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Grow Your Family Law Practice With Award-Winning Search Engine Optimization Services

Consumers are always going to need a divorce lawyer. The problem for you, as a divorce and family law attorney, lies in being found and chosen by potential family law or divorce clients.

If you want a booming family law or divorce law firm, you must be visible online. Implementing a good divorce lawyer SEO plan can not only help you increase your visibility on Google and other search engines but also help your law firm get new clients.

For more information about how law firm SEO strategies and other law firm marketing tactics can benefit your firm, contact a specialist at Digital Logic today.

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What is Divorce Lawyer SEO?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving family law websites in order to improve visibility and search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, boost lead generation, and finally – get new divorce clients.  

The first place potential clients are going to look for a divorce lawyer or family law attorney is on popular search engines, like Google.

In order for potential clients to select your divorce law firm to handle their divorce, your family law firm needs to be among the first they see on their organic search engine results.

If your family law firm is nowhere to be found on Google searches, you will struggle to bring in more clients.

This is the first hurdle you need to overcome: low visibility on your target audience’s Google searches.

The second hurdle your divorce law firm needs to address is your family law website. Think of your family law website as your first and biggest selling point. If something isn’t right about it – whether it be poor overall appearance, poor page loading speed, lack of an informative content marketing strategy, or poor functionality – potential clients are going to leave and visit other websites. 

A custom SEO strategy will help you overcome both of these issues so that potential family law clients or divorce clients will come to your website and invest in your services. 

When SEO for divorce lawyers is executed correctly, this marketing strategy outperforms all other channels that lawyers can use to grow their business.

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Benefits of SEO for Family Law Attorneys​

Google processes an estimated 5.6 billion searches per day.

Only 0.63% of Google’s searchers click on a link from the second page.

The top 3 results on Google get 54.4% of all clicks for that search query.

The benefits of a good law firm SEO campaign are honestly endless. But these are the top benefits you’ll experience after signing on with a professional legal marketing agency:

Increase Organic Traffic to Your Law Firm's Website

How do you increase organic traffic to your law firm’s website, and what is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is the number of people who find and visit your website naturally through search engines, not a paid advertisement. The more people see and visit your site, the more leads and new clients you will receive over time.

Implementing a good family law SEO campaign can not only increase the number of leads a family law attorney receives on a monthly basis but also increase the number of high-quality leads the law firm receives.

One of the biggest differentiating factors between traditional marketing tactics and digital marketing tactics is the ability to measure progress or success. Do you know how many potential family lawyer clients saw your billboard and then called you or scheduled a free consultation with you?

When you switch to digital marketing tactics, like SEO for family law or PPC for lawyers, your law firm can see the number of website visitors and track leads. You’ll be able to see your exact ROI on your SEO or PPC campaign as well. 

What Determines Family Law SEO Success?

How do you determine success from divorce and family law SEO strategy?

At Digital Logic, this is how we define success for our divorce lawyer clients:

  • predictable organic search traffic and high sales conversion rates monthly.
  • more family law clients since implementing the divorce lawyer SEO or family law SEO strategy.
  • the family law firm revenue has increased since investing in SEO for family law.

Our law firm SEO experts can help you track these KPIs and metrics of our SEO services.

Joseph Greenwald
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Having tried every marketing tool in the past, I can honestly tell you that the services provided by the Digital Logic are the real deal. You will see an immediate increase in business. It is quite literally like turning on a faucet, the phone doesn’t stop ringing. Total Game Changer!!!
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Digital Logic is doing exactly what they said they would do. They cleaned up our website and increased traffic. Quality personal service with people who still care about their customers. We have used the big name national website content providers. Digital Logic is better and more cost effective.
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One of the top vendors I’ve come across in a decade. After we had a terrible experience with one of the big legal website vendors, Digital Logic did a terrific job transferring our websites. They worked quickly, efficiently, paid great attention to detail, all at a very competitive price. Their customer service is outstanding.
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These guys are the real deal. Lots of companies will promise results and usually fail to deliver. It’s amazing how many folks are looking for my type of business (legal services) online instead of word-of-mouth and other types of media. Now, because of Digital Logic, these clients are finding me. Great work!
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Seth and his team are amazing. They do excellent work and are extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend them!

Divorce Lawyer SEO Essentials

No family law firm marketing strategy is going to be the same, no matter which full-service digital marketing agency you hire.

Your family law firm SEO strategy is going to depend heavily on your industry, your market, and your law firm’s goals. At Digital Logic, we create custom law firm SEO strategies for each and every one of our divorce attorneys. The custom SEO strategy typically includes many of the elements discussed below.

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Content Marketing Strategy for Divorce Lawyers

Content marketing is the biggest component of on-page SEO. It is a part of on-page optimization.

Content for a divorce or family law attorney should be informative, easy to read, and relevant to your divorce and family law practice areas.

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Forms of Law Firm Content

The two main types of content that need to be on every website for divorce lawyers or family law attorneys are practice area pages and blog posts. Other types of content that can support your website are biography pages and law firm directory profiles.

