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Chiropractic Website Development Services

As a practice owner, you understand the importance of having a chiropractic website design that helps attract as many new patients as possible. Chiropractic websites should increase your foot traffic while also providing both your current patients and prospective patients with the information they’re searching for regarding chiropractic services. Having a quality chiropractic website design is critical for practice growth. For many of your potential clients, your chiropractic website provides the first impression. A good website will act as an online salesperson. It should offer an intuitive user experience and boost the searcher’s confidence in your chiropractic practice. Digital Logic is a digital marketing agency that knows how to grow chiropractic practices. We’ve helped our clients grow exponentially. Our consultations are free, and we would love to discuss how we can help your practice grow this year! Let Digital Logic be your online marketing solution for practice growth.

Why are Chiropractic Websites Important?

It’s impossible to grow a practice without having an established online presence, and your website should act as a hub for all of your online marketing efforts. This “hub” should be professionally designed and developed, enhanced with on and off page SEO, which we’ll dive into later.

So, why is having a professional website design important? Here are 3 important elements:

  1. A well-designed chiropractic website gives a good impression. Your website is the first impression that your online visitors will have of your healthcare organization, so you really want to portray an image of confidence and chiropractic professionalism.
  2. A good website will increase your organic traffic. Providing a quality user experience will help your chiropractic website rank higher on search engines, like Google, since they put an emphasis on how long website visitors remain on your website.
  3. A well designed chiropractic website will help you make more money. Studies show that improving the user experience on your healthcare website can help increase conversions by up to 400%.

The value of working with an experienced website provider cannot be understated. The website design professionals at Digital Logic are here to help!

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What Makes a Good Chiropractic Website?

Chiropractic websites should have a modern aesthetic with a responsive design that offers a user-centered experience.

When your website offers a patient-first experience, you’re more likely to turn online visitors into one-time chiropractic patients and one-time patients into loyal, lifetime patients.

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Working with Digital Logic was the best marketing move I've ever made for my practice. They have helped me continually stay booked with the right kind of patients with their strategic approach to drive more traffic to our website.
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Furthermore, when you offer a patient-facing website design to your website visitors, you’re going to have more educated patients, in general. This helps to free up your staff to focus on your more high-value patient interactions!

Professional Website Design

In today’s competitive healthcare industry, simply having a website isn’t enough anymore. If someone in your local area goes to a website that appears to be out of date, they won’t take your business seriously. If you’re serious about your profession, then your marketing efforts should reflect that.

Presentation matters. Your chiropractic website should be trustworthy and have a clean layout. Your color scheme should sooth prospective clients and give the impression that you’re a successful chiropractor.

Here are a few other expectations for chiropractic websites, in terms of design inspiration:

  • Clean design: All healthcare websites should have a minimalist, simple layout and design. You want to avoid the website looking “busy”. So, don’t use a wild color scheme if you’re trying to market your chiropractic treatments via your website.
  • Calming: Many times, potential patients visit a chiropractor because they are in pain and unable to relax certain areas of their body. So, you don’t want to have a website that shouts at visitors the second they land on your website.
  • Professional and dependable: As a leader in the chiropractic industry, you’ve undoubtedly helped countless patients be able to live better lives. So, your website design shouldn’t appear to be spammy. Let your online presence reflect your success in the office.
  • Responsive: Many of your potential patients will land on your chiropractic website via a search on their mobile device. So, chiropractic websites should look good on every screen size.
  • Functional: Prospective patients won’t care if you invested in a custom design for your website if the website doesn’t function properly. Chiropractic websites should be intuitive. If something looks like a button, it should function as a button would. Don’t make your website visitors work to access general items.

What Makes Digital Logic's Chiropractic Website Design Better?

If you’re in the chiropractic field, you’ve seen your fair share of chiropractic websites. But, what causes some of those sites to outperform the others? While there are other factors, such as local competition, many of the factors that help a chiropractic website succeed remain the same:

Feel free to click on the links to jump ahead!


Website Platform

Chiropractic websites should be built on a reputable content management platform. At Digital Logic, we build all of our websites on WordPress. When you partner with us for your digital marketing services, we’ll ensure that your account manager keeps your website plugins updated regularly.

If you don’t keep up with regular website updates, not only will your search engine rankings decrease, you also run a greater risk of having your website hacked.


Secure Hosting

Any business that offers healthcare services needs to have extra website security measures in place, especially if current or new patients are able to submit forms through your site. While there’s certainly no guarantee that you’ll never be hacked, having a secure hosting account that’s equipped with the best firewalls and anti-hacking measures drastically decreases the chances.

When Digital Logic hosts on your chiropractic website, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • administrative access to a staging site
  • faster page loading times
  • management features
  • advanced hacking protection
  • SSL installation and maintenance
  • website scalability

Professional Website Coding

If your chiropractic website doesn’t load within 3 seconds, then 90% of your website visitors will visit other pages. So, if your website doesn’t load quickly, you’re losing local business by the day. You can’t convert visitors for various services, if your website doesn’t load quickly.

For your website to perform at its optimal level, it needs to be professionally coded. All menu items and above the fold graphics must load seamlessly. Otherwise, your web design will appear spammy.

