firms practicing law.

The following legal marketing efforts are crucial in a well-rounded Internet marketing campaign, as they can benefit a law practice of any size.

Since the legal industry is so competitive, most divorce lawyers choose to use the two marketing techniques simultaneously. However, if budgeting for both tactics isn’t in the cards for your family law firm, here are the pros and cons of both marketing campaigns:

Law Firm SEO

Law firm SEO happens to be one of the most competitive areas of digital marketing, but it also happens to be one of our specialties.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of generating more organic traffic for your law firm’s website through strategic planning, keyword research, content creation, and technical optimization. Some of the most important aspects of SEO include the following strategies.

When you invest in search engine marketing, it’s important to have an idea of which keywords are the most important to rank for. You don’t want to choose keywords that are so broad that they’re extremely difficult to rank for or that are so niche that they have almost no search traffic. Finding the right balance requires a certain level of experience and research.

Keyword research involves pinpointing the terms and phrases that your target market is searching for on Google and other search engines.

Ideally, you want your site to rank as high as possible in search results for keywords that are relevant to your service and practice areas. To do this, you want to find a happy medium between search volume and conversion rate.

Ranking for a search term with high volume isn’t as valuable as it seems if it’s not generating leads. However, ranking for search terms with very low volume and higher conversion rates also won’t do much – the volume just isn’t there.

The solution? Think about your practice areas and the locations your law firm serves.

As an experienced law firm marketing agency, we’ll help you identify high-value keywords and develop a marketing plan around ranking for them on search engines.

One of the main types of SEO that will help increase visibility to prospective clients in your area is local SEO. Local SEO for lawyers involves a few things, namely website optimization, a cohesive online presence, and focusing on keywords for your location and practice area.

An example of a keyword with local intent is “Jersey City divorce attorney.” This type of search will signal to Google to show local results for websites and map results. Ranking high in both areas will expose many potential new clients to your brand. Your content should include information about your location and practice areas, as Google uses these factors to assign rankings to sites.

Increasing your online presence locally also involves optimizing your Google My Business and legal directory profiles.

Google Business Profile

If you want to stand out in local Google searches, Google Business profile optimization is a must.

Google Business profiles have become increasingly important for local businesses and solo practitioners in recent years. When someone searches for a service, they typically search through Google. For local searches, Google displays relevant Google Business listings from businesses in that area.

A fully filled out and well-reviewed profile tends to show higher in business listing results. What’s even better is that these profiles are completely free to create, use, and optimize.

Google Business profiles tend to include the following information about local businesses and solo practitioners:

  • Contact information
  • Website URL
  • Physical business address
  • Services
  • Business hours
  • Reviews

Local SEO marketing campaigns should always include Google Business profiles. There’s no reason not to have this in your toolbelt for business development.

Online Directory Listings

In many local searches for a solo law firm or practitioner, the first few results often include legal directories. Creating profiles on the major legal directories helps tremendously with your visibility, as many consumers use these sites to find qualified legal professionals.

In legal directories, you can also go more in-depth about the legal services you offer.

When Digital Logic creates your directory profiles, we ensure that your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are consistent across the board. This is a level of consistency that Google likes to see, which means it could help your rankings.

Google likes to see fresh, unique content that is user-friendly and optimized for their search engine, as it helps with the total client experience.

This is where professional law firm content marketing services come in.

With your keyword list in mind, our content marketing team writes accurate and professional legal content that appeals to both searchers and search engines.

Content that is helpful, informative, and easy to understand is our goal, as that’s what potential clients want to see. The better the content on your site, the more Google (and paying clients) will like you.

Blog Content

Two main types of content exist for law firm websites: blogs and practice area pages. Blogs are one of the best places to answer legal questions that potential clients are asking. Many searchers who are unsure if they need an attorney will search terms and questions related to the cases they’re facing online.

By using blogs as one of your marketing channels, you can provide helpful content for searchers, which makes them more likely to remember your law firm in the future. Additionally, blogs serve to prop up your practice area pages, which you ideally want to have the most traffic. To do this, we link each blog to its related practice area page. This sends the traffic and authority that the blog gets to the page.

Practice Area Pages

Practice area pages are the bread and butter of law firm websites, no matter how large or small the firm. These pages detail what cases you take and answer common questions about those cases. For small firms and solo attorneys, these pages aim to rank for the local keywords with higher conversion rates, like “Detroit divorce attorney.”

The marketing strategy for these pages is to provide accurate and helpful information that encourages the prospect to take action, such as submitting a form or scheduling an appointment. Content should be easy to understand, succinct but comprehensive, skimmable, and valuable.