Practice Area Pages

As a family law attorney, you should have a web page dedicated to every single legal service that your law firm offers. This means you need to have an in-depth and informative page on divorce, alimony, property divisions, pre-marital and post-marital agreements, paternity law, child support, child custody, etc.  

In each of these practice area pages, you must include all the keywords you want to rank for. Additionally, you need to make sure each page has searchable title tags.

Divorce Blogs

Think of blog posts as supplemental content for your practice area pages. It merely exists to enhance what’s already there and attract more search volume via long-tail keywords. 

Long-tail keywords are those that are longer than 3 to 5 words and make great blog posts because they answer questions of potential divorce clients and guide them towards your legal services.

Divorce Attorney Bio Pages

Bio pages help support SEO for lawyers by establishing more credibility and trust with website visitors. These pages typically include the lawyer’s biography, education, experience, practice areas, awards, and various publications the attorney wrote.

Google Business and Directory Profiles

All divorce lawyers should also have a Google Business profile, which plays a major role in local SEO for family law firms. The Google Business profile should include information such as the law firm’s office address, contact information, office hours, Google reviews, Q&As, and a Google Maps listing. Most importantly, your Google Business profile should link back to your website.

What Makes Our Divorce Law Content Better?

You may have checked out other family law websites from other digital marketing agencies and have seen that they offer content marketing for lawyers. So – what makes our content marketing better?

I want to rank for Best Divorce Lawyer in Texas. That’s all I care about.

To which we bite our tongues, wanting to respond,

“You and everyone else.”

Divorce Attorney Content That Ranks Well on Search Results

The goal behind content marketing is to improve rankings on Google search results pages. This requires extensive keyword research and hours of writing to achieve, which is why so many divorce lawyers turn to a digital marketing agency for law firm marketing tactics.

Divorce Attorney Marketing Content That Understands User Intent

Another important part of good content marketing is writing content that matches your audience’s search intent.

At Digital Logic, our content marketing strategy esures all pages and blogs for family law firms match the specific intent necessary. In most cases, a family lawyer, personal injury lawyer, or criminal defense lawyer will need to have plenty of legal content that fulfills all search intentions, focusing the majority of efforts on informational content for family lawyers.

Variety of High-Quality Divorce Law Content

Lastly, our content marketing is better than other top SEO companies because we ensure all of our divorce attorneys have a variety of high-quality content. We use several technical SEO tools while writing content for family law firms. 

Our account managers ensure that all content for divorce attorneys and family law attorneys exceeds the expectations of the client and major search engines.


Keyword Research for Divorce Law Firms

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One of the first steps in creating a successful SEO campaign for family lawyers is performing keyword research. 

Your family law website needs to rank for certain keywords so that your family law firm’s website appears in those search results.

During the keyword research phase, our family law SEO experts create a list of keywords that have high search volume but also directly relate to your family law practice areas.

Here are some examples of keywords that you may want to rank for as a divorce and family law practice with average monthly search volumes: 

Using keywords provided by extensive keyword research doesn’t necessarily mean thousands of people will find your family law firm’s site when they make a Google search. It does mean, however, that through local SEO, your website will show up for relevant local searches.

Divorce Lawyer – 50,000

Divorce Attorney – 40,000

Family Lawyer – 14,000

Family Attorney – 9,800

Child Custody – 7,500

Child Support – 482,000

Local SEO for Law Firms

Almost 50% of online searches have local intent

That’s why local search engine optimization efforts are so important for the success of all family law firms.

The goal of local SEO isn’t for everyone in the entire world – to see your law firm’s website on their search results. 

The goal of local SEO is to be one of the most visible divorce law firms in your local area when someone searches for legal services locally.

Divorce lawyers SEO works by improving organic visibility in local searches. This means that your family law firm appears on the first page of local search results when local consumers search for legal services. All of the aforementioned elements of a law firm SEO strategy can help.

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The user experience, or UX, is the client-facing side of website design.

Website User Experience for Family Law Attorneys

Another crucial component of on-page SEO is law firm web design. In short, a legal website can truly make or break the overall user experience. If your potential family law clients aren’t having a good experience, they’re going to visit one of your competitors in a matter of seconds.

Navigation and Content Readability

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), nearly 50% of all Americans are at or above the 3rd literacy level. This is the equivalent of literacy levels between the ages of 9 and 11. If your law firm’s content is too difficult to understand, you will struggle to bring in a steady flow of leads from any SEO campaign.

Conversion Pathways

Lastly, your website should present an easy path for divorcing couples to receive any legal service from your law firm. This means that your website is effective in moving website visitors through the buyer’s journey – turning them from potential clients to paying clients.

Conversion pathways will differ depending on legal services. Pathways for a personal injury lawyer will be much different than those for a divorce attorney, for example.

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Legal Content Organization

Your visitors should know how to navigate your law firm’s website without having to put in much effort. If they’re looking for a specific practice area, they should never have to search to find it.

Technical SEO for Divorce Lawyers

Why do you need a website optimized for SEO?

