You understand the basics of how geofencing works, in general. But, you aren’t quite sure how you can implement the strategy for your specific business. In this post we provide a few geofencing examples to get you on the right track to success!

Small business geofencing advertising

Here are some examples of how small businesses could use geofencing to enhance their digital marketing efforts and unleash the full power of geofencing:

Geofencing for retail

A retail store could create a geofence in an area surrounding its physical location. When users pass through the designated area, they would receive a location-based alert. Or offer a deal that might make them much more likely to stop in and shop at the store.

Geofencing for auto dealers

An auto dealer could set up a geofenced ad which targets individuals who are leaving a competing dealership after browsing for a vehicle. This auto dealer could send a direct message to them with an offer for zero percent financing on a comparable car model. The customer is likely to continue browsing at the advertised location since the deal addressed a particular need they had at the time.

Geofencing for events

Concert and event producers can geofence venues for art or music events with offers for upcoming events that are relevant. Artists and musicians could set up geofences around different tour stop ahead of time. Then they can promote upcoming shows for those who are likely to revisit the location. This same process could collect data about people within the geofenced area to understand the mindset of the attendees. This might be able to predict and prepare future event turnouts.

Geofencing for lawyers

Geofencing for lawyers. An attorney, lawyer, or law firm could set up a geofencing advertising campaign to target specific areas of interest. This might include hospitals, jails, or courthouses to reach their target clients. They could also set up geo-targeting around competitor locations. Geofencing is fantastic for lawyer lead generation. Also, take a look at these Law firm Marketing Ideas.

Geofencing for medical practices and hospitals

In healthcare, medical practices, or hospitals whether they be for profit or not, can improve their marketing strategy by actively using geofencing as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. A plastic surgery practice could use geotargeting to reach potential patients looking for plastic surgery. We’ve also put together a complete plastic surgery marketing guide.

Even if a geofenced offer, advertisement, or notification doesn’t actually inspire an immediate visit or a sale, it still can allow business owners to know exactly what location a consumer passed through, and where they were when they received the message. This user-specific data should help with future refining targeting efforts. It depends on which types of messages and targeted users were the most successful.