Video marketing may just be the most powerful form of marketing there is. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these stats:

  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% reading a text.
  • 52% of consumers believe watching a product video makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.
  • 59% of senior executives prefer video over text.
  • Animated explanation videos increase conversion rates by at least 20%.

Do you see how we just sparked your interest there? This is the basic concept of pre-roll ads: to immediately show the viewer why they need your business and spark their interest enough to make them click for more.

What are PreRoll Ads?

Using Google-AdWords, you can usually roll any of your YouTube ads to play before any YouTube video that your target audience is watching. You’ve probably experienced this yourself. Those ads that pop up before a popular YouTube video you want to watch. You know, the ones you are forced to watch for at least 5 seconds before you can actually watch the video you clicked on? Those are pre roll ads.

what is a pre roll ad

Pre roll ads can be anywhere from 5 seconds to 60 seconds, depending on the situation, and are shown on both desktop and mobile interfaces. Just like many other types of advertising, pre roll adverts are interruptive and if not used correctly, can annoy your audience more than they actually help them. However, with a little knowledge and tact, you may be able to provide your prospect with an interesting, entertaining, or even helpful break that could potentially turn them into a customer.

On most platforms, such as YouTube, pre roll ads are skippable, which is why it is imperative that you grab your audience’s attention from the start (within five seconds). The goal of this is that not only does your potential customer watch your entire ad, but they also click on your ad, which will lead them to your landing page designed to convert them into a customer.

A YouTube pre roll advertisement is at the top of the funnel, in terms of the buyer’s journey. In short, this means that the pre roll ads are mainly used to raise brand awareness or drive website traffic. Even though you could potentially get some immediate sales from using pre-roll ads, the conversions won’t be as numerous as running a search campaign. With search campaigns, though, you are targeting keywords, meaning that more often than not, if the campaign is executed and managed correctly, the intent to purchase or convert is already there.

When running a pre roll ad campaign, one must keep in mind that the intent here is to raise awareness, position yourself as a potential vendor, and to intrigue the prospect. It is later that the prospect may decide to search for your company or see a retargeting ad and convert into a customer.

Why Should I Run a Pre Roll Advertisement Campaign?

Like any other marketing campaign, if managed and executed correctly, pre-roll advertising can be extremely effective. Typically, users are aware of pre-roll ads, even if they aren’t sure what they mean, how they work, or what they’re there for. So, they know that in order to watch the desired content, they must at least watch a few seconds of whatever ad is showing. Since they know that they will eventually have the option to “skip” said ad, they will actually be watching, even if it’s just waiting for the “skip” button to appear. This is more than can be said of other traditional forms of advertisements out there. For this reason, we feel as though a pre roll campaign can be very practical, even for small businesses trying to raise brand awareness, brand engagement, and even purchase intent.

youtube video stats via youtube


One positive note for pre roll, as opposed to interrupted content, is that even if your ad is “skipped”, the viewer has still been exposed to your brand, even if it’s only for five seconds. When it comes to skippable versus non-skippable, a non-skippable pre-roll advertisement is naturally going to achieve a higher completion rate, as the viewer has no choice but to view the entire ad in order to continue watching whatever video they were in the process of watching. On the flip side, skippable ads are much more user-friendly and your audience is more likely to be genuinely interested in what you have to offer because they do have the option to skip the ad.

There is no one size fits all here in terms of placement. What works for one company, for one ad, or for one campaign, may not always be the best option. This is something a digital marketing company will constantly need to tweak and keep a careful eye on.

Popular Platforms for Pre-Roll Ads


what is a pre roll ad

Most YouTube pre roll advertisements are around fifteen to twenty seconds long. These ads span across the entire “viewing screen” similarly to overlay ads. The difference is that they fill the entire space instead of spanning across just the bottom. Unlike some of the other platforms, YouTube ads can’t be skipped (unless they’re TrueView). Because of this, including a CTA (call to action) at the end of your ad leading visitors to a landing page, would be valuable to your campaign.

The value of advertising with YouTube is that, firstly, it is owned by Google. So, all of the analytics you previously had set up, should flow fairly seamlessly. If you are more concerned with converting your audience than brand awareness, you can choose to advertise with YouTube for more narrow targeting options. A few of these include:

  • Targeting by Location
  • Targeting by Language
  • Targeting by Demographics
  • Targeting by Topic
  • Targeting by Interest

If you’ve done general search campaigns in the past, the first couple should be no stranger to you, and if you already know your target audience, go ahead and employ that data with pre-roll, as well. But on top of your general audience specifications, you can also target by topic, which is basically the category of videos your audience is currently watching. Interest is a little vaguer and harder to grasp, but basically, interest is the topic information, but it applies, even if that person isn’t currently watching something in that “topic category” at that moment.

For example, I normally watch videos on digital advertising, but today I want to watch a video about puppies. Because I typically watch digital advertising videos, a digital advertising advertisement could show even though I am currently viewing a puppy video.

what is a pre roll ad

The list of categories and subcategories is endless, so that’s something you’ll have to look into on a rainy day. When going through this list, on every subcategory, ask yourself, “Is this a category or subcategory that my target audience is likely to watch, but not so general category that everyone watches?” We all know it’s true. You can’t avoid advertising to people who won’t convert or won’t even be interested. If you know what you’re doing and employ the analytics correctly, video content can help you avoid that mountain. Be firm on who the ad is targeted to and who would benefit from it.


pre roll ad

On Twitter, these ads are considered “third party”. They are displayed on auto-play and muted on popular or premium videos. These show on timelines, profiles, and search. One perk of pre roll ads on Twitter is that they constantly update in favor of the marketer. For example, the ad length has increased from six seconds to thirty seconds. The downer is, while YouTube doesn’t charge for skipped ads, Twitter starts charging after an ad is viewed for three.