As a family lawyer, you should be investing in technical SEO strategies, as technical SEO is another crucial part of an overall good website.

A good technical SEO strategy allows divorce lawyers to achieve higher visibility on search engines and a better user experience. Elements of technical SEO that our SEO services focus on for our family lawyers include website security, mobile optimization, and fast loading times. 

Website Security

Trust-building between you and your clients begins on your family law website. When someone visits your website, they want to see a valid security certificate next to the URL. This means that all of their information is secure while they’re browsing your site.

Mobile Optimization

Most of your potential clients are not going to be looking at your website for the first time on their laptops or desktops. They’re likely going to be checking you out on their phones, which means as a divorce lawyer that your website needs to be accessible and easy to navigate on the average smartphone.

Fast Load Times

What’s more annoying than a website that takes more than 3 seconds to fully load? You want your website to load immediately upon clicking the URL, otherwise, your website visitors are going to get annoyed and click off to someone else’s site.

As one of the top law firm SEO agencies, we can help you do all of this and more.

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Search Engine Compliance for Law Firm Websites

In order to achieve higher search rankings, you must comply with what major search engines want and expect out of domain owners. This means that you (and your ideal law firm marketing team) cannot use scammy or manipulative tactics to get ahead of the competition on search engines without being penalized. The main penalty is poor visibility on Google and, therefore, lower rankings. 

Search engines may be robots of sorts, but they are still smart. Don’t try to trick it into personal success; work with it instead. Our divorce lawyer marketing team can help you do that.

Online Search Authority for Law Firms

Not only do your potential clients need to trust you, as a divorce lawyer, but so does Google. Online search authority is basically the trust that Google gains from your website compared to other divorce lawyer competitors in your local area.

Online search authority is typically based on three factors:

Quality web content

Overall user experience

External links from other websites

We’ll dive into number 3 now.

Link Building Strategy for Divorce Lawyers

Off-page SEO is the opposite of on-page SEO. Basically, it’s external link building, meaning that other websites are linking back to your website. 

Building links is a great way to boost your search authority on Google because these external links indicate that your content is important and useful enough to direct more web traffic.

You can’t just start building links externally, though. Link building with scammy websites will hurt your search authority more than anything. At Digital Logic, we ensure the majority of your external links to come from websites with relatively high search authority as well as part of your ongoing link building budget.

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Pricing plans starting at


Divorce Lawyer SEO FAQs

What are Google's Ranking Factors for Family Law Attorneys?

ranking factors

Google wants to provide the best, most relevant, and most credible resources to its online users. 

It succeeds in doing this by regularly updating its algorithm and assessing each site based on the following ranking factors:

If family law websites consistently hit these marks, their search engine rankings should go up.


Linking strategy

Core web vitals

On page optimization

Domain authority

How Often Should a Family Law Practice Update Website Content?

This is one of the trickier questions we get asked.

This depends on your law firm, your current market, and your SEO goals. Most divorce or family law websites receive the most benefits by uploading several blogs a month and updating web pages as needed. This ensures that family lawyers stay on top of the game, especially compared to local family law attorneys.

How Long Do Divorce Lawyer SEO Services Take to Work?

This is the million-dollar question.

We always tell our divorce attorneys that any SEO campaign for law firms is a realistic example of “slow and steady wins the race.”

Most law firms won’t start seeing results for 3 to 6 months. But between 6 months to a year, the real magic happens for most of our legal clients. From that point on, you’ll likely have a steady flow of clients coming through your doors.

Which is Better: Divorce Attorney SEO or PPC?

By now, you should know what search engine optimization is. But what is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click.

Family law advertising is an effective form of paid advertising in which divorce attorneys or family law attorneys pay a certain amount of money when a consumer clicks on your ad.

Divorce attorneys or family law attorneys bid on specific keywords for placement at the top of organic search engine results pages. This can be a great way to improve online visibility and drive more web traffic toward a legal website.

So, which one is better for divorce lawyers – an SEO campaign or a PPC campaign?

For immediate results, start with a Google AdWords campaign or Local Services Ads for lawyers. You’ll have increased visibility on search engines almost immediately. In contrast, results from an SEO campaign won’t occur until around 6 months.

The online advertisement rate for outsourcing SEO and PPC campaigns is different. There’s no set price for either campaign type.

Here is where you’ll find information on our monthly SEO packages as well as our PPC management pricing for divorce attorney advertising services.

Be sure to talk with one of Digital Logic’s PPC marketing consultants to determine which digital marketing campaign is best for you as a local divorce lawyer.

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SEO for divorce lawyers is a long-term investment.

Work With a Top-Rated Divorce Law Firm Marketing Agency

Digital Logic is a top SEO agency based in Shreveport, Louisiana. We provide the best legal marketing services in the industry, which is why we’re able to maintain a client retention rate of 97.3%.

We provide solo law firm marketingmarketing for small firms, and even national SEO services for major practices!

For more information on how our SEO company can change the way you attract new clients, speak to one of the specialists at our SEO company today.

If you’re not quite sold on our marketing services yet, check out our case studies and then claim your free SEO audit.

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