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Chiropractic SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, includes all of the on page and off page optimization techniques used to rank a website higher on search engines, like Google. If you really want to exceed your marketing needs this year, we urge you to invest in Digital Logic’s chiropractic SEO services. SEO is the most effective way to get more patients in the long run.

Common on-page SEO techniques include:

  • keywords, including geo-modifiers
  • structured SEO-friendly content
  • well thought-out linking structure
  • proper meta titles and meta descriptions
  • responsive website design

Off-page SEO includes all of the optimization efforts that are done to outside websites in order for your chiropractic website to rank higher in the search results.

Off-page SEO techniques include but aren’t limited to:

  • Google Map optimization
  • Google Business optimization
  • guest posting
  • social media efforts
  • directory syndication
  • external backlink cultivation
internal linking

Advanced Linking Strategy

If you want your chiropractic treatment pages to rank well in the search engine results pages, then you’ll need quality backlinks that point to your website. The other websites that link to yours need to be within the same industry or a closely related industry. Those websites also need to have some authority, in order for your backlink strategy to work correctly.

While many independent contractors may offer to create backlinks for your chiropractic office, there truly aren’t many marketing agents who understand how the process works or how one spammy link can compromise the integrity of a new website. It’s important that you hire a professional, if you’re investing in a chiropractic link building strategy.

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Quality Chiropractic Content

If you want to boost your online marketing efforts, then consistently posting SEO-friendly content is the best way to go! It’s important to note that when posting about your chiropractic services, you’ll need to conduct proper keyword research.

Here’s the logic:

  1. Google’s search engine crawlers prioritize well-written and helpful content. They determine what is helpful and what isn’t by examining bounce rates. If a person searches online for functional medicine help, stumbles across your page, and quickly notices that your content doesn’t help answer their question, then Google notes that your website isn’t an authority on chiropractic content. But, if your pages directly answer the searcher’s question, then Google is more likely to rank your website higher for that specific query.
  2. Websites that post new content frequently will be crawled more frequently.
  3. So, sites that consistently post helpful and creative content will have more opportunities to rank higher on the SERP (search engine results page).

Why Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for Chiropractic Marketing Strategy?

Chiropractic offices are notorious for hiring an in-house catch all person to write blog posts for their website. After their front desk worker isn’t able to land the office more leads through their blog writing, they chalk up content writing and SEO to being ineffective, when this truly isn’t the case.

Digital marketing agencies, like Digital Logic, have advanced targeting techniques and can write content to land your chiropractic office the perfect patients. We use state-of-the-art technology and keyword research programs, as well as our extensive chiropractic industry experience to create the overall design for your SEO strategy.

Our marketing agency also specializes in chiropractor advertising services, if that’s something your practice is interested in pursuing. 

SEO is so powerful that simply having your website developed with basic SEO concepts in mind, such as SEO-friendly headings and coding, can help your website rank more quickly.

Custom websites are what draws the low-hanging fruit to your office. SEO services are what will consistently land your chiropractic office more patients.

What are Chiropractic Patients Looking For?

Clearly, nobody in the chiropractic profession seeks out to deliver a bad website experience. But, even still, many healthcare providers, in general, vastly overestimate their ability to understand patient expectations, in terms of online interactions.

Chiropractors must appeal to their potential patients by offering more personalized solutions on their websites.

Here are four ways that you can help facilitate a more personal website for your business:

  1. Many of your patients have stressful health conditions. Take your client’s emotional state into account when drafting content or hire a digital marketing agency to create custom chiropractic content for your company.
  2. Ensure that your website is functional for users who are visually or cognitively impaired.
  3. Have a clear call to action with several ways to contact your company. Not everyone will want to interact with a chatbot. Some may want to call your office directly.
  4. Make it easy for your potential clients to learn about the chiropractic treatments you offer. Even the most perfect patients won’t want to search through a ton of healthcare jargon. Use language that’s easy to understand and offer helpful solutions, even if it means they don’t initially visit your office. By creating the environment of trust, potential clients are more likely to turn into new patients with your practice, specifically.

Healthcare Website Design Services

For healthcare professionals who are operating in niche sectors, we expound on specific web designer tips in the following pages:

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Website Development Company for Chiropractors

Studies show that most healthcare organizations, including those that offer chiropractic treatment, only redesign their websites every 3-4 years. However, those same studies show that over 81% of patients are unsatisfied with their overall healthcare experience. While these two numbers don’t seem related, at first. Don’t you think that updating your practice website would help decrease that number?

In our experience, there are only 2 events that cause chiropractors to invest in marketing services or a site update: an acquisition or extreme patient drop-off.

This makes us assume that most chiropractors are comfortable with where their company stands. But, the healthcare landscape is quickly changing. So, if you’ve stumbled on this page before your patient numbers have started dropping, props to you! You likely understand that it’s much easier to address these issues offensively than it is to wait until your practice is tanking before you invest in online chiro marketing efforts.

And, if you’ve waited until your practice is hurting for new patient leads, that’s not a problem, either. At Digital Logic, we’re good at what we do and are confident that we can turn just about any business around. You may need to be more aggressive with your online marketing strategy.

We understand you’re busy, so thanks for making it this far. Time is valuable, and we aren’t fans of wasting it. We offer free website audits and consultations, and we’re always respectful of your time. To learn more about our special offers and how chiropractors can get new patients through digital marketing strategies, give us a call!