These marketing activities will keep readers engaged, show off the value and experience of a law firm, and offer solutions for prospective clients.

Link building is essential for any online marketing strategy, as it can improve your rankings in search engines by sending signals about your relevance and authority to Google.

It involves getting links from other websites that point back to yours, also called backlinks. When another website links to yours with relevant anchor text, Google sees this as a sign that your content is valuable.

There is a very strong connection between backlinks and organic traffic, meaning that the more backlinks a site has, the higher its traffic tends to be. Because links are such an important part of rankings on Google, it is crucial for solo practitioners to have a solid link-building strategy included in their marketing efforts.

Technical SEO services aim to improve the user’s experience and the overall functionality of a website.

If website visitors feel that a law firm’s site is difficult to navigate or slow to load, they’re likely to leave your site to search for other lawyers.

To ensure potential clients have the best possible experience on your site, we prioritize the optimization of elements such as page speed, site structure, navigability, mobile friendliness, and much more. All of these small changes work together to provide a seamless client experience for the end user, which is exactly what we (and Google) like to see. It truly can make all the difference for your law firm’s marketing efforts.

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“Hiring Digital Logic was the best decision I ever made!”

The entire team is absolutely excellent; Their SEO expertise will change your entire approach to marketing. Give it time and you will see your business bloom!

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How Can Search Engine Advertising Campaigns Help a Divorce Lawyer?

Paid Advertising for Solo Law Firms

We’ve talked a lot about organic marketing tactics, but small law firms and solo practitioners can also greatly benefit from paid marketing tactics. Promoting solo practitioners and small firms is very different from advertising larger firms in terms of strategy.

Most law firms are fairly small and have a tighter budget than well-known national law firms. For a single attorney or a solo firm just starting out, this budget may be even smaller. However, leveraging paid advertising effectively can help you compete with even the biggest firms out there without spending tens of thousands each month.

The key is to work with an experienced PPC management team that will monitor your pay-per-click campaigns and make frequent improvements.

SEO usually takes months to yield results, even if it is cheaper in the long run. Pay-per-click will get your law firm the new business you need to spark growth or get your business off the ground.

Two of the most important forms of paid advertising for attorneys are Google Search Ads and Local Service Ads.

Our marketing experts ensure that all content and ad copy follows stringent lawyer advertising rules.

Google Ads are those that appear above organic search results when a consumer types in a particular keyword. Our marketing pros have a high level of control over the ads displayed on Google. Specifically, we have control over what keywords your ads will and will not show for, the information about your business in the ad, and daily ad spending budgets. Additionally, PPC management experts can even turn these ads on and off almost instantly.

The legal industry is extremely competitive, which means you’ll need to make the most of your marketing efforts. On a limited budget, Google AdWords is a great platform to get more qualified leads much more quickly than through SEO. However, creating ad campaigns that are effective takes a bit of trial and error.

Our team has extensive experience handling PPC campaigns, and Google Ads are no exception. Because every click costs money, we optimize ads on a regular basis to increase conversions. By approaching a paid marketing plan with strategy and careful planning, we’ve helped many solo practitioner firms find success and reach more clients through paid ads.

Local Service Ads for Lawyers (LSAs) are a relatively new but highly effective way to advertise on Google. If you were to search for “personal injury lawyer in Chicago,” you would see three local firms or attorneys displayed above the paid search ads.

LSAs are the first thing that a searcher will see when they search for an attorney, which means they are extremely valuable.

Like regular ads, LSAs do require a bit of experimentation to fully optimize each ad.

However, instead of charging per click on the ad, LSAs charge for each valid lead you get from an ad. If you’re a divorce lawyer and a potential client calls you from your LSA ad about a divorce case, this is a valid lead, and it will be deducted from your budget.

However, if someone calls your office about a personal injury case, which you don’t handle, this is not a valid lead. Our PPC team will audit the leads you get from these ads and dispute those that aren’t valid. When Google recognizes that the lead isn’t valid, they credit the cost of that lead back to your account. Essentially, you get a refund for any lead that wouldn’t turn into a paying client.

Having a PPC management specialist help with paid ads is a good idea for business development. It takes time and research to develop the best strategy for paid ads, but that’s one of the things we do best.

If you want to reach new clients through online marketing, PPC is one of the best ways to get there.

Law Firm Website Development

We also have an in-house web development team that specializes in effective, professional websites for law firms and solo attorneys. Your website visitors should have as good an experience on your site as possible, meaning it should be fast, easy to navigate, easy to understand, and helpful.

The simple reality is that many potential clients will judge an attorney by their website, especially if it’s one of the first impressions they have of that attorney. If someone has an older, outdated, or messy site, their target clients are likely to turn to other options. When our web design and development professionals build and update websites, they always keep the following factors in mind.

