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Geofencing Examples

You understand the basics of how geofencing works, in general. But, you aren’t quite sure how you can implement the strategy for your specific business. …

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Geofencing Apps

Marketing to mobile devices, beyond a doubt, brings better results than its more traditional predecessors. Studies show that the average American checks their phone once …

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Facebook Geofencing

The first step to a successful business is answering a question or filling a need. As a business owner, you’ve checked this off your list. …

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How to Set Up a Geofence

Geofencing is an excellent way to communicate with your customer base in real time. Most brick-and-mortar stores now realize that mobile devices can serve as …

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How Does Geofencing Work?

Geofencing technology gives businesses the ability to target their most qualified audience via boundaries. When a potential customer steps into pre-set boundaries, they activate ads …

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Geofencing Definition and How Location Based Marketing Can Help Your Business

Geofencing Definition and How Location Based Marketing Can Help Your Business

Our Marketing Experts Cover Geofencing Definition and How GPS and Location Based Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow Drastically in 2023.

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Geofencing marketing and geofencing advertising

Geofencing Marketing

Geofencing marketing is a location-based marketing service that businesses use to engage their audience. They do so by sending relevant messages to smartphone users who enter a predetermined boundary or geographic area.

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