Everyone knows that for years, Facebook’s CEO banned pre-roll ads. He wanted the platform to be a model in which you watch the content you choose. Eventually, in January 2018, he had to release pre rolls in order to keep up with his competitors, YouTube and Twitter. At first, these were only appearing on Facebook’s “watch” section. Then, in April 2018, the company announced they were expanding the testing after seeing some promising signs. Now, pre-roll ads are allowed, basically everywhere where people are intentionally seeking videos, even in timelines and search results. However, Facebook has limited its pre roll ads to six seconds.


In order to pre-roll advertise on Vimeo is through a third-party player. The Vimeo platform itself doesn’t support the formatting. With this comes the headache of data collection. Which, if at all possible, is very difficult. All of the information received is skewed, approximated, and not in real time. Furthermore, the Vimeo platform can’t yet differentiate between actual plays and impressions so you are never going to be fully sure of which ads are performing and which aren’t.

How to Overcome the Video Pre Roll Obstacle

Just like any other form of content marketing, one of the biggest obstacles one must overcome is having a good quality video. What is good, though? Opinions on this can be so subjective, that we feel it’s best to recommend shooting multiple videos and testing them for your pre-roll campaign. And once, after time, your analytics shows one video outperforming the others, then make more videos more similar to the “winner” and test those.

Isn’t that expensive? It can be. Short and sweet. A company can easily spend ten grand or more producing quality videos. However, if this is a hurdle that you can overcome but your competitors can’t, well, you’ll be ahead of the game in this realm of marketing for the next few years because, let’s face it, video marketing isn’t going anywhere. As technology progresses, more and more tools are becoming available as inexpensive aids for video marketing. A few of these are:

  • PowToon– Even though there’s PowToon branding on the clip, PowToon makes it super easy to create a video in a very short period of time.
  • Promoshin– This is more of a company who creates custom explainer videos. But, these can easily be under $2000, which is fairly inexpensive for video content.
  • GoAnimate-It’s not free, but it is a lot more inclusive than the others. For only a couple hundred dollars a year, you are able to create your own videos, with the help of custom tutorials.

How to Manage a Successful Pre-Roll Advertising Campaign

pre roll ad

The First Five Seconds

Even though your ad can be up to sixty seconds long, the average attention span is only eight seconds. Yes, that IS shorter than that of a goldfish, in case you were wondering. So, it’s best to assume you need to capture your audience within the first five seconds and before, on some platforms, they have the opportunity to “skip” your ad. To do this, you may have to “dumb your content down” and then dumb it down, again. Whatever you have to do to entice your target audience to want more, or at least, watch more.

Educated Targets and Mastering Retargets

Honestly, with digital marketing, you have way too many resources available at your fingertips that are able to help you analyze your customer to EVER waste money. You should know what your “hot customer” looks like, like the back of your hand. If you don’t, spend some time looking at your analytics and conducting more testing. The information is there, you just have to continue to educate yourself, when it comes to ideal personas. For more information on what metrics you should be looking at, check out our blog: Marketing Metrics.

As important as targeting is, retargeting is equally as important. The conversions for retargeted audiences are almost twice that of normal audiences, if not more. If a prospect adds your product or service to their shopping cart and doesn’t purchase, or if they visit your site, fill out a form and don’t respond, keep following them, everywhere (online, that is). You should have enough ad layouts, you should be able to show up with a different ad multiple times, until they finally make the right decision, to buy into what you’re offering!

what is a pre roll ad

Provide Value

It’s not about you; it’s about what your company can do FOR them. Always, always, always keep this in mind with any sort of marketing efforts. Yes, you want to fill your pockets, but that mindset is NOT what’s going to do that for you. Think service industry. When you’re promoting your brand, service, or product simply focus on its value and the added value your viewer could have, if only they had your brand. You can be super engaging and really peak interest without ever even mentioning your company’s name. People don’t like ads, duh. What they do like, though, is an answer to a problem, even if it’s a problem they never knew they had, until you brought it to their attention. Paint the image of the problem and how your company can remedy it, in under 60 seconds.

Like mentioned before, the object is to create a mini commercial that doesn’t feel like a commercial. Keep it interesting. Keep it different. Keep it short.

Land Your Passengers Gracefully

Nothing is more irritating as a buyer or even just a researcher than to think you are about to be directed to valuable information, only to be misled or have to look for it in every corner of a website. If you are going to spend the money on video advertising, take the time to create a custom landing page specifically for the ads you are running. We cannot stress this enough. You could have sold a customer, only to lose them by directing to a useless (to them) page. Keep in mind that you are supposed to guide your customers through the buyer’s journey.

If they’re at an ocean and you provide them with a bicycle to reach you, you’ll never see them again. The same concept applies to your landing pages.

Optimizing your ads are only one piece of the puzzle, as you may have just learned. After the initial click, your website is where the conversion will happen. Therefore, it needs to be on it’s “A-game”, as well. For more information on this, check out our blog: Web Design Best Practices.


Pre roll advertising can be very beneficial. Especially with the right amount of data and expertise to back it. However, this type of advertising is certainly not a one stop shop and can’t really be used by itself to boost your business much. Video advertising, in general, should be part of a much larger marketing strategy that works in tandem with other marketing tactics, such as SEO, to launch your business into a success. Are you tired of failed online marketing attempts that feel like a big waste of money? If so, it’s time to give Digital Logic a shot! We offer a variety of services and a totally free, no obligation free consultation!