  • Professional, eye-catching design that maintains your brand’s identity
  • Smooth and consistent functionality with easy navigation
  • High-quality images that are relevant to your law firm branding and legal content marketing
  • Lightning-fast page loading and site speed
  • Mobile usability and functionality
  • Logical site structure
  • Accessibility, compliance, and security 

Social Media Management for Solo Law Firms

Another way for a small law firm or solo attorney to become more visible is to have an active social media presence. One of the main reasons is that your competitors are already leveraging social media platforms as powerful marketing channels.

At Digital Logic, we harness social accounts to drive traffic to your website and to secure more online reviews.

Here’s an example of how social media for lawyers can generate new leads and potentially new clients.

Your firm shares a blog post on Facebook about why it’s important to hire a personal injury lawyer. A Facebook user who was recently involved in a car accident sees the post, clicks on it, and reads it on your website. They learn a lot of helpful information from the blog and decide that they want to hire an attorney for their case – you.

This is just one small example of how one social profile can secure new business via lead generation. With a talented social media management team, you can leverage each major social media site to engage with your local community, post consistently, and drive traffic to your website without lifting a finger.

How to Know If Law Firm Marketing Efforts Are Working

So, once all these marketing channels are up and running, how can one measure the success of a marketing campaign? How much business have you actually generated from your marketing activities?

Two options we use for measuring success are Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Keep reading to find out how we ensure your solo law firm marketing strategies are working. If you’re considering making the jump to Digital Logic and are currently using FindLaw marketing, we recommend reading the post to your right!


One of the more popular options for measuring the impact of your marketing efforts is Google Search Console. SEO specialists love Search Console, as it allows them to analyze a wide range of data to improve their strategies. We like to record where our clients’ sites are before their marketing campaigns launch.

Then, we periodically check the growth of your site through careful analysis of the following factors.

Website Speed

As we mentioned before, site speed is incredibly important for keeping website visitors engaged. The longer a page or site takes to load, the more likely a user is to leave your site. Monitoring page speed allows us to maintain fast load times and correct any drops in speed as they occur.

Security Issues

Security is another important element of any website. Users want to know that their personal data will remain secure if they submit a form on your site. Google Search Console scans for and identifies any weaknesses in websites, which then allows us to address them.

Keyword Tracking

We can also keep track of which keywords your pages are showing for. This is a good way to gauge whether or not your content marketing strategy is working.

Reporting on Core Web Vitals

Lastly, Search Console allows us to generate a report of your site’s core web vitals. This includes metrics such as loading speed, visual stability, and functionality. In other words, it uses real-world data to measure the user’s experience on your site.

Before our team ever starts working on your campaign, we record a snapshot of where you are currently to measure your growth over time. Google Analytics makes it easy to monitor progress over time through customized reports for each individual marketing channel.

The specific Analytics features that are the most beneficial include the following.

Audience Data

If you want to know more about your site’s visitors so that your content can cater to them, Analytics has you covered. It can show data about visitors, such as age, location, age, and even gender.


Reports in the form of easy-to-read visuals make it much easier to identify any notable changes or trends on your site.

Customizable Reports

You can filter and track the specific metrics that matter most for your marketing plan instead of sifting through all available data to get the information you want.

Goal Tracking

We can even set goals for your law firm marketing campaigns, such as improving your conversion rate. Analytics tracks your goals, making it much easier to track your progress as we work toward those goals.

See our Google Analytics Tutorial.

Last but not least, Digital Logic uses a wide variety of tracking, analytics, and reporting tools to ensure that you are always in the loop when it comes to the results of your marketing campaigns.

Transparency is incredibly important to our agency, as we want to facilitate a relationship based on trust and data-driven results. When you work with us, you’ll never be left wondering whether or not your solo law firm marketing campaigns are working.

Our team sends regular reports on the progress of your campaigns, pointing out both positive growth and areas of improvement.

Work With The Best Law Firm Marketing Agency for Solo Law Firms

When searching for a top digital marketing agency to help grow your solo law firm or small law firm, it’s important to choose an agency with considerable experience marketing for legal services and can provide proven results.

At Digital Logic, our SEO and PPC professionals are some of the best in the business, and we always follow digital marketing best practices. This way, we can make the most of your marketing budget, increase your ROI, and increase your conversion rate.

If you’re looking for the best in the legal marketing business, you’ve come to the right place. To learn more about our specific, customizable services that can help grow your business, schedule a call with us by calling (318) 678-5020. Feel free to check out our online reviews, as well.

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